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  • nithyapranayini 2d

    #what to do when you badly miss someone?

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    A day without sunshine...


  • kanikayadav 3d

    #what u think
    #two meaning
    #2something that we hide

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    Everyone have a black thing .
    This itself says a great thing.

  • invador0007 4d

    If you aren't good at what you are doing,
    may be you are doing the wrong thing.

  • cgcastle 1w

    I'm Not Worth It

    I don't think you want;
    Know about me,
    I don't think you want,
    Know me more thoroughly.

    I only show you;
    What I wish,
    I only teach you,
    What I want.

    There are things about me;
    That nobody else knows,
    I always hide,
    My other part.

    But it is for fear;
    Afraid of you walking away,
    Afraid you don't stay,
    Afraid that you will leave me alone.

    Why do you want to see me?
    There are better people,
    I don't think it's worth,
    A minute of your time.

    That's why only this I show you;
    Only this I teach you,
    Go out into the world,
    And meet the rest.


  • maansideshwal_ 1w


    Someone asked me-"What is distraction?"
    My heart replied "His smile"

  • mica_m 2w

    And we all scream.

    And we wonder,
    If anyone can hear us,
    If we're loud enough,
    If we're in pain enough.

    And we all scream.

    And we wonder,
    If they can see us,
    If they care enough,
    If they'll hold us up.

    And we all scream...
    So who are 'they'?


  • marcy10 2w

    #mirakee #what she want #comment if u r agree��

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    What she want?

    You might think she wants your car,your money and gifts...
    But the right woman wants your time,your honesty,your effort and affection and the most important thing is to put her as a PRIORITY

  • lafzishi0419 2w


    Something different but WHAT???

  • nehawords 2w


    Whenever we think it's getting on its track..
    The turn it takes make us rethink our each decision..

  • real_techsavvy 3w

    #What The ..................................Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Me: Would you like to be the sun in my life?

    Her: Awww... Yes!!!

    Me: Good then stay 150 million miles away from me

  • listen_for_hawa_is_speaking 3w

    #what my family means to me#
    #����my family's my joy, what's, yourz#

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    Family in english
    Idile in yoruba
    MI Familia in Spanish
    Different ways of pronunciation but still
    Means the same thing
    People have different thoughts and views
    So should this have different meaning
    My definition of family is
    Family are the people who are with you through thick and thin
    Who accepts your imperfections
    Who love you no matter the huddle and struggles you pass through
    Who will support you in front and behind
    To me family is my brother, sister, uncle, teacher, aunt, friend, neighbor
    Some blood relations others not
    But all the same has your best interests at heart
    So always appreciate your loved ones
    Because they say"you don't know what you have until you lose it"
    Because if you don't some one else will
    And before you realize it, it will be too late

  • jumide 5w

    #what broken can be fixed but the scars shall remain

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    A thorn refuses to remove from the heart,
    Just like how a bald man doesn't put off his hat,
    Yet she is so nice at heart,
    Thinking not to let it come to an halt,

    The bleeding has flooded her,
    She has no longer life but in hereafter,
    But she keeps this away so far,
    Even if this is dangerous to her,

    She would keep managing from time to time,
    She was alone anyways and was fine,
    She is wounded all over but still shines,
    And she never thought herself high.

  • jeitendra_sharma 6w

    क्या ही करू

    तोड़ दूँ
    सारी बंदिशे
    या अभी क़ैद में रहूँ
    मन की कर लू
    या इंतज़ार में रहूं
    छीन लूँ
    या तेरे आने का सबर रखूँ
    धागों में बाँध दूँ
    या ऐतबार रखूं
    ख़ुदा से मांग लूँ
    या काफ़िर रहूं
    दीवाना बन जाऊ
    या लिहाज़ रखूं
    शेहनाई की आवाज़ सुन लूँ
    या क़त्ले-आम कर दूँ
    ख़ुद को मार लूँ
    या फिर अपने इश्क़ को
    कफ़न ओढ़ लूँ
    या सर पे तेरे चूनर देखूं
    कोई केह दे
    क्या ही कर लूँ
    बेबसी सह लूँ
    या आग बन जल जाऊ,


  • sonic_tonic_co 6w


    He shouted tearfully down the bay..
    She chuckled to herself, she never really "got" Australian.


  • anamikaalok 7w

    Date r devil....my fate

    Lunch date.....varun n me....my fate
    When Rosy asked me "what about boss ....."
    Then I felt like my legs getting numb and my mobile started vibration and It's unknown number when I picked call it's Varun he told me and he asked me for lunch as I said no and when Rosy and me were going to lunch he's there I mean place where we have lunch regularly and Rosy is like head to heel fell for him like he's cute he's hot he's sweet and he captured most of our company female employees in formal suit u can say and I'm embarrassed actually......after lunch he left and when I'm leaving he came to pick me up and I went and sat in car ASAP before boss notices but I guess it's late ....
    His car is back of varuns and I got caught red handed I felt like something wrong I had done.....and when I went to help to tie his tie him today his glare is something different I felt he wants to say something to me but not able to say and now it's like he wants to take me out from car and something I felt like this by his glares and Varun started his car and we went to see sunset in a park and later he dropped me and i said I'm sorry in past now I forgive u and please dotn for his type of this as I can't bear all these he felt bit sad but he again gave a peck on cheek and left me speechless and left to home and when I was going into my apartment I saw my a car it's like following me quietly a while and when I went to see who it is it's someone in mask and they left by pushing me back and I went in my room and saw a scratch at my hand
    And next day boss saw the scratch and asked me what happened and when I said happened thing he felt sad and he took my hand in his I felt a chill in my body and breath became heavy felt like a touch I was waiting for .......
    To be continued.....

  • writersblockwb 8w

    What is love?

    "What is love? People always ask that question. And some may say that it's fleeting or that it doesn't even exist. And some say it lasts a lifetime. But what I always answer is, Love is what you make it. No one's love is the same. You do not love how I love and neither does she. Love can't be described because it simply is. I've loved the same person someone else has but I loved them differently. I've seen what love is and I've seen what love is not. So love.

  • its_my_philosophy 8w

    #Be Happy with ur mood swings#Don't try to change yourself, be who u r and try to make other's and urself happy#Sometimes being sad is good and that can make u happy#If u try to enjoy ur sadness u will know its real taste..... it's an awesome feeling #what ever the emotion be pain, frustration, depression just try to enjoy it don't just die in it......
    #INSPIRIED# @kannan_ ��

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    സങ്കടങ്ങൾ ഒന്ന് എഴുതി തള്ളുവാൻ അക്ഷരങ്ങളോട് ചോദിച്ചപ്പോൾ അവർക്കും എന്റെ കൂട്ട് വേണ്ട എന്ന്..........

    പിന്നെ സങ്കടത്തിന്റെ കൂടെ ഒന്ന് കൂടി നോക്കി......
    പിന്നെ എന്നെ സന്തോഷിപ്പിക്കാൻ സങ്കടം മാത്രമേ കൂട്ടിന് ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നുള്ളൂ!

  • truth_sparkler 8w

    #snippet of Christmas. #Humans denied him on that day #Animals knew about the saviour, and accepted him #What about us?? #Give Jesus place in your heart. #he needs you and loves you.

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    When Jesus was born,
    None gave him room to stay,
    Neither any homes, nor any inn's.

    But the animals in the manger,
    Though it doesn't have sense like humans,
    Has given place to lay Jesus,
    And they moved out, for him to rest calmly.


  • everything_is_you 9w

    #what's the wrong I did to you? #awaiting love #until you gave me lot of pain, which is unexplainable and I will experienced everything in a hope that, you can change one day #whatever,my love towards you forever baby...

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    I am the person who hurted intentionally always by her.
    beause I loved her more than me or anyone else in the world.


  • _s_h_a_e_ 9w

    I don't want to go back.
    Only move forward.
    Yet I'm always looking to the past.
    Choking on the unchangeable.
    I'm still here,
    Still alive.
    At times I question how that is.

    Boss up.
    Game face.

    They're all rooting for you.

    The only validation you should be seeking is your own.

    Listen to your words.
    Read them.
    Understand them.
    Accept them.

    Next challenge.