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  • magicalmystery 106w

    Be Wild With Me

    People walked everywhere before cars.
    Now we can hardly stand for three hours.
    But I'm not included in that "we", for I have started walking more and more for my own benefits.
    We in America live in a society where movement is no longer necessary. Machines do everything so our brains work less: it takes years of practice to learn how to build a fire with sticks, but only a second to flick a lighter with your thumb.
    The wonder of nature is lost to the neon colors and lights of our screens. We can't even hear the birds anymore.
    We don't even try to.
    Animals are so smart in a hundred ways that we don't know about. Think about it: if you were born in a mill and sold to live in a cage, your intelligence would depend on the activities your owner allows you to take part in. Otherwise, you circulate in that cage in a pattern of madness.
    We stunt our pets intellectual growth by caging them, by showing them nothing but doses of affection mixed with angry shouts and scoldings. We treat our pets like pets, when they should have never been caught in the first place.
    Animals in the wild are much smarter than the ones in cages at petstores. But the ones in labs are even more so, because they are given tests which challenge their pattern of thoughts and behaviors, but most likely in a cruel way.
    So which are we? We are not wild people. Not anymore. We don't live like people that need to survive. We live in comfort, our only quarrels being those in our household or those at our jobs. So we with either in a caged lifestyle, or a laboratory lifestyle.
    But we need to go back to our roots, before our ancestors roots are all dug up and paved over in concrete.
    Never forget where you came from (whatever your definition of this may be); we are all walking different paths in our lives, but we've grown accustomed to sitting down far too long.
    Stand up and howl, you dogs behind fences; bite the hand that feeds you and start feeding yourself.
    Let's form packs of like-minded individuals: those of us who no longer want to be caged or ran through mazes.
    Let's be like lions and show the sheep what true pride really means; let us all be wild and free.
    We were never meant to be tame.