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  • aish6565 5d

    One last try

    When I fail,
    I explain it to myself,
    Let me give it a last try

    situation turns worse,
    But things do reverse,
    Just let me give a last try

    Everything time I cry,
    Let me give one last try

    Rubbing off my tears,
    Whipping away all my fears,
    Let me give one last try

    If the courage would appear,
    All my anxiety would disappear,
    Let my give just one last try

  • sayarbadnaam 5d

    बहुत कोशिशो के बावजूद,
    वो तैरना ना सीख पाया,
    तब याद आया,
    उसके सीने में पत्थर है।

  • raman_writes 5d


    हम ही सीखे दाँव हम पर ही आजमाए ।

    कुछ दुश्मन दुश्मनी के लायक भी नहीं ।।


  • iexist 1w

    Its my first time writting something like this...
    Hope it is good and that u like it
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

    #sijo #try #mirakee #korea #challenge #wod
    #pod #readwriteunite

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    I was traveling so far away
    Floating on a stream
    Looks like i was mistaken, for it was a dream!

  • bringmethenight 1w

    Always try

    How do I know what I want? How do I find the perfect answer? I know now that the perfect answer doesn't exist. And you just have to try - whether or not you end up going down that path.

    Otherwise you will wake up someday regretting all the things you didn't try. And you'll wonder why you ended up where you did. So try. Always try. Even if you fail, at least you tried and found out it wasn't for you. If you never try you'll never know.

  • anshubharti 1w

    Focus on yourself.....

  • anshubharti 1w


    I try to act strong but I fail....
    I try to hold myself but I break down....
    I try to not get affected by my past but I badly get disturbed ....
    I try not to overthink but I can't keep my mind calm..

  • raj_4_lyf 2w

    I Accept the Bad person in me.
    I Try to Correct him everyday.
    I Try to be a Better person everyday.

    Because, all I can do is TRY!

    You can too.


  • nayanr 3w

    If you didn't try
    You have no right to cry!!

  • akshay_vasu 4w

    They have brought many people to the place they have always tried to escape.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • raziqu 5w

    #alone #poetry #try

    And we will walk by
    Without noticing that
    You were my wholesome once...

    May be
    It was my dream,
    About our love..

    But how could
    Heart will make a lie..?
    It is the mind, which always play tricks.

    So I won't tell you,
    What was in my mind
    What I was thinking through
    Your poems.

    So I left you.
    And we will walk by
    Without noticing that
    you were my wholesome once...

    And repeates ...

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    And we will walk by
    Without noticing that
    You were my
    wholesome once...


  • warriorofthenight 5w

    If we're always guided by other people's thoughts, what's the point of having our own?

  • vasubandhu 6w


  • seenuinfent 6w

    #try to think of it..
    Have you done something unknowingly.
    Try knowing it.. Who knows, something might amaze you!!

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    നാം അറിയാതെ...

    അറിയാതെ സംഭവിക്കുന്നതിന്
    അറിഞ്ഞുകൊണ്ട് സംഭവിക്കുന്നതിനേക്കാൾ
    കൂടുതൽ ആഘാതം ഇല്ലേ?

  • raman_writes 6w

    ना जाने कहाँ अटका है दिल ।

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    वो गुलाब के फूल कोशिश बहुत करते है मुझे रिझाने की ।

    ये मेरा पत्थर सा दिल लौहे से जज़्बात पिघलते ही नहीं ।।


  • helenloizou 7w


    And it's so difficult
    to make myself better
    when I know that I create insecurities in my social environment
    the amount is unbelievable
    I have managed to make the lie I live
    I swim rejoicing in the waves
    I have my mouth closed
    if it opens I will open and drown I know
    I see victims around me
    I do not have the pure feelings I had
    in a phase that I can see the coast
    maybe not go down now
    every damage to the soul verse
    any damage to the body notes
    and here I live without them we do not go out in the winter
    so do not ask what happened
    and listen to what I write now.

    talk to me about seriousness
    evolved monkeys we are friends
    in the universe infinity
    every night I die what eternity means
    I deny myself as an entity
    to whom will I give standards?
    in realizing the point of view of the third world
    I reshape my whole life
    but I do not believe in the higher being
    and for an ultimate purpose
    I believe in what I feel closest to
    in the sun and in the dream
    in need of war
    in jealousy for your new chick
    we are animals with a choice for man consciousness
    of the planet cancer what evolution I am talking about

    now Darwin would take them back
    the ugliest animals that behave the ugliest in the herd
    I'm still fighting in the same sea
    and it is so difficult to keep my mouth shut

    my fucking conscience is looking for oxygen
    as if my tormented body had a mattress
    and I want so much to be left
    one more drop in the ocean to become
    when I leave I will not miss
    but I can not leave me
    it's not just about me
    my struggle is the struggle of all who did not raise their hands and so on
    I capture my best image
    in the last drop
    while drying on the soil
    for when I happen to get wet again
    or to wet someone else

    that I can do better and here it probably does not
    and as I started it is clearly difficult
    and it is more difficult when he is the selfish driver
    and I do not know if I am still looking for light
    or I just want to convince myself that I'm not internally dead
    how to define me I do not know
    I do not know what I see
    to me everything is in vain
    but I do not make the effort for myself

  • livingdreamaritz 7w

    #10 mantra of life#try to be better than ever had before#be found of real u#care about urself

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    My goals

    I am alright☺
    I am fine
    I can do my work on time⌚
    My life is full of joy and ride
    I can do anything to complete mine dreams and achieve my goals
    I can study ✏ till late midnight
    I can always wake up⏰ and be at time ⌚
    I can have healthy foodalways
    To be healthy fit and fine
    I will always try to be a good human lifetime

  • slotha 7w

    Bad End[?]

    three, four,"
    she counting.
    She look at me,

  • the_world_is_unknown 7w

    THE END!!

    It had been months now but I don't know why I didn't forget Veer. The name Echoed in my mind making one thing clear that a part of my mind remained empty.
    Now, hot summer had entered making me experience my toughest times. As the alarm rang, it terrified me. I woke up and looked around the messy surrounding. The mess I created the day before just because I wanted to dig in to my old memories and find a peice of Veer that's lost. I couldn't find one.
    After thinking so hard, I discovered one important message of a presentation. I hurried up to get ready with formal dress. I didn't know when I became so unorganised and I miss my old self who was so organised and cheerful, whom one could obviously locate in this chaotic world just because of the childish nature. It's true that sometimes MATURITY hits hard.
    After few moments, I found myself running to catch an auto as they were always there to my rescue. I sat and struggled to put my Frizzy and dry hair in place while covering my face with a long cloth just to prevent the dust of chaos to sit on my face.
    I reached my venue and hurriedly went inside and soon bashed with a person and I was about to scream as in front of me stood Veer. I controlled my emotions but I didn't know what to express whether a simple HI or excited HI ? Before I could win the war inside my mind, he started," Oh hi!!!". My eyes went on the clock and I just ignored him and ran from there to the hall. Felt like I didn't run away for my job but to save my uncontrollable emotions from him.
    As I made my way to hall, I saw him standing and giving his presentation. For a second I dropped my idea to enter the hall but then I discovered that I was being foolish and I went and sat on one of the chairs.
    After four hours, I found myself in front of him and now I had got my senses back because all through the meeting I was just thinking about my lost memories. I never thought this hard about something or someone. It was like a part of me was missing. He glanced at me and asked," do you want to say something?" I had only option to ask for the question that had eaten me up but the chance went away as I ended up saying NO. He wrote on the papers his key point and for a second I felt like I found a part. The exact handwriting I saw years ago in a crowd which was written for me. But I feel I was cursed that I was not able to recognise what words were there. He seemed to be very formal. As I was asking for a cup of coffee, I felt someone touching my Bag. As I turned around I saw Veer standing and he yelled me a GOODBYE and he departed.
    That cool evening, came my childhood friend Diksha. I met her after years and we just experienced a nostalgic experience by seeing the album she had made of our school days. I had forgotten about Veer that's when I saw an image that made me tremble with surprise. I was not astonished like this before. I was speechless!!! Infront of me lied a photo in which I spotted Veer and everything came to mind like a spark. I wanted to shout out something and from then I started to behave like I was no more interested in the pics and this was my speciality. After few moments, Diksha left. I closed the door so tight and I sat down neutral.
    I just said one word that was VEER.
    Veer knew me.
    The photo that I had successfully taken from Diksha gets soaked down in my tears.
    I rewind my memories.
    I saw:
    Outside the exam hall, there was an enthusiasm among 12th class students that exams were over. Every one was talking and laughing and I saw myself as cheerful girl asking about their plans and that's when someone handed me a chit. I turned around I opened it and saw Veer very lightly. The words in the chits were:
    You may not know me but I have been seen you since the day examd started and I don't know why but now I can not hold on to my words that I have fell for you. I know we will never meet but it's just few words that will give satisfaction to me.
    I didn't take the words that seriously but I thought about it for a moment. But then I forgot everything and got engaged in the sassy talks with my friends.
    Now I was back to present,
    There was a mess in my mind. There was a sadness about losing a true love, guilt about leaving those words and guilt about having an empty space in my mind..
    I started to make myself comfortable with the present but still the memories Haunted me.
    After a week, I was cleaning my bag to find some important documents and that's when a white chit came into my notice. As I was opening it I was just getting the memory of Veer and when I opened it, there were the golden words of Veer:
    Hey there!! I know you have forgotten me but my appearance has made you to wake up most of nights.. Yes.. it was me who handed you the chit years ago and do you know what I am still having a space for you. But that space will remain empty because I think that it's very rare or impossible meet again in this world where you are surrounded with people and work.
    Thank you for giving me that time to think about. BYE.

    As I close the chit, I silently go and throw it in the dustbin just like how I threw those words in a bin of my mind, years ago which never decomposed and had an imprint in mind.

    Now I am back to that girl who wanted to live her life once with the memories of HIM forever engraved on heart and as it's difficult for those memories to depart.

    It's the end of my story. Hope you liked it.
    #pod #wod #love #wednesday #mirakee #ceesreposts #writersbay #goahead #value #try #tidec #story #lovec #endc #colourspeaks #writer #creativearena

    Thank you soo much @the_frozenn_heart @purvi7 @fromwitchpen @colourfulgreys @lovesmessenger for motivating me����..

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    The memories you created,
    Remained embedded
    In the heart,
    Which no one invaded!!

  • steph_poetry 8w

    Look into My Eyes

    Every time I close my eyes,
    I see your image popping up like champagne
    Is it me, myself and I being in illusion?
    Or you're just so amazing that you stick into my eyes
    I saw you on ocean, holding my hands tight
    Why can't you just stop by and say Hi?
    The world in which we are now has shifted the way we perceive love.
    If you love someone, fight for it.
    But remember never force it if it doesn't work.
    Just give it a try
    ©steph_poetry @adjagbo