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  • lumbarstar 6h

    Electric Love

    The circuits flow within our bodies,
    The connection between us flare up the skies,
    The electric love that flows through our skin,
    The magic that we provoke when we're together,
    The undeniable attraction we find hard to hide,
    The hidden secrets that we share when we make love,
    It is something I can't find in anybody else but you...

  • saraleeg 1w

    Don’t you give up on you

    I know it’s frustrating to see others smiling and laughing while wishing you could naturally do so too.

    I know it’s maddening to try with all that you are to shake off the dread - only to end up adding it to the list of things you’ve failed to do.

    I know it’s saddening to feel exhausted and empty handed while waiting for a healing that’s long overdue.

    But it’s unhelpful to think that way, just like it’s unhelpful to reminisce on times when your problems were few.

    Don’t ponder on what you don’t have.
    Don’t ponder on what you can’t do. It’s unhelpful to dwell on that vibe. I’ve been there and done that, so I know that’s true.

    There’s better thought processes you can pursue. There’s a helpful vibe you can generate too that will manifest a genuine smile and laughter for yourself as you do.

    You may think you don’t have a clue on how to do that because your back has been against the wall for so long that it’s tormented your mood and distorted your view. But if I could transmute depression then you can too.

    The only way out is through. So keep getting up, keep showing up, and keep believing that you’ll be free until it transforms your reality and your view.

    You need to be stubborn about healing your brain. You need to reprogram it and show your molecules that you rule.

    You won’t always see darkness around you. You won’t always feel helpless within you. You won’t feel hopeless once you manage to overrule the fear and doubt inside of you.

    Choose faith because there’s joy in your future. There’s hope inside of you wanting to make things new, but you need to stop believing that good things are all untrue.

    You’re holding yourself back when you do. The cynicism towards optimism isn’t helping you boo. Nobody can change that for you but you.

    Ask for help if you need to. Don’t give up on who you wanted to be and what you once wanted to do, especially not before using all the tools available to you.

    Don’t assume you’re defeated when there’s 101 things you haven’t tried because you’ve fooled yourself into thinking it’ll be pointless if you do or you’re too cool to turn to those tools.

    Do what you can with what you have. Try something new. Be present and grateful; don’t resist what shows up for you.

    I promise your healing will arrive bringing you a freedom so great that you’ll never again think you’re screwed. You can cry, huff and puff but keep your chin up. Don’t you give up on you.

  • revathi_rangaprabu 1w

    Independence is the biggest of all highs.
    Once you realise how empowering it is to keep it together all by yourself, you're stuck.
    You'll be compelled from the inside, to walk through those seldom walked roads alone.
    That becomes an addiction.
    The moment you understand that it's always going to be you and you alone and people are just catalysts, there is no turning back.
    The serenity that loneliness gives, becomes an obsession, because in it you feel the most closest to yourself more than anybody else.


  • saraleeg 2w

    Ready to heal?

    Perhaps you’re tired of being tired and you’re done with being ill. Maybe you’ve been ready to heal since like last year...

    Healing is a process though, so hang in there dear. I mean, it’s true. But I know that’s not what you wanted to hear. So I’ll elaborate:

    For your healing to appear, your true self must be Revealed. You must receive this Revelation in the heart of your soul though, not through your earthly ears.

    This Revelation must arise from your innermost being so that its promise of healing can be certain and clear - for you to grasp, even if/when it doesn’t feel near.

    To reach your center / the heart of your soul / your innermost being, there’s layers you must peel...

    Start with the concepts of past and future. Remember that at our core, all we ever have is the eternal Now moment - not everlasting, but timeless... So, be present - be here.

    You must be aware of what’s ultimately Real, at soul level, beyond our concepts of the realm of the relative and beyond our human fears.

    Pay attention, so you can realize that you are wonderfully made with the ability to self-heal and transform your atmosphere.

    Stop trying to change gears just because you don’t like how you feel. When the resistance and fear disappear, magic / miracles / wonders will flow and manifest - they’ll appear.

    Ask for guidance. Ask for help.
    God / the Universe / a higher power, can hear everything you think, whisper, or shout regardless of how weird it may feel. So be honest, be real about how you feel.

    Your experience of life is a reflection of what you believe, think, and feel. So sit with yourself and feel the pain behind your tears until you are able to fully accept your experience of life, not just your highlight reel.

    Your emotions can help you get to know your intuition better. That can lead you to trust in its guidance which can enable you to heal.

    There’s tiers through which you must steer though - so you can develop the wisdom needed for you to dissipate everything that interferes with you receiving the healing you deserve, which demands patience but is real & here.

    You’ll be able to transmute it all into blissful cheer. Just listen to your instincts dear.

    The bad news is you’re a puppet. The good news is you’re the puppeteer. You pull the strings, so go on and trust in the Universe and its engineer.

    You know where to steer and what strings to pull just focus your attention on what’s Real and remember your healing is closer than it appears.

  • saraleeg 2w


    Kissing you had my spine acting like holding me up was a crime. It put me right on cloud nine. I’m not gonna lie, it took me by surprise.

    You outshine the ‘dime a dozen’ dates I’ve survived - and that’s after adding them up to have their qualities combined.

    Don’t lol yet, finish reading my lines...
    Trust and believe when I say that I wasn’t expecting sublime; I certainly don’t come across it every Saturday night.

    I hope you take my honest rhymes as a sign that I want to add you to my storyline instead of thinking that I’m trying to undermine your intelligence or that I’ll be a waste of your time.

    I hope you can see that I just know you’re one of a kind. Yes, I know that sounds cliche and I know that technically, we just met... BUT, I think you’re super fine and I like your mind.

    To me, that’s a sign - that climbing the walls around your heart is well worth my time, and both of us being single has it looking like a green light.

    I hope you understand that I’m inevitably inclined to persuade you to want to be mine.

    I just want to upgrade your paradigms
    about people that meet online and about youngsters not being suitable for a relationship but only qualifying for being a pastime.

    I just want to redefine your idea of romantic relationships before you completely resign.

    I just want to get to know you better
    and show you who I am one day at a time then let you decide later if you’re down for the relationship ride.

    I just want you to know what it’s like to be valued and admired - beyond being liked in the day time and desired at night.

    So, after that lengthy confession of what I’ve been brewing inside...would you BE MY VALENTINE?

    I’ll treat you right, I’ll be patient, I’ll be kind, and I promise I’ll get better at writing rhymes
    ...until you realize that my heart can be your goldmine and letting me inside of yours can be truly divine...

  • an_weshaa_ 2w

    Mirror on the wall

    My reflection stares back at me when I look into the ancient silver mirror.
    One can see a lady with shattered bones and dreams.
    The mirror can visualise the reflection for the time immemorial, but
    It can never see the insides.


  • saraleeg 2w

    When I feel alone

    When I feel alone...
    I know it’s time to stop seeking others’ love and tap into my own.

    I know I’m relying on external validation to fill my cup and probably (subconsciously) expecting to reap the love I’ve sown.

    I know its time to retreat, spend time alone and create space for my ‘spirit/mind/body dynamo’ to be honed.

    I know I’ve lost sight of who I am beneath my flesh and bones because it shows I’ve grown attached to my ego’s roles.

    I know my mind has drifted into a dangerous zone where I’m leaning towards my ego’s desire to grow.

    I know it’s time to pause and tap into the heart of my soul, Gods home, where I just know that I know I was wonderfully made, I am fully accepted and well known because I am an expression of God in human form and I can’t be cloned.

    I know I’ve gone too long without embracing my ultimate nature, I must change my self-talk’s tone and lend an ear to the field of pure potentiality from where it all flows. After all, remembering who I really am is my backbone.

    I know I must find my way back home to God’s presence in which I’m aware that I’m whole, I lack no good thing, I’m in tune with the Universal flow and I’m consoled by an abundance of love, peace, joy, hope, patience, kindness, self-control, and every fruit of the spirit that my soul can experience and hold.

    Without it I’m prone to being swayed by my hormones and my foundation for existing is as solid as a wishbone.

    Without it, my higher self is easily overthrown and my cortisone levels start building my gravestone.

    Feelings are indicators...
    So, when I feel alone, I know God’s calling me home...

  • saraleeg 3w

    By Grace, through Faith

    It was by Grace, through Faith, that a way was made for leading me to a better place.

    It led to breaking the chains that kept me hostage for days, upon days, upon days of suffering silently with bitter tears falling on my face - because I couldn’t grasp hope, I couldn’t picture change.

    I felt stuck in agonizing pain. I was suffering because I couldn’t believe in anything other than what I felt or what I saw with my earthly gaze - which was addiction, depression and anxiety suffocating my breath every moment of every day.

    My thoughts were racing among the fog in my head at an unsustainable pace yet unable to be tamed. Nothing was clear, nothing was plain.

    I couldn’t let myself be held, much less healed, by God’s divine embrace. I couldn’t understand or approach an invisible force, a higher power that seemed to exist in vain... If God was real, why was I in such pain?

    I just couldn’t comprehend the meaning of life or why it was so unfair and it crippled me wholly, it was strange. I couldn’t shake it off. I couldn’t pretend to be brave, clear my mind, and start a new phase - one I could praise.

    I didn’t know what I needed to face. I knew what I wanted my life to portray but I couldn’t get my emotional state up to date. My brain and body hadn’t been re-programmed for faith. They were accustomed to fear and blame.

    I thought it was a chemical imbalance in my brain but that was just the consequence, the effect. It wasn’t the cause. I believe it was actually bait - to get me to realize that my spiritual journey was calling me to participate in experiencing life without hate.

    Life was awakening me to experience that there’s no arriving at consciousness without pain. My future held the experience of true bliss but it wouldn’t happen without me learning to dance in the rain and feel it fully without running to cover my face.

    I arrived at a place where I desperately needed grace so I chose to have faith. That led me to pray to God and the Universe, wholeheartedly without shame, for help in developing wisdom and strengthening my faith so I could get to a better place.

    That opened my hardened heart and then I was able to start giving thanks. It transformed my perception and brought me experiences which taught me that nothing is in vain but under sovereign reign.

    It taught me that God’s love surpasses my shortcomings and is available for me regardless of what I do, don’t do, make, or fail to create.

    It taught me that God’s omnipotent ways are beyond my human ways & Universal laws govern this place regardless of anything anyone can possibly do or say.

    It taught me that God’s nature is reflected in me through how I was made (as a spirit, mind, and body dynamo) for my soul to experience God in every possible way - without fear of being wrong, condemned, or excluded from qualifying for grace.

    Now I can humbly say that I traveled through life’s darkness and eventually found freedom for my soul (spirit, mind, & body) - by God’s grace, through faith, with which we all can choose to engage...

  • revathi_rangaprabu 3w

    When you truly love someone, you don't have to tell them through words. They'll know it from your eyes. They can feel it inside them. That feeling of home you get in their proximity, that scintillating sensation you get in every touch, says it all. Their soul knows it deep within. And you know it too. That someone exists for you. That their heart beats in your chest. You need not go down on the knees to propose love. No need for roses. No need for violins. Not even a string of sweet words. They'll know it. 'Cause love is in the air.


  • revathi_rangaprabu 4w

    Wasn't a hopeless romantic.
    Hopeless in romancing.
    Didn't write long paragraphs,
    That conveyed cheesy things.
    Never expressed all that love inside
    In full.
    A complete chaotic mess.
    And look at me,
    I still want you more than anybody else.


  • revathi_rangaprabu 4w

    Wasn't a hopeless romantic.
    Hopeless in romancing.
    Didn't write long paragraphs,
    That conveyed cheesy things.
    Never expressed all that love inside
    In full.
    A complete chaotic mess.
    And look at me,
    I still want you more than anybody else.


  • saraleeg 4w

    Quiero, pero no puedo

    Quiero besarte, acariciarte, y abrazarte tan fuerte que no querrás marcharte para recordarte lo bello que era la vida cuando conmigo querías casarte y deseabas solo tú, poder disfrutarme.

    Pero no puedo.

    Solo puedo quererte, aunque no pueda tenerte. Puedo apoyarte, aún cuando no logro entenderte. Puedo apreciarte y adorarte, aunque no pueda verte; puedo ser fuerte...

    Puedo aceptarte en cuerpo alma y mente, sin querer cambiarte ni juzgarte. Puedo extrañarte sin querer remplazarte.

    Puedo disculparme por no haber podido quedarme cuando yo era tu fiel acompañante y solo a mi querías mimarme.

    Puedo perdonarte por no seguirme y por no esperarme, por remplazarme. Puedo ser paciente y esperarte por si existe la posibilidad de que pueda recuperarte.

    O puedo confesarte que me duele contemplarte. Puedo ser inteligente y por siempre marcharme. Puedo encerrarte en el pasado y olvidarte...aún cuando me den ganas de llamarte, buscarte y en ti acurrucarme.

    No puedo ir a buscarte pues no quiero encontrarte porque no soy yo la que puede ayudarte; no puedo tratar de cambiarte. Yo no puedo sanarte, ni de ti misma salvarte, ni el rencor de ti arrancarte.

    No puedo explicarte que no me arrepiento por alejarme; solo yo comprendo que era necesario arriesgarme porque mi salud pedía que me enfocara en desintoxicarme.

    Para mi, el aprender a cuidarme era más importante que quedarme a rogarte que decidieras valorarme y que quisieras ajustarte a los cambios de la vida, que son inevitables.

    No puedo forzarte a perdonarme ni puedo prometer esperarte. Tampoco puedo dejar de amarte, aunque no como antes. Pero puedo orar... por ti y para ti — de mi parte.

    Seré constante...
    Pediré a Dios que te cuide, te sane y no deje de guiarte hacia su presencia donde el como nadie podrá amarte, llenarte, sanarte y prepararte para la próxima alma que llegue a conquistarte...pero solo después de que tú misma aprendas a cuidarte, amarte y a Dios entregarte sabiendo que solo su Amor es verdaderamente incomparable.

  • saraleeg 4w

    Undress your Soul

    Let your vibe flow.
    Speak your mind.
    Move your body.
    Free your spirit
    and break every mold.
    Let your experience of existing
    caress your soul.

    Bless the world with your essence.
    Let your truest self unfold.
    Access the wisdom in uncertainty
    and lose control.

    Express your heart’s desires,
    face your fears,
    and invest in what fills you
    ‘til you feel whole.

    Confess your innermost goals
    and let them influence
    your view of yourself,
    of people and of the world.

    Realize you are
    the beauty of the world,
    beyond your ego’s roles.

    Don’t withhold, lose yourself
    in the wonders of the world
    until you’re free to be here now
    realizing there’s nothing better to do
    and nowhere better to go.
    There’s no higher goal...

    Undress your Soul.

  • saraleeg 5w

    hot tea

    When I perceive something slightly out of the ordinary, an avalanche of energy surges through my body as if I was skinny dipping in hot tea.

    The emotions in me are rarely low-key. I mean, I can’t help but feel deeply. I don’t always choose to be me fully; it mostly happens inevitably...

    Which is why I decided to surf the avalanches of energy and perhaps do so somewhat cleverly. My life depends on it anyway.

    So I’m learning to be present and courageously resist the urge to leave in avoidance of the extrasensory nature of yours truly. I’m pursuing sobriety so leaving isn’t an option for me.

    Ideally, I’d rather sit and re-learn to just be rather than endlessly avoid the energy avalanches by consuming artificial substances like drugs and alcohol, or even weed.

    I’m daring bravely. I’m choosing to be here now regardless of what it feels like to simply be me. I’m curious to see what life can be if I simply accept what shows up even when it feels like I can’t breathe.

    I’m just done acting cowardly. I got tired a while back of seeking outside of me for what can only be understood by going inwardly so now I let the avalanches flood over me freely. I’m done resisting the nature of my being.

    I’m still getting used to it honestly. It’s like a habit, or brain wiring, that needs remodeling... but it’s simple, more than I ever thought it could be. It’s a choice more than anything; now I can see.

    Sometimes it’s difficult but only when I erroneously perceive that my emotions have power over me or that pain and discomfort equal suffering.

    Luckily, I know emotional avalanches are not dangerous & even the hottest of teas cool down eventually...

  • saraleeg 5w


    We know that there’s two sides to a coin, but only one coin. Everything is on a continuum and has a complimentary opposite within the whole.

    Therefore, be brave and explore the depths of your soul; don’t resist, don’t avoid. Don’t hesitate to get to know yourself more. Go into the deep end of your experience until you reach your truest self at your core.

    Be unafraid of leaving the shore where superficial conundrums simply bore and your deepest longing for self-actualization is pressing over the scars in your heart that still feel sore...

    You’re resentful because you’ve been keeping score but you can’t appreciate your ability to soar unless you’ve been broken and down, feeling intense abhor, crying for mercy thanking God for the floor that held you and kept you from continuing to fall to lower lows forevermore.

    Only in darkness can we appreciate the power of the light that enables our sight. Darkness isn’t your fault but it is something you’re responsible for. So, explore.

    You can’t buy the aftermath of doing so at a store because it’s priceless. You’ll never be the same as before, you’ll dissolve the power of darkness as you grow to adore yourself as a whole without the heavy armor.

    Then, Love will flow...it‘ll freely pour from and through your soul manifesting a light galore that you’ll most definitely account for.

  • revathi_rangaprabu 6w

    He was my best friend and beyond.
    What we shared was love and something beyond.
    To us, it felt like the infinity and beyond.


  • vimalpillai 6w

    Life. Death.

    What's the difference?

    Know more. No more.


  • revathi_rangaprabu 7w

    If love could be spelt otherwise,
    I would write your name in those places.


  • revathi_rangaprabu 9w

    A glint of sunshine
    Piercing the mist
    That burned me gently
    Giving me shivers and warmth
    At once.
    Secretly tiptoeing inside
    Into the silence that lingered
    After a carol,
    Tenderly caressing me out of sleep,
    Taking me by an expected surprise
    And presenting me with presents
    That I always wanted,
    But never asked for.
    Make me believe in magic
    Once again,
    And bid me farewell
    While I watch the doors
    Waiting for one more time,
    Until the next time.
    You are to me,
    The prefect Christmas morning.


  • siddhi_dharmadhikari__ 9w

    Sharab mein nasha bahot tha...
    Par uski aankho mein kya kam tha??