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  • kitty8frost 1w

    Complicated Relationship

    She won't apologize for the past,
    yet expects me to forgive her fast.

    She still thinks that all of it was fine,
    when she would destroy what was mine.

    Does she deserve my acceptance after all?
    Unsure if I have the right to make that call.

    We've made many mistakes over the years.
    We're human after all, there will be tears.

    But does she have the right to be forgiven?
    Do I have the right to make that decision?

    This relationship between us is strange.
    What will it take for this to change?

    This problem isn't something to dismiss.
    But I'm not sure if I know how to fix this.


  • deepflowsoul 4w

    True love sounds like...

    I believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. I won't abandon you when you're unsure.

  • bclark2681 5w

    I Am Who?

    I am the one unsure
    Unsure of who I am
    Am I ever going to locate
    Locate my childly dreams
    Dreams that's been lost
    Lost within the tempest
    Tempest of my mind
    Mind that is depressed
    Depressed not knowing
    Knowing who I am

  • fari_tales 6w

    Unspoken words

    So much to say, yet I end up backspacing it all, taking twice the time it took me to write it.



  • keehoor 20w


    Part II

    You and I, both witnessed people walking away from our lives. So this time around, we wasted no time in putting on our running shoes; perhaps to win a conquest, where the one who walks away first triumphs; in our case, the one who runs away first. This was a race we shouldn't have participated in. We made a mistake as we kept looking for errors in each other.

    But I'm glad none of us is waiting for the other to run anymore. I stopped following you. And the people who were chasing our future more than we ever did, also stopped. We are a discarded story and a stale rumor now. Let's acknowledge, in fact, put it down on paper. We are erroneous. We are runaways; we left our respective homes to build a home together. All we ever did was run. Spill it, scream it out aloud. We are runaways!
    And honestly, nobody cares.
    However, although we are errors in manifestation, we permit diversity, a difference from the norm. That's what I always said. But was I wrong?

    Now our voices are words exchanged on work phones. Nonetheless, I believe you haven't completely overcome my love. So I call you up and tell you, “I want to see you.” It is merely out of concern, but I don't let you know that, lest it'd hurt your pithy ego. I'd like to believe that I have some kindness still left, unlike your predispositions about my indifference and cruelty.

    When I see you, I want to see myself. I want to know the way you saw me the first time, and I want to know if you see anything different—because we had told ourselves of how sure we were about ourselves and what we'd become, but I guess we weren't. Were we?

    I write—brief passages and poems. I send most of them to you. You understand some. I call you up again, but not at work. This time, it is on the telephone at your place, and I talk about the berry custard pie that my slender fingers sink into. You are hungry. I rip your clothes and make a quilt out of the scraps. I look into your Himalayan eyes and quiver. Then I remember, I never fell in love with your eyes. It was something else. That head, which carries your brain. I stroke your hair and read you a poem. You don't seem to understand. I adore the confused look on your face. You're a disoriented car stuck on a crossway. I fall in love: in love with the beats that go erratic when we're silent enough to hear them.

    I think about you often. I think it is a mistake. I think about the untouched raw berries that would taste like fireworks in our mouths. I wonder what if we would have waited for them to ripen. My palms sweat. I feel a strange wrench in my gut. Would we crush them beneath us to make wine?


  • lkr_asen_hihara 24w

    And you're like "The Forest of my Dreams"...
    May this speak to your soul in depths that my simple words failed to address...
    #love #me #him #us #unsure #tempting

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    The Call of the Wild

    She stood again where the trail begin,
    Drawn to the forest and its alluring scent,
    Wild and deep, she knew not where it'll lead-
    Will it be gentle or just make her bleed?

    What secrets does this forest hold?
    Will its charm slowly and irresistibly unfold?
    Will there be sunbeams along those shady bends?
    Or perhaps a bed of wild flowers at the very end?

    Will it take her to places she's never been?
    Or show her things she's never seen?
    Will she find or lose herself in its depths?
    She'll only find out when she takes her first steps.

    For the wilderness, in her heart, had struck a chord-
    And now she longed to explore all that it has stored,
    For the narrow trail winding among the trees,
    Spelt to her the invitation to a wonderful feast.

    Whether she's on the wrong path, only time will tell-
    Tomorrow is not promised, so in the present, she chose to dwell-
    To allow her mind to wander for a day,
    In the Call of the Wild to be swept away!

  • pujith_66 25w


    What are we?
    I don't understand our relationship.
    Some times we're freinds, sometimes we are more than friends and sometimes I'm just a stranger to you.
    One moment your talking to me as if I'm so special. The other moment you talk to me as if I don't matter to you.
    One day you pay so much attention to me. The other day you don't even care.
    Don't play with my feelings if your so unsure about yous.


  • sarahrachelea 25w

    Don't mess with his/ her feelings
    If you're unsure of yourselves
    Remember, karma is real
    And life will reward you the same shit soon


  • justrandom_thoughts 26w


    Rythm of the beats are
    Tranquility to her mind
    A tale behind every song
    Is like heartbeats to her soul

    Dancing under the stars is
    Still her dreams
    She is no pro
    But she is ready to go

    She cannot express herself while speaking
    Expressing herself through dance is an escape for her to keep leading

    Dance for her is a preaching
    Is a feeling
    When someone starts dreaming

    Getting haunted by the thoughts that her dream will not be recognized
    She doesn't even give a try

    She knows she is timid
    Sometimes she is ripped apart
    But she still trusts her instincts
    That vividly
    She will become who she wants too
    And that nobody could deny
    Her gift by the God.

  • anthonyhanible 27w

    You Love Me? Pt2

    I'm unsure
    It's your job to secure
    I'm confused baby
    Baby I'm lost
    Do you love me?
    Are you playing
    Please don't be Lying
    My heart
    My mind
    My soul
    Is in this
    Is yours?

  • power_petals 28w

    I assume, my love for you was one-sided;
    Not sure, whether it was a crush, as my senses were blunt.
    As my ears heard your melodious voice,
    calling my name from the edge of hall,
    My heart was overwhelmed with rejoice.
    Your approaching foot steps,
    really, did make me go, out of breath.
    In a few minutes, there you were,
    standing in front of me with your charm and allure.
    As you began talking, my vocabulary betrayed me, and
    eventually, I started stammering.
    It was beyond my imagination,
    that a conversation, could bring a adrenaline rush.
    Although five minutes felt like hours,
    I just wanted you to talk.
    For a moment, I thought of pouring my heart out,
    But, the turbulence of emotions left me with no word.
    Unsure of whether it was affection, attraction or my mind playing Bazinga,
    I decided to keep my jar of feelings inside its arena.
    My oxytocin surge had different story to tell, and, it did ring a bell
    But, Just like those other thousand times,
    I planned to ponder a little more about my UNSURE LOVE.

    #mirakee #writersevent #pod #crushlove #unsure

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    Unsure Love


  • kyriesativa 38w

    I give you space.
    But, I want you to ask
    Me to stay.
    One day
    Very far away
    (Or maybe not)
    You'll have all the space
    Anybody could want.
    Will you share it
    With me?
    Or not?

  • _knox_ 43w

    Lingering thoughts

  • skeptical_mind 50w

    Unsure Love

    Unaware of each others presence
    We were star-crossed from the start

    Our little infinity was our eternity
    Yet managed to survive for a life time

    Hoping for a life of love with dreamy eyes
    Promises to be together for infinite miles

    Vows to be made and odes to offer
    Vanishes all the pain with love to conquer

    We were like mad souls who
    Forgot the existence of this world

    Unsure of love, yet trying to hold
    It's the suffering that made us cold!!

    Still we hope, to see the sunshine
    With broken heart that's forever mine!!


  • callingcrows 53w

    Into The Wilderwood.

    As we drove further into The Wilderwood, the edges of the grand pines reached out towards us with great verdant arms, and as the wind weaved up and along their branches, they became beckoning hands. It was almost as if they were calling, "yes, come here. Come further into the deep dark wood..."

    February 23, 2020.


  • wifey_suicide 54w

    Anxiety, were not friends

    Anxiety, were not friends.
    The day you came to me, that day you were filled with fear. The lost of trust that came with it too. With my heart opened wide, darling please come here.
    I'll comfort you until you get back on your feet.
    That day I messed up. Cuz now you're like an everlasting period that just floods my brain with emotions and torment. And all I did was open my arms for you, so you can take my hand. Just so you can see better days.
    But with you, why do they seem so far away?

    Is there an actual cure or I'm I stuck in this rampage?
    I'm hurting to, because every time I go on into a conversation, it feels like I'm on a stage and the words I spill out slowly fade... Into mumbles and decay into the dreams of jokes that could've had people even choke. But now the conversation is dead, and nobody is woke.

    I want us to have hope anxiety, but all you say is
    And go to seep till the next day. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, cutting off dreams that will never come back. Twisting up into,
    "no wait! I wasn’t finished with that."
    Like a movie, I wanted to see how it ends. But it isn't the human who wins.
    Christians call it a demon, doctors call it a illness
    But either way you're stuck on pills to dig it away, like an abortion
    "Just go away!"
    As it digs it's claws in your brain, screaming
    "no! It won't be the same!"
    Cuz you're so use to this feeling of fear and over thinking, and as the fight goes back and forth, depression gets in the way
    3 / 5
    Just then anxiety looks like the good guy, but it lies
    Hidden behind the cries, heart beating fast
    Yet you're not ready to die, laying down in a ocean filled emotion as anxiety is filling up it's skin with lotion, smooth and soft.
    So comforting.
    That temporary feeling that makes me think
    Why was I even mad?
    Why was I even sad?
    With those stupid words that just slide out
    "Here anxiety, I'm sorry."
    Until the next time, you're like my best friend.

  • terbell 59w

    I'm not sure,
    Some days I'm lazy,
    Some days I'm crazy,
    I swing in many ways,
    I'll be moody,
    Or I'll be cheery,
    Then I'm like what's today,
    Oh, I thought it was that day,
    And then I wanna sleep for eternity,
    Or I want to be restless and about,
    I guess I'm ever changing,
    Without a doubt.

  • kyriesativa 59w

    I have done nothing but love you entirely
    We cried together when we realized it was the drinks,
    or us
    Neither of us has had it easy
    We want to push the boundaries drawn around us
    But are scared to snip the ties that hold here
    You have a family
    I have anxiety
    I wonder who will break first

  • xaaronmichaelx 64w

    each other

    we may be broken
    we may be lost
    we may unsure
    but at least we have
    each other

  • suchitra_ 65w


    Dear you ,
    You have made me unsure about a lot of things .

    I am unsure about all those nights that , I have spent with you .

    I am unsure about my prioritie in your life .

    I am unsure of the answers to the question , I asked you.

    I am unsure about all the stories you told me about your past ..

    I AM UNSURE ............
    I am unsure about where I stand in your life and where you stand in mine too!

    I am unsure that when two lines run parallel to each other , if they can really truly meet .

    I am unsure why your heart is still hungry when it has had enough to eat.

    I am unsure if the two pieces that we found, for this puzzle are the perfect match .

    I am unsure if the spaces in between your fingers can any longer be filled up by my hands .

    I am unsure about the spaces which are to hard to be fill

    I always want to stand besides you to fight with every problem and misunderstanding between us, but I am unsure you wanted it or not !

    I always want to believe on your stories but I am unsure........that those stories was the truth or just a friction .

    Dear you,
    There are memories of your past lovers that dance like firefly on a dark night

    May be you know that a fireflies is bioluminescent and produces its own light!

    So do you memories , remnants of your past

    I stay up all night chasing your fireflies, catching them, putting them into the cages that I know won't last forever

    Before, I LET YOU GO,
    there is something that you really really need to know

    That there is something, I extremely sure of

    THAT LOVE ...............
    That love is never be UNSURE !