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  • shallowfriedthoughts 12h


    Ever have that beautiful feeling of moving your body parts in rhythm to a series of musical notes composed in a way that sounds cool to people and makes them feel alive and all ...?
    Yeah I'm talking about dancing .
    And yeah , I don't have that feeling .
    Ever .
    So stop making me do it so you can feel I'm part of the celebrations xD
    Byeee .

    © Shallow_Fried_Thoughts

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  • tracey8737 4d

    I Love You

    I Love You...
    From the rising of the sun, until twilight snatches the sunset over the horizon.
    I Love YOU.

  • saramitchell 4d

    Dear Lover

    If all you ever did was make me feel wanted in a moment where I otherwise didn’t, thank you.


  • innervoice_1 1w

    You made me stronger than earlier.

  • samriddhimourya 1w

    प्यारी जिंदगी,

    मुझे समझ नहीं आता कि तुम्हें "sorry" कहना चाहिए या "thankyou" .
    तुमसे शिकायत करनी चाहिए या तुम्हारा धन्यवाद ।

    ( कभी-कभी न चाहते हुए भी बहुत कुछ ऐसा करना पड़ता है जो नहीं करना चाहिए , उससे हमें ही तकलीफ होती है पर हम इतना जानने के बाद भी कुछ कार्यों को करने के लिए मजबूर हो जाते हैं । )


  • cgcastle 1w

    I was for everyone in their worst moments and they still abandoned me, but there is something I understood: God has never left me

  • angels_halo_always_shines 1w

    More Than You Know

    Ever feel so alone, that you wonder why the hell do I even bother? I would think maybe someone close to me would support my passion. What I love to do.
    I mean I am asked every now & again, just to be nosy as to why I am so into my phone. But to actually hear and listen or actually read ANYTHING I write.


    Right, no one gives a damn. I look around, people are right here. I feel so alone. Nothing ever changes, always the same. Why do I even try you ask?
    I have no idea. I gave up now. I am not gonna ask no more. It's pointless.

    On that note, I appreciate all my support here. I really do. Thanks to everyone that takes time out to read.
    I know life, every day life gets hectic.
    And time just goes by, so fast. Thank you!! For supporting me, I means more than you know.

  • rujhan_tc 1w

    Unhe gawara nhi humara unhe shukriya karna..
    Unhe gawara nhi humara unhe shukriya karna
    Shukriya ki unhone humrai zindgi mai khushiyon ka darwaza khol diya
    Shukriya ki vo humri zindgi mai ake humari zindgi ban gye
    Shukriya ki hum unse mil ke bas unhi ke ho gye

  • untold_diaries_story 2w

    Dear whatsapp, facebook and insta
    Thank you so much for not to telling her that
    How many times I saw her DP

  • haarika 2w

    It's been an amazing journey from post number 1 to post number 300. Gradual transformation of myself happened over the period of time and Mirakee is the very reason for it. Every write up has within it a deep reason behind, to me it's purely my emotions in the form of words and phases.

    Mirakee is like a mother's lap
    Father's patting
    Brother's unsaid love
    Sister's emotional bond
    Friend's unconditional love
    It's not just a space for the writers
    But it is HOME with colourful emotions

    Couldn't Thank enough for the wonderful souls who has come into my life through mirakee.

    My hearty thanks to MIRAKEE
    To my dear Buddies.

    Every moment is a learning
    Cherish life
    With it's own phase


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  • aazadpanchhi 2w


    आभार आपका जो इतने लंबे सफर में तन्हा छोड़ गए ।
    हमें हमारी क़ाबिलियत समझाकर, यूँ गैरो के लिए हमें पराया कर गए।।

  • the_broken_echo 3w

    Thank you!

    After her words hit be like a bullet I started to hate myself even more. I became camera shy and hated to look in the mirror. I was to scared to look at myself. I then started to update my clothing to be more 'girly'in hopes that she would somehow see a picture and come back to me because I became the girl she wanted. I was willing to lie and pretend to be someone I'm not for her. Till two amazing people came into my life and told me I was perfect. I could finally be who I am and was able to look in mirrors again, they made me have more confidence in myself. Now day by day they are becoming mine and i can truly love myself now. So i just wanted to thank her for fucking me over because without you i wouldnt have ment two people who love me and want me for who i am.

  • asokhrasi1 3w

    The word "THANK YOU"

    Showing gratitude by saying THANK YOU in return to the other person will not make you loss anything.
    Learn to say thank you as a sign of gratitude wherever it is applicable in your life.
    It can heal the wounds of many people around you and also give happiness and smile to other people.
    Appreciated the good
    Reward if necessary

  • london_sky 3w


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    You are

    You are the reason I am still breathing
    You are the reason my heart keeps beating
    You are the reason my mind keeps ceasing
    You are the reason why I am still pleasing
    Everything I do, you are the reason
    Thank You

  • xenospecter 3w


    I went to you
    When I didn't
    Know who else
    To go to,
    When I really
    Needed someone,
    I messaged you
    Because at that point
    I felt like
    I had nothing to lose,
    At least it was a choice
    Out of desperation
    And a stupid one.
    You actually responded
    And I thought that
    Meant something
    But I was blinded
    By the person
    I thought you were
    Because you never
    Asked how I was doing
    Or about what I was
    Going through,
    You didn't say
    Anything about it.
    And you just left
    When I needed
    Someone the most,
    Even after all the times
    I was there for you.

    I ended up just being
    A convenience for you
    And I'm not a convenience,
    I'm not someone you
    Can only want around
    When you need something,
    You changed a lot
    Or maybe this is
    Who you've always been,
    I don't know if
    I can forgive you
    And maybe I never can
    Because you knew how
    Shit like this has effected me
    And you still left like that.

    But I want to say
    Thank you,
    Because you helped
    Opened my eyes to
    What I don't deserve
    And to the kind of people
    I deserve to have in my life,
    To the people who actually
    Give a crap about me,
    To who deserves to
    Be my best friend
    Because I don't feel
    Alone with them,
    And I feel better with
    Who's my best friend now,
    It doesn't feel like I'm
    The only one trying,
    And I actually
    Matter to her,
    She's actually there for me
    Like I am for her
    And she actually cares
    About me.
    Thank you for
    Giving me a chance
    To see my worth
    And find something better.


  • hanibletheone 4w

    Thank You

    Thank you
    TY too you all
    My followers
    My friends
    For reading
    My story
    My life
    In this words
    I'll try to get it out
    It's still more to come
    Stay tuned

  • redphoenix 4w


    I'm nothing but a drop in this ocean of feelings..I can see painted emotions, feelings and thoughts in words..i don't know whether its an illusion or reality whether i stepped into some fairyland.. This feeling is indefinable..

  • anuradha1810 4w

    #motivation #decision@crucial situation #inspiration #life #thoughts #diary#200 th post ♥️♥️#mirakee♥️♥️#thankyou all♥️♥️#love you all
    ഒരുപാട് സ്നേഹം എല്ലാവരോടും ♥️♥️♥️♥️��������

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    ഉള്ളിൽ ഏതു നിമിഷവും ആളികത്തിയേക്കാവുന്ന അഗ്നിയും നിറച്ച് നാൽച്ചുവരുകൾക്കുള്ളിൽ അകപ്പെടുന്ന അവസ്ഥയിൽ.......
    ഒന്നുകിൽ ആരെങ്കിലും തീ അണയ്ക്കാൻ വരുന്നിടം വരെ കാത്തിരിക്കുക.......അല്ലെങ്കിൽ,തനിയെ രക്ഷപെടാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുക.... ഇതിപ്പോ നമ്മള് തന്നെയാണ് തീയുടെ ഉറവിടം... അതുകൊണ്ട് തനിയെ രക്ഷപെടാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുന്ന അവസരത്തിൽ താപനില കുറഞ്ഞ സ്ഥലത്തേക്ക് രക്ഷപെടാൻ ശ്രമി ക്കുക.... അതോടൊപ്പം മറ്റുള്ളവർക്ക് ആപത്ത് ഉണ്ടാകാതിരിക്കാൻ ശ്രദ്ധിക്കണം.....
    ഇതൊന്നും നടന്നില്ലെങ്കിൽ അവിടെ കിടന്നങ്ങ് എരിഞ്ഞ് തീരുക......
    ഏത് വേണമെന്ന് നിങ്ങള് കുറഞ്ഞ സമയത്തിനുള്ളിൽ തീരുമാനം എടുക്കണം.... ആ തീരുമാനം ആകും ഇതുവരെ നിങ്ങള് ഏറ്റവും കൂടുതൽ സമയം എടുത്ത് ആലോചിച്ചു എടുത്തിട്ടുള്ള തീരുമാനങ്ങളേക്കാൾ ഏറ്റവും നല്ല തീരുമാനം....

  • kartik_sinha 94w

    My Teacher

    A teacher is a mother,
    When she feeds us with new ideas,
    A teacher is a father,
    When she gives us love for life.
    A teacher is an elder brother,
    When she looks after us.
    A teacher is a soulmate,
    When she understands our shortcoming.
    A teacher is a friend,
    When she teach us to help others.
    A teacher is a illuminator,
    When she leads us from darkness to light.
    A teacher is a liberator,
    When she leads us from ignorance to knowledge.
    A teacher is a guide,
    When she helps us to give up bad habits.