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    1. Distant stays crookedly straight it's all the same when
    2. Wicked ways cuz wicked pays just enough to make the wicked stay
    3. the addicts are stayin slaves cuz that's  addictions way
    4. Im Addicted in the addic gettin manic when i cant have it lettin in frantic so i panic causn havick
    5.livin tragic due to manic tendencies causin static instantly between me and the plastic fake fanatics
    6. And I'm back at it night and day At night they come out to play but the good should run away
    7. Cuz I must say
    8. danger goes higher
    9. And it never gets tired
    10. it wont ever retire
    11.  the only light out tonight in sight
    12. is gonna be fire
    13.  from bic lighters
    14. In the hands of abusers and liars
    15. Beasts and freaks, thieves and tweeks, monsters prey on the weak
    16. As they sleep counting sheep they should be safe
    17. But locked doors dont keep the evil away
    18. Even when it's late with all that lurks around this place.
            Good ones become lost without a trace
    1. Making so many lose faith
    2. In the human race
    3. Myself included cuz I've stood black hooded at night
    4.  with the outcasted in sight
    5. Watched nd learned I watched them burn
    6. I Witnessed them turn on one another with no concern
    7. The innocents get ditches the snitches gain riches
    8. The thugs just run while the real ones end up in prison
    No it's not the only way it goes it's just more often than most know
    1. Sell outs get  sold out like the damned sell their soul

    I've lived with wicked surrounding  myself  in my own hell as I battled addiction
    Within and gettin internally twisted
    Watching people cooking dope in their kitchen
    We never heard about this struggle in schools lessons I must of missed that section
    Never did we think this was the future we wished for  cuz that went missin for shore and we were wishin for riches and picket fences and all we got were dreams that eventually managed to vanished
    And feelings of being useless, helpless, and damaged
    I cant stand it
    We never planned for it yet they're lookin at me like ya we told you so
    Hell no not one single person helped me be ready for this shit and so fast it got too heavy
    What happened to the classics and being professional
    1. If these nightcrawlers were catholic the priest would never leave the confessional
    2. Its becoming pathetic on how they've become so predictable
    3. Let me vent in my lyrics on this instrumental
    4. Or I might go psycho lose control and bo might go have a psychotic break on my mental
    5. I dont know but why question the inevitable
    6. A verbal fight with beau is damaging like a fist fight with kimbo
    7. Its keepin me from becoming a tragic story like so many others known as abnormal
    8. I gotta get this out before my brain has a blow out
    9. I'm feelin crazy baby why cant I keep my feet to the ground in front of me
    10. I think it's just me maybe but it feels like it surrounds my brain like rabies
    11. The beat vibrates the ground I'm feeling more calm now but I'm being looked at like I'm lazy
    12. I just hope this isnt calm before the storm as I fly in like a kamikaze
    13. Why is my mental so torn bring me back to my human form but lately I cant stand me I might even hate me

    Words with purpose/ can be of service/ when some wanna hurt us/ its torturous on how they tortured us behind closed doors with curtains down the blinds up  to hide the bruises and cuts/ and scrapes/ some beat some burn some rape/ and I know all three so I'm known to hate/ they took from me a chunk of humanity/ and gave back some insanity/ but I wont let it be the end of me/I know my enemy/ because I know those who take /are bound to their fate/ where mine is the path I make

    1. What do I got to do to get it
    2. through to you that I'm through with who I used to be and who used to use me so its kudos if you know you got away with it before but no more as I move on wit my life I slam that door
    3. And nail it shut with boards across it so it never opens back up
    4. I just wanna make this day right
    5. wanna get this stage time
    Wanna make this stage mine
    1.  wanna take a stage dive
    2. I just wanna make this beat fly
    And get paid on time for writing lines to say some rhymes
    1. I hope you know I'm Writing lines for the working minds
    I wake up
    to an instrumental just to beat it up/let's shake things up cuz I'm lyrically in combat/got ahold of your brain by its testacles so now im fuckin shit up with a verbal massacre/ im a word murderer alphabet cereal killer deadly as you can be from A to Z hit you lyrically but its gonna be felt physically a wide spread attack like I had twin uzis I handle my shit like a Porsche or a Ferrari fuck around and get burnt my words bringing heat like a torch you must be feelin chilly?
    Why else challenge an O.G.

  • byjsanker 7w

    Death does not scare me. Living scares me. Living while watching parts of me die, that, that is what scares me.

  • hiddenfromme 13w

    I can't say I love you,
    So instead I say,
    That I hope you're doing okay.
    All the way,
    On the other side of the world.

  • anthonyhanible 58w

    I'm Watching My Back

    Eyes tattooed on the back of my neck
    I didn't trust no one
    My kids are friends
    Other than that
    I don't know you
    You don't know me
    So please don't be all behind me
    I've been stabbed in my back alot
    On defense I stay
    I'm good
    I'm Watching My Back

  • rightcalling 73w

    The creation of own root is also the cause of happiness and sorrow! I feel ashamed if I see there are many other people. If there's no oneness in your thought, it's not a uniqueness, rather it's your illnesses in the heart. ⛔��

    Theatre is the place where people's act is the instance of beauty, not their creation, and writing is the only art where the intention of your heart plays the direction of self-duty without any deputy or even gender identity!
    Start your day with the things that make your day longer to feel the fragrance of the sunlight, now feel so bright!
    You are the creator of your own life; you know well how to capture every rhythm of your heart, when you write.
    There is nothing in your creation outside of your heart, but every creation is a reflection of your true intuition.

    You are the luckiest person on earth, who has a great communication with your own heart. No matter who likes you or your writing. It's the true sense that can build in its essence itself endlessly.

    Walk with hope, no one can cope, but our own self, remember, it'll happen in future, before reaching your destination, when you'll look back to see, there will be nothing, those things may are disturbing you right now!
    ⚡✨¶�� ¶∞∞∞∞∞•••∞∞∞∞∞¶�� ¶⚡✨

    #Belief #oneness #uniqueness #heart #balloon���� #life�� #twokindsofpeople #watching #play #ownwords ���� #beauty #entertainment #enjoylife #beautifullife �� #wheretheheartis ������✨

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  • mariyamkhan 76w

    To my little sister

    From watching tom & jerry to watching netflix together we made the relation of blood to relation of souls...!! its true that time flies but the love you show and the way you care is immensable...!! may be I dont say but i still care

    happy friendship day ruby....!!!

  • piya_rahi 79w


    Do din baad dekhte hain ek baar tujhe,
    Ab bura nhi lagta somwaar mujhe.

  • katnipssc 80w


    Being a bystander willing to join the active group is hard.
    You wonder if you'd be allowed,accepted.
    You wonder if they'd feel disturbed.
    You wonder if you'd disrupt the order.
    You're deemed rude,unwilling,unhelpful,impolite.
    In reality you're scared of ignorance and being hurt.
    But such is the human mind you see,
    Overtly cautious, it also makes you feel an unending guilt and ever-brooding melancholy.
    Guilt for just being a bystander.
    Guilt for being unable to join the group.
    Guilt for existing there in the moment,
    For your mind despises you for being so insecure,weak.
    But then you also hate your self for hating those that never aided you to induce,
    Yet you acknowledge that it was never their job to be there for you,
    Such conundrum,such dilemma.
    All for being a bystander.

  • sometimestheworstme312 81w

    The government

    Theyre watching us.
    But dont say anything.
    Keep your mouth shut.

    "There's eyes on you everywhere."


  • lovehurts_ 83w

    i had some huge thing to go w this and i deleted it by accident and im so so mad right now.... Please give this love...����
    #jacx #love #agony #moon #watching #hate #like #mirakee @mirakee #repostit

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    The moon watches agony not love.

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    If Love is this,
    Then I don't need Love - While Watching His Parents Fighting


  • ashlizell 87w


    She lived her whole life
    In a little glass cage
    Surrounded but not blinded
    She saw and she heard
    Most importantly she watched
    The lives of everyone around her
    Slowly unfold
    Having nothing to do with her
    In her unintentional isolation


  • kyolicious 95w


    Far and near.
    Eyes follow.
    Dead and hollow.

    Judging you.
    All you do.
    All you say.
    Every day.

    Deep inside.
    Cannot hide.

    Gone, forgotten.
    Dead and rotten.
    Less is more.


  • sometimestheworstme312 96w

    Watching Me

    When all of my troubles start to get near,
    When all i can do is sit shocked with fear,
    When the burning sensation of my soul,
    Is in its cycle, on a role.
    I will not give up, or put down my eyes,
    For victory is Owned, i will still Rise.

  • dantraztrev 96w

    Everyone is watching
    But no one cares

  • sarie_the_writer 97w

    #fairytales #love #true #loves #kiss #watching #many. #fairytales #happiness #ring #child #hope #faith #found #lost #here #near

    When you watch too many, once upon a time, episodes ?❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????

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    Sometimes I wonder if true love’s kiss
    Is only in fairytales
    Does it truly exist
    Or if I would have to cast a spell
    In order to tell
    To get closer to a feeling
    That I have failed to feel
    And reveal moments that felt oh so right
    You see I’m simple
    Therefore for love I will fight
    But lips so soft
    And heart so fragile
    Will true love’s kiss truly wake me up
    From something so tragically
    My prince I bow to thee
    And with a magical kiss
    Then brings a ring
    A ring then brings a child
    With years of happiness and bliss
    And all I have to do is find that one right kiss
    But I have kissed and I have felt
    Prince come to me now
    But this isn’t fairytales
    We are stuck in reality now
    And magic never strong as love
    But my faith I trust in us
    So I’ll cast many spells
    Just to get you hear
    For when we kiss
    Our true love will reveal
    I still believe in fairytales
    And I’m not giving up on us
    Not yet
    Hush hush now
    Next kiss reveal yourself somehow

  • figura 99w


    I like actors. Especially the ones of great and talented. They give a welcoming seat for us to ride out the counted scenes. For a short time hijacking our souls to live out a new reality.

  • makeouthill 101w

    It's been a year since you've left,

    But look at her she's only grown,
    Stronger & mature...
    She's making others smile, even though her life isn't great...
    And she's still fighting her battle with all those, who's are trying to bring her down...
    Yeah, she's fighting hard, working harder...
    But yet with smile. : )

  • perfidious_rambler 108w

    #KASHUR JAHANUM....I am shocked, surprised, and equally frustrated about the things that people have defined decades ago about our society are really true and now grabbing almost everything in its "agoosh"......"KASHUR JAHANUM" that is Copy Right word of my Friend #Shahid Bhat which means selfish, opportunist, who has the only manifest " Don't do and Don't let anyone to do"....The story behind this word is that once someone had to go hell because of his bad deeds, so once he was leading towords hell, he saw numerous large pits of hell, and every pit was gaurded by hell security to make sure no one tries to escape but one pit was without security and he enquiried about the same and he was told that this hell belongs to Kashmiri people so they don't need security as no one here can escape because if anyone tries to escape others pull his leg back.....KASHUR JAHANUM# at present everything here gets stayed by court #so funny....#jobs are stayed # exams are stayed#recruitment processes are stayed...# People who fail, simply try to stop who pass....with no reason except shit excuses.
    #MARRIAGE STAY #MSTAY... Another noval concept in kashmir......NoW the Time will come in near future Marriage will b stayed...# Because either boy or girl will b having objection to marry or objection to someone's marriage... hahahaha #Coz everyone here is engaged with someone# No entry will b for singles# The next highest demand will b to find a single boy or girl....#so funny and equally shameful #Molivis are engaged in battling each other and debating maslaqs and firqeh parastee and we are engaged with phone doing heavy duty....#watching videos #playing games #chating friends # taging others #tweeting #counting likes#uploading pics #Doing Tik Tok# Hooking on Instagram #WAT NOT....."Time to Think"
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @af_rose @rameez @syed_ifrah_batool_andrabi @sabyaroyalking

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    Kashur jahanum(hellfire)

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