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  • virus_wisdom 1d

    When I was young,
    I had this conception
    of the moon and the sun
    being married couples,
    separated from each other,
    reunited only during an eclipse,
    for a brief period of time,


  • the_unheard_legacy 1d


    A hope.
    A hope for new day
    The day that won't let
    darkness fade it away.

    Thousands of questions.
    Questions that are in every ones mind
    How can the current situation be a curse?
    Some concludes it as karma,
    Some are still blind to find!!

    A hope,
    A hope for the bliss
    The bliss for that poor wrinkled face.
    Whose neither the action was today's conclusion.
    Almighty!,Are these conclusions a soulfull solution?

    Seems the deliemm for you
    and for us it has been disgrace.
    Erase this disgrace.Its a pray, Almighty!
    Almighty,This world is your native place.

    So why..
    Why your home is darker and
    with absence of the lightning grace!

    Words from" Holy Bhagavad Gita".


    "yo māṁ paśhyati sarvatra sarvaṁ cha mayi paśhyati
    tasyāhaṁ na praṇaśhyāmi sa cha me na praṇaśhyati"

    For those who see me everywhere and see all things in me, I am never lost, nor are they ever lost to me.

    with your words.
    Hope is now build up.
    Its not the end,
    just the spell filled up!


  • raquelcosta 1d


    Quarantine is not four days
    Number always present in the Bible
    Let's see below

    * The flood came on the earth forty days.
    * And Moses was there (on the mountain) with the Lord forty days and forty nights
    * And Jonah began to enter the city, making the journey of a day, and he cried out, saying: - Still forty days, and Nineveh will be overturned.
    * And he was in the desert forty days being tempted by Satan (Jesus), he was among the beasts, and the angels were serving him.

  • mirfern 1d


  • mona05 1d

    शत्रु ये अदृश्य है
    विनाश इसका लक्ष्य है
    कर न भूल, तू जरा भी न फिसल
    *मत निकल, मत निकल, मत निकल*

    हिला रखा है विश्व को
    रुला रखा है विश्व को
    फूंक कर बढ़ा कदम, जरा संभल
    *मत निकल, मत निकल, मत निकल*

    उठा जो एक गलत कदम
    कितनों का घुटेगा दम
    तेरी जरा सी भूल से, देश जाएगा दहल
    *मत निकल, मत निकल, मत निकल*

    संतुलित व्यवहार कर
    बन्द तू किवाड़ कर
    घर में बैठ, इतना भी तू ना मचल
    *मत निकल, मत निकल, मत निकल*

  • virus_wisdom 1d

    He was held back by
    numerous chains in his soul,
    things that he couldn't control,
    but his determination to
    overcome all was certain.
    He was fully committed
    in destroying those chains.
    His muse was in her existence.


  • aniketnarkar 2d

    The world stood still,
    when the god of death donned the crown 19th,
    he rode through the land of men and numed the streets,
    the touch of midas turned into touch of death,
    the world stood still and welcomed the god of death.

    The dead lay untouched,
    no wood to burn,
    the farms once bloomed now had souls unburned,
    unharmed and free roamed the birds and the beast,
    in the court of death when the world stood still.

    People lay cold, quarantined in home,
    Turning to savagers as the day unfolds,
    set to reclaim is the rhyme of death,
    in a race with science is the god of death,
    the world witnessed the rage of the earth,
    when the world stood still and welcomed the god of death...


  • hetheauthor 2d


    एक वायरस ने हर दिन रविवार कर दिया,
    कुछ खास लम्हे आए, जिन्हें आम कर दिया।


  • szagade_9549 2d


    तरक्की होने से पहले
    तबाही होती हैं...

    ढेर सारी तबाही...


  • jessicahlm 2d

    Monster Pandemi

    Semua dimulai dari pemberitaan
    Bahwa monster kecil nan ganas telah menyerang Wuhan
    Jutaan nyawa telah berjatuhan
    Karena monster kecil yang jahatnya seperti setan
    Kini monster itu dengan cepat beraksi
    Merajalela melampaui seluruh penjuru negeri
    Letih dan pedih dirasakan para ahli
    Demi kesembuhan raga yang melemah
    Akibat ulah monster yang datangnya entah dari mana
    Pengorbanannya terjaga siang dan malam tanpa lelah
    Meski setiap detik batinnya dihantui rasa takut
    Bukanlah penghalang baginya untuk merebut ribuan nyawa dari malaikat maut

    Hari-hari kini penuh kekhawatiran
    Keluar rumah pun dihantui kegelisahan
    Takut pandemi monster itu menyerang keselamatan
    Bekerja hingga beribadah pun harus dirumahkan
    Lalu apa yang bisa kita lakukan?!
    Cukup dengan menjaga kesehatan
    Berdiam di rumah memutus rantai penyebaran
    Kini hanya para ahli yang berada di garda terdepan
    Maka janganlah membuat mereka semakin terbebankan
    Hanya karena rakyat yang melawan tak mengikuti aturan

  • thedescendedone 2d


    Sharab e Hikma ~ Wine of Wisdom

    The inventors of the virus,
    are now the inventors of the cure.

    US & Israel fulfilling all the said prophecies

    © 2004 - 2020 Sohail Gaffar Syed
    Pen name - Attribution mandatory

  • shubhamjoshi 2d


    शहरों का यूँ वीरान होना कुछ ग़ज़ब कर गया
    बरसों से पड़े गुमसुम घरों को आबाद कर गया..
    यूँ तो भरे हुए थे मकान पहले भी पत्थरों से
    आज इन पत्थरों में जैसे कि कोई जीव पड़ गया..!!

    भूल चुके थे साथ वक्त बिताना हम
    बहाने थे जो वक्त की कमी के आज उसे ये पूरा कर गया..
    शामें गुजरती थी मय की महफिलों में जिनकी
    आज वो तलबगार घर की चाय का बन गया..!!

    आज ढक रखा हैं सभी ने चेहरे को नकाबों से
    शायद कोई इनकी आत्मा बेनकाब कर गया..
    इंसाफ हमेशा से ही यहाँ लॉक-डाउन रहा
    गुनाह पासपोर्ट का था, दरबदर राशनकार्ड को कर गया..!!

    आज फैली है हवा कईं दिनों बाद खुल कर
    कालिख बन फैल रहा आज धुंए का कोहरा छट गया..
    जानवर कम है सहमे से, पंछी उड़ रहें है इतराते
    पिंजड़े में रखने का शौकीन आज खुद ही कैद हो रह गया..!!

    अभिमानित थे कुछ ज्यादा ही अपने खोखले विकास पर
    उन मनुजों को ये सन्नाटा धरातल कर गया..
    मान बैठे थे खुद को संतान उस सूर्य की
    एक कण उठा और उन्हें अस्ताचल कर गया..!!

  • freedomgaur 2d


    क़सूर पासपोर्ट का था,
    सजा राशन कार्ड वालो को मिली ।


  • mad9492 3d


    The fear lingers in the air,virus infecting the unaware.a sneeze in public may cause a scare.
    Oh where!? Oh where!? Is the cure that'll put an end to this affair

  • shubhamjoshi 3d

    गुनाह पासपोर्ट का था‍♂️
    दरबदर राशनकार्ड हो गए ।

  • sheetalhc 3d



    Day 2

    Slept first last night. How I wanted to join the gym, didn't know it'll be so immediate! I'm already losing pounds by the day and dreams by the night.
    I heard parents carrying on their kids' studies at their homes, Kudos!
    Here, it seems more like lockdown lessons for me!
    Devansh has an aura of solar energy around himself. Both heat and light; enough to keep you away. Lol!
    I am a pot of positivity, therefore, I'm proud of my 'sun' ( intending the pun)
    Divyams desktop is occupied by Devansh, and he dare not exercise his rights! But, he's A+ pot too! So he spends his time trying to upgrade his 4-5yrs old toys and ends up in dismantling them to the point of no return.
    Made chhola, puri, kheer today. But God is in the mood to fry us too( terribly hot!)
    With all the technical turbulance underneath, there's calmness on the surface. Hats off to online gaming. My house remains clean and tidy, for their activities are contained inside their computers.
    Kea Rajkumari is a trap! So skillful in wrapping you up in your own words and rolling you off down the bowling alley! Everything in her favour. I raised my voice and she's ten times louder!
    I'm worried and happy. Can't explain, but life's confusing me to the core. Constantly banging my head between rights and wrongs, dos and don'ts.
    I take my time fighting my mind wars, eventually, mom wins over kids.
    Lesson learnt; don't be too strict with your kids, give them the time to understand, and believe in them.

    Willingly wandering Mom ❣


  • mehru2136 3d


    Mai hoon corona
    Baghane ka hai
    Mgr baaghneka nahee
    Isleye sabi bahar
    Nklne ka nahee
    Haath bina sabun k
    Doone ka nahee
    Cheenk Bina roomal k
    Cheenk ne ka nahee
    Virus hai baba virus
    Bagahane ka hai
    mgr baaghneka nahee
    Bahar praakrutee bulate hai
    Mgr bahar nikal ne ka nahee
    Aander phone,tv,laptop
    Saab kuch chalane ka banta hai
    Mgr bina kaam k bahar
    nklne ka nahee
    bemare lage ek ko
    Fehal te hai sab ko
    Italy mai hoa kya
    Ek maheene pehle
    the bemare ek ko
    Aaj dekho wha
    ghir pdde hai soo soo
    Aeisa kaise hoa
    Kuke wo boltee the
    Aander baithne ka nahee
    Aour nateeja hai ab
    Kisi ko kuch bolne ka nahee
    Islye mere bhaio aour behno
    Jitna ho sakhe utna
    Precautions lene ka

    Corona ko kahoo
    Aaajaoo mgr hum bahar
    nikalne ka nahee....

  • zeenath 3d

    बदल जा इंसान

    गुम था इंसान अपने मौज मस्ती में
    न था प्यार न ही विश्वास एक दुसरे में
    हुए व्यस्थ मंदिर मस्जिद के बटवारे में
    हुए अपनों से दूर मग्न दौलत कमाने में
    झूट लालज बनगया हिस्सा ज़िन्दगी का
    दौलत नफरत बनगया पेहेचान रिश्ते का
    कस कर खींचा लगाम ऊपरवाले ने ऐसा
    याद आया घर परिवार भूलगया पैसा
    रंग बदली दुनिया बदलगया इंसान
    घर में कैद परेशान हाथ में लिए गीता कुरान
    स्वास्थ्य बिना जीवन बेकार अब तो ये जान
    रख सफाई तन मन की है पत्तर दिल इंसान

  • gurusk 3d

    Corona virus

    कुछ को दिखाया परिवार
    कुछ को किया अकेला

    ख़तम करो कोरोना का
    यह खतरनाक मेला

  • sheetalhc 1w



    Day 1

    Actually day-half over here at Tripura, as in 'jab jaago tab savera'; even if you wake up at noon, you just gotta buck up yourself by thinking that the day begins when you're awake!

    I start with kids, ( will end with them too, in case of you're wondering)...
    I owe sincere gratitude to all the gadgets in my house, for keeping up with the storm of energy levied upon them. Of course, for turning that energy into epic wins...

    My teensome boy is caught between his teensome tastebuds, which includes developing a taste for moms food, (needless to say) and the cooks cooked culinarily flawless food! And for me, it's like getting a compliment and catching a complaint instead. Maybe I'm short of hearing too! I don't curse myself for that anymore, a skill I've been headstrong on developing over the years.
    He's like, look mom, my friends mother makes sure he has the right kind of food. In the evening, I say, Devansh, here's your soup. Mom! Told you I don't like homemade soup! But what about healthy food then, Devansh? O please! Can you pleeaaase make one of those packed soups? O, why not, sure. I say, anything for you, with a smile. But as they say, mothers will be mothers ( even if they don't, accept this one as my inner call), I mix just a teaspoon of the soup powder to his soup. Guess what? He loves it. Struggle ended. Wait a minute, just for the soup? I ask myself and push my goals further.

    My busy buddy is one less than a decade, but otherwise he ain't less than anything! Super active, as he is, when I keep him still, his mind runs away. For now he's all around cycling, inside the house of course, a dedicated citizen. He loves to hoist the flag and also keep it back on time with all the responsibility of respect for it on his little shoulders. I told him to draw something, or paint or do something at one place. Divyam explore the inner you, your creativity.why mom, you don't like it when I'm creative! O my God! Whatever makes you think so? You asked me not to draw and colour...( I completed his sentence) ...ON THE WALLS! Yes I did! Respect the papers lying here and there, and put them to good use. Show me what good is it to binge watch life hack videos!
    Okay! He went off.
    In the meantime, Kea Rajkumari is smart enough to realise moms out on her regular check on the kids, immediately grabs her pencil and resumes her place in front of her easel.
    I do give her a stare, telling her that I'll be watching. In a few minutes, as I get back to my work, Divyam comes to me with his diary. Look Mom, I made a story. A comic actually, it's about slender man. Not having any idea who he is, I picture him somewhat like dracula. Maa look at the illustrations, I drew it all by myself! They're wonderful, I wish to read the next part too. He was more than happy to discover the writer in him.
    Through with idly and sambhar, first time without chutney. But I'm glad it was appreciated and filling. And I know they don't have a choice during the lockdown!
    Story time.
    I had to lure Kea to bed by offering her a storytelling session. She loves stories and hates my imperfections! Maa, you make so many mistakes! You forgot to mention ...the glass slippers( I tried to complete). No!!! Those were not slippers, they were sandles! You don't know anything Maa. Let it be. But...I'll give it another try... No! Kea Rajkumari exclaimed with her ears covered tightly!
    Ok ok as you say... (I'm more than happy now!)
    With everyone asleep, I sneak my way into my writers family,

    Willingly wandering Mom ❣️