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  • rodrigo_souza 2d

    My Teenage Love

    There was a girl,
    charming, cute, nice, shy, and in love with me.
    It seemed very simple and perfect,
    but I was young and not so smart with girls.

    When I saw her in the park.
    She looked at me, her face turned red and she ran away.
    That was the time I got in love with her.

    I felt like I was floating over the clouds.
    I wanted to know her,
    know what she liked to do,
    which songs she sang when alone,
    which was her favorite movie,
    her special place,
    wanted to write poems about her,
    wanted to play my songs to her.
    I wanted to know her.

    But I was young and not so smart with girls.

    When alone, I used to imagine us talking for ours,
    walking by the river,
    listening to our favorite songs,
    playing guitar for her,
    showing my poems and songs to her,
    smiling and laughing together.
    So happy.
    My love was glowing more than any star,
    But at the end, it was just a dream.

    It took me years to finally declare my love.
    I looked at her and I saw a smile, the one she was trying to hide.
    I was really nervous, sweating cold, legs shaking, stuttering.
    I could not run away. It was now or never.
    But I was young and not so smart with girls.
    That was the first time I felt my heart hurting so badly.
    I have never felt so lost with all my dreams going away.

    I am not so young anymore, but I am still not so smart with girls.
    I just wonder what life would be if I could go back and do things differently.

  • rodrigo_souza 3d

    A teenage love story...

    #love #passion #lovestory #teen

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    My Imaginary Reality

    I was young and not so smart with girls. I was on high school, still living in my home town. I had nothing to worry besides my exams and how to play songs on my guitar using only my radio and a lot of free hours, there was no internet or apps. I had a band with some guys from school, we were not good, but we were giving our best. Once, we managed to play in a little show in front of the whole school, it was terrible, but we had fun. And there was a girl, 2 years younger, charming, cute, nice, and she was in love with me. It seemed perfect and simple, but I was young and not so smart with girls. Her name was Mia.
    I was in school break, as usual, talking to my friends leaning against a wall. When a girl came to me and said, “Are you Thomas?”, I answered yes, waiting for the girl to continue. “You see that girl over there? She likes you.”, she said while pointing at a pretty girl by the tree in the center of the garden. That was Mia. Her face turned red and she ran away. It was when I knew that Mia liked me, I feel pride of myself and my self-esteem was in the clouds. The moment I saw her I felt something different inside me, I wanted to talk to her, to know what she liked to do, which kind of songs she liked, wanted to ask her what she thought about my drawings and songs I wrote. I wanted to know her.
    “Wow! She is so young! You’ll need to wait a couple of years. Hehehehe”, One of my friends said, as soon as Mia’s friend went after her. And all my other friends agreed with John. At that time, I took my friend’s opinions into account, actually I cared very much what they would say about me. “Yeah! Maybe in a couple of years.”, I said giving them a fake smile. Everything I said was untold by my eyes while looking at the direction where Mia went.
    Mia waited for me to take the initiative, but I never did. She was frequently in my sight during school breaks, smiling to me and talking to her friends. I felt very good every time I saw her. I looked for her as soon as I got outside. I didn’t want to admit that I was in love with her as well, but I was stupid and I did nothing about this, cause I was always looking for my friends’ approval about girls. When I was alone, I used to build an imaginary reality where I finally went to Mia and talked to her. I imagined we talking for ours, I saw we walking by the river, showing her my favorite songs, playing guitar for her. We smiled, laughed together, I even went to know her mother. Unfortunately, his father had passed away some years ago. We were so happy, it was magic, my love was glowing more than any star, it could be seen from other galaxies. But at the end it was just a dream. Then I got back to Earth I felt very sad.
    As the time passed other girls happened, girls that my friends approved. I dated some of them, but my heart was always elsewhere. When I saw one of Mia’s friends talking to her about a girl I was dating, I could read her beautiful lips. “Her?”, I saw in her face a disappointment expression. It hurt me. In the other hand, my friends were pride of me. “Thomas, you’re a lucky guy, you know! Liza is very beautiful!”, John said and I gave him an approval smile. I hope that my real dreams would come true someday.
    On the eve of the holidays it was custom in my town to have our t-shirt and books signed by friends, once it was uncertain that we all would be together next year. After I had signed some of my classmates’ books I went to see my friends play soccer. Then Mia with her friends came to me. My heart began to beat so hard like I was the one playing soccer for ours. “Can you sign my book, Thomas?”, That was the first time she talked to me. Her voice was soft, pleasing, if a fairy could speak that would be her voice. I did not know what to do. She was standing in front of me waiting for my answer. “Of course.”, I said getting the book and the pen. I was lost, I did not know what to write, my mind was empty, and my hands were almost shaking. I did not know that I was so shy. And seeing her friends laughing looking at us made things even more difficult for me. It was like they were waiting for something to happen. I wrote “From Thomas to Mia”. It was terrible, I disappointed myself. I wished I could write my phone number or told her how I liked her, but I was a coward. As I remember, that was the only time we talked to each other so close.
    I couple years passed. Now when I went to school, I usually saw her going to school just 30 meters ahead. Sometimes we also shared the same street when going to home after school. Every time I thought about getting to her and telling everything about my feelings. Actually, those were the perfect moment, as we were alone, no friends of mine or hers.
    “Mia, among the others is the nicest. The other ones are kind of boring”. That was what my friend John told me when we were talking about the girls of the last year in school. “So, now Mia is nice?”, I thought while remembering all the times that he and the other guys told me to date other girls. Maybe they were jealous about me, about having a girl so perfect as Mia in love with me. “You know what? I don`t give a shit about what you think!”, I said to him, finally imposing my wishes and opinions. After that, instead of losing my friend, I earned his respect. Later, a beautiful girl of my class declared to be interested in me. My friends told me to date her, but I told them “No, she is not my type of girl.”, They got very surprised. I did know what was my type of girl, that was going to see after school.
    That was me, walking home, Mia was about 20 meters behind me. I was accumulating courage to stop and talk to her. The waited moment was there, at last. I remembered my imaginary reality, I felt that happiness was very close, I just needed to stop and talk to her. But I was afraid to be rejected. “She is waiting for this moment for years just as I am. She is in love with me. Everybody knows that. I just need to talk to her”, I was telling myself in order to accumulate enough courage. At last, I had stopped, turned around and looked at her. She could not hide her surprise and I could see her smiling. That give the missing strength to tell her all that I felt about her. That was the time to open my heart, to be vulnerable.
    “Hi Mia!”, It was much harder than I thought. “Hi!”, she said trying to hide her smile. It is obvious that she was happy. “I’d like to talk to you.”, I was really nervous, I was sweating cold, felt my legs shaking, but I could not run away. It was now or never. “Ok”, she said while still trying to keep her happiness under control. “It has been almost two years that we met. I gotta to admit that… since the first time I saw you… I got in love with you... I got myself imagining closing your eyes and kissing you… I was I stupid… I cared more about what my friends thought… than what my heart told me to do… I really like you… You’re so nice, cute… All I do is think of you... Sorry to wait for too long to say all of this to you.”, I talked and talked and talked, making a lot of pauses, and she stood still in front of me listening carefully every word I said. I finally got all my feelings out of me and I felt so relieved. I was smiling, looking forward the moment to finally kiss her.
    “Ok. But it’s too late. I got over you. There is someone else now.” She said while still hiding her smile. Those words got me as a punch in my stomach. “That didn’t mean to be like this. What is happening? She likes me.”, I thought while trying to digest those sentences she said. I have never felt so lost, all my dreams went away. I did not know what to do, what to say. “Ok.”, that was what I said with a bitter smile letting my shame at sight. Then she passed by me and made her way home.
    After 15 years, I am older and still not so smart with girls. I have a job, living far away from my home town. I have much to worry. I don’t play songs on my guitar anymore. But my imaginary reality still exists. While I write these words I can see her, she closes her eyes and I kiss her.

  • daivas 5d

    I Love You

    I saw you
    sitting next to me,
    next to the centerfold
    of our classroom page.
    You saw me,
    looking at my eyes
    your smile dipping dimples
    sucked heart out from me.
    Then I knew, I love you.

  • gagandeepkaur1405 2w

    I may be clumsy, but I don't clamp others
    I may be shabby, but I haven't shattered others dreams,
    I may be careless, but not a cheater
    Who you choose a CLUMSY yet INNOCENT girl,
    or that PRETTY IN PAINTS having a DEVIL inside
    #pod#teen writes
    @mirakee @writersinspirationbureau @gagandeepkaur1405 @teenwrites2001 #love #diary #friendship #thoughts #poetry #life #inspiration

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    Oops me!!


  • jiminize_me 2w

    if we were meant to be perfect
    we'd all end up the same.

  • rosaline_peuttip 2w

    Teenage years

    I could try to be a better daughter
    Get straight A 's , have some manners
    But I can't promise it will happen

    I would try to be a good student
    But I'll give up I'm minute
    I won't find determination

    I should stop being so negative
    But I can't help living my teenage years
    I shall not change any sooner

    I will not move
    Out of this blues
    In so many moons

    But where I can't change the weather
    I can always take an umbrella
    And where i can't prevent the sky from raining
    I still can stop myself from crying

    Smiling through pain
    Dancing in the rain
    Is what makes a strong woman

    All there is to do
    Is to change your attitude

    But I'm tired and annoyed
    I might just do it tomorrow

    Or you know sometime after......

  • lovichild 4w

    So it's time i think
    I will never say to wait for me ,
    Because i know it hard.
    #mirakee #teen #like #foryou #broken #pod

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    My love

    I will miss you every day ,
    I will miss you every night.
    When tears escape from my eyes ,
    I will remember how happy i was with you .
    I may regret the decision of separating from you,
    And i will still long for you .
    My life is hard to breath,
    But you make it easier by sharing your smile with me .
    Our conversation were crazier to serious,
    And so i will seek for you everytime.
    Our relations were nothing more than stranger,
    But you make it better than my real friends.
    It was so good to meet you , to know you .
    Oh love it will take a stone through the heart ,
    To separate from you .
    But if i take goodbye from now ,
    I think it will be better for us .
    But remember i am ember soul,
    I will come to you no matter what .
    To seek for the time we were together,
    Love you my internet friend......

  • lovichild 5w

    Dear girls

    I agree all boys are not same ,
    But some boys are so unreal too .
    They act tough and all
    But when you hug them ,
    They snuggle back like a little baby.
    An act of kind from you ,
    Will lit up a smile on their face .
    So all i wanna say don't break their heart ,
    Because they will do anything for your happiness and wellbeing.
    Its like they are guardian angel for you ...

  • lovichild 5w

    Just thought what if i fall in love with someone.
    All i want is love nothing more .
    Jk i am better single
    #mirakee #teen #like #foryou #broken #love #pod #love

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    Dear boys

    I want you to know ,
    That if a girl fall in love with you .
    She will beautify herself for you ,
    Want your attention and many more
    She will love you for who you are ,
    So show her your true self .
    She will never care about if you're rich or poor ,
    Because she want you by her side .
    And want to be there in every aspect of your life.
    She will never care about your looks ,
    Because she have fallen for your heart and soul.
    And more like every girl is like cat .
    Will be mean to you for some reason,
    But at the end of the day she needs you dearly...

  • checkmyvitals 5w

    Sunday (Sin)day His day

    Watches with judgment
    I didn't ask for it to be redundant
    Since we all have demands
    And we abide my commands
    There's a Transcendence in androgynous
    Consciousness and it's streaming
    Believe it
    Or can't you conceive it ?
    I take your ideas and I leave it
    Let it rest
    Reclined on their hard indifference
    Complaining of pain they could make
    Decisions different
    They never listen
    Who's they I isn't
    Contractions aren't congruent
    Words lose fluency
    My voice holds it's nuance
    I'm the first
    If you missed it
    I asked who defined me from birth
    It's actually a challenge
    You crush the truth with your talons
    You breathe infernos you dragon with blasphemous
    Tattered news paper in red wagons
    Innovation in the work
    The truth sticks because it lurks
    It's better if it hurts
    Transformation through pain
    Not a gain
    Energy it cycles
    Can't clean your slate with Lysol
    Ripple effects
    Reality isn't that complex
    Marveling at your own thoughts developing
    I'm not prudish I will only stick to what I have
    Not let what I used to have enveloping
    My choices
    Celebration in life
    I don't hear them rejoicing
    Invoices and payments
    Policies and reinstatements
    In that a Stark difference
    I'm me no one different
    I'll stick to my decisions
    Self assertive
    I'll make them listen
    You left me in the dark
    I'll rip the strings out of the harp
    Intellect sharp
    I contemplate
    Who you are
    In relation to the stars
    You must understand who you are
    Or who you are not
    Because if the likely possibility of either or being true....
    You can find a way back to yourself through the realization and conscious awareness
    That for up
    There is down
    Things are built from the ground
    Love yourself
    Or you'll drown
    You're lovely
    Pick up your crown
    "oh comely"

  • lovichild 6w


    You come to me ,
    And treat me like no one ever did .
    I was so alone and all you did lend your soul ,
    So I can lean on .
    And so now i don't wanna be alone,
    I wanna be with you ....

  • sinoatrial 38w


    Long sleeves are my armour
    To hide that i'm a self-harmer
    The scars that run deep
    Host secrets that i keep

  • sinoatrial 38w

    For some reason one wants you to feel nothing or everything

  • sinoatrial 38w


    Falling is flying too,
    Just turnin' the bad guy into superman for a minute or two

  • sinoatrial 40w


    All the shit in the world,
    And you think your papercut matter,
    O sweet queen of your head,
    Just turn the volume louder


  • sinoatrial 42w


    Nobody knows how different i am
    The outside of me is not afraid
    Not full of pain or even ashamed
    I smile and all of those ignorant fools believe
    Ofcourse nothing could be wrong with me
    My eyes are dry i do not shed tears
    I laugh and talk and play along
    Keep on existing as if nothings wrong........


  • sinoatrial 44w

    Heal up

    If you don't heal what hurt you.
    You'll bleed on people who didn't cut you


  • pratishtha023 45w

    These words address to the problems teenagers now-a-days go through. A person during the time of puberty,not only suffer from physical problems but,from mental problems also. So here,this is a short poem,telling about what a teen many times feel like !
    ##mirakee #kotdwara @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakeean #pod #teen #depression #anxiety

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    Teens' Dilemma

    I'm not a whole,
    Yet I've lived too much.
    Deep inside my soul-
    Breaking,falling-I've suffered such.

    There were times, I was in sorrow
    Due to those pains which,from others,
    I was ready to borrow.
    Apart from this,I had been euphoric,
    From those times of my historic.

    But my life had always been sick,
    To my pain,no one ever did pick.

    Everyone abjected me
    And no one did give respect.
    I had always been like a bee
    Loitring for everyone's aspect.

    But never had I abdicate
    To situation that seemed difficult.
    And for those,to me,who hate,
    At my back,I always have a catapult!

  • sinoatrial 45w

    I Feel So Lost

    I'm not sure when it started or why it is so strong.
    On the outside I seem happy. No one thinks anything's wrong.
    But on the inside I am dying, screaming for someone to see
    That the happy smile and carefree laugh is not the real me.


  • sinoatrial 46w


    Can't run from it
    Always a step ahead of me
    The worst is i'm trapped
    In my own mind.

    The end is near
    I can't keep trying
    Stop asking me if i'm okay
    I am tried of lying.

    My fake smile is getting heavy
    Eyes can't hold back
    My mind has won
    Done living in the back.

    Going through the motion
    It's almost time to be quite
    Most fear it, Others play for it