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  • purewine_75 39m

    Mutual Dance of Inner knowing and Acquired patterns, creates all the sorrow and delight. ~©purewine_75


    #Intiutivewritings #Life #Dance #Vision

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    Life is the "Visual Show" of
    the "Mystical Dance" performed by
    Soul and Ego.


  • trollarun 5d


    Can a brick think about monument ?
    Can a wave think about ocean ?
    Can a root think about fruit ?
    Can a caterpillar think about butterfly?

    Vision - it's a ability to see the goal on every small action.


  • abhish_eks 5d

    Me and my shadow

    My shadow talks to me through my mind,
    In the stillness, dark memories play on rewind;
    When all the hope is lost to the void,
    When moments of bliss are devoid.

    Devoid of emotions or any pleasures to say,
    This stillness of moments, haunts my prey.

    Hunting the shadows in the dark, I refrain
    to feel any moments of the past in pain.
    The harshness blurs my vision, numbs my sane,
    Enraged my heart, still bloods my veins.


  • nancybhardwaj19 1w

    Everyone has eyes
    Only few has Vision.

  • aashay316 2w

    Step in my shoe...

    I've cherished good
    I enjoyed bad
    Not had a lot
    But always valued what i had

    I pray,
    Not because i believe in supernatural
    But because i have faith
    I am often impatient,
    But i know good things
    They keep you waiting
    And often turn up late

    I've had my battles,
    Inside out
    Made peace with chaos
    It lives deep inside
    When i sense similar
    I let it come out

    I often frown
    I often feel greed
    But harming one for myself
    That's something
    I never believed

    A lot of pain
    A lot of agony
    Sometimes it tunes up
    To a perfect harmony
    I look at mirror
    I have no regrets
    For whatever i am
    Every part of me respects

    Just a small glance
    Of how it is
    When you step in my shoe
    I've shared a lot,
    Let me reach out
    Help you now
    Let me step in your shoe!

  • tamanna3 2w

    // Sometimes I wonder.. //
    ** cones, rods- Photoreceptor cells of eyes
    photopic view- Day time vision
    scotopic view- Night time vision **

    I'm not color blind, or am I ?

    Perfectly functional cones,
    And a sublime photopic view.
    Yet obscuring my vision orbs forever;
    Are different shades of grey hue.
    Sensitive to dark,
    My rods seem to apprise;
    My senses to the scotopic view.
    Yet I see the moon, in blends anew;
    Of a mutually exclusive;
    Golden turquoise..
    Perhaps it's a misnomer,
    Vision of color, they say;
    Or maybe I'm a loner,
    Seeing through all,
    But veils of fluttering silvers;
    Even in the sunlit of a day.

    I still wonder if what they say is still true:
    " I'm not colorblind,
    Or am I? "

    © tamanna3

    #vision #color #colorblind #temp #mirakee #writersnetwork #julietscorner #yaminireads #ceesreposts @beautywithinyou @hharshitha

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    I'm not color blind, or am I ?
    (in caption)

  • cute_psycho 2w

    One fine day, their savage sweven will transpire true to life ©cute_psycho

  • wilmaneels 2w


    You are exactly
    Who you need to be for someone
    you might not be aware of
    Don't get flustered when you dont have
    what others have
    That might not be what you need
    There are elements in play
    That's not always visible

    We are unable to see the end of our journey
    Then again we are not supposed to
    Stop trying to predict the future
    Live each day
    Concentrate on what you have
    Not on what you lack
    Especially when your vision is obscured


  • nishank_kesari 2w

    I remember that day when I was sitting in a corridor trying to grasp things happening in the space available to my vision in all the possible angles I could generate by tilting my focus physically or by shifting the focus mentally to some next level of perception lying amidst the scenes separated by an aesthetic difference.

    In this quest of mine I created a bridge connecting the various actions and events which people were literally letting to just happen in a flow to those events which were creating the flow, thus ignoring anything which was going against the stream of events or better say the stream of natural sequences.

    I started my journey on this bridge and now I could look back at the corridor where I was still sitting ignoring the time which was running out ignoring the pulses on my phone which could have led this path to some other place. Now as I was moving there which was basically a network of the flow of command from the influencers to those who misinterpreted it and were now pretending it to be the latest feature of the plastic copies of their attitude.

    Among all the things which were being transferred from one mind to another using routers of aesthetics, switches of literal tags of being dark and erotic to dunk and dope and channels of ideologies pushing the frustration to the extreme and coming back with a smile of satisfaction only for as long as the next human is added to it, I saw a point of source of hope.

    This very source of hope had self love packaged in cookie jars with a scent meant to morph with each touch into a better version using the smooch stickers and the heights which it reached with each jump by a trampoline which was as circular as those words of praises printed on those circular cookies. I thought I found something good and I took one jar and turned to come back.

    I was still on the bridge only when I realised that even I am connected to the source of flow now. But I had the cookie jar with great scent. As my steps took me closer to reality the connection started to break with bumps. All the cookies started to crumble. So I quickly opened the jar and tried to eat them whole but they had crumbled and were grainy now...so instead of turning me into a delicious cookie they started to turn me grainy... that cookie jar with a label of self love, the bridge, everything grainy losing existence....I fell from that and died somewhere in that strawberry reality.

    At this I blinked and came back looked down upon my phone to see so many new notifications of new posts of self love by my frns with filtered pictures with grainy effect and beautiful captions ..maybe they never died ..maybe they are still in their grainy version...who cares afterall death has been my old friend killing all such nonsense versions of mine who could have brought much foolery in this world if haven't died.


    #selflove #reality #imagination #numb #vision #motivation #lies #truth @writersnetwork

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    I died there so I got saved

    ........ thoughts which were being transferred from one mind to another using routers of aesthetics, switches of literal tags of being dark and erotic to dunk and dope and channels of ideologies pushing the frustration to the extreme and coming back with a smile of satisfaction only for as long as the next human is added to it, I saw a point of source of hope..... But little did I know....


  • rhythmic_beats 2w

    Merge with me beyond the horizon ✨♥️��

    #way #door #hidden #vision #soul #life #learning
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • abhish_eks 2w


    Travelling through these oblivious nights,
    deep lonesome hidden thoughts surface.
    Sometimes to clarify, the vision,
    and sometime to blurr the mind.
    Moving past the foggy blur,
    with the clarity of the vision.
    One must only move forward,
    the path of least resistance,
    will guide to the bliss,
    lurking in the shadows of the solitude.


  • a_hermit 2w

    Which one are you?!

    The smokers worry about the future,

    The alcoholics are stuck in their past,

    The drug-doers think of their existence as one hell and try to drug themselves to heaven,

    The people who choose to stay ordinary and normal succumb to monotonous mundane life,

    The ones who have a vision and a reason for their existence tend to drink their life to the fullest,

    But the ones with vision are called 'mad' 'boring' 'anti-social' 'not-so-humane' by the rest of them.


  • warriorofbillionwords 3w

    Learning to Embrace Life

    Hold on, take a deep breath
    There is plenty of time, take some rest
    It matters not, how far you have come
    The journey itself is the ultimate fun
    No one will remember the fame you have earned
    In the end you will cherish the midnight oil burnt
    Rise, fall and rise again
    Lost ground waiting to be retained
    The more you think, the tougher it gets
    Wings of desire, will compensate unrest
    Hold on again, life is not a race
    Do it as you like, live to embrace!

  • akankshasharma__ 3w


    Subh ki kiran mai,
    Aaj kch baat hai.
    Din vese hi shuru hua,
    Par hwaa mai pyaar ka ehsaas hai.
    Subh ko uska chehra,
    Yun to har roz mri aankhon mai aata tha,
    Par aaj kyu uski muskurahat reh reh kr yaad aa rhi thi.
    Socha ab bass..
    Shii samay yhi hai,
    Yhi vo pal,
    Jhaan mai usse izhaar krunga,
    Vo haan khegi to thik...!
    Vrna uski naa ke baad bhi,
    Utnaa hi ikraar krunga...!

    Mann ne toh naa jane kaunsi gaadi pakd li ho,
    Dimag mai baaton ki jese sanak si ho.
    Aaj keh hi dunga, tujhse mohabat hai!
    Aaj smjha hi dunga, ki kitni chahat hai!

    Khyaalon ki kashmakas mai,
    Vo saamne kab aayi kch pta na chla..

    Dil mai pyaar ke sath ,
    Mann mai, darr ki chidiya ne ghar kar lia tha.
    Kyaa bolna tha, ye exam paper ki trah ratt lia tha.
    Bass mere lafz pr jese hi uska naam aaya,
    tabhi usne mjhe zoro se gale lgaya.

    "I am getting married
    tum aaoge na?"

    Mai vhi ther gya,
    Maano jese kch tha jo vhi ruk gya..
    Mohbbat ki chabi se, jiska haqdaar mai tha,
    Par ab koi or tha..

    Ek muskurahat ko apne chehre par laate hue,

    "haan, kyun nhi"

    Or palat kar maayusi ko gale lgaa lia,
    Utni hi shiddat se jese use lgana tha.
    Ek ek lafzon ko sbdo mai badal dia,
    Jese usse kehna chahta tha.....



  • rhythmic_beats 3w

    When I found myself
    As a part of universe
    And not a character of
    Others story;
    I realised value of

    You all kept joining me
    As pieces of puzzle
    To solve the mystery.
    Joined the pieces of sex, gender,
    Race, social status, religion
    And what not!
    But could never reach
    The main piece
    Of life; my soul.

    Your programming could never
    Decode the data as your vision
    Is obstructed by narrow mind!
    There is always a way open to you
    Which is often not seen due to
    Obstructed vision.
    Sometimes you need to
    Close your eyes to view beyond
    The normal presence
    Of entities!

    Merge with me
    Beyond the horizon;
    To visualize the truth
    And not the foggy

    © rhythmic_beats

    #visualize #obstructed #vision #life #learnings
    #reach #soul #beyond #horizon
    #rhyrhmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Merge with me
    Beyond the horizon;
    To visualize the truth
    And not the foggy

  • shivtado 3w

    Caught up,
    in people's vision of me,
    Suffocated 'I'.

  • pradumn_sengar 4w


    life is to be lived
    not to be loved


  • sayuki 4w

    #you #self #writersnetwork #write #yourself #pod #vision
    It is hard to go back to being the person you once were. But you can still bring forth a piece of you, who is still there in your subconscious.

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    Don't loose sight of who you are, in the hopes of becoming someone you are not.

  • the_ricochet 5w

    ��Quoted from the TedxTalks of Peggy Oki


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    Art that has meaning -
    Art that seeks a purpose -
    Art that empowers through participation -

    It's turning passion into action that can make difference in the world.

    Follow your heart with vision and actions.
    Create your own folds and you will connect with your purpose in life.

  • ruchika26 5w