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  • sonoftheword 2w

    We Are Africa

    Restless is her soul
    Tears, flooding,
    Blood mixed with water,
    Multitude of souls crying loud and loud,
    Her heart full of pains, hurt and mourning,
    Tears in her eyes, with every single drop worth millions of words,
    Mixed tears, don't know which to cry,
    With great love for her children,
    She cry out loud and loud
    Get together my children,
    Hold the hands of your brothers and sisters,
    Fight and win together
    Let tears roll through our eyes, yes tears of joy and laughter,
    Let our voices be heard as one, yes we are one big family,
    Let's rise back up even if our backs are against the ground,
    Let us all pray as one to the God who made us,
    You're my children and am Africa
    I travail in pains
    Together we are Africa
    #team Africa
    ©son of the word

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    For Africa

  • sivanu_narah 10w

    "Thank-You is short,
    to appreciate for sharing your times
    with me.
    I will hold your hand,
    Untill you takes it away
    from me."


  • sourabh_ed 12w

    Your galaxy

    A star forms a constellation.
    You being a Star and your team being a “constellation”.

    A formation of these stars defines an Aster.
    Its when these shining stars remain unaligned becomes a disaster.

    It’s that force of bond which forms a galaxy as meteors will keep targeting to bring you down.

    Form your galaxy and own the universe.


  • maheshdevarinti 17w

    Solo and team are two different words that are pertained to each other, where the stability of solo upswings with the backing of the team.

  • hopefaithlove 19w

    #Jesus Christ is Lord.#team Jesus

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    Flood with Love

    Flood these pages with truth
    Drenched in love
    With sprinkles on top.

  • aquariansoul199 20w


    खुद उठो और
    दूसरो को उठाना सीखो
    खुद चलो आगे और
    दूसरो को साथ चलाना सीखो

    मदद करते हो जो तुम दूसरो की
    आखरी समय में स्वर्ग पाने के लिए
    उस स्वार्थ को त्याग कर
    निस्वार्थ भाव अपनाना सीखो

    सीखना हैं तो भलाई करना सीखो मेरे दोस्त
    लेकिन भला करके जताना ना सीखो

  • words_n_thoughts007 20w

    When people come together wonderful things happen.

  • himayan_writes 21w

    He isn't a bad guy!
    He isn't a good one either!

    He's just the loser,
    Who's never picked by either team!


  • aquariansoul199 17w


    मेरे देश का सम्मान हैं
    मेरे देश की सेनाएं महान हैं

    ना हैं उनके लिए दिन
    ना हैं उनके लिए रात
    ना कदम पीछे हटते हैं
    जब देश की सुरक्षा की हो बात

    आतंक का सिर कुचल
    दुश्मनों के इरादों को करें विफल
    देश के लिए करदी अपनी जाने कुर्बान हैं
    मेरे देश की सेनाएं महान हैं

    नमन हैं उन वीरों को
    जल थल वायू भी करते जिनका सम्मान हैं
    वीर पुत्र हैं वो भारत माता के
    देश के तिरंगे में बस्ती जिनकी जान हैं

  • adarsh_original 24w

    #poetry #mirakee #pod #lies #heartbreak #love #poem #thought #mind #trust #bible #team #instagram #twitter #story #writers @writersnetwork

    Why do I always get these people in my life
    My poetry describe true event that took place in my life
    Please read till the end

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    Why me?

    Thought you could die, as your being was a lie
    You've been cheating since you spied, took advantage of my mind
    Can't forgive you for mistrust, you have shattered me in dust
    You were so common to me, I thought we could be a team
    Now that you have shown your face, no more lies left in phrase
    I won't ask you this thing twice, "why you chose me as your dice?"


  • dhrusht_1512 26w


    If you are beck I am your joe I mean I am perfect for you.
    If you are juliet I am your romeo I mean I can die for you.
    If you are moon I am your stars I mean I won't leave you.
    If you are daughter I can try to be your father I mean I will always love you.
    If you are alone I am that loneliness I mean I am forever with you.
    If you are dark I am the darkness I mean I will never leave you.(even in bad times)
    If you are tom I am your jerry I mean I will always fight with you.
    If you are sleep I am bed for you I mean I am always by you.
    If you are preeti I am your kabir singh I mean I cannot go without you.(can't cheat you)
    If you are bird I am the wings to you I mean I will always help to fly you.
    If you are a wind I will be your direction I mean I won't oppose you.
    In short I mean I will never leave you and I will always choose you over and over again and I will love you forever and ever ❤.
    Because "I love 'you'".....❤


  • merishayari_khandelwaldiary 30w

    पूरा सच नहीं है पर हां सच यही है.....
    हां मोहल्ले की गलियों में क्रिकेट खेलते थे ....
    कभी दीवारें रोशन कर विकेट बनाते थे तो कभी इंटो की सेज सजा कर....
    अगर घर में गई तो आउट है....
    दूर गई तो लाने वाला तू है....
    गुम गई तो ����
    पहली बोल पर आउट नहीं ट्रायल होगा....
    वाइड का रन नहीं होगा...
    जीतने वाला ही बैटिंग करेगा....
    नाली क्रॉस पर चौका होगा दीवार पर सीधा छक्का .....
    टॉस नहीं होता....
    कल तुम पहले चढ़े थे आज हम...
    जो छोटा होगा वह सब से दूर लगेगा....
    उसे आखिर में छह बॉल खिलाई जाएगी....
    बस इतना सा कानून था.....
    पड़ोस के दादाजी डांट देते थे कि " अब बोल आ गई घर में तो बोल नहीं दूंगा , यह कोई खेलने की उम्र है तुम्हारी जाकर पढ़ाई करो"
    तो मन ही मन कहते थे " हमारी नहीं तो क्या आप की है "
    फिर कुछ शॉट धीरे-धीरे खेलते थे ताकि उनके घर ना जाए और हमारी बोल उनके हाथों की एक रगड़न ना बन जाए.......
    अभी भी उस दीवार पर नीले रंग से रंगी वो विकेट है..... जो हर रोज घर से निकलते वक्त वो पुरानी यादें ताजा कर देती है।
    #cricket #ipl #gullycricket #india #team #shanewatson #hemlatakhandelwal #cricketlovers #fan #cricketfan #khandelwal #merishayari_khandelwaldiary
    #writer #mirakee

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  • thecommon 36w

    Being a leader isn't about
    Leading the people behind you
    It's also about making them
    To lead after you

  • sarahholmes 40w

    Thoughts of Sarah, the goat kid.

    Hello everyone, I'm Sarah, the goat kid.
    Thank you for letting me join this herd of 4.

    Oh! What's that jumpy thing? Should I catch it? Ha ha. Don't go. Stop.
    Oops! Sorry that I stepped over you. I'm new to walking you know.
    By the way, who are you? Awwww! You are the alpha!
    Wait, what? You say that I should follow you? Aye Aye captain!

    You there. Can I join you? Thanks.
    Hey, look here. No look there. What's it? What is it doing?
    Flah what? Flying? What is flying? That's totally awesome!
    Can I do flying too? Oh! Why can't I?
    What if I try? Wee! Ouch, ouch. That hurts.

    Hi buddy. Shall we play? Amazing!
    You say 'Hide And Seek'? Okay, lemme count.
    5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. I'm coming.
    Where are you? Got you. Nah. That's just a sack.
    Are you here? Voila! False alarm. Definitely not you.
    Peekaboo. Gotcha. Finally. He he. I'm good at this.
    Hey you, you wanna join us too? That's shwey!
    Jump, jump.. Here I go. Touch me.
    Catch me if you can. Yay.. I'm faster than you.

    Aw. What's that feel in my tummy? It is making me uncomfortable.
    Being hungry? What is that? You suggest that I chew this thing?
    Chew this grass? Lemme try.
    That's yummy! Satisfying! Thank you.

    Guys, guys! I'm dry. Imma faint. Imma die. Help, help!
    Why are you guys laughing? Alpha! You think I'm not gonna die?
    Okay that's a good news. Where are you taking me?
    Why did we stop? Down? What's there?
    What the.. Who is it looking at me from below? It is creepy.
    Whaaaattt? You say that is me? That is how I look like?
    Am I supposed to lick it like you?
    Okay. Lemme rephrase. Am I supposed to drink the water like you?
    But, I'm afraid to stand close to it. Will you be with me? So nice of you.
    This is cool! Sweet. I don't feel dry anymore.

    We are recruiting? There's gonna be many of us now?
    Wow! We are 12 in number now. That's good.
    Hey, newbies. Welcome to the herd.
    Laa laa lla lla la. Too tu tu doo doo.
    Yeah, that's it. Come on.
    Come on guys. Let's dance. Let's dance like no one is watching.
    Rampa rampa bum bum.

    Day-in day-out. It is so boring. What did you just say buddy?
    Am I hearing this right? Did you say field trip?
    Shwey! I'm spinning, I'm jumping, I'm hopping.
    Choo chu chu ju choo choo. We gonna go on a field trip!
    We gonna enjoy as much.
    New view, new air, new field, new memories.
    Yet the best part, fun remains the same.
    Hurray! That went well. He he.

    What? I feel bad. I feel very bad that couple of us are leaving this herd.
    They gonna join a new herd? Life is so hard on us. Yeah, Imma miss them too.
    But, on the other side, the brighter side, newbies again.
    I can't wait to see new faces tomorrow.

    One, two, three, ... twenty five and twenty six!
    We are 26 now! I can't believe how the years rolled by.
    It's been 4 years with you guys. I'm no goat kid. I am a goat now.
    We make the best herd.
    All the gazing, bleating, running, playing.
    It makes me feel good.
    When they untie me from the mast..
    I feel free. I smell freedom with you guys.
    To be honest, I could be myself when I'm around with you guys.
    I thank the almighty that I've been found by a herd like this.

    Sush. Sush. You all! Stop talking. Listen. Listen closely.
    There's been a lot of murmur these days guys.
    I've got a bad feeling about this.
    They say that this invisible thing is spreading.
    They call it the virus and frequently use this wierd term 'pandemic'.
    I don't think that this is gonna bring any good.
    They say that they gonna lockdown everything.
    What if they lock me down?
    I'll miss that sunset! I'll miss that lush green field.
    I'll miss that breeze. I'll miss the fun.
    To top it all, I'll definitely miss you guys.

    I should've been let free now.
    Free from this stupid, dumb mast.
    This could mean only one thing.
    My worst nightmare!
    It has become true. I'm all alone.
    I could see nothing but these 4 walls.
    What should I do now? I'm stranded.
    If only our alpha was here. He knows what to do.
    He always knows what happens next.
    Always guiding us towards something.
    I'm lost without our alpha.

    I'm not left with much, am I?
    I don't know how long this is gonna last.
    All I could do is the next right thing.

    #team #MissYouGuys #covid19 #pandemic #isolation
    #NextRightThing #life #thoughts #diary

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  • sarahholmes 46w


    A Family might love you whole.
    A Team could shape your goal.

    What if they become one?
    If it is real, and no pun,
    Ahoy, Oh dear boy!
    Wouldn’t it be double the joy?

    I wish you have a team like ours.
    To paint you with all those colours.
    To realise that, "It is funny
    To say working, is just for money"

    It might sound corny or creepy.
    But they are my therapy.
    They put me high, on skyscraper.
    But they are now, just a wallpaper.

    As we did work from home;
    Thus it went, a tribute to them.


  • stay_impulsive_with_sakshi 48w

    Life Is A Team #
    Party Is A Micro Part Of A Life#
    Aggregation Is Your Team #Family #Long Distance #
    When You Want To Attain Something Forever In Nature Of Permanent #Team#Life#

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    Life Is When You Have A Team
    Not When You Have A Party


  • space_princess 54w

    All Three

    You and me are best friends.
    You laugh, I laugh.
    You smile, I smile.
    You make funny face, I make funny face.

    You and me are family.
    You cry, I comfort you.
    You ask, I'm honest.
    Someone hurts you, I kick said person's ass.

    You and me are a team.
    You have my back, I got yours
    You believe in me, I believe in you
    You have your moments, I have mine

    We may be different in many ways but I know you will always be there for me as I'll always be here for you
    I love you

  • rupal_kaur_anand 55w

    I was hearing a song "team by lorde"
    this thought rules my nerves

    #quotes #deep #scribbles #feelings #team #livingbeings #inked #emotions

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    All living beings are part of a team

    ©R.K Anand

  • writingvessels 61w

    Team Syndrome

    Togetherness produces greatness
    Greedy people end up in a mess
    In this world,we're a team
    Tolerance is a virtue
    Team balance builds a shield
    Eschew greed,we are together
    Pride,rides you nowhere
    Togetherness,however,drives you somewhere
    Together we will achieve a lot
    Inject yourself with the team syndrome
    Neglect greed
    Together our world will be superb
    Be inspired!

  • angel_shash 65w

    You and me

    In the shade of tree,
    Only you and me
    On one bench together
    I will leave you??Never
    In the rain,only one umbrella
    I am your beast and you are my bella
    Trust me I will never make you sad
    With me,you will be always happy & glad