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    I know you Love me,
    just confess it once,
    I promise I won't show my face again


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    Tread softly on the clouds of vorfreude, my lil' bird,
    Who are we to have faith in the draconic destiny?
    For it blazes the wings that are to kiss the sun.x


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    Perfect Illusionist

    Just a myth
    An illusion
    Against the truth.
    Where the heart tricks the mind,
    A magic happens
    Far from reality
    That four letter trick
    Might be the last you'll find merry in.

    It may feel like summer rain
    And when you hit hard
    You'll find yourself among the - withered autum leaves.
    But then you gaze back
    And your senses comes to life
    You've tread too far long
    And the path is nowhere to be found
    Oh, you've lost yourself

    Melted in the grandest trick of life.

    Now, I don't declare it meaningless
    But beware of the illusionist who perform
    It's where I'd lost every penny

    She was a perfect 'illusionist'.

    The less they know
    Easy to remain with your senses

    She was a master
    It was my first show
    Butterflies and bunnies she brought out of her hat
    And I loved bunnies
    My childish heart whistled for months without a break

    Here I am with my heart on my palms
    I must drown it by the red river

    Where all hearts like mine goes down
    And I may return as a master

    A perfect 'Illusionist'

    As I lack a heart to follow the myth
    But a mind that can trick a thousand hearts.

  • patikemeghana 2w

    #tragedy # a smooch

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    It was my first kiss!

    The moment was like a tragedy, staring at lips made me nervous, my eye's got shut off, the touch on my lips made my heart's about to burst.


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    Ice in my eyes,
    Snow upon my skin,
    Here I am, risen another
    Morning, when the sun
    Shines on me, but I feel
    No warmth, my cold breath
    Mingles with the fog, and
    The wish I made blowing out
    Candles on my birthday cake,
    That wish is lost in the mist,
    Don't hold my hand, lest you
    Come to know, I walk these merry
    Streets, like a corpse, no beating
    Heart within my chest, 'cause
    Darling, they made a porcelain
    Doll out of me, look pretty, sit
    Properly, say nothing, they hate
    Tears, so say nothing, so I plucked
    Out my heart, what is a doll with
    A heart good for, anyway; don't
    Hold my hand, or you will catch
    A chill, nothing, nothing, that is
    What you get in return for the heart
    That you have vowed to give me,
    Don't wait to be let in, there is a
    Great winter, deep in my soul,
    Lost in the blizzards of my
    Mind, you will freeze to death,
    And I will feel nothing.

  • ilyookchil 3w


    She was gone.
    It only took a fleeting moment for our car to crash into a rock. It only took a moment for her soul to escape her arthly home and speed up toward the heavens.

    Yet it took me a week to find out she was dead.
    I didn't know it had been a week. I didn't know I couldn't say goodbye to her anymore or sit by her lifeless body in a wooden casket and cry for her to come back. I didn't know she left me, while I slept unconsciously, unknowingly.

    It feels like one sunny day we decided to trek up a hill and as we reached the summit, we stood there, at the edge of a cliff, taking in the marvelous view and life just decided, "No. Too much happiness." and pushed us down the cliff.
    The most gut wrenching part, is that I survived the fall and she did not.

    I could feel their eyes on me, filled with pity and sympathy. The doctors, the nurses and both our families were there, waiting for me to get up and start grieving. The gave me words of comfort and encouragement- I think they were meant to fill me with warmth and love, but their actions made my heart colder and angrier.

    Maybe I wasn't ready to say goodbye. Only time will tell if I would ever be able to let her go. Only time will tell if I could heal and find warmth again.

    Right now, all I can think of, is how I will never get to hold her hand again or see her smile.

    Life Before Death

    I had a hard time moving on. It's been almost a year since she left me, but here I am, dwelling on my memories and not caring about whatever was happening aroung me.

    You see, our love was special. It wasn't the conventional sort of love- boy meets girl, they fall in love and so on.

    We met at a funeral.
    Her ex-boyfriend's funeral.

    Yes, weird start to a love story, I know.
    It wasn't love at first sight, just making that clear. I watched her bawl her heart out for a man I barely knew, (her ex-boyfriend was my high school classmate) I didn't feel much for her except pity at loosing someone that young and having to go through it all alone because their parents didn't know they were dating. I didn't even want to walk upto her until my friend made me, to offer our condolences. That was our first meeting.

    The second time we met, thankfully, wasn't as somber as the first. We met at the beach a few years later. This time, she didn't seem so sad. She didn't remember me either as I walked towards her to say hi. Why would she, when we met at a funeral? I found it odd that I remembered her. I remember her smile faltering as I introduced myself and she averted her gaze to the ground. I was an idiot for making her uncomfortable. But I wanted to talk to her, to get to know her for some reason. At that time I don't know if I was interested her story or just her. She was hesitant at first, and then we talked for a while, each about ourselves and our lives.
    Once in a while I heard her talk about loosing her love and moving on with life.
    At one point, I realized I was interested in her, as a person. I wanted to spend more time together with her and started contacting her and meeting more often. She didn't shy a way and neither did I. Our bond strengthened and our affection grew.

    At one point, I realised I wanted to spend my life with her and asked her to marry me. After several months of relentless persuasion, she said yes.
    That was when I felt her warmth embrace me.

    The irony of our story, I might add, is how she always talked about life after death. Not our death, the death of our loved ones. She always said she tried so hard to find their departed love again in little things, like watering a plant or reading a book or talking to someone else. She always said she tried to live, so she wouldn't have to make others feel death again.

    Now, the irony feels like her last message, asking me to live and experience life.

    Life After Death

    I guess I had to try now, didn't I?
    For her.
    For the people around me.
    She was right about trying to live, atleast to not let the people around me experience death again. I couldn't help but feel guilty as I watched my mother sigh in sadness every time she gazed upon me. I couldn't watch my father try so hard to make me feel better and fail miserably.

    I had to try.
    Maybe I'll ride my bike again.
    Or take a road trip with my friends. Maybe I'll just sit there with someone on the beach, a passing stranger even, and tell them my tale.

    Or maybe I'll write about it in words so insignificant, that they cannot portray my love or loss in it true essence.

    I will live.
    She may have left, with my heart and warmth, but I will promise to find her again, in small little things.

    #shewasgone #lovestory #tragedy #death #sad #shortstory #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Little Things

    Or maybe I'll write about it in words so insignificant, that they cannot portray my love or loss in it true essence.


  • sole_survivor 4w

    Rape: story of demons

    Drowning in lust your eyes treat me as a tool
    Understand me i am not for sympathy you fool
    Burning candles with my soul dying in dark
    Pull me out someone is tearing me apart

    Why me the void needs to fill?
    Answer me silence is not your will
    Time heal my wounded scar
    Pain seal the tragic night so far

    Nightmare dreams with sleepless night
    Soul is terrified where is hope of light
    Demon stab me with knife of hate
    Good is leaving me is it too late

    Rain of falling tear
    My heart in fire of fear
    So much anger i have too bear
    Why your ears not able to hear

  • lachke_geetanjali 6w

    I am at a tragic age.

    The rage is dormant,

    And still is the current,

    I am out of the cage,

    But I'm at a tragic age.


  • kaitoxen 6w

    Beyond the Boundary

    The embrace of fire and water,
    Without losing each other.
    Can they meet together--
    without losing one another?

    Forming a formidable unison,
    when the lead is lightness--
    touching its beloved darkness
    is it a forbidden collision?

    Covering myself in a hood,
    royalty was concealed in my blood.
    Depths of thy heart inside the wood,
    In agony and distress, I was allured.

    How could it be possible?
    the same beating of the heart,
    Wishing thy fate to restart,
    is meeting again impossible?

    If my heart will cause him death,
    Then I shall not be enchanted.
    It was an alluring memory--
    Our tale is beyond the boundary.

  • smartsam 9w

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    Dark Poesy!

    A poem I've written
    for all indeed!
    It's all in pitch black
    For everyone it's
    different to read!

    You read it all
    my beloved peers!
    I've written in black so that
    none can see those tears!

    Words can be described
    but feelings really
    not so easy!
    I hope you all agree this
    in my little poesy!


  • smartsam 9w

    Heart, Soul, Mind!

    Heart hurt
    soul faltered!
    Faith abused
    peace disturbed!

    Mind terrified
    what more I write?
    Slanderous & back stabbers
    pretended day and night!

    Smiles robbed
    happiness chopped!
    All alone in
    darkness I sobbed!

    Trust broken
    smiles dampened!
    Chastity simpleton
    innocence weaponed!

    People horrendous
    showed up finally crooked!
    Came up their truth
    casting friends in truth
    were dangerously wicked!

    I fear what more
    would come up?
    hence in dark I write
    My words not light up!


  • yashvibansal 11w


    Do you know how much life loves death
    And how much joy loves sorrow?
    And how tragedy weaves its fingers with blessings,
    And how despair whispers sweet nothings to hope?
    Do you know why fire weeps for ashes
    And smoke for glowing embers?
    Have you ever wondered why a frown seems to smile upon seeing a smile?
    Why companionship comes with desertion?
    And why birds' nests are always home, yet forsaken?
    Image credit to rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.

    #opposites #despair #whispers #sweet #nothings #fire #ashes #embers #glowing #companionship #birds #nests #forsaken #frown #smile #she #he #hope #peace #life #love #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod #lifeNlove #yashvi #yashvijots #jots #confessions #death #die #gold #joy #sorrow #tragedy #blessings #weaves #fingers #unwantedthoughts



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    And why birds' nests are always home, yet forsaken?
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  • oslothesnakecharmer 12w

    Life is Hard

    It's like looking at old pictures remembering the lost one's though you have forgotten their faces you wanna feel them again.

    It's like the guilt that is thrashing your body while your heart is pumping but the blood seems to pour out through your tears breaking you into shards.

    It's like falling into an abyss of darkness but never reaching to that thud, just spiralling down in a merry-go-round stuck inside a tornado waiting to get surrendered by the darkness but it has other plans so it teases you but never grants.

    It is like being immortal but dying every day, sinking into the sea gasping for air asphyxiating but death never came, Death never chose me as I was not virtuous, my vices revived me every effing time to sink again and again and again...

  • joyce_hounkanrin 12w

    A murder of Crows

    The crows
    Knew what she had done
    And watched
    Blinking over her misdeed with concentrated hunger
    And thoughtfulness
    This they had seen before
    And so they gathered
    A murder of
    Black gloss feathers
    And strern beeks
    Aligned along telephone wire
    Stark against the brutal

    And bitter sun.

    They watched

    And she
    Over him
    She could see warmth
    Him like steam
    Curls from a chipped flowered tea cup

    They watched
    Her with steady Black Pearl eyes

    Neatly dispatch a life
    She had decided
    Was too messy


    The night
    Settled on her shoulders

    A rage

    She sighed




  • withloveanonymous 13w

    The night of betrayal

    The pale face
    The sobbing eyes
    The parched lips
    And the unnatural stride.


  • geetijnyadash 14w

    I have stopped crying !

    I wonder, how with time, I have stopped crying! Almost nothing makes me cry now; except the song 'Iktara', when I listen to it on a rainy day with a cup of chai in my hand.

    I had been a crybaby for quite a long time. I cried when my favorite character died in a movie. I cried when I scored less marks. I cried when I was rebuked before a packed class, for asking a silly question. I cried when maa taunted me. I cried when papa slapped me. I cried when they called me an escapist. I cried when I was called a loser, when I was called oversensitive, when I was called weak. Yes, I had always cried loud and wet.
    And I had been made to believe that I am never enough to take right decisions, that I always need someone to advise me, that I am unnecessarily oversensitive, that I am not strong. That I cry so much and so often.

    And today, I don't cry. Even when I want to. It just sometimes feels like all the inflammable insecurities that I had safely kept in a noncandescent casket at some hidden corner of my lost heart, incited by some matchstick, have exploded, leaving me deaf and dumb.
    But I swear, I do not cry anymore. I have stopped crying. So, am I strong now? Am I enough now?


  • thenovicepoet 14w


    They were driving to her favourite place.
    He finally had the courage to propose her.

    "I love.."- a voice interrupted him.

    "Deceased.", said the policeman.

    As they met with an accident halfway through.


  • paulomotayo 16w

    Let me never know what it feels like to lose a love like yours.


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    If tears are the sole proof of one's humanity.

    #random #writingideas #mirakeewriters #poem #rhyme #tragedy

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    Stay Human

    He'll try until he dies
    If only to see her cry.
    For then she can stay human.