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  • beensn 6w

    Human rights redefined

    Human rights defined and redefined,
    Is the concept too complicated?
    Certainly not, it's an act- not to deprive,
    Simply an exercise of giving freedom to live.
    As long as one is honest and follows the rules,
    There should not be any kind of 'fear' even of his boss's.
    The minute one's freedom within the bracket ends,
    There is always a violation of their ' Human rights'.
    To make it simple, let me give an example,
    When the seed of a peepal tree germinates at the top hill,
    It grows as huge as possible as an endo morph,
    But when grown in a pot and pruned often, becomes dwarf.
    When the natural growth is infringed in any manner, the freedom is violated,
    In case of humans, with power and politics, the rights are prohibited.

  • normancrane 18w


    With tweezers I relieve her of the pearls within her eyes / The experiment is finished: Experience and I have sucked her dry / Iris-less she cries, but her tears arise like incense to the skies / How sweet the fragrant plumes of her demise! / I ignore her cries; I have gained my prize / And soon her voice will wane / An infinity of ever-fading sighs | An affinity for exculpatory lies...

  • meghna1992 55w


    I was bluffed by your blog which stated - you will wait
    Seeing it I desperately wanted to date
    Within a year your name was labelled as my surname
    And I entered a new game
    Everything appeared like a dream
    Which didn't even remain as a permanent theme
    Your action never matched your blog word
    Started dreading a caged bird
    Things were new to me
    Everything wasn't so easy going as it was expected to be
    Though I enjoyed our cwtch
    But wasn't prepared for every other touch
    I reminded you, your words that you'll wait
    Yet found you to dictate
    Nights sheltered your demons for me to see
    When you forced yourself in me
    How couldn't you see my suffocation when I groaned under you grunting and gasping breath
    Which led my soul to death
    Now it was my life's daily routine
    Where the wounds were left unseen
    Caged bird couldn't even coo her story of violation of chastity
    Which eventually murdered her faith in humanity.

  • joyjitghosh_writer 70w

    Don't be foolish to keep shut when someone is facing violation of human rights, you can be the next victim.

  • messs101 83w

    Sparkling eyes

    With her eyes all sparkling with water, she ran to her mom.
    Mom being suspicious, asked her- whats wrong hon?
    Weeping through her Lap she answered, The van uncle touched me there.

  • safikhan_boss 103w

    Stop Pollution Encourage By Progressive Work

    At least we can do is stop pollution
    at our ends..
    By not throwing waste
    by not using disposables at home..
    a few to name..
    Why not that's how climate change
    Beings to Rise & Encourage
    Those Around us who do mistakes
    Causing indirectly
    Violation of Pollution End
    Remember that is Not Small Level
    It is Biggest Level for Putting Change
    Our Society
    When feel we are little
    To put change
    We can't progress

  • thinkerash 111w


    India, country famous for its rights,
    Major population aware of their rights,
    Most violated and discussed are the rights,
    Country where beef eaters have no rights,
    Whistleblowers die for the sake of rights,
    Entry to holy places, a puzzled right,
    Betwixt political parties utilize these rights,
    Exploited population, still believe in rights,
    And celebrate Dec10 Day of Human Rights,
    With a theme: Stand up for the human rights!

  • brenlissa 113w

    Looking at you with purpose, this thing, this wretched thing, this thing with an irrefutably misguided agenda.
    It leaps, with its claws of anticipation spread wide. It leaps, ready to dig in to your soft, tender vulnerablilities. It leaps.
    And in they go, those claws sliding flawlessly into place, injecting the poison. While looking into your terrified eyes it whispers..
    Sweet nothings.
    And gracefully you fall. You fall with exigency, and purpose. You fall simply, into a world of grotesque pleasure. And that, that creates your
    f a l l.
    Your gaffe.
    Your death.
    Those claws begin to squeeze. They squeeze and violate your insides. They squeeze, in a sick, romantic way. They squeeze and therefore.
    You panic. You panic, while looking every which way to locate the cause of your now unbearable pain, your torture, your sorrow. You panic as you realize you are the victim to this horrendous rape of emotions.
    Looking down into its eyes you falter, confusion swamping your body.
    You're unable to grasp the concept of having allowed yourself to enjoy being vulnerable, only to have your vulnerabilities stripped away from you. You are unable to accept the fact that it has finished its dirty deed while being so reticent, and meticulous. You are unable to recognize the detestable nature of your naiveté.
    And therefore, you let it go.
    ©Brenlyn Aubree Pline

  • thelovelyweasel 124w

    My Will

    Take it with a grain of salt
    When they warn you
    Fuck this up
    One hundred
    Eighty days
    Barred out
    Feast on this
    Poppy seeds
    Catch your breath
    This month runs short
    Run away
    But I stay
    Bless you for another day
    The sensation of everything
    Overhwhelms me
    Caving to
    The relief of giving into
    What imprisons me at home
    Fuck those blocks
    Fuck those cells
    This is Hell
    Where is the high?
    I'm on fire
    Burning alive
    Free falling
    A rapid descent
    Through each level
    Crashing hard
    Coming to
    Crawling out
    The sunlight hurts
    Night time depresses me
    I sit in fear
    Mistake the date
    Take a pill
    Forget something
    To have them lock me up
    Throw away the key
    No different than each day
    I spend alone
    Inside this home
    That's not my own
    My compass speaks
    Reveals to me
    An epiphany
    The truth can taste
    Testing me
    My resolve
    My resistence's been
    Exhausted again
    And again
    And again
    And again
    And again
    Until I'm spent
    If I do
    If I don't
    The loneliness still eats the holes
    Into my depression
    Like moths and worms
    Rock bottom wins
    As I scream at the top of my lungs
    Surrendering completely to
    The God I miss
    The God of Love


  • phal_candy 131w


    There's so much traffic,
    In heaven and hell.
    So God wants you,
    To wear helmet,
    While driving.
    He says not to drink,
    While driving,
    Or before driving.
    He says not to drive,
    Violating the rules.
    So that you won't die,
    And there would be,
    Less traffic,
    In hell and heaven.

  • oromianeyre 134w

    Established isolation

    Front seat covered by gold.Back row hurried away by the storm
    My story of little red riding hood.Kidnapped near grandma's home.Ancestors flow through my genes .Awoke with chains dangling around my neck
    Throat slit. Can't speak
    Tongue twisted, limbs heavily bloody
    Can't walk
    'Oh what a hopeless corpse moving down the drain. Towards it's death towards its grave.' Travelling men whispered through their enchanted dismay. Pity and mercy begging on their knees, yet their limbs do not move closer to the one imprisoned, silenced in brutality with any remorse.Instead what you find is hushed conversations of it's disgust. It was the corpse's fault.Why did it leave it's master, the master who stole her from her home. The one who suffocated her from her name. The one who stab across her wound. Broke her mind, never to remember who she really was. This traveller, this child stolen as good, weeps for remorse someone to rescue. Can't escape from this cycle, can't escape this doom.Instead left to rot upon the struggling, clenching revolting palms of her master.
    Isolation established upon her death, planted upon her breath.

  • sareen 146w

    #abuse-of-power, #abused-women,# coercion, #coercive-acts, #crime, #criminal, #dominance, #feminist, #feminist-theory, #inequality, #law,# male-dominance, #male-domination, #male-thinking, #patriarchy, #power, #rape, rape-convictions, #rape-culture, #rape-survivor, #raped, sexism, sexual-assault, #sexual-violence, #violation

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    In practice the standard for what constitutes RAPE is set not at the level of WOMEN'S experience of VIOLATION..
    But just above the level of COERCION
    acceptable to MEN...


  • dia119 188w

    Lovers on the Noose

    Two innocent lovers
    Hung on the nascent noose
    Now, they lay under white covers
    With crimson scars and oozing wounds

    Their grimacing love; a condemned violation
    For bashful, orthodox ideologies
    Their yonder hearts subjected to abrasion
    While their blemished lives are not even worth apologies

    Choosing love over their confounded life
    They become one now, as they die
    Something they failed to do while alive
    The free-spirited lovers dance in the sky