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  • smheinis 2d

    Sands of Time

    Things can be removed from records
    Deleted, unthought about, hated
    But the earth never forgets
    The universe never holds a grudge
    No punishment
    No anger
    Just truth
    Forever written in the sands of time


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  • warriorofthenight 3d

    Letters from your cousin.......
    #abuse #connect #throughthemail #warrior

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    Hey, Rose!

    Hey, Rose! It's Monday, there's not much going on. I cleaned the house up and danced to my headphones. Sara locked herself in her room like usual- I wish we had a relationship beyond biologically, like real sisters.

    Hey, Rose! Wednesday. Mom wasn't here today, I heard her stumble in an hour ago. The money is gone from the white pitcher- I'll have to take on more hours at my job. See you soon?

    Hey, Rose! This was a less than typical Friday, the police came asking for dad. He was at work, as far as I knew. I was so scared. Something's wrong with Sara, she won't get near me.

    Hey, Rose. No one has seen Dad. Mom is angry, and I think they did something illegal. She took my paycheck and when I protested, she slapped me. She said not to tell the cops anything.

    Hey, Rose. It's Monday. I found Sara in the bathroom, and there were so many bruises. She said Dad did it. Mom was drunk again, and I don't know what to do anymore.

    Hey, Rose. Mom took all our money to bail Dad out, they caught him last night. Sara told me to do what they say and not ask questions until we can run. He hit us both, and I think he was high.

    Hey, Rosy. We can't stay anymore. It's Friday. They hit us and yelled all week.. it's never been this bad before. Maybe I'll see you again someday. Remember me, no matter what happens, okay?

  • warriorofthenight 4d

    In a deck of cards, there are 52 unique cards. We may think some are insignificant, but they're not. You need every card, or the deck is pointless.
    In the same way, this crazy, confusing world needs you! Somedays it's hard; getting out of bed requires effort and we have no motivation to get anything done, let alone to do it willingly or cheerfully. I'm here for you. Everyone needs someone or something that gives them purpose or hope. I don't need to be that someone, but I can listen, and I will always be here.
    If you're having a breakdown in a locked room or lying on the couch crying, I will listen. The comments are your haven; you can come here any time, even if you're just lonely or bored. If I can help one person through the day, it's worth it. Don't hesitate, because I care about your feelings and problems and know how it gets. I'm here if you need someone!
    #sad #raindrops #hereforu #warrior

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    If you need someone, I'm here.

  • _wanderinglion_ 1w

    For every warrior that battles
    with enemies from within..

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Back To Place


    I laughed..

    At the wind that blew
    Threatening to shatter
    Every pane on my window

    Crazy as I looked
    I laughed..

    As the winds grew
    From a whispered breeze
    To a full blown huff
    And the candles shivered
    At the maddening silence
    I laughed..

    Then came the crash
    Soundless it was
    Over the unheard screams
    Of my chaotic mind
    It shook me to the core
    And yet I laughed..

    Slender pieces of glass
    Like words of snakes
    Splintered my face
    And splintered my heart
    But I couldn't help it
    So I laughed..

    Warm drops of velvety red
    Trickled down
    the tips of my fingers
    pat, pit, patter they went
    And yet I laughed..

    With my palms pressed flush
    Against the sides of my face
    The tears mingled happily
    And danced to the melody
    That sang the song of red

    But when I woke up
    The storm had ceased
    It's heaving breaths were
    Like the blunt edges
    Of a forgotten dream

    The candles whispered
    A sigh of relief
    For the shattered window
    Had chastised its kin
    Back to place, glass to glass

    I settled to the conclusion
    That the wolf had somewhere
    Between sleep and tears
    Lost it's humour
    For the constant hum
    Of trickling red
    had ceased for once

    A fresh batch of
    Unshed tears
    Made its way
    Down my face

    With strands of hair
    stuck to my face
    And tears flowing
    down my cheeks
    I laughed..

    For the relief
    Was unmistakable
    The joy

    I had come to see
    Yet another sunrise
    For the wolf had ceased
    With is battles
    And let me believe
    That victory was mine

    But it sat somewhere
    In a dark dark corner
    Grinning at me
    And my foolishness

    It growled every now and then
    As though trying
    To remind my broken self
    That defeat was my only end
    That triumph was far from
    My battling self

    But I refused to cower before him
    I refused to let him overcome me

    For foolish as I was
    He was a part of me

    And without being able to tell
    Wether it was he who fooled me
    Or I that fooled him
    I shut him away in his corner
    For another night to come

    Temporary as it was
    My happiness was,
    what I call, beautiful
    Though I knew
    It was short lived
    I laughed..

    For it was right then
    I saw the promise
    Of a greater hope
    So wiped off the frown
    And replaced the wide smile
    With something more beautiful..

    I laughed.


  • warriorofthenight 1w

    Winners are not people who never lose, but people who never quit.

  • mystical_writer26 1w


    Rejected and lonely,
    away from the world
    he sat alone in the corner of his subtle room;
    soon upon the ground he curled

    Silent tears rolled down his cheeks,
    Eyes were red and feet were numb
    his body shook convulsively;
    was he really that dumb?

    Useless, worthless, stupid and vulnerable,
    that's all he ever got to hear;
    was the world so short-sighted
    that they couldn't see a bit clear?

    Just a mere teenager,
    yet so much to face;
    but he was ready for a battle,
    even with a slow pace

    Wiping his tears and fighting his fears,
    he got up thinking he was a survivor;
    but little did he know that
    he was a mighty warrior;
    he was a mighty warrior...

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  • ladysag77 2w

    Look closer

    Here I am just a bit shy yet alluringly captivating
    Ready to reveal a new shade of me
    Stumbling towards greatness, forgiving all the flaws
    World hasn't swallowed me up, I bit off its claws
    Not always nice, don't want to sit still or be pretty
    Soul thrives on more that is messy and gritty
    Unfolding as a rare flower, look closer at me
    Throwing off haters, fears and unpleasantries
    Rising to claim the best inside, can't be contained, hidden or denied
    Taking what's given, polishing dirt into gold
    Shining within shadows, truth comes through as bold
    Shudder to think of what ordinary life would have bloomed
    Accepting who I am, taking a closer look to see
    I am all that I am, survival of the fittest
    Warrior at heart, wearing my emotions upon my sleeve
    Carefree and fearless, I am here, look at me

  • warriorofthenight 2w

    #perfect #calm #evanescent #warrior
    This quote gives me such peace and joy...

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    Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place.
    - Casting Crowns.

  • warriorofthenight 2w

    Soaked Gown

    They don't understand and she knew they never would
    She'll never tell her story, even if she could
    She was a lady, well bred and raised
    Now she's an outcast, fending for herself though fazed
    Life will throw you in the dirt and take away your home
    She's learned to improvise, adapt, walk the unknown.
    She stood in a soaked gown
    On a ruined cloud,
    On the edge of town
    She looked at society,
    Scandals, offence, impropriety
    She bore arrows of truth,
    Old soul yet in youth
    And laughed at our fragile pride.
    We're no longer life or death,
    We're no longer thankful for every breath!
    She's away from technology, from our toxic culture
    People waiting for you to trip up so they can swoop in like a vulture.
    She stood in the gown she wore while we threw her away,
    On a disbanding cloud of dreams to be betrayed,
    On the edge of our axiom perfect little town
    She didn't want back, nor look with a frown
    She found something much better; a natural euphoria
    Mayhaps we'll join her to leave these lies and dysphoria.

  • sandeep_indraganti 2w

    She : How will you look after me?

    He : I will Protect you like a Warrior
    I will Care for you like a Father

    I will Comfort you like a Mother
    I will Understand you like a Sister

    I will Support you Like a Friend
    I will Love you Like a Husband

    I will Cherish you Like a Lover and
    I will Walk with you Forever


  • vickysardar243 2w

    We keep on fighting the daily unpredictability.

    Fighting it fiercely will indeed make you a warrior.

    But when you face it like a pacifist, winning or losing hardly matters.

    Let's just be the person who finds peace and happiness in the end.


  • warriorofthenight 2w

    The way I see it, if you want the rainbow you've got to put up with the rain.
    -Dolly Parton

  • lone_ranger97 2w


    Not the one you find in a church, A Warrior deemed worthy to be in the Pantheon. The one you find in the Battlefield of Life protecting YOU and your FAMILY by making YOU his Dreams.


  • warriorofthenight 2w

    Choices today are life tomorrow...

  • warriorofthenight 2w

    And I Didn't See Me

    I got home and I slammed the door
    I sat down and I wished I had more
    More friends, more money, more time to spare
    I blamed it on everyone else, saying they just don't care
    I stood, and I looked at myself in the glass
    And I didn't see me.
    I saw a cold stranger, a girl who'd lie to get by
    Someone who left dreams for money,
    Because the cement jungle was easier than the land of milk and honey.
    Where's the girl who'd laugh out of the blue?
    The one who'd go to school with a mismatched shoe
    The went who stepped around the ant hill,
    The one who couldn't keep her mind still?
    I didn't see me,
    I saw a heart with no key
    Just another face in the uncaring crowd,
    Mama, I'm no reason for you to be proud.

  • warriorofthenight 3w

    The Girl With the Dandelion Soul

    'Sing, cheri, and bring in the fiddler!
    Dance with me, dance with me,
    We can be the happiest we'll ever be!'
    She moves like the waves,
    Her hair flutters like falling leaves
    This us the untroubled girl of fairytale dreams.
    Her heart knows no worry of the future
    Her mind holds wisdom yet joy;
    Love made of fairy dust and corduroy
    This is the girl with the dandelion soul.
    All who meet her catch a glimpse
    Of her significance, resilience
    None wish to damage her fragility
    She acts like a wise yet dancing member of nobility.
    Her words feel like swaying velvet
    She laughs through the rise and sunset
    This is the girl with the dandelion soul.
    Nay, she's a far leap from faultless
    But we could all take living with a little more ecstasy
    Mayhaps our worries have invented life's complexity.
    She glides about in paisley merriment,
    Taking the world in stride with her blessed contentment
    Yes, this is the girl with the dandelion soul.

  • warriorofthenight 3w

    There is only one reality, but there are many ways that interpret that reality.
    -B. K. S Iyengar

  • warriorofthenight 3w

    The night was quiet
    As we gathered round the fire
    We each talked of our dreams, no need for a liar
    There were no secrets between any
    No fears unspoken
    But when we locked eyes through the embers, something was awoken.
    We looked to long to just be friends,
    Admit it, my love, this night's a godsend
    Until now , I left my feelings in my heart
    Unsure what such a declaration would start
    I don't want to love you if our friendship stands to lose,
    If it means to keep you here, I'll hide behind a ruse.
    We looked too long to just be friends,
    Take advantage of the truth this night lends!
    Fireflies dance with the universe as a backdrop,
    Destinies intertwine as we try to make it to the top,
    Bigger and better, the world's turning never stops,
    Give me your hand, darling-
    I'll jump if you will.
    #us #firelit #together #destiny #warrior

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    If You Will

    It's a frightening place to be sure,
    We'll not thrive if we stay how we were;
    But there's beauty to be found,
    Like daisies that fieldmice scamper round
    Winking snow setting on our windowsill
    Take my hand- I'll jump if you will.

  • fayemi_13 3w

    The dead, decayed girl you see today
    Was once a lioness.
    Giving up fighting,
    She's breathing serenity
    But life wouldn't agree on losing
    A warrior it had made.
    Shoved into the battlefield,
    She stands defeated
    Broken and bruised,
    But stronger than ever,
    Back to her old ways,
    Roaring, struggling and

    S u r v i v i n g