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    How did it get to this ?

    Laughter. Joy. Commitment. Perfection.
    I love this man, how did I get so lucky?

    Overdue bills. No shows at work. Missed calls.
    There’s always a reasonable explanation for all of this. I thought I got him to pay that bill, maybe I forgot to tell him.

    Anger. Annoyed. Controlling.
    Silly me, I walked into a door….and a table….and his fist but I shouldn’t have made him angry. Its not as bad as it sounds, it was really my fault.

    Guilt. Depression. Sadness.
    Why am I like this? I always fuck up one way or another. I miss how things use to be, I miss him.
    Missing for long period of times. Phone is off. No one knows where you are.

    Pain. Humiliation. Put down.
    I question you and where you’ve been. Rumours are going around and your boss…my dad, hasn’t seen you at work for days, he asks if everything is okay at home because he’s getting friendly with girls at work and being inappropriate. I reassure him everything is okay , but it’s not.

    Have you ever seen a wild dog cornered? They become aggressive, growling, and snarling just waiting for his chance to snap at you to get away or if it thinks it could overpower you, he will.

    Well, when he came back it went like that.

    Next thing I knew I was sitting in the back of our closet crying, cowering, putting my face between my legs and covering my head.
    He made it seem like he was doing me the favor of being with me.
    How did I believe it ?
    “ You’re worthless, no one wants you, I don’t even want you but yet here I am. You’re so controlling and nosy. I’m going out with friends and MAYBE I will come back home but who knows maybe I’ll go fuck whoever I want”. It wasn’t a job complete until you completely crushed me, you wanted me to feel exactly how you made me look.

    Fighting to be with him changed into fighting to get away from him.

    How did broken promises turn into broken bones.

    How did it get to this?

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    The day a mosquito lands on your testicles is the day you will know there is a better way of resolving issues without using violence.

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    Poetic Anger

    I thought I'd be over this,
    Been through this,
    I've discovered more to this.

    The ache in my teeth,
    Rot through generations.
    Ending in me,
    In decay.

    The spite I feel,
    The whip of generations.
    Their fear,
    Wanting to prevent me.

    Words that used to flow,
    Feel stiff and cold.

    The matter inside my skulls,
    Slowly asphyxiating itself,
    Becoming so dry.

    I feel the pulse behind my eyes,
    A dull reminder.

    Violence just under the surface,
    Coiled and ready,
    Begging for release.

    I've been angery for too long,
    It's no longer poetic.

  • isalia 1w

    Bitter Memories

    If only the power of fate lay in our hands
    We could overturn the cards,
    Never to become victims of certain circumstances
    Or lay in compromising instances
    For great is the pain,
    Watching a loved one go down the drain
    By another man's hand is slain
    Intense is the grief;
    It falls on one like a force of gravity
    Blurring out all sense of clarity
    Followed by myriads of queries: Why?
    That no one bears answers as to why
    Then dawns the harsh plight,
    Our loved ones gone out of sight,
    Never to hold or behold,
    Such is the cruelty of life.

    So, I beseech thee
    To take thy hands into thine,
    Let me comfort thee
    You may not have the same story as mine
    But we share in the same grief
    Bitter memories.

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    अजब मुतालबा है,रौशनी छुपाते हैं।
    अजब श'ऊर है, हड्डियां चबाते हैं।
    इस समाज में अब भेड़िए ही रहते हैं।
    अपनी भूख में हम औरतों को खाते हैं।

    अम्न और इत्तेहाद की बातें मत करिए,
    हम सब कत्ल का जलसा यहां मनाते हैं।

    रगों में अब हमारे देखिए पानी नहीं बहता,
    हम इंसानी लहू से आजकल नहाते हैं।

    फ़िज़ा में खुशबुओं को रोकने के वास्ते अक्सर,
    अंगीठी में किसी का लोथड़ा जलाते हैं।

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    Rebellious hearts
    Solidarity souls
    Defiance and resist
    Machine men wait
    Water cannons quell
    Violence unleashed
    Bullets released
    Innocence falls
    Streets are crimson creeks
    People fighting people
    Throne keepers win.


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    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 7 Part 1

    Chapter 7
    Alice, Easeion's Villainess

    Meanwhile Easeion was talking with Alice.

    " Alice, I will make sure that there will be stuff stolen for you " said Easeion.
    " What do you plan to do ? " asked Alice.
    " I will request it to the organization " said Easeion. " We should steal other stuff as well "
    " Easeion, you have been the villain that I need " said Alice.
    " I have been that villain for a reason, just like you have been that villainess for me " said Easeion.
    " I love you in the way that a villainess should " said Alice.
    " We must show that we now are together " said Easeion.

    Easeion then kissed Alice, she was very happy about it and then returned the favour after.

    Easeion then headed to meet with his father, Brett.

    " Easeion, my son what brings you here ? " asked Brett.
    " It is about Alice, she wants certain things stolen " said Easeion.
    " What type of things ? " asked Brett.
    " Lipstick, soap, shampoo, hair products " said Easeion.
    " I see " said Brett. " We will need to find one of those drugstores "
    " They may be at other stores, but the corner stores probably not " said Easeion.
    " We should still take from them though "
    " Yes, the organization always needs more " said Brett. " I am glad that you are one of my sons and I am glad that Tara is my daughter "
    " I am glad to see that " said Easeion.

    Brett and Easeion shook hands.

    Bill and Tara were talking with each other.

    " You ready to get out there " said Tara.
    " I most certainly am " said Bill. " Easeion must be avenged, I must be the brother that he has wanted me to be "
    " We need more stuff stolen as well " said Tara.
    " That is something that is for sure " said Bill.
    " Crayon and his friends will fall down " said Tara.
    " Hahahahaha " said Bill.
    " Hahahahaha " said Tara.
    " The Smithsons rule this place " said Bill. " Crayon's going down, he will regret ever angering Easeion "

    Everyone went to bed and morning came, where Crayon and his friends were resting.

    QuackQ did a morning broadcast about the defeat of Flora and Jessica.

    " Crayon did it " said Jack.
    " It means less drugs in Colourland, which is the way the country must be " said Bryant.
    " Crayon could eliminate all meth if he keeps fighting like this " said Amanda.
    " These drug dealers are connected to the Bear " said Jack. " When you see a gang, you know drugs are not far behind "
    " Numerians must be saved from these drugs, drugs have made them commit crimes " said Bryant.
    " The drug dealers are brainwashing Numerians into being criminals " said Amanda.
    " Crayon and his friends must continue fighting, we need Numerians saved from these influences " said Jack.
    " Challenger must be more of a leader during these times, he must take drugs seriously " said Bryant.
    " Being a leader is very Colourlandish " said Amanda.
    " Crayon is more Colourlandish than Challenger, Challenger has to understand what kind of country we live in " said Jack.
    " He must find that out and then make sure that Colourlandish people are not doing drugs and that drug dealers are not forcing their crime inducing meth on Numerians " said Bryant.
    " We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned and remember to stay Colourlandish " said Amanda.

    Allie had arrived to visit, Crayon woke up.

    " So I heard you all won the fight " said Allie.
    " They sure did " said Challenger.
    " We did " said Crayon. " Colourea's new attacks did so much "
    " It is great to see " said Allie.
    " We must heal up, but you can continue training " said Challenger.
    " I will do so, I think about how Warbler is doing " said Allie.
    " He will take time, but he should be okay " said Challenger.
    " Good to see " said Allie.
    " It is " said Crayon.

    Time continued to pass and then Alice, Bill and Tara then headed out at night to steal with Bear members.

    " It really has been a while for this " said Bill.
    " It is good " said Tara. " Easeion is the man, we must do what is good for him "
    " I think about Easeion a lot, I will keep doing so " said Alice.

    Alice then saw a woman and then she fired off the Ultimate Darkness Blast knocking her out. The Bear members took the purse and the shopping bags.

    Bear members were attacking people and knocking them to the ground and they took wallets, knapsacks and necklaces.

    Bear members then headed towards this drugstore.

    They then rushed the clerk and then knocked him out.

    They then took shampoo, lipstick, soap, deodorant, money, gift cards, vodka and whisky.

    They met with other Bear members who robbed a corner store which they took money, gum, protein bars, lottery tickets, smokes and a wallet.

    They then saw another Bear member who had stolen a phone and a wallet.

    Bear members then were on a rampage just attacking everyone around the area and they took wallets, phones and purses.

    " We should head back to the hideout " said Bill.
    " Yes " said Tara.

    Bill, Tara, Alice and the Bear members then headed with all their stolen stuff to the hideout where they were greeted by Brett and Whites.

    " Glad to see you all back here " said Brett.
    " Let's see what was stolen "
    " Money, phones, wallets, purses, vodka, whisky, smokes, gum, protein bars, gift cards, lipstick, shampoo, soap and deodarant "
    " Excellent to see, this is so much "
    " Yes, this is a good day for the organization " said Whites.
    " Alice, we will give you the lipstick, hair products and soap " said Brett.
    " Thanks, I am glad to see what Easeion did " said Alice.
    " You are all dismissed " said Brett.

    They all went to their areas in the hideout.

    More days passed, Bear members continued training their abilities.

    Allie and Challenger did some training of their own as well.

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    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 6 Part 2

    Jessica and Flora rushed for Warbler with their kicks while Warbler and Colouruke aimed with their punches, all of them hit.

    Artby then charged his Sun Implosion while Colourea used the Heatwave Implosion. They created this giant very hot implosion with tons of power, Flora and Jessica used their Darkness Implosions to counter. They all took damage and were knocked to the ground.

    Artby then got up and he used the Sun Implosion while Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Bomb, Flora and Jessica used their Tenfold Darkness Strikes to counter. The attacks hit their respective targets.

    Colourea then used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast while Warbler used the Sky Implosion, Jessica and Flora used their Ultimate Darkness Bombs to counter which created a huge explosion which damaged everyone.

    Artby was slightly struggling but he got up.

    " Baking has done too much for me to go down " said Artby. " The bread tastes so good, my mouth has become a better mouth "
    " A better mouth ? " asked Colourea.
    " Apparently so " said Flora. " He is just the same since last time "
    " Baking does so much, bread has helped the taste buds of Crayon " said Artby.
    " Taste buds ? " asked Jessica. " I think these attacks have done more than I thought "
    " No, when he eats he can taste better thanks to the baking that the bakers have done " said Artby. " Bakers truly are heroic when they bake "
    " Artby ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
    " Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke. " I have never heard of anything like that "
    " Colouruke, you have seen Crayon eat haven't you ? " asked Artby.
    " He eats the way that he usually does for a while now " said Colouruke.
    " Bakers have thought about Crayon's mouth and his taste buds, they are good people like that " said Artby. " I love bakers, the baker love I have is so strong "
    " Artby is just trying to fuck with us " said Jessica. " I don't think he would believe this "
    " Jessica, the love I have for bakers is special " said Artby. " The baker to customer relationship is huge in the bakeries here "
    " It is part of the baker to customer relationship "
    " The Bear is taking over and we will fight to make sure of it " said Jessica.

    Flora and Jessica then charged up their Ultimate Darkness Bombs while Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Bomb and Colouruke used the Sea Implosion. The attacks collided with each other and the four of them were knocked down.

    Flora and Jessica got up first and they used their Darkness Implosions while Crayon used the Bird Implosion while Artby used the Ultimate Sun Bomb, the attacks collided.

    They all got up, Artby started to talk.

    " With the baker love I have, I'll keep fighting forever " said Artby. " I must have this love for the baker, the baker is appreciated "

    Warbler then rushed Flora with his Tenfold Sky Strike, she then used her Tenfold Darkness Strike.

    Artby was seriously struggling while Warbler was slightly struggling.

    Colourea then fired off the Heatwave Implosion while Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Blast, Flora and Jessica used their Ultimate Darkness Blasts.

    Colouruke was slightly struggling.

    " I am ready for this " said Warbler. " Take this "

    Warbler then punched Flora down and he then was about to use his Ultimate Sky Blast but Jessica used her Darkness Implosion to prevent him from doing so and they were both hit by the attack.

    Warbler was seriously struggling but then he charged his Sky Implosion while Colouruke used the Sea Implosion and it ended up creating this hurricane like attack which was countered by Flora and Jessica's Darkness Implosions

    Warbler was getting near the end, Colouruke was seriously struggling.

    " Hahahaha " said Flora.
    " I can't give up, I won't " said Warbler. " I have a lot to fight for "
    " We will stop that " said Jessica.
    " Bakers bake for this moment " said Artby. " They do not want Warbler dead "
    " Let's continue the fight " said Crayon.

    Flora and Jessica used their Ultimate Darkness Bombs while Colouruke used the Sea Implosion and Warbler used the Sky Implosion. The attacks collided with each other with tons of power which created an explosion which everyone was hit by.

    Colouruke was getting near the end, Warbler was defeated.

    " Warbler, no " they all said.

    Artby then charged up for the Sun Implosion while Jessica used the Darkness Implosion, the attacks collided with each other.

    Jessica was slightly struggling while Artby was getting near the end.

    " I will keep going " said Artby. " This is what fighting is about "
    " I fight for baking "
    " I fight so that bakers can bake "
    " Bread has done so much for me, for all our taste buds "
    " Our taste buds ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Bakers always care about them, bread is their way of caring " said Artby. " I must always fight for that "

    Colouruke then used the Sea Implosion while Artby used the Sun Implosion, the attacks combined with each other. Flora and Jessica used their Ultimate Darkness Blasts to counter.

    " Noooo " said Artby. " Bakers " he yelled very loud.
    " Aaaaah " said Colouruke.

    The two of them fell down to the ground defeated, Jessica was struggling.

    " How could I fall down like this " said Jessica. " It makes no sense to me "
    " The Bear trained so hard "
    " Perhaps you underestimated us ? " asked Crayon.
    " Now only you two remain " said Flora.
    " I have a lot of energy left "
    " We will still take over Colourland " said Jessica. "
    " We will fight for the organization, Easeion has said that we are the villainesses for this " said Flora.
    " Villainesses ? " asked Crayon.
    " Yes, Easeion believes in the women of the organization " said Flora.
    " We will continue "

    Flora and Jessica charged their Ultimate Darkness Blasts while Crayon used the Sun Implosion and Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast, the attacks collided with each other and they all took damage.

    Jessica was getting near the end, Colourea was slightly struggling.

    They all got up, Flora then directly punched Crayon while Crayon kicked her.

    Crayon then used the Bird Implosion while Flora then used the Darkness Implosion while Jessica kicked Colourea.

    Colourea then got up and she then used the Heatwave Implosion while Jessica and Flora used their Darkness Implosions which defeated Jessica and Colourea was struggling.

    " Jessica has fallen " said Flora. " That being said, I will fight "
    " The Bear will still take over "
    " Let's continue " said Crayon.

    Crayon then charged his Ultimate Bird Blast while Flora used the Ultimate Darkness Blast, they both took damage.

    Flora was slightly struggling but she then used the Tenfold Darkness Strike directly on Colourea knocking her down and she was getting near the end.

    " Say goodbye to Colourea " said Flora. " It is over "
    " Not yet " said Colourea.

    Colourea used the Heatwave Implosion, Crayon used the Ultimate Bird Blast while Flora used the Darkness Implosion and a giant explosion of heat, wind and darkness hit everyone down.

    " Colourea " yelled Crayon.
    " I can barely move, what is this " said Flora.
    " At least Colourea is done for "
    " Hahahaha "
    " I will finish you off " said Crayon.
    " The Bear will own everything " said Flora. " It will be glorious "
    " They will not, we beat Blackin last time " said Crayon. " Let's keep fighting this battle "

    Crayon then charged up his Bird Implosion while Flora used her Darkness Implosion, the attacks hit their targets and Flora was defeated while Crayon was slightly struggling but there was nobody else left.

    Crayon then instantly called Challenger.

    " We won " said Crayon.
    " Very good " said Challenger. " They will send in Alice or the Smithsons not named Easeion most likely "
    " We will keep up our training, those Heatwave attacks did so much " said Crayon.
    " Good, Colourea has gotten stronger " said Challenger. " The next members are a lot more ruthless I have heard "
    " They are " said Crayon. " We will make sure we are ready for them "
    " Good " said Challenger.
    " I will contact the hospital " said Crayon.
    " Good idea " said Challenger.

    Crayon contacted the hospital and they all ended up heading there to rest.

    Bear members had found Flora and Jessica's bodies knocked out, they headed back with them and then Brett was contacted and several of the higher ups wete talking.

    " How could this be ? " asked Brett. " They were stealing so much effectively "
    " Crayon and his friends must have gotten a lot stronger " said Whites.
    " The Smithsons may need to fight " said Melissa.
    " I will deal with it " said Alice.
    " Alice is the right villainess for this " said Easeion.
    " Easeion, she has got to do this we need Crayon and his friends out of the way " said Whites.
    " Very true " said Brett.
    " The Bear is a great organization " said Xax. " We will take over "
    " They sure will " said Easeion. " Alice will deal with this "
    " I am on board with this " said Melissa.
    " Good " said Xax.

    This is the end of this section, the next part is the Alice and the Smithsons section.

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    Maybe we weren't soul mates.
    Maybe we were karmic partners
    Brought together to learn a lesson
    Or perhaps to teach one.
    Our union and our subsequent separation was so violent yet passionate .
    Those fiery flames engulfed us.
    Burned and charred us.
    The ashes gave strength to a new creation.

  • willemvanherk 6w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 5 Part 2

    " Hahahaha " said a Bear member.
    " This place will be ours " said another.

    Flora and Jessica joined them and they headed towards this store.

    They saw a clerk and jumped her, Flora used the Ultimate Darkness Strike to knock her out.

    The Bear members then took lipstick, hair products, her wallet, smokes, gum and money from the cash register.

    Flora and Jessica then used their Ultimate Darkness Bombs making people freak out while the Bear regulars then punched and kicked people.

    Their wallets were taken and they found a necklace which they stole, Bear members took knapsacks and a purse as well.

    They then continued committing these crimes they then found another person who they knocked out and took his wallet. Flora and Jessica used their Quadruple Darkness Strikes and knocked down two people and took their wallets and stole a suitcase which they took out everything and put into the knapsacks that were stolen by the Bear members.

    They then found another person who they knocked out and they robbed.

    Bear members took his wallet and they then headed back with Flora and Jessica in the van to the hideout where they were greeted by Brett.

    " Let's see what you all stole " said Brett.
    " We got wallets, knapsacks, clothes, necklaces, purse, smokes, lipstick and hair products "
    " Very good "
    " You are all dismissed "

    They went to their seperate areas, Crayon and his friends arrived at the bakery.

    " Glad to see these bakers " said Artby.

    Artby thanked all the bakers and they got their bread.

    " Looks great " said Allie.
    " It sure does, bakers are great " said Artby.
    " I'm glad that Colourea learned those new techniques " said Crayon.
    " It is amazing " said Warbler. " We need these moves against a gang like this "
    " We should head home " said Colouruke.
    " Sounds like an idea " said Warbler.

    They headed their seperate ways and said their goodbyes.

    Meanwhile, QuackQ were talking.

    " This gang must be stopped now " said Jack.
    " Crayon must start fighting now " said Bryant.
    " Colourland cannot be this way " said Amanda.
    " These gangs are not Colourlandish, Crayon knows this " said Jack.
    " Numerians cannot allow gangs like this around them " said Bryant.
    " Gangs have encouraged drug use around Numerians, that is where Crayon ends that " said Amanda.
    " He must for the sake of the country, you think I want to take drugs " said Jack.
    " These drugs can harm Numerians very badly so Colourlandish people must be careful " said Amanda.
    " Numerians need saving, Crayon will do what Colour King was not given the time to do " said Jack.
    " Challenger has refused to believe that drugs are making Numerians commit crimes which is why Crayon must stand strong " said Bryant.
    " Challenger is not a man who understands Colourland " said Amanda.
    " He has not been as Colourlandish as he could, I start to wonder about the people around him " said Jack.
    " He always seems to find an excuse for anything instead of doing the right thing " said Bryant. " Crayon must speak up for the sake of all of us "
    " We need to go to a commercial break so stay tuned     " said Amanda.

    Meanwhile in the hideout, Easeion and Alice were together.

    " Easeion, you have done so much for this place " said Alice.
    " Thanks, I know what I am doing here " said Easeion.
    " Good " said Alice. " Crayon has felt so upset in the video "
    " Hahahaha " said Easeion.
    " It was great to see, the organization cannot get enough of it "
    " Crayon must feel down, I want him like that "
    " I enjoy being the villainess that you need " said Alice.
    " Good, I need that villainess " said Easeion. "
    " I have for a while now, thanks to the organization I have found that villainess that I have needed "
    " This is what the Bear wants as well "
    " Thanks " said Alice.

    They embraced with each other and then they ended up heading to their seperate areas.

    Whites and Brett were with Flora and Jessica.

    " You two need to find those fighters " said Brett.
    " You two are stronger than Willemease and Maxclever, you will succeed " said Whites.
    " For sure " said Flora.
    " They will fall before us " said Jessica.
    " The Bear has enjoyed all that you have stolen " said Whites.
    " The Bear now has a lot more stuff for the members, just the fucking way we want it "
    " Hahahaha " said Brett.
    " You will leave early tomorrow morning "
    " Sounds like a plan for us " said Flora.
    " Melissa has learned the Bear Implosion " said Whites.
    " She has proven herself to be very lethal " said Brett.
    " My son Easeion was right when he talked about the villainesses we have "
    " Very true " said Flora. " Hahahaha "
    " Hahahahaha " they all said.

    They were dismissed to their special areas.

    Crayon contacted Challenger.

    " Challenger, Colourea learned the Heatwave Implosion " said Crayon.
    " Amazing " said Challenger. " She has proven herself to really be great "
    " The Bear also attacked us and we had to go to a different place to eat "
    " Easeion was there "
    " Easeion ? " asked Challenger. " I wonder why he was there "
    " He claimed about cockblocking " said Crayon.
    " He is a loose cannon, so you must always be very careful around him " said Challenger.
    " We blasted them and ran outside " said Crayon.
    " Well it was lucky that they did not find out, lots of people are hurt now " said Challenger. " Still nobody has died at least "
    " It reminds me of last time " said Crayon. " We are a lot stronger this time, we should be fine "
    " I don't remember even knowing the Sky Implosion when we first dealt with these criminals "
    " Everyone's power is so good now " said Challenger.
    " When we have multiple fighters with Stage 3 implosions it really is something "
    " I wonder if there are Stage 4 implosions ? " asked Crayon.
    " There is one called the Tornado Implosion " said Challenger.
    " Awesome " said Crayon. " I hope one day I will learn it "
    " I hope you do, too " said Challenger. " See you later, Crayon "

    Crayon and his friends made their supper which they enjoyed. Warbler texted Crayon about meeting outside their place after breakfast which Crayon responded to.

    Warbler and Allie made out with each other and they headed to bed.

    Crayon and his friends went to bed when nighttime came.

    Meanwhile in the Bear hideout, Bill and Tara were talking.

    " I am glad to see Alice that happy " said Bill.
    " When you are with Easeion, that can happen " said Tara.
    " The Smithsons truly are the best " said Bill.
    " We need to learn the Bear Implosion " said Tara. " Easeion would love it if we could use it "
    " That is for sure " said Bill.
    " I heard that Flora and Jessica will be sent to Colourland to fight " said Tara.
    " They will crush Crayon " said Bill.

  • james_taumas 6w

    Violent intent

    I hurt them
    Sadomasochist's ecstasy
    All the bad things
    Things you wouldn't do
    People who deserved it
    I got it done
    Look in the mirror
    I am you
    You released the devil
    I'm not going back
    I like it here.


  • shadow_soul_sanya 7w


    Just like darkness cannot overcome darkness,
    Only light can
    Similarly, violence cannot overcome violence,
    Only peace can

  • angels_halo_shines 8w

    Lit Fuse

    This time
    Like everytime
    Diseased psychopath
    Leeching on
    Burning himself
    Inferno ignites
    Can't stop
    Keeps burning
    Always lit
    Shorter fuse
    Each time
    A bastard
    Hurts animals
    Lillian cries
    Fuels him
    Fuels him
    Stronger now
    Until she
    Cowers down
    Lillian's scared
    Me too
    She won't
    The Angel
    There is
    Trouble on
    The horizon.
    Oh please
    Lillian listen
    To me.
    No one
    That cruel
    Will change

    Let Him
    Go now

  • faxtron8 10w


    It only beats when I touch you,
    your face against my hand,
    your face on the pavement.

    My chest feels light,
    I love this feeling,
    your face against the pavement.

    Dilated pupils,
    bloodied noses,
    your face against the pavement.

    Knuckles like iron,
    break your jaw like glass,
    your face against the pavement.

    My hands are sore,
    I love you so much,
    and your face on the pavement.


  • bclark2681 11w

    Beliefs Lead To Violence

    Above beliefs instills unrelenting
    Faith into minds of following sheep,
    Aggravating the world into complicated
    Violence over an unseen entity

  • james_taumas 14w


    Innocent of crime
    Victim of a sadists
    My end violent
    Tortured and painful
    Spurned eternal peace
    Embraced retribution
    A spirit of vengeance
    Returned to the living
    Track these evil agents
    My justice enacted
    Wander the shores alone.


  • quotescribe 15w


    ग्यान quotes :

    यदि कोई लड़का, घर का बेटा वगैरा... घर की बच्ची पे हाथ उठा दे और घर वाले कुछ ना करे तो हो सकता है वो बच्ची बाहर वाले के हाथ उठाने पर भी चुप रहे । का है कि जब घर की बात पर कोई कुछ नहीं किए है बाहर की बात पर कुछ करेंगे।

    Moral : This beginning of silence may get seriously dangerous

  • spread_your_wings23 16w

    My Beloved Kashmir

    Don't you see it burn? Don't you see it bleed?
    Don't you hear the cries of my bleoved Kashmir?

    Listen - why don't you? - to the silenced screams
    Of corpses lying wide-eyed in their homeland, Kashmir?

    Many children but no childhood; how odd it seems
    Can you see their dreams scattered on the streets of Kashmir

    Why don't you stop the tyrant who so wildly feeds
    On the bloody tears of the mourning mithers of Kashmir?

    Can't you stop the receding rivers that flow beneath
    The once flawless skies of my beautiful Kashmir?

    Why do you turn away from these crumbling streets?
    Why do you ignore the ashen face of my dying Kashmir?

    Don't you see it burn? Don't you see it bleed?
    Don't you hear the cries of my bleoved Kashmir?


  • dancingbarefoot1971 18w

    You will never rule again
    the way you