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  • raveena77 1w

    Don't let your failure to define who you are
    But let your success to define how strong you are.

    @words vibe

  • suruchimallik 6w

    Artists are sensitive

    You did say a little and they will remember till eternity,
    You did curse they will end up questioning themselves.
    You did appreciate them and they will remember every single word of appreciation,
    You did hurt them and they won't forget about it.
    And you did love them...
    You will find yourself in their creations...
    Their art, their writings, their reminisces, their memories.

  • anas_husain 9w

    I am more a thinker,
    less a reader,
    merely a writer,
    and full time observer.


  • ritik_sharma 11w

    सपना वो नहीं जो नींद में आता है, सपना वो है जिसकी वजह से नींद नहीं आती।

  • abinabin2 12w

    Travel diaries

    What a beautiful stretch of road,.
    Laced either side by rich lush green trees,
    Adding another darker shade to the road,
    Stretched itself to the horizon.

    The child in me, could not resist,
    Seeing the trees that welcomed,
    Accompany it at the tip of the crown,
    Knowing very well, I am not a climber.

    There is a child in all of us, is so true,
    The thought added more around the tree,
    Some slow, some fast, none unwilling to let go,
    In time, perched on branches, we laughed.

    Blocks of fields and garden, soothing sight
    Crops ready for harvest, garden in full bloom,
    Below a clear light blue sky, stretched to meet at the horizon,
    Both the adult and child, found their moment.

    Biding our byes, it was time to descend,
    The worst fear, caught up in no time,
    Stuck between branches, unable to move,
    A fall anticipated, laughs so uncontrollable.

    Longer than the climb, safely I descended,
    Looking up at the tree, smiled with a sigh of relief,
    A memory that we garnered, looking ahead,
    What a beautiful stretch of road.

  • abinabin2 13w

    Action with inaction

    There is always an expectation,
    For everything in our daily life,
    Why have we complicated it,
    We wonder, we always wonder.

    Can't we not make life simpler,
    Allow it to find it's meaning,
    Allow it to find it's course,
    We hope, we always hope.

    Seldom, we work towards a change,
    It's the right path, consciously aware
    Yet fail to yield, in the fear
    We dwell, we always dwell.

    Tao, philosophies from yesteryears,
    Let life be like the waters,
    Discovering it's course,
    We seek, we always seek.

    Let's restrict those added frictions,
    Those that build the added expectation,
    Freeing ourselves, for a new us,
    Let's believe, let's believe in us.

  • sirajafridi 16w


    The happiest people are those who have found that ALLAH is enough.

  • ziegler 16w

    Starry Night

    Dreaming the elusive paintings
    in solitude
    glossed with colors of ecstasy.

  • jereme_palos 17w

    #HolyBible . #Faith . #Salvation . #Eternal . #Church . #TheChurch . #Creative . #Writing . #Creativity . #Thinker . #Writer . #Happiness . #Peace . #TheBoatMan . #Intellectual . #Puzzles . #PuzzleofGod . #Poetry . Thoughts recorded for the enjoyment of many viewers including self .

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    Angelic soliloquy .

    Writing about Michael the Archangel is the

    providing glory to every eternal angel .

    Providing writing about Michael the Archangel

    does provide glory to every eternal angel

    because the archangel is a representative

    of every eternal angel .

    The Greek mythology , theology and false

    deities , angelic host or the deities ?

    Creativity .

    Combine them and that is the eternal

    authority of Michael the Archangel

    of whom forever stands alongside

    the almighty father and his brother

    '' The Son of God '' known as Christ Jesus .

    The Son of God rescues the characters

    within Greek mythology .

    The triune living God is a brother to himself .

    Past , present and future .

    Prior Genesis , Genesis to new testament ,

    New testament to revelations and the

    historical event of eternal judgment alongside

    the eternal ceremony .

    The story after judgment and during

    the eternal ceremony is going to be

    absolutely beautiful .

    The triune living God is going to

    combine and transform into another version

    of himself . ?

    Please enjoy the writings and please enjoy

    the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving .

    ( ^ __ ^ )

    Please have plenty of warm clothing

    because the temperature within

    the environment already changed

    and is presently changing .

    Please be very responsible during the

    holiday of Halloween .

    Please be healthy , warm , safe and

    please be absolutely sober .

    Please travel safely and please be around

    responsible family members or a responsible

    family member ; a pet is a family member .

    Please remember the behavior of

    physical distancing .

    Please be responsible because the

    current event within history known as

    Covid 19 or the pandemic is ongoing .

    Best of regards alongside

    very sweet prayers ,

    Jereme Joel Palos .

  • jereme_palos 17w

    Biblical writing .

    The body is spiritual and physical or physical and

    spiritual .

    The supernatural does exist and provided the

    spirit within the physical body .

    The supernatural or the spiritual can be viewed or

    seen within the environment via reverence

    alongside The Holy Spirit and The Son of God .

    The internal perception of the spiritual or the

    supernatural is not false , deceptive , malicious , is

    not a delusion , a hallucination or an external /

    internal mirage due to personal health

    ( dehydration , anxiety ,

    stress , panic , paranoia , excitement , happiness ,

    euphoria , motivation , etc … ) or the internal

    desire of God existing instead of not existing .

    A person is taught of the supernatural or the

    spiritual via others of whom have been rescued

    and saved by the supernatural and the spiritual

    being known as The Holy Spirit / The Father / The

    Son of God or The Almighty .

    A person is physical and spiritual and then

    begins turning physical via sin and then The Son of God refreshes , restores and rescues the

    soul by teaching the person of eternal life .

    The Holy Spirit is eternal and lives forever .

    Science proves and did prove the fact that God

    does exist and that can be plainly viewed or

    seen via the science of behavior ( behavior

    modification and the lifestyle of sobriety ) .

    The spirit within is gifted by the supernatural

    and spiritual creator of whom appeared within

    physical and bodily form ;

    The Holy Spirit appeared as a human known as

    Christ Jesus . ?

    The Holy Spirit is the safe zone or the safe haven

    within spirituality because Christ Jesus is the

    Son of God .

    Sleep paralysis can be viewed as a paranormal

    experience of when a person endures spiritual

    or supernatural persecution via malicious beings

    such as gremlins / ghouls / already judged and

    damned demons .

    Call out to The Son of God or think of The Son of

    God and He Will Rescue from within the

    nightmare .

    Sleep paralysis = a Nightmare .

    Sleep paralysis is definitely and absolutely a

    nightmare .

    Calling out to God ‘s Son / Lord / Savior / Jesus /

    Allah / Elohim / Jehovah / Almighty / Yahweh /

    Son of God / The Holy Spirit / Buddha / Krishna /

    Christ Jesus / etc … absolutely does end the

    nightmare and the sleep paralysis because he

    does rescue the person from within the

    nightmare .

    The Holy Spirit within the name and Christ Jesus

    ( God ‘ s Grace ) also known as The Son of God

    provide the victory from within the nightmare .

    The Father provides Grace and Mercy to a soul

    of whom calls out to him while enduring sleep

    paralysis .

    The Holy Spirit hears and views when a person is

    enduring trouble within a nightmare and calling

    out to God via the multiple known names that

    he does have ;

    God does hear when the person / soul calls to

    him .

    A person calling to an eternal angel or a saint or

    an apostle ?

    The prayer is delivered to God and God obtains

    the prayer and then rescues the person from

    within the nightmare ;

    the nightmare known as sleep paralysis .

    Within a nightmare ?

    Call out to Christ Jesus or The Son of God .

    HE Will end the nightmare .

    The Son of God came from another dimension

    and experienced the crucifixion , the

    resurrection and the eternal ascension .

    Afterwards , The Son of God went to another

    dimension .

    The Holy Spirit of whom is supernatural ; The

    Holy Spirit exists within every dimension that

    can be found within the multiverse .

    A thinker ' s puzzling poetry .

    The environment that can be personally seen or

    viewed ? The soul / the invisible person / the

    internal person is as large as the view that can

    be seen with personal eyes . ?

    The soul / invisible person / the internal person

    is as expansive as every sound that can be

    recorded and heard with the ears ; every sound

    that could be personally heard within history . ?

    Every sound combined within a video or a song ?

    Every book combined within a single book .

    The internal soul within the physical body and

    the deepest section of that internal soul also

    known as the spirit continually expands because

    of The Son of God .

    Can not see or hear ?

    ( The eternal American , human and teacher

    named Helen Keller ) .

    The soul is as vast , deep and expansive as

    the internal sense of thinking .

    The spirit is deeper than the soul and the spirit

    was or is provided by The Holy Spirit alongside

    The Son of God . ?

    The soul is deeper than the many aromas and

    scents that exist . The nose can smell a

    multitude of scents and aromas .

    The soul is deeper than the many foods and

    beverages that can be consumed .

    The soul is deeper than the many forms and

    types of weather that can be experienced ;

    than the many forms of weather that do exist .

    Short Story .

    An eternal angel of whom stood loyal from the

    very beginning and will always be loyal to The

    Holy Spirit : The whole universe ... The Omni

    verse . The Multiverse . The world , the sins ,

    the items and the false or fleshly pleasures

    within are nothing compared to Eternal Life .

    The inner thoughts of an eternal angel prior The

    birth of Christ Jesus ; The Son of God and the

    provider of eternal life .

    Christ Jesus guided ( via prayer , eternal

    communion or an eternal relationship and

    thinking ) the eternal angel toward discerning ,

    viewing , being witness and experiencing his

    eternal birth as a baby boy .

    The eternal angel and Christ Jesus shared a

    similar heart and conscience ; The Son of God

    was sharing his internal heart and conscience

    with the eternal angel .

    The Son of God was sharing his internal nature

    with the eternal angel prior to being born as a

    baby .

    The Son of God was born and he lived through

    the crucifixion because he was and is

    resurrected ; He experienced the eternal

    ascension and presently resides within another

    dimension and awaits the eternal ceremony

    alongside the rapture .

    The very same angel personally witnessed the

    crucifixion , the resurrection and the eternal

    ascension of Christ Jesus .

  • jereme_palos 17w

    A number of comments .

    The Holy Spirit provides internal epiphanies

    when a soul prays .

    The deepest internal section of Christ Jesus ‘

    soul or spirit is the Father ( The Almighty ) .

    The prior ( Genesis ) and future version of Christ

    Jesus .

    The greater version of Christ Jesus Prior Genesis ,

    during Genesis , within the Old Testament ,

    within the New Testament and after the

    historical event of eternal judgment . ?

    The deepest and internal section of Christ Jesus ‘

    soul or spirit ;

    The deepest section has the knowledge

    of the rapture and the end of age

    ( the historical event of eternal judgment )

    judgment .

    The deepest inner working or mechanism within

    Christ Jesus ( The Son of God ) is The Father

    Almighty . ?

    An internal menorah . ?

    A never ending and internal candle that is

    always lit and can not ever ( never ) be

    extinguished .

    Not by his personal hand , power nor by any soul .

    The candle is a whole menorah and is within an

    internal compartment of the menorah .

    The Almighty Father .

    The Son of God appeared from a different

    dimension and then after the resurrection and

    eternal ascension ;

    HE continued into a different

    dimension because he previously arrived from a

    different dimension .

    ( Conversation with Pontius Pilate ) .

    A verbal portal or dimension is opened during

    the end of age judgment and the eternal

    ceremony ;

    a verbal or different dimension is opened and

    Christ Jesus ' historical return begins .

    Loved souls are presently living within the

    dimension of The Holy Spirit and are presently

    awaiting the end of age judgment / the eternal

    ceremony alongside The Son of God ' s return .

    God ‘ s personal blessing , talent and eternal gift

    is that he will always exist .

    He can not extinguish the candle because the

    candle reignites via the past .

    His previous version of himself is reborn ,

    rebirthed or refreshed unto or unto the present

    moment .

    Similar to the mythological , spiritual and angelic

    bird known as the phoenix ( Symbolism ) .

    The Holy Spirit was and is a dove or a phoenix . ?

    His internal ( Ruach ) candle eternally recreates

    himself via the past , present and future . ?

    A prayer is additional evidence toward the fact

    that The Almighty does exist . ?

    Theological / Spiritual / Anthropomorphic / Intellectual / Religious evidence . ?

    Short story .

    Person B : Does God truly exist ?

    Person A : Does prayer exist ?

    Person B : Yes .

    Person A : Then God does exist .

    Person A : The prayer and the behavior of

    praying is evidence of the fact that The

    Almighty does exist .

    Person A : You , we and many are meant to live

    forever and within the eternal kingdom of God .

    Person C : Please , let us continue staying close

    to The Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus ‘ eternal

    wings because he is the resurrected son of God

    of whom experienced the eternal ascension .

    Person B : Wow . The Almighty does exist and

    he just guided me within the present

    conversation .

    Person B : Please make sure the vegetables are

    enjoyable .

    Person C : The vegetables that were are about to

    consume are going to be very enjoyable .

    Person A : They are actually going to be very

    sweet and enjoyable because of the additional

    ingredients that were stirred into the meal .

    Person A , B and C continue their conversation

    and enjoying large portions boiled vegetables .

    Boiled vegetables with chia seeds , flax seeds ,

    organic powdered cinnamon and extra virgin

    olive oil . The chia seeds , flax seeds and extra

    virgin olive oil was added into the meal after the

    vegetables were properly boiled within a pot of

    water ( over the stove ) . The organic powdered

    cinnamon added into the pot of boiling

    vegetables prior to being boiled and after being

    boiled . The group used a bag of mixed

    vegetables from the grocery store .

    End Story .

  • jereme_palos 17w

    Comical writing .

    Entertainment .

    Visualization .

    Clean comedy . ?

    Educational comedy .

    Comedian ( on stage and telling jokes ) : Hello !

    Can anybody share or explain to me the 7th

    planet from the sun ?

    A person in the crowd : You very smart

    comedian !

    Persons in the crowd staring at each other .

    A person in the crowd : The 7th planet from the

    sun is Uranus !

    Comedian and a number of persons in the

    crowd begin laughing .

    Comedian : I think we just broke the 4th wall . ?

    At least a person in the crowd : You are a

    smooth and intellectually gifted comedian .

    Somebody in the crowd : I think we are done

    here because you brought too much science to

    the table .

    Same person in the crowd : Seriously , please do

    not ruin that performance because we as a

    group learned too much from that very brief joke .

    Yes , we did break the 4th wall .

    Comedian : Well , we have broken the 4th wall

    too much and I am going to have to exit via the

    3rd wall . By the way , the planet we live on is the

    3rd planet from the sun and the planet we live

    upon is named planet Earth .

    The announcer of whom began sitting within the crowd :

    Honestly and truly , I am impressed because we

    did break the 4th wall and the exit is the 3rd wall

    as well Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun .

    Also earth is the 3rd planet from the sun and yes

    that is the planet that we earthlings live upon . I

    am personally impressed because you truly

    brought a lot of science into the comical

    performance . You already obtained a 5 star

    review and that was barely the beginning of the

    comical performance .

    Comedian : A light bulb just turned on .

    Person within the crowd : An internal epiphany ?

    Comedian : Basically . Yes .

    Same person with the crowd : That lightbulb

    could have been the sun . Here , please think

    about this . The sun orbits around you and you

    rotate around the sun because you alongside

    many earthlings live upon the planet named earth .

    The earth rotates and orbits around every

    earthling and every earthling also orbits around

    the sun .

    Comedian : You have researched your books of

    education and science because you are speaking

    about the historical writings of Ptolemy and

    Galileo .

    A different person within the crowd : Wow , you

    are very intellectually gifted . Look , you deserve

    a supportive 5 star review and money . Also , you

    can continue the performance or not . We can

    continue the performance and breaking the 4th

    wall or not . Either are fine .

    Another person within the crowd : Coughs * Please do not ruin that . Coughs *

    Comedian : Well , I think ending this interaction

    with a responsible ending would be the very best

    or of the highest quality . I am going to hang out

    in the back for a little while and then hop into and

    out of the crowd and continue listening to

    additional performers because I also am a part of

    the crowd . Thanks guys ! Very soon , I am going

    to hop into the crowd with everybody .

    The comedian signals that he is exiting and begins

    exiting with a thumbs up , a wave and a slight bow .

    The crowd begins clapping , giggling , whistling

    and cheering .

    The Applause of the crowd begins and ends .

    The comedian exits the stage and eventually joins

    the crowd as the comedian previously shared with

    the crowd .

    The comedian enters the crowd and sits at a

    table alongside members of the crowd because

    the comedian also is a part of the crowd .

    A member of the crowd : I am glad to see you .

    Here , I have a Milky Way dark chocolate bar . Do

    you want the Milky Way dark chocolate bar ?

    Comedian within the crowd : Are we earthlings ?

    The very same member of the crowd : Yes .

    Comedian within the crowd : That would also be

    the answer to the question that you asked me .

    Yes , I would enjoy the Milky Way dark chocolate

    bar . Could I buy that from you or could I trade

    you for that ?

    The very same member in the crowd : No . You

    truly earned the dark chocolate bar . The dark

    chocolate bar is free . You knew I was speaking

    about the solar system and the galaxy when I

    brought up the Milky Way dark chocolate bar .

    Comedian within the crowd : Hehehe . God

    gifted the milky way .

    The very same member in the crowd : The

    galaxy or the dark chocolate bar ?

    Comedian within the crowd : Both .

    The very same member in the crowd : Well , I am

    not going against that logic . Here you go ( gifts

    the Milky Way dark chocolate bar to the

    comedian of whom is sitting at a table and

    within the crowd ) .

    Please , let us continue listening to the many

    comedians within the performance .

    Comedian within the crowd : Absolutely .

    Thanks for the dark chocolate bar .

    The crowd proceeds to be entertained by

    the performers .

  • ziegler 18w

    Hey guys, just thought of posting some random midnight thoughts. So here is the first one from the list and more coming up soon...
    #poetry #qoutes #mirakee #writersnetwork #poem
    #thoughts #Euphoria #random #mighty #thinker
    #night #midnight #sea @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Midnight thoughts

    Every time I think of her the more I fall for her.

  • suruchimallik 19w

    मेरी सांसों में घुलती उसकी सांसें खो सी रही थी,
    मुझे उसकी कमी कुछ खल सी रही थी!

  • zubaan_e_dil 22w

    Kuch kisse jo yaad ban gye #5

    Toh ye baat saal 2018 ki hai jis waqt mera B.Ed chl rha tha.. ek din mei aur meri bestfriend Ankita , hum sham ko walk kar rhe the.. Chlte-chlte mera per road par pdi kisi cheez mei ulajh gya aur mei girne wala tha..Tabhi Ankita ne mera hath pakad kar mujhe girne se pehle hi sambhal lia..

    Ye kissa jyda bada nahi hai , par us moment ke kuch seconds baad hi dil mei ek baat aai..

    "ज़िन्दगी में आपको कई लोग मिल जाएंगे जो आपको गिरता हुआ देख या तो आपको उठाने के लिये हाथ बढ़ाएंगे या फ़िर हँसी-ठिठोली करेंगे । पर एक सच्चा दोस्त आपको क़भी गिरने नहीं देगा चाहे वो जीवन की कोई भी परिस्थिति हो | "

    Toh agar aapke paas bhi ese dost hai jo aapko kbhi girne nh denge , toh un doston ko sambhal ke rakhiye !


  • jereme_palos 23w

    The Eternal Muhammad Ali .

    There is a truth and fact to this . ?

    Muhammed Ali .

    I am so mean I make medicine sick . ?

    The shelf life of the medicine . ?

    The medicine decayed . ?

    Due to not being used . ?

    He chewed the medicine . ?

    He consumed and did not consume . ?

    The medicine turned stale and had to be tossed

    out or discarded . ?

    The medicine asked..

    Medicine :

    When are you going to consume me ! ?

    Muhammed Ali said " no " .

    Then patiently waited and tossed the medicine

    out .

    The quote : I am so mean I make medicine sick .

    Always within the category of The Very Greatest .

    The people of whom are within that category ?

    He is always in the category .

    Personal opinion .

    A deserved and earned title " The Greatest " .

    Think about the stuff he said

    He was speaking from personal experience . ?

    The souls of whom live within that category ;

    he is always of the souls within the category .

    He had to win the approval of the tarzans of

    whom live in the jungle . ?

    They had to see that he could or would conduct

    himself appropriately .

    The Tarzans :

    Did or does he have enough knowledge of the

    area ? Snakes . Venomous snakes and worse .

    He had to earn , win and obtain the approval of

    venturing into the jungle ... and he did .

    Wrestled with alligators by not wrestling with

    them . ?

    He captured an alligator alongside animal

    control ?

    He endured lightning and thunder ..

    They were just elements within the environment .

    He sat through a storm . ?

    He exercised within and through a storm . ?

    He sat / exercised through a lightning storm and

    he was outside while the lightning storm

    happened .

    He endured a hurricane . ?

    Poetry .

    Motivation .

    Entertainment .

    He injured a rock .

    Living rocks really do exist .

    He ran through a hurricane and did not get wet ..

    He put a lot of clothing on .

    Multiple layers of clothing .

    He did not get wet .

    Many layers of clothing .

    Dried off from the athletic exercise .

    Exercised through the hurricane and stormy

    weather .

    Then removed the clothing .

    It was just stormy weather to exercise through .

    He shredded the tree .

    Carved it .

    Burnt it .

    Discarded it .

    Incinerated it .

    He had to live alongside , treat or rescue a

    beached whale .

    Bring the whale into the ocean .

    Whale was caught ( nets ) or enduring trouble

    and he guided the whale to safety .

    Bricks can be repaired with cement , caulking or

    constructive glue .

    Bricks can be combined after broken ; cement .

    Pulled apart rocks and mulched then repaired

    them as cement .

    He can hold his liquor .

    He can admit any activity .

    He fears God every second .

    The teaching of the flame from a match .


    I don't smoke but I keep a match box in my pocket, when my heart slips towards sin, I burn the matchstick and heat my palm with it, then say to myself, "Ali you can't even bear this heat, how would you bear the unbearable heat of hellfire?"

  • jereme_palos 24w

    Muses of whom are amusing .

    The muses were musing over the future muses

    of whom would eventually muse alongside the


    musings because the future muses of whom are

    going to be musing shall be muses of whom


    similar musings with their ancestral muses and

    their ancestral muses are the present muses . The

    present muses were musing that the future

    muses were and are ancestral muses of were

    living ;

    and the future muses are musing beautiful songs while

    living within the future . The present muses


    many with their conversation because the muses

    of whom are musing and presently reside within


    future are wondrously guiding the muses of

    whom reside within the present year . The

    muses of the

    present and the present muses of whom reside

    within the future ; both groups are guiding ,

    entertaining and directing each other . The muses

    of whom

    reside within the future are living within the

    present ,

    although those very same muses live within the

    future . That is the wondrous gift of the muses ;

    a very deep understanding and comprehension of

    history . The present muses were the very same to

    the muses of whom were and are musing prior

    to the present muses ;

    the present muses were and are

    the very same to the muses of whom presently

    reside within the past or the previous years .

    Past ,

    present and future muses are presently guiding

    each other because the muses are amusing to


    other ; they counsel and amuse each other .

    Short story and creative story of the muses of

    whom are amusing .

    Written by a fictional historian of whom is

    observing the amusing muses and can be found

    within the present post .

  • universalsoul_rohit 24w

    Worrying causes painful death
    Rest In Peace ☮️


  • escapingreality 24w

    Subjective reality is often the weakest witness of the truth.

  • da_scribbling_pen 76w


    "Need 101 reasons to accept something and just 1 reason to reject"