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  • artenitz 2w

    "This world is designed to depress us."
    I don't know who said that but I think it's pretty much accurate. We are all designed to hate ourselves, if you don't then you're narcissistic.
    If you hate yourself a little too much, you are depressing.
    You are made to feel ugly, so they can sell their fancy beauty products.
    You are made to feel insufficient, so they can impose their conventional mannerisms on you.
    You are made to believe that you have to be like them, so you won't get to a place they didn't know existed.
    You are made to fear death, so you can't be happy when you live.
    Why are we so obsessed in searching for something that we don't really know exists in the first place? Happiness is a virtual concept. We all fear happiness.
    We are scared to live a moment telling ourselves "what if something bad happens tomorrow?".
    What if it happens? Even if it does happen is there anyway that you could be happy about knowing it beforehand?
    The bitter truth is that we have actually lived yesterday and today both in fear.
    Both in doubts.
    Both in anxiety.
    What if we told ourselves "This moment is to be cherished forever." When something good happens and you actually try to feel content.
    So when something actually bad happens the next day, you at least have the good memory of yesterday's which could make you hope for a better tomorrow.
    We all have different genes. We all don't even think the same. Then why do we have to be like everyone else?
    We all have different goals.
    We all need to make different dishes.
    We all need to follow different recipies.
    But we think we need to do what the person with pasta as her goal dish is doing or what the noodles guy did last year.
    We fail to realise our goal dish is a fucking rice ball. And we need to follow our own recipe to get our goal dish.
    Half of us try to mix various other people's recipie steps and end up making some inedible mess.
    We got to realise we are born for a unique purpose. If we are born to be like someone else then what's the need for a new creation?
    You are brought into this planet because the planet needs you.
    The you, the only you.
    Don't be so harsh on yourself. Just flow.
    Everything will happen even better than what you actually want. Because we ourselves don't know what we want most of the times.
    The only person who can control you is you.
    Not the people around you.
    Not the world.
    Not even the nature.


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    The world

    "This world is designed to depress us."


  • fennagin 12w

    The world doesn’t look at you to love you.
    The world looks at you to judge you.

  • sadar_ammar 12w

    For the pain you caused for no longer

    Are they dreaming of their own world for they don't hear our screaming
    For they don't hear our suffering, our scars or our pain, maybe they don't care?
    For they stare at us but don't help us, maybe they're just trying a blind eye again
    But don't they see the flames they're causing putting the blame on us?
    It's a shame they don't see that for it is putting flames in my heart

    We are just starting something that they wanted to leave behind something they should have seen
    For they took our hearts and torn apart it by putting the world in flames
    For they watched and didn't try stopping it for it made my heart sink
    Sink deeper and deeper as I helplessly watch, how can they do that?
    For I can no longer watch for i shall not for, I shall try my hardest to help

    For it is a shame they don't see it for i thought they were smart enough
    Maybe to them they are but to me blind they may be for they didn't listen to our kind words
    For they declined the burning rage and sadness that we said and showed them
    Look behind you'll see they left us behind living their best life
    Ignoring us and not hearing or seeing us is starting to break my heart more

    For they abused our power to be heard and excused us for it
    For they accused the innocent and refused to listen to them
    They assumed they're guilty just like they think you assume what we say is false
    But the proof is everywhere so don't be amused or presume we're done yet
    For bruises and power they abused left us suffering

    They misused it and made us suffer for it making us take the blame
    A blame so many others have took that put a flame in their hearts
    A burning rage which they try to put away
    But you've torn them apart in so many ways
    Made their heads into world War 3 made them feel like they're living a tragedy
    Made their hearts beat out of their chest and plead guilty for a crime they didn't commit

    I'm not assuming they're bad guys I'm saying they are
    For there is proof and many people like them unfortunately
    For they strive in people's pain and suffering but mostly ignore them
    When you plead for they're help they look away without any remorse or a thought
    I'm not putting the blame I'm just ashamed for there is many people like them

    Many people like them who choose to act like they're right when they're wrong
    Choose to watch and not help in anyway not feeling ashamed
    Shame they are one of the same people who are like that
    For I thought people like them had a good heart but they didn't even have a heart
    They were evil from the start trying to take everyone apart
    I saw they're intentions from a miles away because I felt the smile was fake

    For no one was ever that happy for they wore a mask
    For pain they suffered and many other suffered as well but for no longer
    For they're tying to forget about it by causing others problem so you know how they felt
    Emptiness, sadness and hatred it probably sounds like madness
    But it's true for that is why they put flames in people's hearts and hurt others for they escaping from they're own pain

  • sadar_ammar 13w

    The world

    The world is burning and we are sitting and watching
    My heart is in flames for the hand to help I give means nothing
    I'm just feeling useless for not helping and just watching
    I'm just trying to shed some light into the darkness
    But I can only shed so much and the darkness is to much

    I just wanna help in anyway but there's nothing to help with
    So who's gonna give a hand and try to help with me?
    For I am not alone in this, am I not?
    For I will be screaming till I am heard so who's with me?
    Cause I'm sick of watching the world in flames
    So get up take a stand for our world is burning and crumbling beneath us

    The world is falling apart and crumbling underneath us
    For the walls I built are breaking and so is my heart
    Filled with thoughts with hope and prayers for the world
    For it is painful to see the people suffering with nothing to eat
    I'm done talking about it and trying to help from a distance

    So who's gonna help me give the world a push to the right direction
    Who's gonna help me put the frowns on people's faces upside
    Who's gonna help feed the people and the children that are starving
    Who's gonna help heal people's wounds and scars
    Who's with me and who's willing to help with.me trying to save the world

  • moon786 16w


    Your tears were sensing my eyes,
    Your pain were killing me like a silent,
    My hiccups are unknown while
    Your beauty were passing in the front of my eyes
    Your anger gives me afraid and love
    Your everlasting ride with me gives love,happy and confidence
    Your love gives the nature beauty
    Your face were glowing me with your reflection
    Your heart and my heart were going deep in the ocean of blue pearls.

  • moon786 16w


    We know to think and plan but we can't do it

  • moon786 16w


    If we are so jealous, the land will overpower us and buried

  • moon786 16w


    If you attain a target don't miss it that is the biggest mistake we are making in this world.

  • moon786 17w

    Don't admire your beauty because it doesn't stand long time; admire our nature that is the best part of our life

  • moon786 17w

    Make trust in yourself but don't make trust in others.

  • ashwinioraon 18w

    The Safe Place

    I was asked to get home before sunset
    Because the world was not a safe place
    I was asked to cover my bare legs
    And my evil waist
    Because the world was not a safe place
    I was asked to hide my bra strap
    And wear decent clothes
    Because the world was not a safe place
    I was not allowed to party late
    And hang out with boys
    Because the world was not a safe place
    I wasn't allowed to go out alone
    And trust people
    Because the world was not a safe place
    I was asked to behave myself
    Because the world was not a safe place
    I did everything and waited
    For the world to become a safe place

  • broady 19w

    The unknown battle

    If this was a story written on paper it would just sound so unbelievable and crazy you would think it was made up!!

    Cos its a pandemic, a world wide epidemic, they said we must stay at home to protect and save lives, for which we all did, cos its part of are duty and what's simply just right,

    As we followed all the guidance and did as we were told, like lemins we blindly followed as the government took a hold..and this is what they sternly said..

    "you have the symptoms, A sore throat as you shiver with a cold, a cough with a fever that starts to take a hold and as each day goes by the death rate explodes, Satistically out of proportion its was all just blown, its covid 19 but basically thee unknown..

    And as each day goes by new symptoms is born, like no taste or smell or whatever it is we need to self isolate and social distance alone...

    As life as we knew it was just tossed up and thrown, discarded like paper to the trash in the bin and everything we knew before was disappearing and we were getting punished for all of are sins!!!

    We got no work and we don't have no gyms, we can't have no haircuts or get any trims, all we've got is 4 walls and a gardens in a bubble that where trapped in and life is boring, depressing, it's just fucking grim..

    And nothing ever changes, it all just feels the same and nothing ever happens where just stuck here together like its groundhog day in a vortex inside are minds where going for ride..

    but then all of a sudden in a blink of a eye 5g started to arise, as people pointed the finger and said it was all lies that's disintegration
    And its the towers that's to blame but before they they we're built they were put up in flames..

    Cos they were radioactive and frying all are brains and all the opinions devided a nation
    To the left "A conspiracy that they claimed!
    But to the right, they said all them people are insane just brain dead..

    Using social media and this is what they said
    "it's to control the masses and bill Gates is to blame no sitting on the fence, we gota choose a side to be on either way!!...

    Ticktock as the days tick on, neither side actually knows where they actually belong!? They just whisper. "it's not us who needs to worry its the old and the young, there fooked and for them all the hope as gone"...

    Everything just never seemed to changed
    like its unexplained as we turn the page a storybook just torn apart as the first chapter is written by Blood for its his last breath is where it all begun..

    A 21st century crime from a man in blue, streamed live to the people upon the news,
    so blatant his power that he abused, as we bare witness to a life taken and that we never had to lose..

    but it started a revolution as riots and protests ensued and control we started to lose, separated us, as we discriminate to are brothers of a different race and like a mouse trap we took the bate, unconsciously they fed it to us on a open plate and in return we consciously gave them hate!!

    Not knowing what they were doing and what they had done, the elite at the top the number one's, stealing all are children bitten by the devil's with a poisonous bite there missing in a picture they we're hidden in plain Sight..

    No need for weapons, money was there gun its the unknown battle that they thought they had won but in reality this war has only just begun...

    So let's all stand up, no more left or right nor black or white just decent human beings that's ready to fight...

    Yes we were once blind but now we can see and yes you may change the laws to take away are right to push us apart destroy are life's and take away are hearts..

    But we will never let you bring us down again cos are minds are now free, for the lies you told are cracking at the seems and we will now never believe in you the elite,

    Cos we as the people now dare to dream and must never let are colours to devide us, united together we will strive,

    From the shadows of the darkness we have become the light, the light of unity that once separated us, now shines so bright, it brightens up the night sky and with it became one person,

    Like a mountains standing tall, for apart we are no more than a leaf blown in the wind alone, but where like the ocean, when it meets the shore brought together as one united we will never fall...

  • mazzy2020 20w

    Dawn in Jakarta

    It's dawn in Jakarta, and the first dew has begun to trickle, screaming your name.
    I know it's silly, but every morning
    I'll be waiting for the wind
    to bring me the scent of your hair,
    and for the rising sun to tell me
    you haven't lost your come-to-me-and-kiss-me smile.

  • mazzy2020 20w

    You can't buy love, they say.
    So this morning I bought a hundred loves
    and wore them all in the street to the envy of the passersby.
    Little did I know that they weren't envious stares but those of disgust and pity.

    - Mazzy

  • mazzy2020 20w

    I love you once. I love you twice. I love you thrice. I love you forever.
    But the unpaid monthly bills know where the romance goes.

    - Mazzy

  • mazzy2020 20w

    In the candle-lit room we're looking at each other, and the lonely moon knows the night will be long and sweaty.

    - Mazzy

  • mazzy2020 20w

    An Indian girl loves me, and I know I'll die happily.

    - Mazzy

  • mazzy2020 20w

    Is that a smile on your face or a threat to my love-denying heart?

    - Mazzy

  • broady 21w

    The blessings of nature...

    Life's a blessing..

    so we need to take a minute to appreciate what's actually around us and enjoy the little things in life, from when we open are eyes as we wake or to the moment we close them and dream of all the loved ones no longer with us..

    So let's be thankful for lifes blessing and how beautiful nature really is, if you Don't just look but really look and see what's all around us...

    Like the view from your window on a summers day with not a cloud to be seen,
    the bright blue skies, so picturesque it's crystal clear, as the suns rays beams down making a przym of colours so sharp it penetrates the glass like a hot knife to butter and blasts through like a rainbow it shines..

    The calming sounds of the robin bird singing her lullaby is just so tranquil and peaceful it's like a gift sent from heaven, the beautiful sight of a mother Robin is so amazing to see as she feeds and protects her chicks from within her nest....

    The sweet scent of summer is consuming
    The strong smell of newly cut grass, the indescribable fragrance of rain as it drops,
    the feeling of wind as blows against your bare skin, the satisfying feeling of stepping in fresh snow that brings back memories of your childhood past, making the most of every season as if it your last...

    As we remember the good old days when we'd play outside with all friends, climbing trees and making dens, jumping over bankings and getting a bit wet, when kids could play out without any real threat, playing football with friends and using your clothes as the nets...

    Quietly watching a seedling grow into a fully grown tree and as you get older realising that most of the natural world comes from pollinating honey bee and if you where to remove them then the world as we know it will cease to be, by knowing that you will never not appreciate the birds and the bees, quite literally...

    So we must always try to smile every day, as life is a precious gift, that's not promised to us and can be taken in a blink of a eye, so lets appreciative what we have today and look forward to what life may bring.....

    Life's a treasure, from the past to present or even are future, let's just enjoy are time on this earth,

    Be kind, show compassion to all around us and give the world the respect it deserves
    Lead and others shall follow...


  • aparna_hurtis 27w


    The word is a confusing place to be in, not only today or now or this year but all the time.

    People are running behind a lot of things that a pandemic has put a halt to... The world has been on a standstill, people losing their jobs, losing their identity, and most ironically living out of fear...

    As people, we tend to make plans that are 5 years long or 10 years long... I will be in this position or I will achieve this or that by the year 20xx.

    With the standstill at hand, most of us are lost admits the plans we made because the pandemic has shown us that it's going to have to wait.

    A world that was so involved in a rat race has now begun to move backward, giving time to things that actually mattered. A pandemic has brightened the chances of human connections. We are moving back to our primitive states.

    Like I said the world is a confusing place to be in not only today or tomorrow but all the time... With the fear of uncertainty hovering over our heads, it's about time we get our priorities set straight, our goals and ambitions set more realistically and to be humble through time.

    The confusion will not wash away even if things resolve with the pandemic as the world will present itself with confusion all over again...

    All you can do is give yourself time! The world will continue to be a mess but it's time for a change - that only you can start