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  • prince_18 2h


    One day we will meet again

    I'll look at you
    Trust me I won't turn my eyes
    Just promise me that you won't turn it too

    I'll smile and I won't fake it .
    Just promise me you will smile too
    Even a fake one will do

    Your Ignorance is the only weapon than can kill this immortal soul
    I know your heart is not that cold
    But still promise me nothing but a smile
    So I know that you still remember the bond we had
    And my love was pure


  • _poulami_ 4d

    I feel the warmth of your hug is so lost
    Why not though? It was a story, past 2 years almost.
    Into the narrow corridors,
    For the first time you held me close;
    With Fear in mind, yet cheerful faces
    That perfect moment was something I never wanted to lose.
    The fragnance of your perfume lasted so strong,
    You won't believe dear, I hadn't washed my suit for so long.
    It had let the feel of your presence every now and then.
    Yes, it was perhaps difficult sometimes to withstand after you left.

    I Miss the warmth of your hug now
    But it must have surely changed, somehow.
    I don't know, but that hug might not depict you.
    That's just the care you portray which was due.
    I miss the warmth of your hug now
    As your soul must be on fire but your heart is still cold.


  • rodrigo_souza 4d

    It is the sequence of what happened to me.

    Monday, 10 January 2020.

    #terror #horrorstory #real #story #horror #fear #tale

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    My Real Experience With Terror - Part 3

    4 a.m, I had lied in my son’s bed and closed my eyes. That was the nosiest night since we moved to that house, a year ago. It was a big change in our lives, we had moved from a small apartment in the country side and came to a large house in downtown, very much thanked to my YouTube channel, my second job, which reached 500 thousand subscribers. There was a pain-in-the-ass sound preventing me from sleep. Due to the constant light rain during all night, for some reason I was hearing the water falling through the water trough and hitting its metal bottom. I usually started sleeping on my back, then I changed on my right side, left, face down, all useless, always listening to the irritating noise, unconsciously trying to predict when the next drop of water would hit the metal. I noticed that the time intervals were not deterministic, sometimes it delays a little. “Damn it! I don’t believe I’ll have to get up and go outside at this time! Damn it!”, I thought, trying to accumulate courage and disposition to get off the bed.
    After a few minutes, I finally put on my slipper and headed to downstairs, stepping carefully on the stairs, avoiding to make the usual wood noise that could awake my son or wife. The light in dinner room was still on as I left. I avoided to look in the dark, in the corridor, in the TV room and the kitchen in which was beyond human eyes capability. I unlocked the front door and took a carefully look outside with the door a little bit opened. It seemed safe to walk out the door. I noticed that it was still raining, very soft, and the lights in the street were strangely off. “Maybe the lamps are dead” I thought. It was very dark; I could not even see across our empty garage. Our car, I had sold a year ago when we moved to the townhouse, once it was in downtown, we were able to go everywhere by foot or by Uber.
    The lack of a moon in the sky made the dark even more dark. I was with my phone in my hands, it was like a part of my body, everywhere I go it was with me, not carrying it was like leaving a limb behind. I turned on my phone’s flashlight and spotted the water trough. The only thing needed was to put something behind it to make it come forth and then the drop of water would not hit the bottom. I went to the trash can by the house, close to the wood fence that separate our property from our left neighbor. The only useful thing I found was an empty catchup bottle. “OK! I’m not going to look for something better at this time. Tomorrow I’ll make it right.”, I talked to myself while putting the empty bottle behind the water trough. “Solved charmingly!”, For an instance, I could forget the creature that haunted me a few hours ago. Actually, it started to become a distant event in my memory. “I’m forgetting. Strange! It seems so far in my past. I need to register each detail while I can remember. They might be important later. At least, it will be a good tale to tell my subscribers.”, I thought while making my way to my office.
    I had sat before my computer and began to write everything, every detail, each feeling, all thoughts that passed through my mind. Doing that made me want to look behind and check if I was actually alone, especially when describing the moment that entity tried to look at me, but I was able resist. I remembered the phrase that Johnny Blaze told himself many times before the mirror in that Ghost Rider movie from 2007. “You can’t live in fear.”, I got myself saying it without sound, only my lips were moving. It took 2 hours and half to write everything. It was good enough, very detailed. “I need to work in an hour. I need to sleep at least a little.”, I thought while turning off the computer again and heading to my son’s bed. Without that stupid sound I could fell asleep at last.
    “What the fuck!”, I woke up jumping on the bed. It was a very loud noise coming from the front of the house, it was similar to a car alarm, but much louder. Once my son’s bedroom is the back, I walked through the corridor until my bedroom where my son and wife were sleeping. While I was walking to my bedroom, the sound was getting louder and louder, I was certainly going to the sound source, and it was infiltrating inside my head, I was even missing my hearing protection that I have in my drawer at work. When I got in my bedroom, I did not see anybody in the bed. “My son and wife might be downstairs getting ready for work and school.”, I thought, trying to avoid some other thoughts. The sound was coming from outside, I went to the balcony, and I realized it was the house alarm.
    “You can’t live in fear…”

  • rodrigo_souza 1w

    After I told my wife about the traumatic experience I had, she told me about Sleep Paralysis, and that science can explain what happened to me. It was 2 a.m, but I could not sleep, not after that, I was still feeling the adrenaline, I was still afraid to go downstairs. So, I decided to finally turn on the computer and do some researches about Sleep Paralysis. “I’m not going to sleep alone after what you told me! You know that I’m afraid of those things.”, my wife protested. “But you just said it was a Sleep Paralysis.”, I questioned her with a smile. “Then, bring Julian to sleep with”, she asked me to bring our son, 11 years old, to keep her company. My son was already sleeping, I had woken up him and guided him to our bedroom.
    To make the house more comfortable I had to leave the lights on, in the corridor (upstairs) and in the dinner room (downstairs). I like to use only the necessary electricity, I care about to consume only what I need, lowering the price as well. Thus, I tried to turn off the light in the dinner room, but doing this made me feel very uncomfortable, it was like being vulnerable to something hidden in the dark. “OK. It’s only today. I’ll leave the lights on.”, I thought while quickly activating the switch. With the light on and being much calmer, I decided to quench my thirst, making my way to the kitchen. While walking towards to TV room, passing through the corridor, in front of the toilet door, the light began to be weaker and weaker. I was trying to be brave, and the only way I found was to avoid looking into the dark in the kitchen, where that thing was half an hour ago. But it was inevitable, I did look into the dark and my eyes began to look for something unnatural, looking for silhouettes, shadows, an attempting to anticipate any danger that I could come across. Again, I quickly hit the light switch of the TV room, due the fact the TV room and the kitchen are separated only by the counter, it was enough to light the kitchen completely. I felt relieved, there was nothing there. Then I made my way to the kitchen
    As I walked, my vision was very sharp, looking at every shadow, every corner, every dirt or stain on the floor, I needed to be sure nothing unusual was there. Then I saw something running to under the fridge. “Damn it! What was that?”, I thought, almost saying out loud. “It might be a cockroach. Why the hell I spend $200 with that pest control a week ago?”, I thought, trying to reassure myself in return feeling deceived. I grabbed the insecticide and sprayed under the fridge. It was actually a spider. I tried to kill it, but it passed under the door and went to the backyard. It was a problem once in a while, because of a thicket behind out property. It was safe, I drank two glasses of water and head to my office as fast as possible without awakening anybody.
    I typed in the browser “sleep par..”, then Google cleverly suggested “sleep paralysis”. I was surprised, instead of seeing medical and scientific stuff, I got horrifying images, people lied down in bed with eyes opened with demons and shadows over them. Those pictures made me see myself lying on the couch with one of those things sitting on me, pressing my body, preventing me to move. Then I decided to ignore those images and look for the Wikipedia link. It was the top result. I read “Sleep paralysis is when, during waking up or falling asleep, a person is aware but unable to move or speak. During an episode, one may hallucinate (hear, feel, or see things that are not there), which often results in fear. Episodes generally last less than a couple of minutes. It may occur as a single episode or be recurrent”. That description seemed pretty the same what happened to me. “What a relief! It’s very common and there’s nothing to do with supernatural stuff.”, I thought while scrolling down the page.
    I scrolled down until I found the section “Etymology”, and a specific paragraph that says that sleep paralysis was once widely considered to be the work of a demon called Incubus. Reading this made me feel strange again, it was like I have found the identity of my aggressor, somehow this information made everything much more real. It was very uncomfortable, but I needed to know more about that beast, “Maybe there is some information about how to send it away.”, I thought and clicked on the hyperlink. On the top of the page was a picture dated 1879, with a woman lied in bed with two demon figures over her, very disturbing. I read that Incubus is a fiend in male form that lies upon women chest to engage in sexual activity, and her counterpart is the Succubus. It is not the case, the entity from before was not upon my chest, it was like it was trying to look at me. Somehow, I was really certain that thing did not want to touch me. The question is “What did it want? What was it doing here?”, I asked to myself while closing the browser and turning off the computer.

    #terror #horrorstory #real #story #horror #fear #tale

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    My Real Experience With Terror - Part 2

    It is the sequence of what happened to me.

    Monday, 10 January 2020.

  • rodrigo_souza 1w

    Like many nights, I was lying on my large couch, watching cartoons on Netflix with my son and wife. My house is a townhouse, in the ground floor are the dinner room in front of the house, followed by a short corridor with a door to the toilet, and in the back, is a large room with a kitchen counter, making the division between the TV room and the kitchen which has a door to the backyard. My couch is against the kitchen counter where we daily use it to eat, we seldom use the dinner room. Upstairs there are the two bedrooms and my office, our suite in the front, followed by a corridor with a door to my office, and in the back is my son’s bedroom, both bedroom with balcony.
    I was there on the couch, waiting for the time when everybody goes to sleep, that is the time I usually go to my office to use the computer. My wife asked my son to go upstairs to get ready to sleep. I was awake, but resting my eyes, keeping them closed. My wife had thought I was sleeping and turned off the TV and the lights, going upstairs also to go to bed. I remained lying on the couch, I opened my eyes and see that the lights were off in the TV room and in the kitchen, and looking at the short corridor I could see that my wife had left the light in the dinner room on, which makes the TV room not completely dark. I thought of staying there for a couple of minutes before going to my office.
    Suddenly, I started to hear a low noise behind the couch, behind the kitchen counter. It was a sound when we open and close our moths salivating, almost the noise when someone is eating with the mouth a little bit opened. “Strange. I’m alone here.”, I thought. So, I opened my eyes and tried to listen to that sound better. I could hear my wife and son talking upstairs, I heard the sound of cars in distance, some very low voices in the neighbors, maybe their televisions, and in the backyard I realized that my wife had left the washing machine working, but I could not listen to that sound behind the kitchen counter again. I thus concluded that it was my imagination.
    After a couple of minutes, I was not hearing the voices of my wife and son, but the washing machine was not finished yet, I was almost ready to get up and go to turn on my computer. Then, that sound behind the kitchen counter was back, it was definitely a noise of someone eating, but it was still a discrete sound, thus making it very real to me. This time, an uncomfortable feeling came to me, like a beginning of fear. “I’m sure there is no one here in the kitchen. My wife and son are already sleeping. Did one of them come to eat some of the cake that left over from my son’s birthday?” I thought, trying to make that situation logic, and not thinking about other things. “Wait! If my wife or son is in the kitchen, why the hell the lights are off?”, I thought while looking the poor light coming from the dinner room in the short corridor, a gradient of the lack of the light, making the kitchen extreme dark. “They would never eat in this dark.”, I thought while the logic started to go away and the thoughts of others things arrives.
    All of a sudden, I heard that sound very much clearer, there was no doubt there was someone there, and I was certain it is eating something. I began to feel the actual fear while my mind could not provide to me any plausible explanation. Then, I feel like, whatever or whoever it was, leaning from behind the kitchen counter to look at me, eventually reaching my field of view. That increasing feeling of fear had went away and a completely terror arrived. The immediate action I took was to close my eyes, whatever it was I didn’t want to see it. “I need to get out of here, right now! I need to make the run to the light!”, I thought while I started to act as fast as possible.
    No movements, I could not move, my body paralyzed. A completely and out of control panic got me. “If I don’t do anything that thing is going to kill me, or worse. I need to ask for help. I’m sure when my wife come here and turn on the lights that thing will go away.”, So, I started to shout for help. I wanted to shout “Honey!”, it is how I call my wife, I rarely call her by her name. I tried really hard to shout, but my mouth was unnaturally shut, I could not open my mouth, no matter how a tried. My panic was increasing wildly and I started to be unable to think, my survival instincts took control of my actions. My body in a desperate attempt to cling to life started to make the loudest possible sound with my mouth closed, murmuring, trying to make it reach upstairs for help, and my whole body began to struggle, an attempting of having any part of my body moving, to make some sound by hitting the couch with my arms, legs, head, anything. Everything was useless, my murmurings was not loud enough and my body was still, not completely still because I could force my chest up and down, but it was not a significant movement.
    I felt like I stayed lying on the couch in that desperation, terror and panic, for a minute or more. Then I could move and shout, “Honey!”, my voice was released. It was a relief being able to take control of my voice and body again. In a blink of an eye, I made my run to the dinner room without looking at the place where that thing would be, and hoping that it did not decide to attack. I finally got in the light, but I wanted to stay away from that floor, thus I went upstairs. I saw my wife in the suite bathroom and my son in the other bathroom, they were brushing their teeth and getting ready to lie in bed. My face should be white, my eyes were wide open, and I was breathing fast, but I did not want to scare them, specially my son. Somehow, I knew that whatever it was, it was gone. So, I sat on the bed trying to relax and control my breath.
    My wife realized that something was not right with me, “Honey, are you with headache again?”, my wife asked in the moment she laid her eyes on me. I nodded negatively, and I remained still. I did not want to talk about what happened while my son was still around, but I felt that I needed to tell what happens to somebody. After my son went to sleep in his bedroom, I told what just happened to my wife. She got scared, specially the fact that I told her I was awaken during the whole episode. But she did not think there was really something downstairs, she said it was an episode of Sleep Paralysis.
    I hope she is right...

    #terror #horrorstory #real #story #horror #fear #tale

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    My Real Experience With Terror - Part 1

    It is an account of what happened to me.

    Sunday, 09 January 2020.

  • durrakhlaq 2w

    Ha teek kha tum nai
    Tum is shehr sai to jarhi ho
    Lkn sun'na
    Merai seenai mai
    gosht ka ek tukra hai
    Jb jb tum samnai aati ho
    Tb tb us ki drkn tez ho jati hai
    Un drkano mai tum basi ho
    Or jb tk yai drknai chalti rhegi
    Tum muj mai zinda rhogi

  • durrakhlaq 2w

    Kl wo ja rhai thai
    Us nai aakai kha
    Hm jarhai hai kl
    Or aap nai abi tk mujai jawab nahi diya
    Mai bina kuch khai kmrai mai chla gya
    Log khtay hai
    Ldkai strong hotay hai, roya nahi krtay
    Bet k khub roya
    Bahir nikla to kdi ho k intizar kr rhi thi
    Mujai dek k pucha "royai hai aap!!!"
    Mai nai baat tukra k kha
    Nahi aank mai machar gr gya tha
    Tb us nai kha
    Hm apnai shehr nahi jarhai
    Bl k us shehr mai ek chota sa ghr hai
    Wha jarhai hai
    Muj sai ruka na gya
    Or sub kuch kh diya

  • anonymous_aj 2w


    They prayed HER but some cursed HER
    They educated HER but some education limited to housekeeping.
    They gave HER importance but gave more importance to HIS demands.
    They celebrated HER victory but SHE isn't pious to be in the celebration.
    They eat HER cooking but SHE can't touch the food.
    They wear clothes SHE washed but HER clothes are always soiled.
    They show HER love but don't love HER.

  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    Breathless whispers,
    Velvet pain on soft skin,
    Songs of sirens, darkness
    Of the ocean, walking in
    Circles, I remember it all,
    Broken promises swimming
    In my blood, shards of dreams
    That still make me bleed,
    How could I forget, silver tongue,
    Knife sharp gaze, wings of smoke,
    And a wolf's hunger lurking
    Within a lover's embrace,
    Sweet nothings dripping with
    Honey, chocolate sin carved into
    My bones, you sit at the piano
    Once more, your music feeding
    Me nostalgia, some things never
    Change, but people do, darling,
    Look at me, see how macabre is
    My dance, my skirt dyed in hues
    Of butchered innocence, maybe
    You will recognize the girl, a
    Lurking ghost in the eyes of
    The woman before you,
    Maybe you will realize, it is
    She who will forever haunt
    The keys you play, till the end
    Of time, it is she who will keep
    You company, as you spiral
    Deeper; welcome darling,
    Madness is your new home.

  • durrakhlaq 3w

    Us k haan jana to yaad tha
    Lkn birthday yaad nahi aarha tha
    Ya yai kh lai k kuch b yaad nahi aarha tha
    Wo bolti gyi or kai sunnai sai kayal
    Us ki aanko mai koh gya tha
    Sans ruk gyi thi
    K us nai hlka sa dhka diya
    To jan mai jan aagyi
    Dil tez tez drknai lga
    Tez sans li
    K jaisi apni aakhri sansai lai rha hun
    Or pr wo khamosh higyi
    Or merai jawab ka muntazir howi
    Tb merai zhn mai na swal thai na jawab
    Or jawab tb diya
    Jb us nai kha k
    Hm apnai shehr nahi
    Bl k us shehr mai
    ek chota sa ghr hai
    wha ja rhai hai

  • mmitra_writes 3w

    || Love Till You Feel Love Exists ||

    That chocolate wrapper is still there
    In between the last page and the cover
    Of the book that I got as a token of love
    I do read the lines highlighted by you
    On the day of your departure
    It is the only hope
    I have
    It is the only reason
    I still believe in love
    It is the only memory
    That I have
    "You are like the sunshine
    In my cloudy sky
    You, please wait
    Till I dry
    I, may become vanish sometimes
    But, I, promise to come back to you
    Before I die..."


  • durrakhlaq 3w

    Yai baat hai do saal phlai ki
    Sham ka wqt
    Chodwi ka chand
    Badlo mai tertai howai
    Bahar jasi fiza
    Patto sai tkrati to dhun peda hota
    Mai apnai khyalo mai mgn
    Kmrai sai nikla or
    Kisi kaam sai bahir janai lga
    Pichai sai ek awaz aayi
    Mai mura or deka
    Wo kari thi
    jis ko hmarai haan aayai howai
    Din bheet gyai
    Or mai nai salam tk nahi kia tha
    Toda nadim sa tha lkn
    Himmat ki or us ki or bdha
    Tb us nai kha
    Yaad hai aap ko
    Aap char saal phlai hmarai ghr aayai thai
    Or meri birthday party thi
    Or haan aap ko wo yaad hai
    K meri birthday pai
    Aap nai mujai 50 rupees diyai thai

  • jeitendra_sharma 3w

    tale of humans

    It all started with fire
    burn that healed humanity
    practices arise
    out of blind-faith and belives
    to rule masses
    one needed the authority
    and God was build to rule all
    mass production reached to surplus
    now the economics born out of barter,
    Homosacer, BIOS, and ZOE
    Roman knew the value of political life
    the Journey of great Hannibal
    from hunting-gathering to pastoral and agricultural,

    curiosity to know the truth
    elements that made the universe
    earth wasn't at the center
    and Copernicus life was doomed
    so the galileo for his assertions
    Kanada who talked about atoms
    a few who were different
    great philosophers
    speaking the truth
    Socrates critical to democracy
    Plato pure reasons
    and Aristotle's classical mechanics
    Stoicism, Zeno of Citium
    Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius
    great names that would outlive us,

    Modern Philosophers
    age of enlightenment
    rationalism and critical thinkings
    birth of human tragedy
    great writers and thinkers
    An existential crisis in a midway
    before it was the renaissance
    creativity, innovation
    art and beauty
    trade industrialism
    slavery, the bane of human
    fight for territory
    blood had no value
    great emperor
    first right for human
    and Magna Carta followed it
    great ship battles
    cannon, gun powders
    monarchs were thrown out
    democracy had traveled centuries
    crusades to kill other's faith
    dictators and brutality
    loss of millions of lives
    but earned the gold and silvers,

    quest for liberty freedom and fraternity
    a revolution that fueled the human needs
    soul-awakening events
    trial of kings
    and justice to people
    marginalized sections were hopeful
    once again betrayed in arms of Politicians
    millions died of hunger
    and millions with the heat of the atomic bomb
    who should be blamed?
    a man
    or the crowd
    that trade powers
    from the strata of ruins of society
    to the luxuries that bring disparity,


  • isuhas7 4w


    जो बंद करके रखे थे कुछ ताले,
    उन्हें किसी ने खोल के रखा है
    और वो दूर जा रही थी मुझसे,
    मैंने उसे बातों में बहलाक़र रोक के रखा है....
    सुहास "शिंदे"

  • the_scarred_soul 5w

    Since years.. Just holding on to Hope..


  • mmitra_writes 5w

    Love Tale 17.0


    Let life shine and touch the cloud nine
    Let love fly towards the lover
    Who is waiting
    For the glance
    Of the love
    He/She deserves...



  • saivijay 5w


    We live inside the cocoon
    We make ourselves stay in the cocoon
    We make our surrounding within cocoon
    We never try to come out
    We never wish to fly with colors
    What we do is always
    Bloody BLAME.

  • saaho0824 5w

    *****Always pay attention*****

    always pay attention. you don't meet
    people by accident & shit doesn't
    happen by coincidence

  • saaho0824 5w

    The reason why good people
    are always hurt is
    They trust easily and believe that others
    are as good as them!

  • saaho0824 5w


    design yoUr
    character like garden
    where anyone can walk.
    Design your character like sky
    where desire everyone to reach.