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    It's really hard to communicate and never easy to live with. The painful transformations hurts, it leave back a thousand worst memories of insults and madness which travel everyday with me. Whenever trigged with similar situations it develop and that pain equals to the wound made deeper with a knife in it. Yes I have a deeper wound with knife of chances being taken and to stab again in the same wound. Please don't hurt me anymore. Let me live.

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    #Diary #Friendship #School days #Teacher #Knowledge # Family #leaving

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    The Depressed Girl

    From my book flying around the desks
    for my classmates to copy my homeworks.
    To beg for one book from the collected book
    Bundle from my class leader I changed.
    From the first one to reach the class early
    To be the always late comer tag I changed.
    From proudly receiving an outstanding medal
    During the assembly with strong claps
    To wait in a line to sign the failed progress cards during every open House I changed.
    From performing wonderful dance steps
    To be the one with wrong moves I changed.
    From awesome seminars and appreciations
    To the least confident presentations I changed.
    From group of friends who inspire to study
    To the group of failed students I changed.
    From the girl of happiness and satisfaction
    To the girl of fear and stress I changed.
    From the good daughter and top five sstudent
    To the daughter gifting sadness and least scored student I changed

    Yes, I changed slowly being unaware of my problems I changed.
    Crying loud with pillows and praying with tears took me years with painful mornings.
    Finally being aware of my mental health issues I got relief that its not me but my mind plays the role who frightens me everyday.
    Understanding my faults doesn't come from laziness but by mental disorders gave me strength.
    From anxiety, depression, stress, Restless leg syndrome, allergy, irritable bowel syndrone I fight everyday morning to bed time to the strongest inner self.
    But the smile in my face hides the wounds in my heart heals the pain in my brain.
    No one knows sword of mental issues hurt me in every second and expect me to be normal
    Let me ask who likes to be a patient always
    Who likes to be unhappy always
    And who wants day and night to be with the war at mind lying on the bed.
    Dear people kindly don't say me everything lies in your hand. Kindly don't tell indirectly its my fault. Its all them the hormones and neurotransmitters. Let me live atleast with this pain. Please don't make me think of leaving this place forever.
    Let me live.
    Let me live with these issues
    Let me survive
    Let me move.

  • sreomchakrabarti 1w

    My Old Man

    He used to be a teacher, my old man.
    Enlightening minds throughout his life span.

    After his retirement, my father took over the responsibility.
    Worked day and night for our prosperity,
    To bring wealth, without which the world did not move.
    My mother brought me up in her own palms,
    Taught me wisdom, to be gentle, caring and calm.
    My father became a successful man,
    Big house, better quality and with secure future plans,
    He just prayed for the improvement of our clan.
    Happiness comes with a cost,
    A cost so costly that it can't be looked over,
    My parents became too dear to God,
    And God called them through a car crash.
    Now, it was only my old man with me.
    Whom I had never seen crying,
    But now, he broke down, as he lost the pillars of his clan.

    He used to be a teacher, my old man.
    Decided to teach again, for the rest of his lifespan.
    There are hurdles in every path,
    Weak sight and broken teeth,
    Knowledge, experience and strong will were the only things he had.
    He set out to teach, thd next day itself,
    In a village nearby, where the children were blind.
    It is not easy to light a candle in the middle of a storm,
    Mocked at, criticized by people in village,
    Who thought education was a stone,
    Which would drown into darkness as soon as it was thrown.

    He used to be a teacher, my old man.
    Enlighted many with the will to teach,
    He helped many to experience the road called life.

    Now as he has become a star,
    Now as he has went very far,
    I continue on his road to enlighten minds,
    Just like him,
    A teacher, my old man.
    Enlightening minds throughout my life span.

  • shadowieshades 2w

    Be my anchor when my ship is uncontrollable
    Be my teacher to taught me how to drive
    Be my partner in crime
    Be my BFF to hear all of my stupid theories
    Be my guardian so i can rely on you
    Be my first, my last, my reason to smile n shine
    N if you're not tired of these all jobs.....
    please BE MY VALENTINE

  • purusothaman 3w

    ஒரு மாணவன் புத்தகம் ஆசிரியருக்கு அன்பளிப்பாக கொடுக்கிறார்

    ஒரு மாணவி வீட்டில் செஞ்ச இனிப்பு கொண்டு வந்து ஆசிரியருக்கு கொடுத்து சாப்பிடுங்க

    என்ன அற்புதமான மாணவர்கள் ஆசிரியருக்கு கிடைத்தார்கள்

    ஆசிரியர் சந்தோசமாக உணர்கிறார்

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    One of his student who presents Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's book to teacher

    And other student brings sweet to him and eat sir sir.

    What a lovely student he got it

    The teacher feels Happy

  • awakensleepingbeauty_ 4w

    If you will continue your talking I will not distribute exam papers..

    We already know this is a lie..


  • beensn 5w


    English is a funny language,
    Quite often making the words interchange.
    Lot of freedom is given to the users,
    Unlike any of our local, regional languages.
    Or is it that we take liberty to fit,
    The words into our benifit?
    These days, I get confused with lot of words,
    When, where and how to use them to give proper sense.
    Take for example, the words employee and servant,
    One means the worker and the other an attendant.
    But where is the difference in the treatment?
    Even the most respected 'Teacher' is called an employee and treated equal to a slave without any respect.

  • shubham_20 7w

    Hello bachon aapke holidays kaise the

    Best the magar jabse aapke shakaal appear ho gaye anarth ho gaye

  • amarsinghgarg 8w

    "Ask more questions as much as you can Ask"

    किसी ने कितना सही कहा है न कि अगर आप एक बचकाना सवाल पूछते हैं तो सिर्फ बच्चे कहलाएंगे.... पर अगर आप के पास एक सवाल होते हुए भी आप शर्म की वजह से नहीं पूछ पाए तो आप मूर्ख कहलाएंगे!!!

    हमेशा याद रखिए आप कुछ भी कार्य करेंगे... लोग कुछ तो कहेंगे, लोगों को काम है कहना..!

    Change in calendar year will not change your life, Your own changes to your lifestyle will change your life.

    ��Happy New Year To All ����

    #happynewyear #2021 #amarsinghgarg #byebye2020

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  • sameer_ 9w

    Find yourself

    Find yourself not for others but for yourself because it is you who are lost in desire.


  • charithaburri 9w


    Bas kismat ka gulaam hun, warna fitrat ka tho aaj bhi baadshah hun....

  • adarsh_original 11w

    Just a random thinker

    I think again my life is messed up, I roll a dice and think again. Till its time to sleep I think, I think and think and think again.And all I want is you to know I thought about its all I know.


  • cydrah 11w

    I often quote Rumi in my lectures, a simple quote with infinite mysteries....

    "You are not in the Universe, but the universe is in you"

    Why I quote this?
    As I teach Biology, I learn, I read and I think like a Biologist, about things.

    "CELL", the fundamental unit of life... while looking deep into the cell you find infinities in infinity...
    There's a whole universe of organelles in a single cell, a very complicated yet understandable system of thosands of minute thingies performing their duties perfectly...
    This is the story of a single cell and you are a collective product of about 37,000,000,000,000 cells.

    Famous line from The fault in our stars:



  • kosatli 12w


    Making an eye contact with the teacher if you don't know the answer to the question is injurious to your health

  • shubham_20 12w

    Teacher:parna important hai ya nahi
    Student:important hai magar exams ke alava

  • keshaba_anjali_official 12w

    Teacher For Special Thought

    The energy of the master is like the sun,
    amber-like expansion.....
    Greater than the dignity of the guru,
    not the size anywhere....
    Only the Guru's gift is in the world,
    Installed the stone momentarily,
    ready to be sculpted.......


  • orphicthoughts 13w

    Failure is the best teacher

  • d_stranger7 14w

    #A_moment #that_I_steal #from_time #random_thought #difference #crush #school #teacher #d_stranger7

    Time : 8:52 PM
    Date : 23/11/2020

    "Excerpt from the book I may never write"

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    A Moment To Remember!

    ‍It’s that moment, when you look at me while I was already staring at you I realised that
    "I see the universe and you see just a simple, naive, little boy"
    who wants what was never destined to be his.
    Not now and not in an eternity.


  • megaththenral 14w


    Every experience that happens in our life is a teacher to us ...
    No one else can teach the lessons they teach ....

  • storyteller_agam_ 16w


    The One who prioritize their work first,
    They say all the children are equal for us.
    The One who stands on the flame to rise up a volcano with claim.
    The One who teaches us the art of living
    Are our dear teachers, who are the perfect beings.
    They build us with that confidence that we always keep winning And winning.



  • jazbat 16w

    मकान नही घर

    सपनों का जो मेरा घर होगा ना ...
    उसमें पता है ना क्या क्या होगा !
    एक कमरा सिर्फ़ मेरा और तुम्हारा
    शिकवे-शिकायतों और ढेर सारे प्यार को बाँटने को
    एक कमरा बच्चों का उनकी शैतानियों और
    सहूलियतों को
    और एक कमरा ‘हमारा’ जिसमें सब हो सकते हों
    वैसे के वैसे जैसे हैं, बिना बनावट और दिखावे के
    एक कमरा उन अपनों का जो हमारे ख़ैर-ख़्वाह हैं
    और आएँगे तो ख़ुशी और अपनापन साथ लाएँगे
    हाँ सुनो ! उन्हें हम मेहमान नही बुलाएँगे !
    जो रसोई होगी ना इस घर में, वो खिड़कियों से सजी होगी
    सुबह की ताज़गी और रात की नमी इसमें आती जाती होगी
    जब सबके लिए ख़ाना पकाऊँगी तो ख़ूशबू से
    पड़ोसियों को चिढ़ाऊँगी
    हाँ ! एक बरामदा भी होगा इसमें, मेरी दादी के घर जैसा
    जिसमें आकर पहले सुस्ताए हर कोई अपना
    और आँगन में एक तुलसी का चौरा बनवाना
    माँ कहती थी शुभ होता है साँझ ढले तुलसी को दीपक चढ़ाना
    बाहर घर की चारदीवारी को पेड़ों से सजाऊँगी
    ऊँचे-ऊँचे दरख़्तों से अपने घर की पहरेदारी करवाऊँगी
    गमलों में सदाबहार पौधे ही लगवाना
    मुझे नही पसंद मौसम के साथ बदल जाना
    सुनो पूजा के कमरे में मूर्ति मत लगवाना
    वहाँ बस ‘हे परमात्मा’ लिखवाना ..
    परमशक्ति किसी भी रूप में आए ..
    हर हाल शुभ- मंगल है उसका आना
    और छत पर मिट्टी के कसोरे(थालीनुमा गहरे बरतन) ज़रूर रखवाना
    तुम और बच्चे रोज़ उनमें चिड़ियों के लिए पानी,दाना डालकर आना
    अम्मा- बाबूजी की एक-एक आराम कुर्सी बाहर वाले बरामदे में भी रखवाना
    कमरे में बैठे-बैठे मुमकिन है उनका जी घबराना
    सुनो ! इतना ही तो करना है..
    इस सपनों के मकान को रिश्तों की गर्माहट, प्यार और भरोसे से ‘घर’ करना है ।

    Ranjana B.(6/11/20)