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    We die.

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    Society part 2

    For they're trying their hardest to move on but making them seem like they're not the victim when they are doesn't help nor is what you're saying, isn't it?
    For I'm trying to tell you what you're saying is wrong and you should have stopped long ago
    But you didn't did you? Instead you kept joking around thinking this is funny but it isn't, is it?
    So why are you still laughing and joking around for you know this isn't helping, right?
    For they're thoughts at night may be how they could die or why they are still alive
    For the memories, the trauma they have been through replies over and over again at night
    For they've been through so much only to live through what you say, it doesn't help does it?

    But you keep doing it, why do you keep doing it?
    For I'm trying to understand why you keep saying they're gay or putting the blame on them making them feel guilty when they shouldn't, why?
    For I'm trying to understand why you keep acting this way is this some sort of game to you by calling them names cause it's pretty lame to do that, why do you do that?
    For I'm trying to understand why you're still picking on them when they have already been through so much, what's the point?
    For they're already hurting why are you trying to hurt them more, what's the point?
    For ive been trying to understand why you're treating this way like they're not human or like a piece of gum you chew and throw out but why?

    For I've been trying to understand why you've been trying to make them look guilty like their not the rape victim when the real rapist is still walking around freely never facing anything they do, right?
    For I've been looking trying to find a reason but I find none cause they're is never a good reason to do such things, when is there ever a good reason to do such things?
    For I've been wondering why they're acting this way cause it's completely disgusting to see them acting this way as if it's okay to when it isn't, is it?
    So why are they still doing it after seeing what happens when you do it and why are we sitting and watching not doing anything about it?
    For we are gonna do something about it right
    Cause isn't right us staring and watching, no?

    Who's gonna shine a light on it make it the wrong a little right with me?
    For who's gonna make those who don't feel alright feel right a little with me?
    For who's gonna try helping in anyway no matter the time even if it's night with me?
    For despite everything they're still trying to go through everything
    For despite everything they're still trying to make others days brighter
    For despite them dealing with this they still smile
    But I'm asking who's willing to help me help them
    For i can't sit and stare no longer for i wanna show I care, don't you?
    For I am I'm screaming and shouting till I am heard who's with me?

    For I know when you asked for help people just looked the other way but know I'm here now
    For I am wondering if they're still going through all this, having to see the rapist again and greet them with a warm smile
    For I am trying to help in anyway I can
    For i heard they're yelps at night but I saw their smiles from miles away at day time
    For I know some stay silent because they know they won't do anything
    But those brave souls speaking out about it are getting ignored or people saying it's nothing
    But it's something isn't it? Something important, right?
    For I'm trying to right a wrong that's been going on for a while who's gonna try helping me do so?

    For who's gonna try giving them a voice they will rejoice for?
    For who's gonna give them the hand they've been hoping and praying for?
    For who's gonna give them they've been asking for which is justice?
    For who's gonna give the spotlight to shed some light on the darkness to make people see what they're causing and what the rapist caused
    For who's gonna stop the people making the rapists sound like their the victim and make the rape victim seem guilty when arent they the victim after all?
    For you should know its okay to be feeling this way you shouldn't have been repressing it in the beginning for

    For boys, men have been born into the world and been told to repress their emotions
    For I know it's hard for you to confess how you're feeling for you've been repressing it for to long
    For I know it's hard not letting tears go down you're face because you've been told not to
    For I know what you've been trying to do which is repress you're emotions but know it's okay to let them out
    For you shouldn't have been told to do it in the first place for you are human after all, no?
    For you shouldn't have to wear a mask that everyone asks you to wear, no?
    For you shouldn't have to worry about feeling these feelings and having to hold them back
    For I don't know who told you not to do so

    But i know what you're feeling like every tear that you shed you feel guilty for letting it
    For every feeling you feel you feel ashamed for feeling it
    For every emotion you feel you don't know how to let it out or confess you're feeling it
    For you've been repressing it for to long but know it's okay to let it out
    For I know what you've gone through and you shouldn't let others say what they say
    For you should know it isn't always gonna be this way and that's you're strong
    For you're strong for getting through everything and dealing with everything
    For I know what you're feeling know I'm here for you if you need it
    I thought I should post the last and second part of this for national men's day which happy national men's day! I might post another later but yeah

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    Society part one

    For its driving me mad seeing all these people even kids being raped and judged for it
    For they're putting the blame on them making them believe their stupid for feeling this way
    For its a shame that were living in this world filled with people like this
    People who will judge you and call you gay for being raped, that's toxic and many other things
    So why are we still living with it never saying a thing about it?
    Always pushing it away thinking it's not important but it is, isn't it?
    For bringing it up will only do more damage for rape is trauma it isn't easy to get over it
    Fot trying to sound dramatic just saying the truth cause doing this is disgusting to see

    For do I have to it louder for the people in the back to hear cause I'll scream in their ears for them to hear
    For they need to see the suffering they're causing
    For they already feeling guilty so why are you making them feel more guilty and ashamed?
    For they're already trying to forget about but how could they if your like this
    For why are you acting this way your suppose to be cheering them on telling them you can move on, don't you see how toxic you are?
    It's driving me crazy seeing everyone acting this way and saying these things
    For what I'm asking is for you, for them to use their eyes to see what they're causing which is more pain for them

    For they're causing it so why aren't they use they're ears to hear about the pain they're causing
    For they've been telling to repress their emotions for far to long and that's just wrong, no?
    For I know you feel alone but know I'm here for I'm not gonna say these foolish things
    For I'm asking you to put yourself in their shoes I'm wondering if you'll finally see what I'm saying
    For what I'm trying to say is how they're feeling and what you're doing for it is driving me insane
    For seeing you acting this way can't you see their already in pain?
    For they're crying tears at night trying to repress everything for you can't stop yourself but say these things, can you?

    For you're saying you shouldn't feel this way because your man but why does that matter?
    For you're saying you're gay by saying what they've been through but why does that matter?
    For you're blaming them for not speaking about how they feel but isn't you're fault for you kept ignoring them or putting a blind eye to it, no?
    For you've been telling them to repress their feelings for far to long now they don't know how to feel anything, no?
    I'm impressed at you're stupidity for how could you be acting this way?
    Do you even know what you're saying to them and what you're making them feel or are you that blind?
    For not saying any kind words when they need it

    For if you don't got kind words to say then go ahead and walk out that door
    For i couldn't care less about you or what you gotta say if it ain't helping nor is it kind words then walk out that door
    For I don't want to see you're stares at them nor you're laughter
    For they already have been through a lot, don't you see they're in pain so why are you making them feel this way?
    For they're still insecure about everything and still trying to forget everything, don't you see that's already so hard?
    So why are you making it so harder? Do you not have a life no longer or what's you're problem?
    Why are you being the problem and not helping?

    Why are you making them look guilty aren't they the victim?
    Why are you saying all these things making them seem like they're someone they're not, aren't they human as well?
    Why aren't you saying these things or doing anything about the rapist still walking around?
    Why aren't you bothering to help but instead staying there making them feel ashamed, who else feels the same?
    Why are you mistreating a rape victim haven't they already been through enough?
    Don't you know they're already blaming themselves so what you're doing is not helping so stop playing around and start helping cause If you're gonna keep acting this way then leave

    For these unkind words that you may be saying isn't funny if you're joking nor is it helping
    For if you are thinking this is a joke it isn't funny for being a rape victim isn't funny, isn't it?
    For imagine how powerless they feel or the things that's running through they're mind, do you think saying all these unkind things help?
    For imagine their pain and how fearless they are for getting through it all but to end up dealing with you
    For the pain they're dealing with is unbearable for you can imagining it but you can't, can you?
    But they're strong and even stronger having to deal with people like you, no?
    For this isn't a game for if it is its the lamest one but to me cause this is just toxic, isn't it?

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    Freedom - 1

    I have only read of heroes in our past
    Who rebelled against the Englishmen
    They fought as long as their will had last
    71 years later, are we all free men?

    I have read of the women who fought
    Brought the nation together and stood with the men
    I wonder what would they think from their abode
    71 years later, is there any freedom for women?,

    Leaders keep squabbling for power
    While women are raped, killed and disposed in sewers
    Birth of a girl child causes million worries
    Is your baby boy a pride when he raped a girl just 14?

    A nation revered as the golden bird
    Man & women here is nothing but dirt
    Killed your wife coz she couldn't feed your greed
    Your Man's in jail coz you need alimony under 304B

    71 years later what have we become
    Begging for planes, grains, jobs and bombs
    Leaders sucking the lollipop of taxes
    A common man is alive but reduced to ashes

    Freedom fighters were labeled as criminals
    The nation now has a list of richest criminals
    While the poor will kill you for a wallet and gold
    The rich one will make money off your skin and bones

    71 years later my nation is a disgrace
    I wonder how Congress & BJP show their shameless face
    I know none of you will ever do it right
    Coz none of you for nation would give up your life

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    जो लोग दूर से ही पुकारते हुए बुलाया करते थे,
    आज वह सामने से एक लफ्ज़ भी न बोलते हुए चले जाते हैं ।

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    The last Grove speaks

    Among the envious creatures of nature; man's specialty has always been the justification of his own deeds,
    Before and after dawn these forlorn creatures;
    Rise and fall back into the same line of procedures.
    What most reap is what others have sowed;
    If they cannot acquire what they want in peace,
    Then onto their brethren the wrath of their greed is bestowed.
    Treachery, violence, greed and lust have been instilled in their conscience that they know.
    And still they justify themselves,
    Desecrating the very land they come from and will return to.
    Their factories and machines spew toxic matter into the rivers; into the sea,
    With a little thought given to the fish and living organisms.
    At one time they did respect us though,
    Worshipped us; the forces of nature like gods when we were mere creations of it,
    And lo, they were corrupted by their own creations.
    Waging great wars with fervour among man made boundaries called nations.
    The original intended inhabitants of this world,
    the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve,
    Now seek another place of refuge, another place to live.
    So we shall bid thee children farewell,
    Knowing that if they leave our world,
    All will go to hell.


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    And Alas! We live in a community that judges and labels us without so much as knowing the glimpse of our story.