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  • shreyanarayan 9m

    O love! My love!

    O restless night
    I ask thee
    To let me stop here
    Let me be
    With the one right here
    Drenched in the rain
    Waiting for me. 
    O restless night
    I request thee
    To stop for a moment
    And thou shall here my plea. 
    O holy moon
    Still visible through the cloud
    Just let me have some darkness
    some silence
    Please don't shine so loud. 
    I need you to let us hide
    To sneak a kiss or two
    To share a word or few
    Just let me hear him out. 
    O holy moon
    Please don't shine so loud. 
    O rain!  O rain! 
    Please don't stop
    Let us be devour by your mighty hunger
    Let your liquid curtains fall. 
    We shall not be seen 
    by the outside world
    Let them not spot us 
    through your magnificent wall. 
    O rain! O rain! 
    You shall not stop. 
    O love! My love! 
    I am here, 
    I swear no one saw me
    we have nothing to fear
    This Night
    so dark,  
    so silent, 
    shedding so much tear. 
    O love!  My love! 
    You are here
    The sky hears us
    we shall not fear
    O love!  My love. 
    I am here. 


  • rupal_kaur_anand 1h

    Lines from Japji sahib
    Pauri 4
    It open up the eyes of people who are leaving in fake world.
    Karma is everything
    I read it often but today I understand what these words actually meant.

    #karma #religious #words #sikhism #japjisahib #gods #believed #holybooks #truth #real #English #writer #wisdom #kindness #onetruth #life #lifeanddeath #doomsday #end
    By unknown writer

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    "karmee aavai kaprhaa nadree mokh du-aar"

    karma is the cloth soul wears, ones with clean clothes will pass through the Gate of liberation.

  • words_of_masoom 3h


    होगी अपनी किस्मत क्या पता
    तुम्हें मेरी कीमत क्या पता।

    गर तुम छोड़ जाओगे मुझे
    कैसी होगी हालत क्या पता।

    शायद रक्खा हो संभाल के
    मेरा खाली सा खत क्या पता।

    नफ़रत में ही जो डूबे रहे
    उन को ये मुहब्बत क्या पता।

    नेकी करने की जाएगी कब
    ये "मासूम" की लत क्या पता।


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  • enigma_poetry 7h

    i peeled back the layers of her fruit
    and discovered her hidden truths
    behind her happiness
    her sadness lies
    behind her love
    her pain hides
    she wears a smile like a mask
    to hide all the questions
    she doesn't want asked

  • linibirdi 8h


    This poison is my friend
    Damaging me slowly
    Numbing the madness inside my freaking brain
    I'm going down under
    Will i rise to the surface in the nick of time
    Knowing earth is hell
    Mind trapped in this cell
    I tend to rebel
    The truth, the way, I suddenly astray
    All over again
    Don't leave me

  • praptinayak 8h

    Who is your other half?

    It's okay.. its okay when sometimes you don't get the love you want.. the person your desire for. But you can't hold onto that person forever you know.. expecting someday you might get their touch, their love.. you won't actually. This sounds so hard and hurtful but it's true. You can confess to them or try to win them over but you are scared. Scared to get rejected, scared to get walked over by. So you just sit there looking at that person, falling in love with that person everyday, appreciating the beauty of them even if to someone else they just look like shrek. When you are in love or so so blinded by lust or attraction you just forget to see the reality, to see their flaws. It might even happen that they are the most toxic thing in your life but you still choose to love them, and why? Because you god damn dont know. You just keep seeing the good in them even if they overlook you and ignore you. You are hurt and broken yet you decide to collect those pieces and choose to love with each of those broken pieces? Why? You don't know again? Love indeed is the most beautiful yet the most painful thing ever. The most powerful emotion that can even get the dead back to life or life to the dead. It sounds crazy but emotions do actually hold more power than what we anticipate it to be. So what is this emotion that you are holding? This one sided love? Why are you falling in love with something that doesn't love you back in not even the slightest possible way. Again you dont know right? It's simple we all see hundreds of people in a day or thousands in a week.. we see them all, we watch them all, but sometimes you just walk across this one soul that attracts you. That beckons you to them. And you like a fool fall in love without even knowing why? And that's okay. That's the beauty of love. Falling in love with unknown strangers with a backstory you would love to fix and know about, to be in a new story with them. And that's okay. So what's not okay then? Let me tell you that. When you start to fall in love your mind releases hormones and different stuffs that kind of makes you delusional, it makes you stop to see the reality. The emotion 'love' is such a happy emotion for the time that you slip away from the reality of other emotions. You become blind and that's why the quote 'love makes you blind' all you think about is the beautiful and sensual moments you spend with the loved ones. That's how happy it makes you. And yet the ironic part is you start imagining it way before you have even approached the person. Even known about the person but by now you are blind already, you have already lost touch from reality. But then that's when the what I love to call 'the half lovers' basically the one sided lovers realise that the other one is not in love with you in the same way as others, you deny to accept it. And all this why? Because you have already lost touch with the real world. You are in a mystic world where there's only love and happiness. So what do you do? You still choose to live in that world and why again? Obviously cause its a better world. You keep saying to yourself that they will fall in love with you that if you show your efforts and your presence in their life everytime they need you they have to fall in love with even if you think you are the most ugliest creature. You create stories in your head about the certain one making love to you. You are lost by now. Your friends see it, your family sees it in fact the whole fucking world sees how delusional you have become. They call you back to reality, call out loud but you choose to ignore. You want to stay down in your fantasy world with someone who doesn't even notice or appreciate your love. But then days goes by months goes by years goes by you are losing your patience now. You have got anxiety issues, depression, eating disorders and what not!? Why because the one you love has still not noticed your love in reality. And by now your fantasy world has got you messed up, now you have lost track of time and reality. Yes one sided love can fuck you up like anything. It doesn't have to be any specific kind of love. You can love a certain one without even feeling sexually attracted. You just fall for them. And I think it's the worst kind of drug to ever exist because the pain you feel when you are hurt in love is worse than dying. At least when you are dead you go numb but with love it's like you are being stabbed everytime you see that person and not being able to embrace them. And by now you have gone crazy. All you want is that one person because years has passed by and you still are stuck on that ONE FUCKING PERSON. So what now? What NOW? You either force yourself out or forever be lost and hurt. So this one time this last time you just want to check if the person you have given so much love to all these years loves you back or at least appreciates you back or not. So you let go to see if the person would hold on to you or not. But guess what? They won't and that's when you get your first taste of truth and reality in years or months. That's when it strikes you that how lost you have been. Again you think so what now? Nothing it's just you will be now in trauma for the next few months because guess who just got the truth bomb blown right on their face. So basically some will drink it away and some will dance, some will hurt it away physically and some will drug it away, but this time to escape from the sad reality. You are helpless by now and trust me nothing is going to help you. No positive speeches, no friends and not even god itself. So you think that's it? That's the end of 'half lovers' so basically all the doors get closed? No not all doors get closed one remains open always. And that door is YOU. Now you have seen reality and now you are broken. The only thing that can help you is you. Now you have to decide to either waste your rest of time being drunk on the love you never got or decide to actually learn to be fucking happy in reality. And no it's not easy, funny how you spent so much time overlooking someone else's flaws and didn't get the same thing in return you started hating yourself. For not being good enough. But then you have had enough and this one day you wake up it's a bright morning, this beautiful golden sunlight entering your room you just woke up fresh in the morning, the smell of freshness and warmth all in the air you look yourself in the mirror and for the first time in days you saw your beauty. The raw beauty. Atlast took a hell lot of time but you did. You saw your brown hair shining due to the sun rays falling on it. You see your beautiful colored eyes shinning so bright you are almost aghast. Out of breath with what you are seeing. That's exactly when you realise your worth. And you choose YOUR BODY over anyone and anything. No you dont become mean and egoistic and start having trust issues. You just start seeing the world in a different way. You feel the power rising inside of you. The power to make the happiness real. Without that person. You don't need someone to give you happiness. You dont. We all think we do but if we can change our priorities to ME first than others we can achieve great things. We can learn to be happy and feel loved with the little things we have. We can now give others the happiness they have been looking for too and make them realise the real happiness is yourself. This is not the key to just broken half love or broken love this is the key to everything. Put yourself first in a positive way and learn to trust the real ones who had been there for you through the whole time. And if you think that why I wrote this talking about half lovers it's because they fall in love with someone they never get. At least the broken lovers once had the lovers in reality. It's in no way better but half broken always lived in an imaginary world which is very scary and sad. Altogether I just want to say. Feel yourself, fall in love with yourself and take care of yourself now and when I say all this doesn't mean you become all narcissistic and start thinking whatever you say or do or think is right. NO love yourself, learn from your surroundings that's real, adapt to your surroundings and believe in yourself. Listen to what people say. But dont let them control you. If you have got you then why fear the pain of feeling broken cause your soulmate is yourself. Stop finding your other half because you were never a half.

  • luifeelz 11h

    "I dream of endless floods
    Let freedom rain in buckets of blood
    What will it take to be free?
    The only answer is

    Your leaders are now your enemies
    They'll make America great again
    Fuck no
    Let's make America hate again"

    -Lyrics from 'Make America Hate Again' by Thy Art Is Murder

  • mehruuu001 11h


    It really doesn't matter to me how badly you left me, now that you're here I love you with my whole being, ignoring the fact that you can't be mine ever.

  • feeling_less 11h

    I found life
    When I realised how important is every second of life with my loved ones to hold grudges as it never offers a second chance.

  • sonaliii_sharma 12h

    People say it hurts when we realize that we aren't that important to person as we used to think. But what if you are already well experienced facing these stereotype situations and you know you are just gonna be used, but still keep on being with people with smile on face!
    Your soul knows whether you smile or fake a smile to the world, tired of fakeness you deal with!


  • archie100101 12h


    Maybe, even the longest forever wasn't meant to be the longest....

    Yugal Aggarwal

  • soulfultalks 14h

    वो बारिश की बूंदों से पूछ के बताना
    कि ये आसानी से सूख जाने का हुनर,
    आखिर लाती कहां से हैं।


  • _foxkrat_ 15h

    Truth and Lies

    I was late cause I was tired
    "okay" she says

    And we spoke for hours
    But I feel like we weren't talking

    I made her pancakes
    She says it was great

    She gave me a present
    She felt ignored

    She doesnt want to lose me
    I want to lose her


  • posi_holic 16h

    Death > Luxury

    Luxury > Relations


  • ray_madhusmita 18h

    Echoes of prevarication
    may be so blare
    doesn't exist agelong
    Truth has a voice
    of it's own strength
    remains till eternity,
    so strong.


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  • tej_ash 20h

    Sachai batao mein nahi aankhon mein dekh jati hai.


  • ink_of_poison 21h

    Today's Ugly Truth

    Today's ugly truth today's generation doesn't need anyone to hear them out , they simply wanna enjoy their company all by themselves...


  • someone58 17h

    No Hope?

    When everything feels hopeless
    I will just smile and calm myself down
    Because to me, quitting is never a solution

    My life has taught me
    A life without struggles
    Is like watching a TV black and white
    Where's all the beauty of it?
    © Someone58