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  • charles73 1d

    I close my eyes, and
    I'm standing there, before you..
    I looked around and realised something,
    That, it was me, a decade back, wanting you...

    Again, I closed my eyes, remembering things
    Which we went through it, where it didn't work
    So I changed my mind, that we stay as friends
    To make things right for our betterment...

    When I opened my eyes, and
    I'm standing here, before you...
    I looked around and realised something,
    That, it is me, a decade later, just watching you...

    This time I realised, that things have changed
    And that you aren't mine, and I ain't yours
    Now, we're so good...

  • charles73 5d

    Hey Tina, where have you been?
    It's been so long, and I've not seen
    The women around here are being so mean
    Hiding my girl and it's hitting my vein!

    I missed you and searched you everywhere
    I've asked everyone who passed by here
    "Have you seen my girlfriend anywhere?
    She wears a smile with a cute little dimple,
    Her eyes ever shone like the glitters (a)round the world.
    She has a long hair, every girl love to have,
    Her voice isn't girly, but her heart is though!"

    Hey Tina, where have you been?
    It's been so long, and I've not seen.
    The women around here are being so mean,
    Hiding my girl and it's hitting my vein!

    "I see my little girl, playing with a woman,
    The woman wears the best smile I've ever seen.
    She has the sparkling eyes and a quite long hair,
    Her voice isn't girly, but her heart is though!
    Shut up! and search for Tina, yelled my brain,
    For God's sake, she is Tina! exclaimed my heart."

    Oh Tina, You've been here!
    I've lost me, searching you everywhere.
    Never let me suffer like this,
    I greeted her with a forehead kiss,
    And whispered in her soft little ears,
    "I missed you, Tina!"

  • away_with_words 1w

    Sometimes, crying is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can't explain how broken your heart is.

  • riyajangra 1w

    खफा क्यूँ होना

    दिल का नाता बांधा था जिनसे हर दफा
    बरसों के उस प्यार से खफा क्यूँ होना!

    लफ्जों के बिना ही अक्सर हो जाता था जो
    नज़रों के उस इज़हार से खफा क्यूँ होना!

    माना रकीब है ये ज़माना भी तेरी खुशी से
    फिर भी इस खफा संसार से खफा क्यूँ होना!

    चाहे लाख खोट हों, है तो तेरा दोस्त ही
    इश्क़ के उस इक़रार से खफा क्यूँ होना!

    हर पल चाहने का वादा कर एक पल में छोड़ दिया
    अपने ही उस इतर ऐतबार से खफा क्यूँ होना!

    किया था हर घड़ी जो तेरे लौट आने की उम्मीद में
    फक़त दिल के उस इन्तज़ार से खफा क्यूँ होना!

    गले लगाकर ही कत्ल कर दिया था तुमने तो मेरा
    तुम्हारे उस रंगीन हथियार से खफा क्यूं होना!

    अपने रहे जो दोस्त मुसीबत के चार दिन
    अपने उन बड़े दिलदार से खफा क्यूँ होना!

    गुजार दिये हैं कई दिन मैने अब तो तेरे बगैर
    समय की इस रफ्तार से खफा क्यूँ होना!

    मुझे क्या लेना तूं खफा है या खुश मुझसे
    कुछ भी हो, अपने उस यार से खफा क्यूँ होना!


  • charles73 1w


    Last night I had a dream
    And it was 'bout a girl of my class
    I've never spoken to her neither has she,
    But she was the one who was meant to be!
    She was the one kinda girl, my heart needs
    The who loves me more than anyone else
    And still never expects my priority at first!
    I saw the sacrifices she made for me
    And the love she showered on me
    Was just meant to be a dream!

  • blackdavil 1w

    जिस दिन किसी के बिना जीना सीख जाओगे मेरे दोस्त
    उस दिन देखना चेहरे पर खुशी ही कुछ और होगी

  • blackdavil 1w

    दुनिया की नजरों में मेरा कुछ ऐसा मुकाम है
    लोग तेरे जीत से ज्यादा मेरी हार से हैरान हैं

  • mysticalthoughts 2w

    Be mature rather than playing politics with the image of a person.
    There are million layers of a single emotion.
    Shade doesn't matter.
    Looks of a person doesn't matter.
    They are just a mirage created & polished by the world & its dynamic pattern.

    Don't let these fucking tags be polished in your mind & life.
    As the connection need no face but the presence of a human with real emotions & an open heart more than the dealing of combination phases of the level of interest & the judgement.

    Old treasure will always be gold.
    In the same way some layers will always be basic & highlighted in their natural filter only.

    #decoding #reality #facts #unknown #unspoken #general #repressed #emotions

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    A case of mental politics..

    Let's make it straight
    Direct words with no shade of fantasy.
    As it's a court of life
    A reality or a bundle of some unexpressed facts of life.
    A soul has no face
    All it has a sense of touch & just want to be expressed in a certain way.
    People talk about beauty
    But we imagine a face in our mind in terms of therapy.
    Do you really think that you are really connecting?
    We all afraid of rejections & heartbreaks in life.
    I agree with you
    But have you ever tried to know the person with their vibes?
    I mean no expectations
    No prison of insecurities or the pressure of common theories.
    Just you & that human together
    Accepting all the imperfections of each other.
    Beauty is just a perception of yours
    Not a definition that is always related to the reflection of looks.
    If you dare to know the person's heart
    You will be loved in all the seasons.
    Always remember these short phrases
    As they can save million relations.
    Love is not temporary
    But looks are.
    Emotions are not a deal of passing moment
    But they could be turned into scar in a second.
    Not because of insecurities
    But because of people politics.
    Sound funny or senseless?
    Let me give you a reality check.
    We humans have our own experiences
    We all are claimed as "individuals".
    So who we are to judge other person's character?
    When we have our own shield of insecurities
    So who has promoted you to pass the comments with no good dictionary.
    Clear your mind
    Detox your heart.
    You will be at peace
    And you will be loved & respected in every perspective.

  • riyajangra 2w

    Idk I always compare things with nature.
    #love #MYWORDS #mirakee #writersnetwork #heshe #lettertolove #unspoken

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    The clouds and the water have an intimate relationship. The condensed water giving birth to clouds, the countless clouds.
    The clouds that fill the whole sky, the happy clouds that make the atmosphere cool, the white and the beautiful clouds getting everyone's admiration, the clouds happily travelling across the world together, but still getting jealous of each other and bumping into each other.

    The world is beautiful but jealousy and arguments often spoil the relationships. Same happens with clouds. The thundering of clouds turns them dead black. The water leaves the clouds and fall back on earth consuming the clouds, and enervating it so badly that they can never come to life.

    The life of water isn't always virtuous. It may loose its identity while quenching someone's thirst or may find another clouds to happily travel their journey.


  • soyal_p_boby 2w

    Those unspoken words stayed like nails stabbed into a broken heart..
    And whenever I tried to remove them they went deeper and deeper....

  • sethiffied 2w

    I never even had him. But he always had me.

    #spiel #lines #unspoken

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    You see.
    I memorized my lines.
    And all the words that should come out and shouldn't leave us lingering.
    I scratched the writings on the wall.
    Hoping you wouldn't ask anyway
    Why I stayed in the corners
    Looking at the seemingly piece of abstract lines
    Hiding the cryptic language of unspoken feelings.


  • riyajangra 3w

    इक मुलाक़ात

    वो मोहब्बत का ज़माना आज भी याद है मुझे
    दिन के इन्तज़ार में जब लम्बी हर रात होती थी
    हर सहर उससे इक छोटी सी मुलाक़ात होती थी!

    यूँ तो सुबह जल्दी उठना हमेशा से कमज़ोरी है मेरी
    पर तुम्हारा दीदार ही तो मेरी कायनात होती थी
    हर सहर उससे इक छोटी सी मुलाक़ात होती थी!

    उस गली से निकलना सफर का सबसे खुबसूरत हिस्सा था
    नही थी फिक्र कभी सर्दी, तो कभी तारों की बारात होती थी
    हर सहर उससे इक छोटी सी मुलाक़ात होती थी!

    नज़रों की तकरार में ही सब कुछ बयां हो जाता था
    कहाँ घंटों इन्तज़ार के बाद भी हमारी बात होती थी?
    हर सहर उससे इक छोटी सी मुलाक़ात होती थी!

    तुम्हे देखते ही अक्सर खो जाया करती थी मैं
    जाने क्यूँ फिर फक़त अश्क़ों की बरसात होती थी
    हर सहर उससे इक छोटी सी मुलाक़ात होती थी!

    मुस्कुरा कर कहा था उसने कुछ नहीं हमारे दरमियां
    सच था तो नज़रें चुराना क्यूँ एहतियात होती थी
    हर सहर उससे इक छोटी सी मुलाक़ात होती थी!

    बयां हो ना पाया जो तुमसे कभी लफ्जों में मालूम है मुझे
    मुझसे ही शुरु, मुझपर ही खत्म तुम्हारी हयात होती थी
    हर सहर उससे इक छोटी सी मुलाक़ात होती थी!


  • charles73 4w

    காதல் என்னும் ஒரு வலையில்
    நான் சிக்கிக் கொண்டேன் ஒரு மீனைப் போல்
    முதலில் தப்பிக்க தத்தளித்தேன்
    பின்பு உயிர் பிழைக்கத் துடித்தேன்
    இறுதியில் கருவாடாக மாறினேன்!

  • _sun_shine_1073 5w

    Unspoken love letters

    Momentary, he was coming only to get a glance at me,
    Daily buying Dvd's from me he almost made a century

    Having ecstasy, shyness and carrying blossoms in my heart,
    Explaining what do we both feel was just really very hard

    The days went off as the water flows,
    But his unfading love took us daily more close

    Unfortunately, the day arose,
    When he wasn't there almost making a seven day course

    I was waiting n waiting looking at the gate,
    What the thing has happened for his love to fate?

    At last, I broken my patience,
    N made a way towards his house making motion

    I entered in his house,
    Searching for my cheese like a little mouse,

    Coincidentally, I directly took my ship towards his room,
    Seeing his frame on the wall with a lightning candle,
    my heart was conquered by groom

    Now my eyes were full of tears,
    I whispered, " where u have went my dear♡?"

    Falling n crying I saw a box,
    Full of Dvd's now my eyes were searching like a cop

    Every Dvd was unopened,
    Which led my every letter to him unspoken

    The letters were full of my emotions, my feelings,
    I wished he could have opened it before this heavy delaying

    Kissing my cheeks my tears scrolled,
    I whispered, "you went alone, leaving behind a broken soul........................"


  • worth2glance 5w

    #unspoken feelings
    Hello friends... I'm learning to write down my feelings
    Hope you all like it. Just need all of your love and support...

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    What if being born,
    Was not about he or she;
    But about being,
    Celebrated as an infant.

    What if it wasn't about complexion,
    But about immortal soul;
    Which can't be differentiated,
    At the end of the day.

    What if household works,
    Weren't given a tag for girls;
    So that when they grew older:
    They wouldn't have to scream,
    For equality.

    What if it wasn't about,
    Crop top or Saree;
    But about perspective.

    What if it wasn't about,
    Caste or Creed;
    But about talents & creativity.

    What if prostitutes,
    Never begged for respect;
    As they are the one ,
    To calm the most two legged monsters.

    I wish all of these what if's
    Are fulfilled with a bliss of,
    Sparkle & entirety;
    With an urge to live in,
    Heaven crowned as Earth.

  • anyerenaj 5w


    Tears are unspoken feelings hidden a long time


  • bhoomikaspeaks 6w

    I always wonder if nature have MINDSET
    How would that be ?
    If nature could speak I will ask -
    How do you love selflessly
    Aren't you fade of for being the giver always
    Why balance is more important for you than equality ?
    How could you do Soo much without any expectations?
    What's your secret of being always happy (always gives happiness)?
    How do you hide your anxiety , fear , sowrrow & the wet eyes?
    ©bhoomikaspeaks #unansweredquestion #unspoken #nature #life #thoughts #diary #poetry #mirakee #tuesday #writersnetwork #pod @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee_words @mirakee_post

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    I always wonder if nature have MINDSET
    How would that be ?


  • charles73 6w

    ஒரு மின்னலாய் வந்து
    பல வெளிச்சத்தை தந்து
    ஒரு இடியை ஏற்படுத்தி
    என் இதயத்தை நொறுக்கி
    மழைப் போல் வந்தாய்
    என் காதலை அடித்து சென்றாய்...

  • namratha_ram 7w

    I'm slave to unspoken words.

  • anonymously_mysterious 7w

    Kaun Kehta Hai...

    कौन कहता है कि दिल का गम बताने को।
    आँखों में आँसू जज़रूरी है।।
    कौन कहता है कि रूह की खुशियाँ जताने को।
    लबों पे मुस्कान ज़रूरी है।।