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  • ryancier_ 2w

    Lyrical Vines #2

    The water was filling,
    and, meanwhile, I was
    thinking of my next line.
    Of course, the wisest know
    that "lines" come to you in
    the dim of the shower,
    or the excitement of
    a beach-house-based vacay.
    Time to make this property
    vacant! Yes, vacant!


  • keehoor 8w

    V A C A N T

    I don't say they don't come. They do; sometimes, incessantly. But they keep leaving. All of them. They just leave. And while doing so, they keep taking away bits of me with them. That's fine. I don't feel anything anymore. Now there's a hollow soul in a vessel—my body, with a stirring spoon—my dimmed heart, which keeps muddling dying emotions. So I keep moving. This life seems like a fragile glass artifact, stained and scratched at several spots. I hold it in my hands and try to love it. And someone said that I shouldn't be gloomy or sad about it. But I am empty, with barely any emotions left. Why would I be gloomy or sad? I can't be, when I am so vacant. I just can't be anything.


  • paulsweeney_ 80w

    note to myself

    nobody loves you.
    your better of dead.
    release your chosen method.
    a bullet to your head.

    the devil is dancing,
    a jig on your faith.
    breaths fire in your darkness.
    a dance you embrace.

    your eyes are vacant.
    your soul is vague.
    snapped from the inside.
    your poor body aches.

    your floating like a river.
    theres no brake to put a stop.
    away you went, to were you came from
    hitting every rock.

  • nictomasut 93w


    A vacant pledge
    Lost long ago
    With a faint blow
    And a glass edge
    Cast by the ghost
    Of sharp fragments
    Split as segments
    Stray on the coast
    Of mindless crimes
    From slaughtered times

  • sinister_rabbit 94w


    The bottom of a bottle never looked so alluring
    Your vacuous heart lying at the end of an empty glass
    In this moment you feel nothing
    Time so slow as if it will never pass
    All alone on the kitchen floor
    Pour yourself another shot
    He doesn't love you anymore

  • daivas 100w


    How can it be possible?
    Just nothing happened today,
    Quite like the day yesterday.
    I followed the trodden roadway,
    To be a statue before display.

    How can it be possible?
    No new face, with smile on place,
    Chats were waned in cyberspace,
    Life portrays new irksome phase,
    Give some space to find the grace.

  • untamed_poet_ 103w

    We were asked to write
    About "SPACE"
    In class, today.
    The girl beside me
    Smiled so big
    Like she already knew
    I wish she had told me too.
    She started writing
    And I saw numbers.
    Must be something to
    Do with how far
    The Sun is from the Earth.
    The only "SPACE"
    I was pretty familiar
    Was the empty space
    My grandpa left in
    His small room
    And in all our lives
    After he left.
    The space between
    The two consecutive words
    "One finger space"
    My teacher used to say
    When I wrote everything
    Perhaps, I didn't know
    What it meant back then.
    The vacant space
    On the "This is not your side of the bed"
    Since Didi left for college.
    The "Storage space full.
    Some apps may stop working"
    Reminding me of what
    I am trying to forget
    That some files cannot be deleted.
    The distance between the two of us
    How it keeps growing day by day
    Somewhere fading like the little
    Planets which aren't fit to exist
    Because you said
    You needed your own space.
    The galaxies you held in your sockets
    And the universe within yourself.
    Of how Bhai tells me that the Moon
    Is a good listener but I think
    It's rather Someone who created it.
    Or how the holes in the ozone layer
    Are nevertheless just people
    Who found themselves lost
    Even when they were surrounded
    By so many people.
    And how shooting stars
    Teach me that death
    Can still look beautiful.

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  • girl_sitting_in_sunshine 104w

    So empty within.

    Sometimes it feels,
    like I'm blank.
    Can't think of a word,
    to fill the empty rank.

    I feel like I'm hollow inside,
    devoid of every feeling.
    Like one more step and I'll break,
    and there's no more healing.

    I can't cry,
    i can't laugh.
    i can't feel,
    I'm just tearing into half.

    i want to help myself.
    but the problem is beyond me.
    i want to understand myself,
    understand what i want to be.

    i feel like I'm just moving on and on,
    with no purpose no light.
    even for a moment i can't focus my thoughts,
    there's no goal in my sight.

    I'm crying inside,
    I'm crumbling and crumbling.
    i just don't know what's happening,
    don't know how to stop myself from tumbling.

    I see what i have to do,
    but i can't do it.
    i can see my priorities,
    but even the fun doesn't fit.

    I fail in both,
    the right and wrong,
    i fall in everything i do.
    It's like i don't have a mind,
    like i am going blind,
    getting lost , never to be their find.

    It's not them, the world.
    It's something in me,
    which keeps me thinking.
    Thinking with nothing to think,
    like , so empty within.


  • magicalmystery 104w

    Vacant Eyes

    She sits back and stares with vacant eyes at the ceiling,
    Her head like a kettlebell, weighted and thick.
    She feels nothing.
    Not even the desire to exist.
    She knows that if she sleeps tonight,
    She will wake up wishing she never did.
    "I have no one, and no purpose." she tells herself through numb lips.
    And as long as she keeps changing that mantra,
    She'll believe in it--
    And right now, she'll believe in anything that makes sense.


  • dishani_sarkar 119w

    The Void

    Why do I feel so empty, numb, and vacant? I'm not sad and I'm definitely not too euphoric. Is it because our bits of happiness remain behind inside the ones and the things we love or rather, we used to love and now they are far away? No, because I rarely think about them. Then is it someone who's still in your life the reason behind this vacant feeling? Or is it a desperation for someone or something, like love or food? Or maybe it's because you couldn't achieve something that you desperately wanted to? It could be either of these or neither of them. Or maybe it's all of the above. How do I know? For all I know that this is temporary and it still hurts a lot. Not a physical pain. Is it anxiety? I don't know. Shakespeare had said, "Hell is empty and all the devils are here" but I feel like they are all in my head, torturing me as if I was the reason behind their Fall. So what does it look like from the inside? Is there a war going on inside my head? Not exactly. Not that I'm aware of. I feel nothing but a desperation to get rid of this feeling of void, emptiness and wretchedness. I laugh and crack jokes and trust me, I truly enjoy them. But as soon as they are over, I feel the choking desolation creeping back, like the ancient evil Serpent. But again, we don't know if it was really evil or was it the scared and ignorant people cooking up stories to either satisfy their cause or trying to steer clear of the dark cavern of the unknown and Reason. Contradictory points? I know. Homo sapiens are a weird species with contradictions controlling them. Deal with it. Sorry for the rant. I feel much better!

  • silencesparks 128w

    Some days are just not ment for words
    U just sit and
    And rethink
    About giving a way to express Ur thoughts...

  • the_next_writer 138w


    "Remember the time when I took your favourite top "

    "Remember the time when I lied to your mother that you are in washroom,but you were with your boyfriend "

    "Remember the time when I ate all your favourite maggie"

    "Remember the time when your ex broke up with you and I broke his nose"

    "Remember the time when we lied to ma'am and run away from this jail,but now I just want to stay in this jail forever with you"

    "Remember our 2 AM talks and after that not going to college the next day "

    "I will surly miss these days,but now the time is just to say ,
    REMEMBER "With that the roommates took last glance and for the first time the hostel room got vacant

  • theconsolingsoul 139w

    Vacant soul

    He robbed her of all the emotions
    Now she's a vacant soul afraid to rely


  • mmbftd 143w

    Superficial Veins

    I watched your beautiful hands
    Soft and sweet like flower petals
    Your fingers
    Creating the most intricately detailed miniature replicants
    Of mundane things...
    Pieces of pie
    Cups and spoons
    Mirrors encircled with the tiniest flowers
    entwined together in a colorful framing chain.
    Your capable hands impressed me so.
    Your pale skin made me envious of your youth-
    My own hands wrinkled, spotted and incapable of such talents.
    I saw your veins
    Blue spiderwebs spun beneath your entitled skin
    And I noticed almost too late that those blue, blue veins turned green
    Around me
    With a dangerous envy
    Much more pathological than mine.
    Your need to become me
    Was unnerving and despicable
    And thankfully-
    But I would be lying
    If I said I didn't miss you
    And watching you work
    Copying things
    On this small scale
    As you never believed in the wonder of these things.
    Like I always did.
    I always believed in you
    And in the end
    That was our great undoing
    Because you tore us apart without needing to use those beautiful capable hands
    All you used was your devious mouth
    And I believed
    But learned the truth
    So we had to part
    I miss you
    That part of you
    I believed in
    Who was never even here.
    Blue to green
    To disappeared.


  • mkandres 156w

    A Packed Suitcase

    He didn't notice the suitcase
    Sitting by the door
    But his eyes opened wide
    As he sunk onto the floor.

    All the furniture was gone
    There was nary a knick or knack
    The empty room began to spin
    Hot air was turning black.

    He rushed into the baby's room
    No toys, books or clutter
    Clutching at his chest
    His heart began to flutter.

    Slogging to the bedroom
    He shared with his lovely wife
    Vacancy stared him in the eyes
    Where had gone his life?

    Back on down the hallway
    To re-trace his heavy steps
    He now noticed the suitcase
    And reached into its depths.

    There was their wedding photo
    A couple pictures of their son
    Why'd she want to leave him?
    What had made her run?

    The note she'd packed away
    Didn't explain too much
    Just that she was tired
    Of the hitting and such.

    As her golden wedding ring
    Rolled across the hardwood floor
    He looked again at her portrait
    The one he had adored.

    He only did what he thought
    What he saw a marriage to be
    Daddy always picked on Ma
    She never complained, you see.

    Now she was breaking the cycle
    Of generations long since passed
    His son would grow into a real man
    And for him, true love would last.

    --Melissa Andres

  • vincent 162w

    WARNING! MORBID POEM AHEAD! I don't want to ruin anyone's day on this festive season, but this isn't a happy poem. Hope you share my loneliness and empty seek. #vacant #empty #mirakee #writerly #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    Vacant room reconciles my being.
    Absence of companion mirrors humanity.
    Still I gaze on beyond the horizon,
    In hope to meet your eyes.

    Windows and doors open wide,
    To welcome an unannounced visitor.
    Like the breeze before the storm,
    Someone hasn't been here for long.

    Tired eyes and broken heart,
    Dancing in melancholic Paradise.
    Calling out the names of loved.
    And longing for the forgotten kiss.

    I wait in the Vacant land,
    Focussed on my useless rant.
    With periodic glances at my phone,
    Hoping for a voice to be seen.

  • anushka_hemnani 175w


    Spaces between people left vacant by words are often occupied by doubts.


  • kurenai 175w


    He walked into town,
    On a brisk autumn night.
    The man was a mystery,
    That gave townsfolk a fright.

    He's as tall as a giant,
    Wearing dark clothes,
    Arms covered by long sleeves,
    No one knows.

    The bartender saw him
    Walk into his bar.
    He stared and scowled
    As he cleaned wine jars.

    A pale-skin girl jogs past him,
    Wondering where he came from.
    The girl scampered away,
    as the man ignored both of them.

    The man that no one knew
    Walked down a busy street.
    None of the many he passed
    He was eager to meet.

    He stopped in front of a huge building,
    He lived there a month ago.
    He enjoyed staying there,
    Now it's closed but he misses it so.

    He retreated, angrily, all the way back.
    Back through the empty streets he had just passed.
    They were so lively, but that happened quick.
    Now there was no one because of his past.

    The moonlight faded,
    As the clouds coated the town in darkness.
    He leaves the town,
    With anger and sadness.

  • roky_yash 183w


    Deep in darkness,
    I stood alone,
    Quiet and scared,
    Yet unnoticed by all,
    Growing up slowly,
    I saw the world,
    Waiting to devour,
    And have me whole,
    I fight and slowly rise,
    Hiding all with smile,
    Covering my scars,
    Clothing them all,
    I resist and cringe,
    at the whole crowd,
    Soon I am void,
    Vacant inside,
    Waiting to be loved,
    Living my dark life...

  • ash_writes_muses 188w


    It takes time to run wild. All while when I whine about my wishes that seldom come true. Loose, I've set destiny free as if I don't trust the breeze to carry the weight. But it's too late to debate what was wrong when the bell rang and I failed to notice and now it's doors closed, possibly forever. Chatter chewed time so precious that was sacrificed for my own precious. but to handle the loss, takes a heart much more gracious than mine. Tiny fragments of her memories drag me across the train tracks of my mind so vacant where it gets too overwhelmingly cold and leaves me there. Nothingness for miles across in every direction.
    And now I walk alone.