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  • distilled_thoughts 3d


    Sometimes, uncertainty becomes the only certainty,
    Sometimes, loneliness becomes a constant companion,
    Sometimes, a void moves into the heart, and refuses to leave,
    Sometimes breathing suffocates you.

    Sometimes, there is light everywhere,
    Sometimes, the world keeps you company,
    Sometimes, your cheeks ache from smiling,
    Sometimes, you get high on air.

    Sometimes, you wonder why you exist?
    Sometimes, you wonder why not live fuller?
    Sometimes, you ask why me?
    Sometimes, you know why you

    Sometimes, Life treats you like royalty,
    Sometimes, you become a crushed can,
    Sometimes, its all rainbows and magic,
    Sometimes, its all storms and tornados.

    Sometimes are always better
    Sometimes, nothing works out,
    But remember, there is always hope,
    For better times, for better days.


  • ziindagi 4w

    #nature #behaviour #habits #change #things #expectations #writersnetwork #hindiwriting #life #hard #times #thinking #thoughts

    Nature and habit
    both are similar as times.
    Both are hard to change.
    But if something beyond
    one's thinking and expectations,
    happens in life, nature and habit,
    they both can change quickly.

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    फितरत और आदत

    फितरत और आदत
    कई बार एक जैसी होती हैं ।
    दोनों को ही बदलना बहुत मुश्किल होता है ।
    लेकिन जिंदगी में
    सोच और उम्मीद से बड़ा
    कुछ हो जाएं,
    तो दोनों ही झट से बदल सकती हैं ।


  • dreamy_28 5w

    Words ...

    Unspoken words leave unspoken heart and creates misunderstandings many a times..

    - Dreamy_28

  • mohammedh 7w

    Good time

    I was swept away with the idea of dancing under the moon, engulfed with like minded people. The earthy fire melted away the glacial nights, strings hammered away to the coordinated group singing. Indeed a good time

  • thesagacontinues07 8w

    When a bond forms, it is strengthened by love, care and affection. As strong as it might be, these only are the ones which hurts the most when the bond is/was fading away.
    #bond #miss #times #timeslfy #missmemories #missthosetimes

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    Miss those times

    Chats turned to endless talks on calls,
    Hours passing by in the name of sharing thoughts.
    One moment frivolous, the other moment grim,
    Covering all the topics, we'd smile by our chin,
    The chuckles assured and kept us going with the flow,
    The hustles were pure and went ahead to make us glow.

    Relevance was a platform, where met two trains of thoughts,
    Like the good ones, the train was filled with grains of thoughts.
    And just as the rhyme repeats, so does the pattern too,
    Catching off guard and throwing into a loop,
    Of two like minds relating and traveling at the same speed,
    That it's almost psychic, knowing before expression could be seen.

    From mild appreciation to poetic references in songs,
    Of conversation, growth was established in the name of a bond.
    A bond that was too precious that it was feared to be broken,
    Mistaken reality for illusion, the hearts were vulnerably open.
    Words unspoken yet faith continued to exist,
    But in the fogs of misunderstandings, it got lost in a mist.

    Feelings fell in abyss, the hearts sunk and drown,
    It began to miss all the warming playful sounds.
    Sounds of chit chattering, now it's a mishappening.
    The list of ravishing things that began unraveling,
    Soon started vanishing like a false alchemy.

    Times would come and go where the heart beats to and fro,
    Wishing for both to be connected, but then would just let it go.
    This bond which matured to a whole new understanding level,
    Soon faded away without nurturing the amazing potential,
    That it had, to grow even more stronger,
    But it got away, just like on the wrong foot, and doesn't fit any longer.

    This heart still yearns to relive those memories,
    Which turned stones into flowers and petals to jewelleries,
    Those awesome times where the minds could let loose fully,
    And communicate with each other wholeheartedly truly.
    Now the pen doesn't write as much as it did back then,
    The right suffers to be left out when it lacks topic again and again.

    As far as the word goes, there was no limit to how much the pen wrote,
    As far as the world goes, there was a limit which severed the ties of hope.
    Memories still remind and throw nostalgia in the face,
    But the sad part is when the heart realises that it was never a mistake,
    But it was fate, that drew both them apart at the end of the day.

  • passion_pearl 9w

    At times we know this isn't right but then too we do

  • mohammedh 10w

    To that person

    I'm really sorry that I hurt you, sorry I always was toxic for you, my immaturity got the worse of me. While putting my drama forward I forgot about the ticking time which was flying by wasted with drama. I'm confident to say I've changed but now I know it's too late.

  • sivaha_shree 10w


    You never saw it
    There are times
    Months, years,
    Days,even seconds
    Some are denied off.
    Not for much
    Only for a little
    And still it continues.
    We may hesitate
    Not ready at times
    But it goes on and off
    Just like some other day.

  • kshitijza 10w

    Everything is same
    But I have been changed...

    May be I am all the same
    But time has been changed..

    Everyone is close to heart
    But I have gone distant..

    Everything is just right there
    But I have been left..

  • shrihari_nandini 11w


    #mahalakshmi #narayana #godha #times #lord #please #develop #my #blind #faith #on #you #vishnu #lakshmi #parents #always #forever #love

    Blind Faith
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh ShriHari I am ignorant
    Of the grim realities of world
    Nor do I know who I am,
    Or what relation I have with you
    But still, Oh Lord who kills demons
    I won't ask you to enlighten me
    Neither would I ask from you
    The fortune of good company (to learn)*
    All I ever ask Prabhu,
    Moment by moment from my heart,
    Is unflinching faith on you
    And on your pair of lotus feet
    All I want is blind devotion
    Whether I understand your plans or not
    To you my Father, I wanna have faith
    Like a blind man following his guide
    I want to Hari, with Shri by his side,
    Conquer my evils and my pride
    But this too stands next to faith
    That I want to have on you and your mate
    Mother Lakshmi and you Narayana
    Are well famous as kindest, I repeat each time
    Then why don't you help this miserable self
    Cross the evil waves of her mind??
    But I shall trust you, Father dear
    Cuz I know you as the helper of weak
    I know you shall help me develop, Bhagwan,
    Deep love for your lotus blooming Feet��❤

    Blind Faith- all I ever want.
    * Why I do not strive for good company?
    Well, it's not that I want bad company... But the thing is I don't like any sorts of company.. Because I am an introvert person �� Though, in reality everyone should ask for good company. Good company/devotee company helps us grow devotion easily..
    Don't follow me on this.
    I ask blind faith on him, and that's my priority right now. Nothing else really matters at present moment. I am struggling with my mind.. Trust and mistrust.. Trying to understand a lot of things I was oblivious to, uptill now. But ShriBhagwan shall help me. Always and forever ��

    Margazhi Month has arrived. Please worship ShriGodhaRangaNatha Bhagwan ������ Enjoy the Bhav.. Read Thirupavai and Nachiyar Thirumoli (English translation are available).. And you can go through my poems on my Godha Ma as well though they aren't worth it ��

    Thank You ����❤

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Me �� Just want to develop blind devotion on them, once I do, I will throw a big party ��
    ���� ������ ��������������: Oldest picture of my LakshmiNarayana I have with me, I got them on 11/11/17 and this I clicked on 12th �� (I seriously don't know why I am mentioning this)

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

    Will reply everyone in some time ��

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    Blind Faith

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • orphicthoughts 11w

    I fall many times, but it's my downfall only which helps me to rise.

  • thehealer10 12w

    Velvet Bullet

    I can feel it Happening
    Its been such a intoxicating dream
    The land is Blackening
    Ears Bleeding from the Scream

    Determined to remember this Time
    Racing toward that White Blank page
    When will I be Free of this Paradigm
    Wishing we met at a different stage

    Life, I refuse to squander mine Caged
    Found the real me swinging in the Tree
    2020 the Dawning of My new Age
    what started as a breeze
    Now fuels the Rage


  • manuhere 13w

    कितनी बारी और आएगी खुद में डूबने की बारी
    मैं बहुत पूछता, मूरत जवाब नहीं देती।

    मनु मिश्रा

  • mrdorijangray 16w

    The good old days come and gone
    We had no control
    Friends and foes we made all along
    There was no other way
    There was no other way
    Both of us shared the deal
    we sealed our destiny
    We payed our fee
    there was no other way
    There was no other way
    Raised in a little town of conservative life
    Trying to tackle another alternative life

    We act right way but said the wrong things
    There was no middle ground for our exchange
    The pact on that day we threw the damn tricks
    There was no obstacle found for the change
    We treated our fp like a TV show
    We are too young but also too old
    The joke is on you we blessed some fools
    The end is soon

    #friendship #end #good #times #goodtimes #badtimes

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    The end is soon


  • wifey_suicide 18w

    The Crush You Will Never Date

    You like ever wanted to be with someone, but you know being with them is at a minimum?
    But yet you got your goddamn fingers wrapped around them in your fantasy, that you can’t see anyone else in reality.
    You’re stuck in this cycle of pushing away your feelings for them, but the second they do something dumb or just something they normally do.
    You just fall right back into that feeling,
    That you want to feel, but when you do it’s just blocked.
    You try and distance yourself.
    Because you’re not trying to seem like a creep.
    But they’re also a friend, a friend that you could actually brush feelings off.
    And things will just go back to normal
    But there’s also that urge of unconditional love that just springs out of you.
    Jumping off your chest as it grabs you by your hand and tells you, “let’s go!” “Come on!”
    But the only thing you can do is forcefully let go and tell that love that you can’t.
    Of course that love doesn’t understand, because all it is known to do is nurture and give things that others can’t.
    At least the brain understands, that risk is something you can’t take.
    One slip of feelings shown towards that person, is not only losing a person, but a friend.
    Something so small, that can just ruin the rest of just knowing that person.
    Instead of wanting to be together, you have to learn to love in a distance.
    Yeah you want them, but you don’t always get what you want in life.
    And sometimes chances of being in love with someone you truly deeply like, is the sacrifice in life.

  • maitrayee11 19w


    I am waiting for him,
    To have the first meet,
    To feel his first touch,
    To know his first expression,
    To take away his sadness,
    To make him break his boundaries,
    I am waiting for him,

    To love him more,
    To make him be himself more,
    To take away his tears more,
    To give him the freedom more,
    To make him love himself more,
    I am waiting for him,

    I am waiting for him,
    To accept him the way he is,
    To love him the way he is,
    To heal him from the wounds,
    To bring glitters to his heart,
    I am waiting for him,

    I am waiting for him,
    Even though it seems utopian,
    Even though he's not near,
    Even though it may take longer,
    Even though his eyes makes it clear,
    I am waiting for him.....

  • maitrayee11 19w

    At Times

    It was just at times,
    I fell in love with him at first sight,
    He's apart but still, the heart beats fast,
    It was just at times,
    Where the tears flow listening to his voice,
    Where looking at him on my phone screen,
    Makes me forget everything,
    Where the warmth by his thought rises within,
    It was just at times,
    Where I fell in love with him more
    Wasn't able to stop myself and dived more in,
    Got carried away with everything in my heart and mind,
    His completeness,
    His pain in the voice seems to be calling me,
    It was just at the times,
    It's not hard but just glad to have this feeling for him,
    Even though it's the distance between land and stars...
    It was just at times,
    Where I fell in love with him with everything I had within...

  • maitrayee11 19w


    Was wondering about the times
    Where I will be able to rise and shine,
    With a lot of grace and sublime...
    Was wondering about the times...
    Didn't seem that hard,
    Just the step was required,
    Just the silence was needed,
    Just the life needed to be added,
    Was wondering about the times,
    Where life will be full of happiness and smiles,
    With satisfaction and completeness within,
    With the tenderness to all the kinds....
    Was wondering about the times.....

  • dhruba00 21w


    Ugh this really sucks,
    Everyone has experienced it really good,
    in every possible way.
    But every time,
    the karma have its best on us.
    We either learn a lesson from life
    Or we get admonished.
    I've been in tough times many times
    And i believe that every time i become
    a better version of myself.
    Always appreciate the ones
    who stood with you in those times.
    And forgive the one who don't.
    Always remember,
    The life will always try its best to
    master your abilities.
    So have faith in you,
    And be prepared.

  • gloomyblossom 21w

    Time was running out and memories of you are slowly being buried. Let time know all the secrets of my love. All the pain and tears are well hidden on the ground.