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  • pratibhajadhav 16m

    To Dylan Hunter#the fictional character#crush

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    Whenever I read your message,

    I wonder why I always blush...

    I stare you oblivious of everything,

    Then my heart said; you are my crush...


  • nehamandal 1d

    आजकल ना बातें होती है ना मुलाकातें होती है ,
    होती है तो बस कुछ गिले शिकवे ।


  • breeze_of_happiness 2d

    #Word of the day-fragments @Mirakee family
    #the very first post��

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    Tiny fragments

    Fragmented into tiny pieces,
    Lies the thousand pieces of my heart.
    Few fragments of lies
    Here and there on the Earth.
    Yet a million alluring hope,
    That someday, someone
    Shall mend my broken soul's rope!
    Alas! My search tends to be but for none!!

  • aastha1118 2d

    I changed��.. there's a #Part_1 before this��..
    Watch #Part_3 for-

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    Is it really me!??...2

    ... I could say I become happier
    I saw dreams of being together .. for lifetime
    I included you in my future thoughts✨
    You become a part of my life, my happiness, my mood, my pleasures...❣️
    But.. after a few months later..
    We started separating..Things went wrong..
    Our distance was increasing..there were misunderstandings..
    I found myself bounded with insecurities to lose you
    I lost my trust on you
    and the day came when we stopped talking..
    Slowly,,, when time went ...........
    I realised, I was happy alone
    I've changed a lot ..

  • aastha1118 2d

    I changed��... has a #Part_2

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    Is it really me!??..

    I was a girl who could easily talk to someone..
    Sometimes..who was happy without any reasonwho never really cared, what someone said to her two minutes before Never did overthinking about anything..
    And one day when i met you..
    I slowly started overthinking about you
    Now.. there was you I really cared about..
    Became excitedto meet you again, was happywhen talked to you.. got a reason to became happy with your words mattered alot!..
    I was totally changed :::::
    And that was not the ending...;
    ...TO BE CONTINUED ....

  • holuwatoseen12 2d

    #my sixth sonnet #writers network #The "YOU" is beautiful #love yourself #poetry #writers of mirakee

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    The Beauty of the "YOU"

    Sculptured by the creator
    we are designed into an infallible artwok
    embodied with unique endowments
    that portrays us as abstract of excellence.

    Alteration is no key to satisfaction
    it is rather a menace that endangers
    the mind putting it in the shell of
    unrequited compromise ignited by
    the rapacity to be reborn and rebranded
    into a desired picture resulting to devastation.

    Acrimony is needless for who we are
    we are pulchritudinous in our own way
    All that is required is the approbation of oneself which is accompanied by serenity.

  • aspiringwriter 3d

    Of course the choice is yours.
    #The Prestige #magic #tricks #mind #pledge #turn #prestige #thank you everybody #thanks for the likes #thanks for the comments as well #oh thanks for the repost.

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    Get fooled

    Every writer has this very opening, which is very normal, he'll have every men, dog, girl, cat characters and that's the "pledge"
    He next slowly move on to his build up or "turn" Where his characters experience awe and sudden twists and turns which still baffles everyone and they'll be mesmerized.
    Then comes the final part of the act, "The prestige" Where the characters prove their true scent, things gets cleared up and leaves the mark forever in our mind.
    Enjoy his work, don't try to strip it off, you want to entertained or what to be understood ?

  • shailendra_chaudhary 4d


    It doesn't matter how many people you meet in your life; you just need the real
    ones who accept you for who you are, If you are wrong correct you and then help you become what you want to be..


  • mackruis 1w

    It never matters how hard you start!
    How fast you fail!
    What matters is were have you reached at the end of the day..!


  • tannusingh569 1w

    I know we are not together
    But still I feel you around me..
    The memories we shared can’t be blurred because they still exits in me..
    Let you ho was the most heartbreaking moment for me but I did not had any other option..
    What I did was for your happiness....

  • chirag_goswami 1w

    #The only negative or positive side of mine��

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  • nimishasrivastava 1w

    दो पल रुका यादों का कारवां और फिर चल दिए तुम कहां हम कहां।।।

    #mirakee #readwriteunite #love #mohabbat #barbaad #abad #mirakeeworld #post #of #the #day #like #repost #follow #comment ..

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    ❣️तुझमें डूबने की इजाजत ना मिली तो क्या हुआ तुझी में बेलगाम बहना ज़रूर चाहूंगी,
    तेरी मोहब्बत में आबाद ना हो सके तो क्या हुआ बर्बाद होना ज़रूर चाहूंगी।।❣️


  • ankita79moonlight 1w

    Birthday special �� ����❤

    Uffff..... Kamal tha aaj ka din mere liye..... Waise kuch khas nii tha..... Pr aap log ki wjh se bhut jyada khas lga��������.......
    Waise mujhe yha aaye 1year bhi niii huye h.... Buttt itte time me hi aap jaise pyare2 log mil gye����
    Thankuhhhh so much to all of uhh for made my day more beautiful ❤❤❤
    Thank uhh for wishing me .....
    Nd..... Thank uhhh so much for ur love ❤❤❤��������������

    Special thanks to������������

    #Mystery......... You r everything for me❤❤❤❤..... I've nothing to say about uhh����...... Thank uhhh jaisa word to aapke kabil bhi nii h.....
    #The best birthday wish of my life❤❤❤������....
    Thank uhhh... Love uhh so much ❤❤

    #Chhutku....... Tere bare me kya bolu chhutku ����..... Tu shuru se le ke abhi tkk mere sath h❤❤...... Aaj tkk kisi ne mera sketch nii bnaya tha����.... Thank uhhh��
    #Tere jaisa care ar possessive bhai wala pyar.... Kya bolu yrr❤��.....
    I'm glad to have uhh chhutku ❤

    #JaAniii....... JaAniii Tere liye m kya bolu yrr..... You r the most lovable person ❤❤❤..... Hmari dosti ki shuruat kaise huyi pta nii.... Buttt I just love uhh❤��
    I'm so happy you are in my life��

    #Chatterbox..... Uffff ye ldki��.... Thodi si ziddi.... Thodi si pgl... Pr jaisi bhi h mujhse pyar bhut krti h����..... Thank uhhh so much for all ur love meri Chatterbox.... Nd thank huh for always being with me❤����

    #Bittuuu...... Masoom si ldki��.... Thoda km btt krti h mujhse.... Pr jitti bhi battt krti h..... Hayyeeee������...... Khud to sugar h��.... Mujhe salty bolti h ����... Pglll...... Thnkuhhh so much mere nakhre uthane ke liye����

    #Karishma didu..... Hayyeee didu ������.. Bhut km time hua h hme mile huye buttt..... Jitte bhi time aapse bttt kiii h.... Just muahhh��...... What I only want to say that Love uhh didu ❤❤��..... Thnkuhhh so much for all the love❤

    #Ullu...... Pglll sa.... Idiot sa..... Tujhe pta h ki kbhi2 tujhe khud bhi niii pta hota ki tu kya bolta h������..... Prr jaisa bhi h mera Yrrr h tuu❤❤❤������..... Pglll... Thnkuhhh so much for everything ❤

    #Dugluuu..... Oooo mera Dugluu❤..... Tu n meri life ka laughing Buddha h��..... Tese jb bhi bttt krti hu smile jrur hoti h face pe..... Thnkuhh so much for all the love Dugluuu ❤❤❤

    #Aadu...... Babu����...... I just want to say that I love uhhh so much pglll..... U always remain a beautiful place in my heart...... Doesn't matter.... What happens..... I'll always love uhh❤

    Once again Thank uhh so much guy's...... Agr kisi ko reply krna bhul gyi hu.... To I'm so sorry�� .......
    Nd agr kisi ko tag krna bhul jau to ydd dila dena khud hi��

    @sajank @sh_gopal @ru_malik @aaditi_ @beautiful_feelings @osm_thought_duggu @karishmamohanty @harsh_rajput_

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    And Thank uhh ❤❤for 500 Follower's

  • thoughtstruck 1w

    Why in the world:5/5

    From my childhood days I’ve heard that our India is a ‘developing country’ and still it’s developing after all these years. I’ve wondered why it hasn’t stepped up from the ‘-ing’ to ‘-ed’. Now that I realise it’s stuck somewhere in-between humanity and ‘Hindu Pakistan’ , not in this near future we could experience the scent of harmony. Believing in any religion is not a bad thing to do but making it a medium to hurt the feelings of innocent people is the most disgusting thing that one can do against humanity. It has never been written in any holy scripts that one religion should destroy the other in order to prevail. Its actually revised by people who consider themselves as messengers of God but are the ones who break the link between God and his children. Religion should never be used as a weapon to trigger distress and celebrate humiliation but as a path through which one can acquire salvation. Ask to yourself whether a spiked fence of religious superstitions is required in the garden of humanity. Let’s hold our hands together to build up a world where there is not even an inch space for the traits of traitors.

  • tussu18 1w

    Easy To Sink
    But Difficult To Float!

    Life is a easy way,
    Only few like to say.

    Where everyone plays the game,
    And you remain as blamed.

    When life is running for sucess,
    Many get harassed and unsuccess.
    Easy to move up through the ladder,
    If you recognised the cruel people.

    Future is a joke,
    Who have power,
    Present is a hell,
    Who think they can't above that layer.

    A work for gain,
    They will demotivate you,
    A work for loss,
    They will motivate you.

    Thinking a easy life to live,
    But it is difficult to believe,
    That a few can make it.

    Life is a boat,
    Which keeps on floating,
    And easy to make hole,
    If you want to sink.


  • glimmering_sunsets_sunshine 1w

    #hoping #for #the #best
    Stay home and stay safe guys .

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    The Fault in our Stars !!


  • xxserendipity 2w

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writerscommunity_
    #bittertruth#all #the # love # I #got # get # back # to # you # journal #journalism #mirakee # mirakees world # mirakee poems # poems # poemig

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    B̸i̸t̸t̸e̸r̸ t̸r̸u̸t̸h̸

    Stars shining in the eerie silence ,
    Can you be much better ?
    To withhold the darkness ,
    And all the bitter truth

  • mackruis 2w

    Some darkness were an introvert moments to learn the finest lesson's of life!
    Learning them addressed many changes with self and helped the soul stay stronger!


  • tpwriteup 2w

    #The teacher

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    Nature- The teacher

    The nature will make you realise the life
    Sun I'm rising
    Moon I'm reformed
    Ocean I'm silence
    Star I'm capable
    Tree I'm growing
    Mountain I'm stable
    Birds I'm flying
    Fish I'm forwarding
    Clouds I'm passing

    Be rising after stepping in failures
    Be reformed to normal state in critical state
    Be silent in storm conditions which decrease tiff
    Each stars has its capacity and you have your own capability
    Be growing from seed stage and start from smaller
    Be stable in breaking situations
    Fly in your dreams open wings to catch your dreams
    Be forwading in your stubble and riged ways
    Be passing in your pausing situations

  • cabbah 2w

    Allah k nam sy likha kro,
    Allah k nam sy prha kro,
    Allah k agy jhuka kro.
    Maa sy b zyda jo piyar kry
    Zikr usi ka kiya kro.
    Drood sy saja k Allah ka nam
    Apny dilo mai rkha kro.
    Allah ka nam sy hi qalb ko sukoon
    Usi ko dil mai busaa k rkho.