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  • s_pooja 1w

    Can you spot something majestic here? As an anchor to the boundless brassy land, chasing the infinity with its contagiously spreading roots, filtering each and every ray and drop that slip off from the azure sky, don't you see a bravely standing tree? It is not celebrating solitude, though it seems to be. Rather it is living an amicable life, rendering gossips to the talkative breeze, sharing branches with the chattering bird folk and widening its cracks for that mischievous squirrel. Early in the morning, when the quotidian bird calls dampen, we may mistake the tree to be sunken in silence. But then it gets busy only, listening to the stories of its forgotten past narrated by some of its fallen skeletal remnants. Grabbed by the addictive hands of nostalgia, it may remain idle for a short while, only to be awakened by that old stooping lady. In life both of them are alike, selfless and contented. Isn't it great to live without complaints? Isn't it godly to smile at someone else's happiness? Both of them have been pursuing in that line and that may be the secret behind their perfectly matching wavelength. Now by this time, higher up in the parallel sky, the sun makes a seamless march towards west. This compels the tree to push aside all its pain into a slanting yellow leaf. In the night, after the birds sleep in lullaby, that yellow leaf gently falls down. Either to join the bed of withered ones or to land in a pail of unshed tears...

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    A tale unsaid...


  • thousandwindows 2w


    Flowering tree with seeds like knives and leaves like dimes.
    Your body a sculpture that sheds like a soothing song.
    Your sound a blues song with a comb playing through.
    Flowering tree, you have cousins that are rainbows with a scent like when sunsets bleed.
    Your arms a red-clay alive with a scalp like a pink-sand shore.
    Sitting beneath you, I can dwell by myself on a bench in the park.
    Now, if I only had a needle tool, I'd cry through orange evenings while I sculpted beside your soul.
    By: thousandwindows

  • pathlab 2w

    Another day, another piece of mine.��

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    Talking trees

    So I sat beside a tree
    To listen to him
    Babbling about his life
    After all, once In a while we all forget they live too
    So I sat beside him
    He rattled of all the things that happened to him
    He was home to some creatures which he loved, they loved him back to he said,
    The birds told everything to him and he told everything to them
    They were the family everyone knew
    He was the godfather to their seeds, they were parents to his hatchlings.
    Everything was beautiful and lovely as it should be
    But one day the family flew away in the darkness of night
    While he was dreaming of having another good day
    The sun came from his home,
    Shining happiness over the land not knowing he was shedding darkness on someone
    The tree was alone without his family
    He tried to cry but couldn't, instead the leaves began to shed
    he tried to be happy but his hatchlings were snatched from him by the wind
    So he stand, alone.
    Thinking of what he did wrong that they left him
    But he didn't knew it wasn't him that made them flew away, they fled because they had been taught by their parents never to have a home in someone else's house
    I was still sitting beside him listening to his life.
    And I was wondering that I was at the edge of ruining it for someone too
    That big old guy gave me a lesson.
    Home is not where you want that to be.
    Home is there where it always should be.
    Understand it, something irrelevant yet having the depth!

  • knjwrites 2w

    The Story of a Leaf

    I sit here on the end of this branch
    The sun reflects off of my waxy surface
    There are a lot of me
    But we are so different; mismatched
    I gather sun for my tree
    Photosynthesis, that is my purpose
    I gleam green
    For it is spring
    Rain continues to fall on me
    But the sun comes out and I drink
    Every ray makes me think
    About how much I enjoy the spring
    Think of all the joy it must bring
    Not just to us leaves
    And all of the other trees
    But to the children
    Warm weather and birds that sing
    Time to go out and play in the mud
    Flowers start to bloom
    They came from buds
    Which came from seeds-
    Watered by the rain from spring
    Spring brings many golden opportunities-
    As we prepare for warm weather
    And a little less cold from the breeze
    Happiness from the sun and the rain
    They feel so good and take away my pain
    The pain of the cold autumn where I fall
    And winter where I'm not on the tree at all
    But out comes spring
    And I grow back on my tree;
    I am a leaf
    I can sway in the breeze
    Sit on the end of my branch
    And just fly free

  • missypoetic 2w

    I didn't know
    you were like
    a tree who could
    no longer give
    any more leaves.

  • krishna_gautam 3w

    मेरी एक कविता। ,,,, जरूर पूरी पढ़ें
    सारे जहाँ से एक धोखा हुआ है
    चाइनीज प्रॉडक्ट कोरोना हुआ है
    आयात - निर्यात सब ठप्प हुआ है
    हर काम - कारखाना भी बंद हुआ है
    प्रदूषण का स्तर भी नीचे को गिरा है
    वृक्ष समुदाय ख़ुशी में झूमा हुआ है
    शुरू छतों पर आना - जाना हुआ है
    मास्क का भी खूब बिकना हुआ है
    तालियों - दीपों का उत्सव भी हुआ है
    भारतीय एकता का दिखना हुआ है
    कोरोना ने भारत को एक मौका दिया है
    विश्व पटल पर छाने का अवसर दिया है
    इतिहास के वक्ष पर प्रथम बार हुआ है
    अमेरिका भी माँगने को मजबूर हुआ है
    डॉक्टरों का भगवान रूप प्रकट हुआ है
    पुलिस - शक्ति का भी उद्भव हुआ है
    21- 19 दिनों का लॉक डाउन हुआ है
    कोरोना की हार का भव्य ऐलान हुआ है
    हर नागरिक स्वनिवास में स्वकैद हुआ है
    एक न्यू-डिजिटल-इंडिया का वादा हुआ है ।

    #corona #lockdown #कोरोना #covid_19 #lockdown_3 #poem #कविता #कवि #poet #poetry #india #modi #yogi
    #nature #tree

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    सारे जहाँ से एक धोखा हुआ है
    चाइनीज प्रॉडक्ट कोरोना हुआ है
    आयात - निर्यात सब ठप्प हुआ है
    हर काम - कारखाना भी बंद हुआ है
    प्रदूषण का स्तर भी नीचे को गिरा है
    वृक्ष समुदाय ख़ुशी में झूमा हुआ है
    मास्क का भी खूब बिकना हुआ है
    तालियों - दीपों का उत्सव भी हुआ है
    विश्व पटल पर छाने का अवसर दिया है
    इतिहास के वक्ष पर प्रथम बार हुआ है
    अमेरिका भी माँगने को मजबूर हुआ है
    डॉक्टरों का भगवान रूप प्रकट हुआ है
    पुलिस - शक्ति का भी उद्भव हुआ है
    कोरोना की हार का भव्य ऐलान हुआ है
    हर नागरिक स्वनिवास में स्वकैद हुआ है


  • scribbled_stories_06 3w

    ഇല പറഞ്ഞ കഥകൾ

    ദിശ ബോധമില്ലാത്ത ഒരു പട്ടം പോലെ അവൾ പറന്നു."എങ്ങോട്ടാണ് നിന്നെ ഞാൻ എത്തിക്കേണ്ടത്?" മന്ദസ്മിതാം മാരുതൻ അവളോട് ചോദിച്ചു. "എനിക്കറിയില്ല".
    പറക്കവെ അവൾ ഓർമ്മകളിലേക്ക് കുടിയേറി. അച്ഛന്റെ വേരുകളിൽ തീർന്ന തണൽ മരം. തൊട്ടിലായി മാറിയ അമ്മയുടെ ശിഖിരങ്ങൾ. കൂട്ടിനായി വന്നേത്തിയ കിളികൾ. ഉറ്റവരുടെ ഓർമ്മയിൽ അവൾ തേങ്ങി... "ബുദ്ധുസേ, നീ എന്തീനാ കരയുന്നേ! കൂടെ പിറന്നതല്ലെങ്കിലും കൂടപിറപ്പായി ഈ കാലമത്രെയും നാൾ ഞാൻ നിന്റെ കൂടെ ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നില്ലേ! " കാറ്റ് അവളോട് ആരാഞ്ഞു.അവളുടെ ചെറു നയനങ്ങൾ മന്ദഹസിച്ചു... ഒരു തെന്നലായി അവളും മണ്ണിനും വിണ്ണിനുമിടയിൽ പാറി പറന്നു.

  • supriya_nayak 4w

    How comforting that pain is,
    When we pluck a flower,
    Or cut a tree,
    See them, beacuse they know,
    It's for human welfare.

    Is she mother earth?
    On whose body and soul,
    Have we dug and jumped,
    Dumped and spat?
    Still,they all soothe her.

    Or she's a mother
    Giving birth to her child,
    Seeing her dreams
    Coming true through her pains.

    A dad all day in his office,
    In need of rest,
    Returns home and,
    Still goes on entertaining his children.
    Isn't that pain comforting?

    What about a soldier?
    Who's standing,
    In the scorching heat
    And biting cold.
    Doesn't the pain soothe him?

    Let me not forget
    A child preparing for entrance,
    Sweaty head of him,
    Gives a peaceful sleep at night.
    Wasn't the pain worth it?

    #pain #soothe #strength #mother #father #soldier #tree #flower #earth #positivity #face
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    If SOOTHING PAIN had a face.


    The reason of writing these few lines stand simple.
    We've been surrounded by amazingly strong people who carry on the pains in their life without even letting others know.
    I've mentioned way too less but important people up there.


  • shubhamjoshi 4w


    जानता हूँ मैं...
    उस पंछी के प्रेम में तुम्हारा आकाश होना संभव नहीं...

    किंतु आकाश होने के स्थान पर...
    तुम्हारा आजीवन पेड़ लगाना भी....
    कम सुंदर विकल्प तो नहीं....

    जानता हूँ मैं..
    उस बटोही के प्रेम में तुम्हारा राह होना संभव नहीं...

    किंतु राह होने के स्थान पर..
    तुम्हारा आजीवन प्याऊ खोले रखना भी..
    कम सुंदर विकल्प तो नहीं....

    जानता हूँ मैं...
    उस इंसान के प्रेम में तुम्हारा ईश्वर होना संभव नहीं...

    किंतु ईश्वर होने के स्थान पर
    तुम्हारा आजीवन उसका विश्वास बनाए रखना भी
    कम सुंदर विकल्प तो नहीं....

    जानता हूँ मैं...
    उन पलों के प्रेम में तुम्हारा समय होना संभव नहीं...

    किंतु समय होने के स्थान पर
    तुम्हारा आजीवन प्रतीक्षा को जीवित रखना भी
    कम सुंदर विकल्प तो नहीं...

  • brianna_m_salmon 5w

    Grow into something different,
    But never forget what keeps you rooted.


  • _d_i_s_h_a 5w

    A writer's heart is very much like a shady tree. Both of them give refuge to the lost,shade to the tired and love to the unloved.
    However,there's a remarkable difference too-
    When a tree catches fire,it burns the whole forest with it.
    But when a writer's heart burns with pain,it gives birth to poetry which eventually assuages the pain of a million burning hearts.

    @writerstolli @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee @mirakee #ceesreposts #julietscorner #tree #writer'sheart #heartbreak
    P.C. Pinterest

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    The Writer's heart

    (please read the caption)

  • gamaturtwig 6w

    Fruit of Knowledge

    The Sol is where the heavens lie
    One's true mind will fly to the sky
    Just follow the serpent's eye


  • penny_worth 6w


    The tree that never had to fight
    For sun and sky and air and light,
    But stood out in the open plain
    And always got its share of rain,
    Never became a forest king
    But lived and died a scrubby thing…
    Good timber does not grow with ease,
    The stronger wind, the stronger trees.

  • __rem__ 6w

    Power Of Silence

    A seed grows with no noise...but a tree falls with huge noise.... Destruction has noise, but Creation is quite... This is the Power Of SILENCE


  • originalleericks 7w


    saw you today in traffic.
    Driving away from someone
    you love is the definition of

  • sachi_ 7w

    Trees change their leaves...but they teach to stick to the same roots.

  • ruchika26 7w

    The tree & it's birds,
    The poet & his muse,
    The darkness & the light
    of the twinkling stars,
    I am like all of it at the centre...
    Just in amity with self...
    Just incredibly in love with self....
    :~ Ruchika

  • kritiwrites 7w

    If you ever feel useless, just sit down and watch a tree

  • mehru2136 7w

    "Instead of finding yourself
    Try to create yourself".

  • lucid_thoughts 7w


    The sun is a firey phoenix born out of the cimmerian ashes of darkness
    Igniting the horizon ablaze in a sea of florid oranges
    Whose warmth cascades onto the meadows below
    Where wildflowers gleam with its golden essence
    And the sweet wind reverbrates amongst the charcoal figures of ebony trees.