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  • james_taumas 22h


    Marco kneeled before his naked queen. He reached out with his finger tips, hopeful and hesitant. He made it to her bare arm.

    His touch bit Carla's skin with static nibbles. She didn't react, she remained a smooth river stone against the emotional current.

    He leant forward, allowing his warm breath to caress her ear. 'You only have to acknowledge me and you'll be set free.'

    Carla forced herself not to cry and didn't meet his yearning gaze. A life or death sentence weighed upon her.

    Marco brought up the stainless scalpel and cut away Carla's gag. 'Go ahead, speak. Say my name.'

    She bit her lip instead drawing blood to drown her fear.

    He put the unsatisfied blade against her cheek, opening up a tiny nick for a taste. 'Say you will be my queen.'

    The banging on the door halted the scalpel's path.

    'Police! Open the door!'


  • shirly_isaac 1d


    Flashing back to the scar
    You caused a few years ago
    Little sister you called
    Oh wait! Maybe she just thought so.
    'Anna', she fondly addressed
    No that was not a permission for you to undress
    Your filthy mind reflected your heart
    Molesting was your kind of cake walk
    Oh anna you're such a crow!
    With a reputation to damage your words caw
    Your actions even worse so
    Yes, it's unforgivable!
    The scar you left behind, so undeniable.
    But that scar now is her armor
    An armor she wears with pride
    No she's not victim to stereotypical hype
    With her head held high and her charming smile
    she forgave the unforgivable crow
    Despite the scar around her soul
    Then the strength within her soul doubled
    In freedom she now soars over all her troubles
    Dignity and pride are now her inbound valuables.


    The crow just keeps cawing
    In churches, villages and other buildings
    But the crow can never be an eagle you know
    Because that was never it's calling!!

  • being_hustler 2w


    Yes we are today putting a torch in to the topic that is so relevant nowadays...
    Not even a single girl in this country feels safe when she steps outside of her house...
    We have constantly taught our daughters how to be safe,how to run from the place if she encounters any kind of misbehave happens to her...
    I want to ask this society did they ever sat down and advised there son... How to see a woman??
    How to respect them??
    How they should not cross their limits if they don't have their consent??
    They should always behave properly infront of girls...
    (I am not saying that everyman in this world is like this but some men are actually I know there are gentlemen as well and I respect them)
    No we only focus on our girls to behave properly but its not only about one person to behave in a certain way....
    But we are only priortizing woman but what about men do they don't deserve to be told that how to behave because if that has been done I think so we don't need to do any kind of woman empowerment because we need empowerment of humanity first...
    Mostly in a rape case a woman/girl is the only crucial victim because criminal is a men and victim is a woman... According to the society the woman can't get the respect because she has been raped and as their unusual norms they are not a perfect woman because their pride and prestige will fall down if they will go out and survive as a normal human being...
    I know its a worst thing ever happen to a woman but to make feel deteriorated and see her like criminal is worst...
    Let her live!!
    Let's help her to revive her confidence by saying that we are there for her that's all...
    "Woman are warriors not a victim they deserve to be treated equally respectable despite of her cronching past or no matter what she has gone through"
    -Juhi Desai

  • james_taumas 2w


    Home is their night
    Concrete and steel wilderness
    Impotent street lamps
    The light doesn't scare
    Predator in partisan skin
    Fling their web
    Offer venom laced ambrosia
    Serpentine tongue promises
    Lures the lamb
    Mercy flies away
    When unholy appetite sated.


  • faizahraji_bloomwrites 2w

    Just another statistic

    She had no right to talk about it
    No one would want to hear of it.
    The blame was all hers...
    She let herself be just another statistic

  • the_rocking_ray 2w

    They don't need your sympathy, acid never burns only the face, their soul, their dreams, their happiness, and endless things, ends with it.
    My submission for #pic_LS_chal by #laughing_soul
    The amazing bg by : @_saradha_
    "Everyday a piece of me dies
    Like a stabbed rose, leaving its petals behind" - @thesparklingpoetry
    To write something including these lines, was the punishment for my wrong guess in #ttl ...yeah , I know I am too late...I am seriously sorry. I finally tried it, hope you will like it ( fingers crossed).
    A sincere thanks to my queen of hearts @laughing_soul for bringing such amazing challenges...
    #mirakee #writerstolli #osr #bluepup #acid #victim #iambugs #khanwithfun @iammusaafiir @raaj_kalam_ka @priyanshuraj_priyu @vaayu_rajput @saswatbarry19 @mr_wordy @bunnywrites

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    Now, I have a new face to memorise
    But, the state of my mind is still undefined .
    All I could hear, the endless cries
    Everytime, I wish if I was blind .
    Everyday a piece of me dies
    Like a stabbed rose, leaving its petals behind .
    Beggars have no choice, inspite of the endless tries
    Life never left me, it is still by my side.
    I had never been born, I wish sometimes,
    Or never as a girl, he never answered.
    Oh, the sympathy in their eyes,
    The moment they look at me, they always remind.
    Mirror is the only thing, where the truth lies
    My best friend, when I am infinitely quarantined.....
    Pic credit : @_saradha_

  • zhyreal_zeta 2w

    Victim's Healing

    Hearing so many stories, media roars repeatedly.
    Everyone is sympathetic towards us victims,
    Wether sincerely or in an act to not look vile.
    But when reality checks, no one really understand what we go through.
    Everyone just wants to know how it happened so that they can judge who is to blame, or even so that they can confirm that it was your fault -
    "if u aren't stuck up or if u had been friendly it probably wouldn't have happened"
    Respect to the people who care, but really you all can't do much, even us victims can't do anything, and lets be truthful, they'll tell you "say it to the world, you could be helping someone else"
    Quick question - HOW?
    How would my saying that I was raped help anyone?
    What? So they know they are not alone in this hateful world of evil?
    What does it really change telling people that you were a victim? Calling the name of your predator? To spite him or bring people's attention to him?
    After the media dies down, what else?
    We don't get to be better pple now do we?
    It's not your fault --- right!
    If we tell only just those we love, let it be that way pls. Don't bring the false hope of share your story with the world. The world don't care, it's busy building itself off our taxes.
    Don't make our shame public, it's bad enough the scar we treat.
    Don't bring that "worldly fake sympathy" ... What I walk a mile and a million people tell me sorry and rain curses on my predator... what does it change? Did it undo what was done?
    Don't bring that fake forced sympathy love to me. Just let me forge ahead with those I love!

  • wanidiksha 3w

    Acid attack victim

    There are too much scars
    on my face
    they will always be less
    than that of heart.


  • rohiniupma 3w

    Rape Again

    Ohhh my!
    She got raped, poor fellow
    Just give her the bedsheet
    To cover her genitals and yes, the face
    Call and inform the police
    Shout out the incident
    to share tears of sympathy
    Also do get some boxes
    Of candles to march across
    And yes search for a new name
    To hide her real self
    Ahmmm! Nirbhaya was nice,
    Search something similar
    "Tejasvini" will do?

    Yell the slogans hard
    Write the placard
    Do take hints from
    The last month's rape
    Or the before last month
    Or a year back
    There are hundreds roadblock
    organised year on year
    Be it at India gate or
    Gateway of India
    You girl, don't cry,
    It's common now-a-days
    It's just you didn't belong
    to the luckily secured chunk
    who just by chance
    Miss to face the cruelty
    Of the wild human faced animals
    And remember, your glittery dress,
    Or your pink make-up,
    or your short hair were
    never the reason to excite them.
    Girl, these men have
    strong testosterones, Supermans,
    Something beyond their control
    They just slip off for the drive
    Be its 08,18,28,38,48,58
    or even 68 or much older.

    Talking of fault
    It's not only these
    stone hearted animals
    we as a society
    are blind to note,
    screeching slogans
    And candle light vigilance are
    not working at all, it calls
    To change the law,
    to severe the punishment
    To terrorise criminal minds
    by castration or death penalty
    as the only way ahead.

    Our Girls can't sit back
    In fears and fright,
    Dear People,
    Command and reiterate
    Yell your voices to lawmakers
    Till such violence ends.
    Sensitize the young males,
    Train girls to fight back,
    Reform police actions,
    To prevent thoughts turn
    Into barbaric actions.
    The wild animals need to be
    tamed, else they'll be
    Hiding behind masks,
    holding candles
    in the same marches.


    #rape#girl#women#victim @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @poetrydelivery @writersbureau

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    Rape Again !

    The wild animals need to be
    tamed, else they'll be
    Hiding behind masks,
    holding candles
    in the same marches


  • vincent_poetry_ 3w

    You always say it's just a hug.
    But deep down we both know
    who is your next victim.

  • apurwakomal 3w


    Maybe she cries, maybe she laughs
    But you haven't seen her soul;
    Maybe it's broken in halves...
    Maybe she has had cried herself to sleep
    Maybe she has scars that have cuts too deep.
    Maybe she has had some nightmares
    Maybe not even her loved one cares...
    Maybe you've seen her smile
    Maybe she has traveled alone more than a mile...
    Maybe you've not seen her asking for help
    Although she might've cried and helped.
    Maybe you've not heard heard her muffled, helpless screams
    But maybe, just maybe she was wishing this was all just a dream...

  • ruhanee 4w

    The Vicious Cycle

    And I could see spring to life, right before my eyes, the same pattern that I had been once complaining about when I was on the receiving end.

    But this time, I will be the perpetrator and someone else, who was not even a part of that game, will be the victim!


  • kv1504 4w

    Mr. Rapist

    By this age, she was yet not even properly shaped
    And in this country, nothing else but she was raped.
    Can anybody tell, what was her mistake?
    Why was she raped, murdered and thrown in a lake?
    Her brother got the shoes last month and this was her turn,
    Her father never knew that today she won't return.
    She went to buy medicines for her mother, who was sick
    Shame on you man! And shame on your dick!
    Now, who will tie Rakhi on her little brother's hand?
    And who will be his partner for playing clay and sand?
    A five year old growing bud, why was she killed?
    Tell me Mr. Rapist, has your desire fulfilled?
    Poor little one didn't know why you were taking her away,
    So innocent, how could she think you were making her your prey?
    Before her father could know the direction of her scorn,
    She stopped her cry as her body was already torn.
    How could that poor one run, you tightly held her feet and tied her wrist
    Without caring for her life, you satisfied your thrist.
    It was her birthday the very next day,
    Why would it bother you Mr. Rapist, needless to say.
    Candle March, anger on social media, Can this return their child?
    You are not a human being but an animal of wild.
    Moreover you will be jailed and will roam freely again,
    So all the anger and cries, Will they go in vain?
    Your only son will grow up and you will teach him the same,
    And again, her clothes, religion and age, you will blame.
    If god will wish you will have a kid again,
    This time a daughter and then you will know the pain.

  • ink_of_poison 5w


    She was victim of her own thoughts and people blamed him...


  • kapilmehra 5w

    You should always keep in mind that there may be a huge difference between what you realise and what is the reality.

  • irene_das 6w

    Every night the creature jumps at me
    To suck the goodness and to produce a companion to play with him.
    The creature is not a living soul
    But a rotten dying fragment of my mind.
    It embodies wrath, jealousy
    It shelters hatred, agony.

    He grabs my pure thoughts
    Wrestles them down
    And mates with my mind
    So that I can mother my own destruction.
    As the morning walks in
    The creature retreats back to the
    Dark hidden dirty corners of my room.
    And hence every night a ruthless monster and an innocent victim tries to burst out from the same depressed soul.


  • emily_cjw 7w

    I had a time when I wrote only for myself, as a comfort to cure my doubts. But now I am bounded to write, not for me, but to water greedy droughts.

    #lies #sadness #writers #poets #poetry #writing #attention #greed #victim #guilt

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    I Write

    I write for the sake of writing,
    For me to feel so down.
    I talk for the sake of wearing
    That halo or that crown.

    I'm sad for the sake of writing,
    I don't know happiness at all.
    I cry for the sake of lying,
    To whom does the victim call?

    I lie for the sake of creating
    Those tears of pity grief.
    I don't need that sympathy,
    It's just to feed my greed.

    I loath my mind of rue,
    As I write in the name of truth.
    I wonder why I feel so down,
    When they praise my endless ruth.

    I write not for expression,
    I write for the eyes of you.
    But even the tears of liars
    Have a time when they flowed true.


  • cherry_renaya 7w

    Farther Figure.
    The Unspeakable Truth.

    You was a farther figure, you watched me grow as I got bigger.

    Stepfather to me yes. Stepdaughter to you? No!
    For you was overly proud to watch me grow.

    Tickle fights to me was bonding,
    to you a chance of fondling.

    Quite a developing size at such an early start; don’t worry I didn’t tell my mother...
    I didn’t want to break her heart.

    “You need to know” “you need to experience”

    My young mind confused and manipulated, was it a nightmare or real life? Was something I had truly debated.

    But it was real I know because such memories won’t go.

    A grope here. A grope there.
    Nights I couldn’t sleep due to flash backs I couldn’t bare.

    Eleven made no difference to when I was seven, times I’d wish I’d die and be safe up in heaven.

    However I’m still here, I’m still alive and through dark thoughts I WILL survive!

    “You need to experience” oh so call farther I agree for my depression no longer is stronger than me.

    What didn’t kill me made me stronger and thank goodness I don’t have to deal with it no longer.
    But neither should your next victim.

    I hear you have a new born daughter; that made me angry, it made my thoughts turn back to dark. But no way am I getting arrested for man slaughter!

    So I clear my thoughts, I turn to ponder; I can’t keep this quiet any longer.

    When it was me, I distanced myself with the thought: what will be will be.

    But now another innocent life is in your eye sight.

    I can’t get that disturbing thought out of mind and your really not worth one bit more of my time,
    For now I have the confidence to report such a crime.

    I set me and your future victims free I know now I’m doing the right thing, the right thing young me couldn’t see.

    See through the upset and hurt it would cause...

    But I’m ready now and young me is giving a round of a applause!


  • thedarkvoice 8w

    Your pain might seem enormous to you no matter how minute it is in the comparison to what others hide within their hearts.

    But it's human greed for attention or maybe the lust for victimhood, you sob only for yourself.

    Willfully ignoring the pain of the world, peering into your miniscule catastrophe.

  • tausif 8w

    #Realization #Freedom #Victim #Cage #SelfishHumanBeing

    Kitna Nadaan hai na Insaan ya Nasamajh hai Ya Jaan kar bhi Sachchai se Ajnaan banta hai insaan. Asal mein "Khud Garz" hai Insaan. Apni Aazadi aur Tafreeh(Amusement) ke liye Kisi Bezubaan Ko Qaid kar lena Iski Fitrat si hai. Apne Gharoan ko sajane ke liye Qudrat Ki Khoobsurati (Beauty of Nature) ko Barbaad karna Iska Shouk sa hai. Kabhi kisi parinde ko uski Khoobsurati ki wajah se Qaid karlena, Kisi Rangeen Machhli ko Kaanch ki Deewaroan mein mehdood (limited) kardena aur Har nayaab cheez ko apne Gharoan ki Deewaroan pe chahna Iski Chahat si hai.
    Zindagi ka Rukh tab badalta hai jab insaan khud Un halaat se guzarta hai. Jab Insaan bhi Bina Wajah Qaid ki zindagi kaat ta hai. Tab usko Ahsaas hota hai apni Khudgarzi ka, Apni Ghalti ka aur apni Bewajah sakhti ka.

    Usne toh Aazad Kar diya Kya aapne kiya ?

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    Louta Jo "Saza" kaat kar Bina Jurm ki

    Usne Ghar aate hi Saarey "Parinde" Riha kar diye