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  • shadownik 1d

    A sorrow

    And there I was, panting and struggling
    In a whirlpool of madness and depression

    While there you were, bumbling and cackling
    Oblivious to my suffering, with a cold expression

    All I wanted was someone to comfort
    To take my addled mind into a warm embrace
    But you only ever felt I was a disgrace
    Why couldn't you see that I was just hurt

    Now that I've won, it is a thing of the past
    But a hint of that soreness has already grown a cast
    My heart doth feel an aversion to love
    And my mind oft question " Is what I know to be love really love "

    Though my beliefs were shaken
    I still abide and try to help and be kind
    Cause I belive in happiness that cometh by following the heart
    It has never been a question of right nor wrong
    That was what I had gathered on mending my addled mind..

    And now you call me heartless and cold?
    You call me selfish and question my heart
    Too say that I am indifferent to suffering
    When what you have suffered is akin to a minor scrape

    Where were you when I was struggling to breathe
    The thing that pulled me out was my calculating mind
    It was the anchor to my drifting mind.

    I get it that you couldn't see it
    I get it that you can't stand me not seeing it
    There's no fault of yours nor mine
    But where doth justice lie...


  • ryancier2 3d

    The Corporate Void

    Even if I look
    to the branches
    beneath my feet
    and start a war-cry
    with the little bits
    of utensils near my being,
    would that do ANYTHING?
    As I scream into this void,
    I can't help but feel
    as though it's become even more...
    devoid... of laughter, progress,
    the celebration of sex and the emotional
    streaming of young humans.
    That's all been taken away--
    We're all just...
    screaming into the Corporate Void, now.

  • lost_in_the_empty 3w

    Out of control

    I wish somebody could
    just understand
    You see my anxiety tend
    to take control of me
    Make me do things
    without thinking
    It takes over my entire body
    And your just watching
    Sitting silently with your
    metaphorical popcorn in your
    hand watching the show
    Watching me slowly spin
    out of control

  • eyesick 5w

    They say im the devil
    Yet i dont compete in any challenges that goes on
    Yet the devil still somehow wins the battle
    How am i the devil then??
    If i purposely disqualify myself

  • eyesick 6w

    I dont lose
    I only choose, when to win.

  • eyesick 6w


    I just had one wish today.
    But of course,
    Like all my other wishes,
    They never come true.
    So now it is just a broken thought
    That caves inside of a broken home
    A broken heart
    With spider webs nesting inside of a black hole.

  • hopelessromant 6w

    I hate it when anyone makes fun of my colour. I know how to take the punch but never did they teach me how to deal with them. Guess it's never too late to learn. This optimistic SOB is what makes me hate myself, because I cannot genuinely hate a person for more than day.
    Save yourself, never mature early.... #2pmthoughts #venting

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    Born Black

    This isn't even a fault
    We all made it a fucking curse
    There are days were I wanna scrape skin off
    Probably like face mask
    Only this time,
    It wouldn't be the cosmetics but my skin
    That walked shoulder to shoulder
    Which would be coming off

    Well we would still be laughing
    Because it isn't "us" who is hurting
    By us I mean black folks too...
    You don't get to zip your pants and slide away
    Because you watched us get fucked too...
    What's that about "sinning by silence"
    That it makes cowards out men too.
    Well I'll say she got one part right
    The rest of it,
    Is that it creates monsters like
    Freddie Krueger or even Ted Bundy
    Who will hunt all of "us"
    While walking down Elm Street at night.

    Why and when did we stoop so low?
    Making me feel that my parents should
    Have drained the life out of me
    And let it flow in sewer lines below.
    Wish I was girl, and they found about me
    Making them commit female infanticide
    Well I would have died
    With pity the least and dignity at most.

    I am not saying that I revolt
    Or rebel against them , making myself become
    Holier than Thou.
    I take the abuse because I heard my teacher's say
    "If you hurt someone to make others laugh,
    Your the wrong guy for people to invest in.
    But if you can make them laugh by hurting
    yourself then you have done it right."

    Listen up people, for this not going to be the last time
    A black person is going to say they are scared
    Not because we could be pelted to death
    But rather fear that:
    They can never fall in love
    Make love
    Have kids
    And even if they do, hope they don't birth a black child
    Because they would have to commit a crime
    That even God's fallen angel doesn't like.


  • eyesick 7w


    They still believe that he turned water into wine, MAGICALLY ahahahahahahaha
    No ....
    Its the same way u turn sand into glass
    Trees into paper
    Trees into houses
    Trees into money
    .. they just never stuck around for the process
    They only seen the outcome. ......

    And thats alot like life now days
    People only stick around for the amazing outcome because the process is either too boring or too long to wait .
    Not knowing its going to turn into something beautiful and different .

  • eyesick 7w

    By the way my secret plan was to get u out
    While i took your place in suffering .
    But u didnt know that huh
    All good.
    The reason why i did it is because i was punishing myself for the sins i have caused
    And now i cant stop sinning .

  • eyesick 7w

    Its hard to do planning
    When they are in my head,
    doing the planning's based off my planning
    So now i move 4 steps ahead.
    If thats understanding
    My mind is demanding
    So im walking all dead.
    Cuz all of this planning
    Knowing they knowing my planning's
    Im exhausting my head.

  • eyesick 7w

    The difference between me and the devil
    Is that i spare ur life,
    for the sake of mine .
    The devil convinced u that i was the devil
    So he can be hidden in blinds.
    Im not scared to show my face
    Like that pussy cuz he hides.
    He shapes himself as people
    that u prayed for and cried.
    I do want to die but i also want to survive.
    And when they tell u that im evil well thats just half of a lie.
    They go for what i want
    And what i want is the truth.
    They know i dont fckk with red
    so they gave me that crew.
    Even though im alive
    all i rep is the blue.
    No disrespect to the other side but im just always so true.
    Just like the devil i trick u with lines
    Its up to u to understand what is hidden in lines.
    Im the devils devil
    i dont fckking lie.
    I find loop holes to this shyt
    And i can teach u but these trust issues got me eatin alive.

  • eyesick 7w

    Dear devil

    See i was serving u
    Until u made me lose my most prized possession.
    Now i need to get even
    I dont care if your more powerful than me
    And i dont care if i dont have god behind my back
    I will get my revenge.
    Im another angel who fell.
    I thought we was on good terms
    Just how i thought me and god was on good terms .
    People always talk about the good or bad
    But never want to talk about the ones in the middle.
    The ones who seen both sides.
    Now guess who represents them..
    You will soon know. Once i see u .

  • eyesick 8w

    I do wanna talk
    So i can solve any problems.
    I came here for u
    Not your pops or yo mama.
    U my sugar top
    U got cakes u be lava.
    Ur level be so high
    So i turned into a rasta

  • eyesick 8w


    There is a difference between self discipline
    And self punishment
    Self discipline is you shaping yourself into a better person . Right.
    And self punishment is u know your wrongs and know u dont deserve better .
    Im in the self punishment phase .
    Even though i prayed for that joy in my life . I still know i cant in any way improve her life or deserve her in my life. .
    So i self punish my self.

  • eyesick 8w

    Its like
    Ur in a tank of water and chained up
    And u have one inch away from the top.
    But ull never reach it because ur chained .
    U only can see the top.
    Taunting u.
    Teasing u.

  • eyesick 8w


    I pretty much said .
    "U cant destroy me ..but here let me help u destroy me"

  • eyesick 8w

    The truth

    See my problem is......
    I love the past because i know whats expected
    I knew what happened and knew what i can change or what to relive.
    But i hate the future because i dont know what to expect

  • eyesick 8w

    This virus is beating our ass aint it.

  • eyesick 11w

    If only every firework was a shooting star

  • eyesick 12w

    I couldnt make a goal in life
    Cause all i do is fail it
    So i made death a goal
    And now i live like im immortal .