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  • girlnextdoor477 3d

    How did it get to this ?

    Laughter. Joy. Commitment. Perfection.
    I love this man, how did I get so lucky?

    Overdue bills. No shows at work. Missed calls.
    There’s always a reasonable explanation for all of this. I thought I got him to pay that bill, maybe I forgot to tell him.

    Anger. Annoyed. Controlling.
    Silly me, I walked into a door….and a table….and his fist but I shouldn’t have made him angry. Its not as bad as it sounds, it was really my fault.

    Guilt. Depression. Sadness.
    Why am I like this? I always fuck up one way or another. I miss how things use to be, I miss him.
    Missing for long period of times. Phone is off. No one knows where you are.

    Pain. Humiliation. Put down.
    I question you and where you’ve been. Rumours are going around and your boss…my dad, hasn’t seen you at work for days, he asks if everything is okay at home because he’s getting friendly with girls at work and being inappropriate. I reassure him everything is okay , but it’s not.

    Have you ever seen a wild dog cornered? They become aggressive, growling, and snarling just waiting for his chance to snap at you to get away or if it thinks it could overpower you, he will.

    Well, when he came back it went like that.

    Next thing I knew I was sitting in the back of our closet crying, cowering, putting my face between my legs and covering my head.
    He made it seem like he was doing me the favor of being with me.
    How did I believe it ?
    “ You’re worthless, no one wants you, I don’t even want you but yet here I am. You’re so controlling and nosy. I’m going out with friends and MAYBE I will come back home but who knows maybe I’ll go fuck whoever I want”. It wasn’t a job complete until you completely crushed me, you wanted me to feel exactly how you made me look.

    Fighting to be with him changed into fighting to get away from him.

    How did broken promises turn into broken bones.

    How did it get to this?

  • stansteel63rd 1w

    By Any Means Necessary

    I learned to kill early on in my adolescence, it wasn't that hard for me, and came to me easily, because it was a part of my first survival in them street lessons,
    I didn't have to remove many emotional habits, Because my parents never took the time to dispatch them,/

    They never threw them, so I never catch them, I was kind of glad that it never happened, because my life and struggles to grow up in this world abandoned, at the time I did, would have been extremely more hazardous, out right disastrous,/

    I had enough detachments, enough psychological fucked up mask's, I took to all crimes, come ups and hustle trade's like a pro, because I had too,/

    The OG's and Trappas, said I was born gifted, so it would be a honor and privilege to prepare me for the action, I was flattered, and started to capture, all the game that they could ration, plus still went to my school classes, everyday I got sharper, but some of the spill I had to remastered, I was becoming heavy laced in both worlds, but I knew I had to excel more, in criminal tactics,

    Please listen closely and excuse my candor....

    I became heartless and cold, because I was treated like I didn't matter, I left home as a child to save my soul and not get caught up in the same pattern, I couldn't foresee at 7, the lives I would indirectly and directly shatter, I took to the negative road more, so I could kill and cope, but also, bed the fears that grew in me, when I was being battered,

    Fucked over, and pushed to survive by all means necessary, the quote by Malcolm X, with my guns drawn, and lifted in seconds, with no thought or remorse, getting active,

    Through the years I got more non responsive to peace treaties during funk, or just my greed, or thirst for my desire to live lavish, cause being broke will never be attractive,
    And when your rich, u dont need to many, fucking manners, look at Donald Trump, that bastard far from diplomatic,

  • drsunny 1w

    അമ്പിളി അമ്മാവാ
    താമര കുമ്പിളിൽ എന്തെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ?
    താഴോട്ട് പോരുമ്പം എന്തെങ്കിലും സാധനം കൊണ്ട് വരൂ...
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    പണ്ട് തൊട്ടേ നമ്മൾ ഇങ്ങനാ...
    രാത്രി പുറത്ത് ഇറങ്ങുമ്പോൾ, എങ്ങോട്ട് തിരിഞ്ഞാലും കൂടെ കൂടുന്ന അമ്പിളി അമ്മാവനെ അവിടെ നിർത്തീട്ട്, ഒറ്റക്ക് മുന്നോട്ട് കുതിക്കാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുന്നവർ....
    പാളി പോയ ഒരു ഓട്ടത്തിന്റെ ഓർമ്മ...

  • lonesadness 4w

    Its scary, for 8 years they were a couple but broke up, while the man went back to his ex and for just a year, they already had a baby and building their own family.


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    For 8 years they were a couple but soon broke up, and the man went back to his ex and had a baby while the woman was left alone crying.

    The woman was broken, for 8 years she thought that she and the man were building their family but its not.

  • jaded_angel_ 4w

    #truestory #mystory #heartbreak #avenue #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli @jeniayn @dalinolasco

    |Heartbreak Avenue|

    I wanted to know what love was for the longest time. I use to fantasize a man's warm grip and embrace back when I was young. All I wanted was to be wanted in return.

    Love doesn't always work like that however. I asked God to show me what love was. I should have been more clear.

    If it wasn't Adrian, with his brown complexion or serious aura, and luscious lips. It was the curious vinh,with his beautiful asian aesthetics,and lust for all things anime. Then there was carefree Jay,tall like a skyscraper, with his boyish charm and comedian like ways.I could go on. I've met many different characters while i felt like I was selected to be a part of the bachelorette. Despite being different, they all played the same part, on this street, on heartbreak avenue. They'd touch my heart in forbidden places,while leaving no traces.They'd leave just like they came, silently and suddenly.

    I'd be left behind to gather my pieces quietly.
    They'd move on to someone else,and forget about my mere existence. Adrian would forget the hours we spent on Skype, and the songs he dedicated to me. He'd forget about us running through the streets at night,with soca music playing in the background. Vinh would forget about the movie marathons, laughing in the pizza isle at walmart late at night,and our cringy pet names. Jay would go on to forget the hours we spent gaming, the childish jokes, and the life we made up together. They'd forget while I was left remembering.

    There were others who played the same game, and I lost everytime. That's right. We all have been here on Heartbreak Avenue. No matter how much I've tried to leave this part of town, I know that I'm trapped here, with my heartbreaks on repeat. This is Heartbreak Avenue my loves, we all have been victims here, unfortunately for me, I may never get to leave, at least not alive.

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    ...I know I'm trapped here.. with my heartbreaks on repeat.

  • theobsessedwriter 5w


    I was just but 16, must have been
    It was getting late, didn't want a scolding
    So I rushed home from a friend's
    He travels alot, my dad, and was home for a while
    We were all the happiest when he was around
    I didn't get a foreboding sense of gloom
    As I skipped the short distance home
    I just saw that mom's clothes were still out drying and went to work
    But then I heard shouting
    I wouldn't have looked over except it was my mom's voice
    Further inspection proved she was crying
    Dad was fuming and my uncle seemed lost
    Children are meant to be seen not heard
    So I rushed upstairs with mom's clean clothes
    I jumped on her bed and looked out the window
    Down at them, arguing in public
    Her eyes were bloodshot, and my stomach was constantly dropping it seemed
    My sister came upstairs and knelt next to me
    She asked what was going on, I told her mom and dad were getting a divorce
    A few seconds later, he stormed upstairs and started packing a suitcase
    "Where are you going?" I asked, he smiled and said to visit grandma for a while
    I didn't see him for 7 years after that
    I watched mom crying that night,
    She's the strongest woman I know
    I stopped being 16 that day and turned into her protector
    It was jaaringly dissapointing to see my dad as a man for the first time, and not the superhero I thought he was
    It had to happen sooner or later I'm sure you're thinking
    But it didn't have to happen that way.


  • brokengypsysoul 7w

    Trigger warning! ⚠️

    Myth: Children need fathers
    Children need security and safety.

    #microtale #triggerwarning #abuse #domesticviolence #seekhelp #getout #gethelp #abuser #truestory #true #story #mystory #past #mypast #seekhelp #awareness

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    ⚠️ Trigger warning (abuse) ⚠️
    The kick to the stomach

    The couple had just got into bed. You could smell the tension in the air. As the women lay down she rests her hand on her belly. Suddenly the man forcefully kicks her stomach shouting "it's not mine" (stop, it is) another kick "you dirty slut you cheated" (I didn't I promise) kick "I won't stop until the baby dies" (please stop) The women fell off the bed onto the ground from the force of the man she loves and would never betray. Weeping, clutching her stomach. She dashes to the door, she wants to get out of here, fast. He grabs her, holding her back, against her will. He is too strong, she is no match for him. He wrestles her to the bed. Tears still pouring down her face. (God, please I don't want to die)

  • mind_state 7w

    Zindagi aisi ho gayi ,
    Adhoore alfaaz khoob keh gaye,
    Adhoori kahani reh gayi,
    Behaal hoke dekhi tamanna,
    Ik mulakat ho,Ik vaari baat ho,
    Yahi darkhast hein dastak dena tum,
    Mehsoos karna yeh pyaar,
    Jaan nisaar hein mere yaar!

  • sagar_varma 7w

    If you see a future without me in it, and it doesn't scare you or make you anxious, then may be I was wrong about you.

    I was wrong about thinking what I thought we were doing.

    I was wrong about giving you that only place in my heart, head, life, and future.

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    कहानी बदल दी गई थी आज, एक मुकम्मल कहानी ।

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    एक ही दिन तो है जिसने हम पर ज़ुल्म - ओ - सितम किये है ।

    वही दिन है आज जो हमे सबसे ज्यादा रुलाता है ।।


  • shinyandiknowit 9w

    For Men...

    When a woman exasperatedly says, "Fine, go ahead!", <DON'T> go ahead... Abort Mission... I repeat, "Abort Mission!"...

  • phoenix2906 10w

    The Secret Smile

    "You always say my smile brightens your day.
    You just don't know that smile hides the pain,
    You caused when you broke my heart."

  • soumen_sonu 10w


    मेरे ज़ख्म अब भरने को हैं।
    नमक है क्या तुम्हारे पास?

  • maantra 10w


    The truth is I am a toy..
    That people enjoy
    'Til all of the tricks don't work anymore..
    And then they are bored of me
    I know that it's exciting..
    Running through the night, but
    Every perfect summer's
    Eating me alive until you're gone..
    Better on my own..

    They say, "You're a little much for me
    You're a liability..
    You're a little much for me"
    So they pull back, make other plans
    I understand, I'm a liability..
    Get you wild, make you leave..
    I'm a little much for..
    E-a-na-na-na, everyone..!

  • deepflowsoul 10w

    I cant believe that happened. That is NOT love. It's only spite that didn't get their way. Welcome to my shit list dad! Fuck you.

    #anger #vent #pain #father #mother #cruel #love #blackmail #crying #bleeding #furious #claim #rage #spite #truestory

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    True story.

    He claimed he loved me,
    But he used my own mother against me.
    Black mailing pictures of her crying,
    When I was bleeding too.
    Someone who loves you would never be so cruel!!

  • metaurelius 13w

    A couple of years ago I moved into a house in eastern Sydney, and amongst the 4 already living there was a 50 year old multi millionaire. After a marriage breakdown he'd moved back in with a childhood friend - our landlord - to soften the blow. He was a character, I'll say that. He'd waltz in with Louis Vuitton bags as big as suitcases, and have cases of expensive champagne delivered from faraway lands. Top end scotch too. 'scotch and champagne, that's all I ever drink!' would resound down the hallways as he shimmied through in a 4 figure scarf.

    Often I wondered if he had royal blood the way he carried on. He only ever smoked cigars - copious amounts - the brand of which I forget but they were the best in the business. The kitchen windowsill couldn't be seen for champagne corks and cigar butts, he'd stack them up like chess pieces; like a shrine to the bourgeoisie.

    I would sit in the garden listening to him wax about all of the above, until it was so dark all I could see and hear was the glowing cigar and the flowing champagne. Movies were his forte, he'd seen literally everything (in fact he had shares in one of the Hollywood production companies), and usually, after thousands of dollars of drink and smoke he'd retire to the living room for a movie, and switch to scotch.

    He didn't read; they did nothing for him. That is apart from the one book he would speak of everytime he saw my nose buried in one: The Razor's Edge.

    He moved out soon after, apparently ready to take on the world, but I remembered the book; were it not for his eccentricity, it's unlikely I'd have gone after it in active pursuit.

    But as its pages turned, so too did the course of my journey.

  • thehealer10 13w

    Me to We (part II)

    I just want to kiss you
    I want to savor every last bit
    I want to feel every inch of you
    Not at all ashamed to admit
    Just frightened
    what will happen once I'm in it?

    Not sure if I'm capable of pacing myself
    Impulsive, I don't want you to feel compelled.
    Drawn to you,magnitude
    Love the attitude,
    Don't you dare feel like any of this is a platitude.

    I am far from generic, my feelings are genuine.
    Gin on the rocks ease me in,
    listen,I'm about to show my gratitude,
    I will try my best not to overwhelm you with its amplitude.

    I'm getting closer to folding
    Not sure if its me your molding, or if I'm just place holding
    Either way, I feel obligation to be here if you need consoling.

    Con stole my heart, how well you played your part, tore me right in two.
    Sitting here questioning your intentions
    Has anything you said been true?

    I'm diving in head first,
    you're the only one I want to pursue

    I want to kiss you
    Taste you ,Feel you
    Just need the

    ©thehealer10 & Sav

  • shakkankan 14w

    Thin Line Between Life and Death

    Kendrick said, "Guilty by association story of my life nigga." I say guilty by association prison for life nigga thin line between life and death and I write on solid lines between life and death. I'm on the edge merely cease to exist and writing on dotted lines puts my poetry to rest. After the period is a flatline and there is no coming back. Can't erase the memory it's inked stained dark on my conscious and that's for life. Could had been the last time to sun rise over still eyes. Eye witness what have I done to deserve this experience? What comes out it is wisdom in a white dress. Bless to speak another day, spoken word poetry to the value of life, because so close is the cold breath of death effects wintry thoughts snowy depression in every letter I press. Sunday suppose to be the day of rest. Sunday almost gave heaven another soul wings to fly from the nest.

    Shakkan, not a mad Poet on the surface, but an empath writing lessons disguise as knowledge to be a blessin. Not enough intellect in this poet to pass this unforeseen test. Apologize for the hurt, the heart was just frozen. Glad the sun came early it was about to be over with...

  • jsonia 16w

    हमदर्दी है तो हमदर्द है,
    नहीं तो सिर्फ दर्द है॥

  • anngeli 19w


    Wormie wormie
    On the sidewalk
    Struggling, squirming to the rocks
    Long and pink
    And brown
    And black
    Avoiding death brethern who fell to smack
    Uprooted in their slumber
    And thrown through a loop
    Guiding themselves back
    With the suddle blind clues
    Sliding around
    Drops of fresh rain
    Washing away some
    Of their agony and pain
    Reminding, almost chanting
    Among determined panting
    "I'm not ignorant
    And im not spinless
    I will find my own way
    Outta the darkness"
    Wormie may not
    Wormie may have
    But they will sure try
    With the universe breathing down their back