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  • deep03 1d

    Ajj reh gea kalla

    Ajj reh gea kalla sabb passa vatt rahe.
    Jo khad-de c naal ajj khid khid has rahe.
    Kuj keh v na ska mera vass koi na.
    Jadd time aea changa mera.
    Ohna nu lgu mere jina qaim koi na.

  • khushimahto 3d

    #when you wishing something special

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    Zindagi ki ek he khwaahesh thi meri
    Wo tha tu
    Tu v na hua mera or kambakhat ye zindagi v naa hue meri

  • mr_midnight_thinker 1w


    Sometimes I feel as a matchstick,
    Like I light myself to give fire to extinguished people(friends,siblings, online people)
    And after getting the fire in within
    they just threw me out of their like
    the human threw the matchstick away.
    And again whenever they need
    fire they just comeback to me.


  • vidyan 1w

    Only you!

    In the hardest path of life, some stays some lefts , but truest leftout is yourself.
    So don't be panic,
    Believe in yourself.

  • deeptisethkhanna 2w

    Love is what happens

    Love is what happens
    two halves meet to make divine soul.
    Life is empty ,
    and love fills it with fragrance unknown.
    Love unknowingly holds one's
    to it's toes ,to giveaway it's life to unknown.

  • livelifelovelife 2w

    #When I look into the mirror ��

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    Back then

    Whenever I used to look into the mirror
    I found myself adrift and lost
    with lower self confidence
    always imagining the petty things
    which mattered the most to me.

    Today when I look the same mirror
    I find the same me but with a new envision
    which inspires me to be the one who I am.
    Though not perfect, but its me telling myself
    not to be into some one more than, you are into yourself.

    And then at last my reflection says me to remember only one thing,
    All the imperfectness in you will turn out to be perfect one day.


  • maansideshwal_ 2w


    When you fall for someone's soul.

  • thesilentscream 5w


    When you're stressed,

    You sleep

    When you're tensed,

    You sleep

    But only when you sleep,

    You don't know how you are

    So where do we go when we're asleep?

  • praveenapearl 5w

    #when brothers treat you as nothing less than them

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    Being a girl...

    Organizer: Oh, so you are the only guy here? Maybe, you can wait till the other guys join in.

    Organizer:(To me): You may join in.

    Brother: You are also a boy. Sit quietly.. let's wait till the other guys come.

    Me: ... Alright


  • ishitanegi_307 5w

    #When the light is gone faith still shines ❤️❤️

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    Cold hands wrapped around the lamp post
    Searching for the way covered in white.
    Then bowed down for the footprints,
    That were the only thing slaying the night.
    Will to march ahead, finding little pocket of sunshine
    Strode towards, following the footsteps on the blanket.
    A shack was there standing against the chilly winds racing around,
    Smoke in the air, with ashes of maple wood playing with the storm.
    Snowy drew his steps inside to find some warmth.
    Heart pumped up as the flames reflected inside his hopeful eyes.
    An old man sitting in the rocking chair, stared at him for a while.
    He happened to him as his saviour when the branches swirl hitting loneliness.
    "Oh my dear, you are not alone. I too live here since many years." The old man said.
    He was grateful for snowy's arrival.
    His faith stood out as he expected it to.
    He knew that he was not alone, and someone would come one day knocking at his door.

  • hemu_kutty 5w

    #when one finds themselves lost in their world

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    There is a bit of loner in everyone and it is not a depressing statement because we enjoy some thoughts and memories from our soul and smile to ourselves
    And sometimes we also tend to correct on our past behaviour and learn to rectify mistakes on our own
    Infact the world is full of loners who are UNIQUE in their own way!

  • desi____malang 5w


  • avika_tiwari 5w

    #When you hve started falling in love wid your male bestie nd you hve fear in ur heart dat you will also lose ur frndshp............����
    #Randomly......Jhel Lena ����
    #Mirakee #Shayari #Reality #Love #Life #Bond #Diary

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    वो वक़्त भी क्या हसीन था ...........- 2
    जब वो बिन कुछ कहे ही सब समझ जाया करते थे

    आज वही पल पल तड़पाते हैं ..….....-2
    क्यूंकि दोस्ती, एक तरफा मोहब्बत में जो तब्दील हो गई थी।

  • krishnab 6w

    ❣️#When creator of my life send me a agreement letter , corollary of his for my life, deals and plans he has made for me.
    ## it's about yesterday dream of mine♥️❣️

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    My corollary about yourself.

    Dear you,
    I'm glad to see you on the Right track,
    I'm glad to see you on the amazing path,

    I'm glad to see you presumably successful,
    I'm glad to see your woven and true dreams.

    Might be my corollary seems some poetic,
    But I'm convinced that you are emulating the right you.
    Yes I'm glad to see you on right track,
    I'm glad to see you on amazing path.

    Enormous happiness you deserve,and you deserve to live the life that you wants.

    I could see the "you" that you always hide because of fears of slurs that dimmet peoples says.

    I could see visceral attributes of yours ,
    You are that solitary patrons that will save the
    Attitude of the identity , attitude of the dreams
    I'm glad to see yours attitude of gratitude ,
    I'm glad to see yours solitude and integrity for yours desires ,I'm glad to see the purpose you are living for.

    You are that one who have gone through every hardest battle and still going,
    Still amazingly stood for next round .

    I don't know is that ok or not but I'm sure
    The way you are cultivating yourself
    Is the only way I always wish from you, because you deserve best.
    Keep going dear....you are that winner,
    You are that Saviour ,you are that emperor
    Whose kingdom will be out of the thinking of irrational people's.
    Yes I have best plans for you.

    ©krishna Bhalerao

  • desi____malang 6w

    Silence is the best response
    when you’re dealing with an idiot.

  • imladyart 6w

    C. Enough

    I stay as I lay on the floor staring at myself near a mirror asking how much time will it be before I have no more dignity as I fear not long before I quit of uncertainty.


  • pra_kriti_azad 7w

    #when you think beautiful
    World is beautiful...
    Phle khud se mohabbat kro
    Phir pure jahaan me mohabbat dikhegi.. #love

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    P₹å-kr!T! aur Chand
    Part-2 Answers

    चाँद ने उसके सारे ख्यालों को पढ़ लिया फिर
    शिद्दत से जवाब दिया।
    मैं इस ज़ालिम दुनिया से दूर हूँ
    इसीलिए सबके मोहब्बत का नामो- नूर हूँ।।

    तू पूछती है मोहब्बत क्या चीज़ है,,
    न मानो तो कुछ नही मानो तो इस दुनिया की तकदीर है।।।
    तेरे यहाँ कहा जाता है,
    की सच्चा आशिक़ तो वही है जो अपने इश्क़ के लिए ज़माने से लड़ जाये,,,
    पर मोहब्बत उसकी भी है जो किसी और का होकर भी
    अपने इश्क़ को दिल से न निकाल पाये।।
    तेरे यहाँ कहते हैं,,
    मोहब्बत की कोई हद नही होतीं,,,
    पर जो हद में रहकर बेहद मोहब्बत करे वही सच्ची मोहब्बत होती है।।।

    ये कैसे मान लूँ की आशिकी सिर्फ उन्हीं की कामयाब होती है जो अपने इश्क़ को पा लेते है,,
    अरे इश्क़ तो उसका भी परवान चढ़ता है,,,,
    जो अपने इश्क़ के खुशी के लिए अपनी
    मोहब्बत क़ुर्बान करता हैं।।।।

    तेरे यहाँ कहते हैं मोहब्बत ने सिर्फ दर्द दिया,,अरे
    इश्क़ की खुशी तो उनसे पूछो जिन्होंने सच्चा इश्क़ किया।

    जिसने किसी के भी साथ के खूबसूरत यादों को जोड़े रखा है,
    मोहब्बत तो उसी ने की जो हमेशा अपने इश्क़ की बेखौफ जिक्र करता है।।
    सच्ची मोब्बत तो वही करता है जो एक ज़माने बाद भी
    अपने इश्क़ पे क़ुर्बान होने की हिम्मत रखता है।।।

    तू पूछती है लोग सूरज के बजाए मुझसे ज्यादा मोहब्बत
    क्यो करते हैं,,,
    क्योकि मैं चाँदनी के भीड़ में भी चमकता हूँ
    और वो अपनी चमक में किसी और को नही चमकने देता।।।

    पगली मोहब्बत को ढूंढना नही पड़ता
    वो तेरे ज़हन में है
    पहले खुद से मोहब्ब्त कर
    फिर पूरे जहाँ में तुझे मोहब्ब्त दिखेगी।।

    जहाँ भी थोड़ा सा डर और थोड़ी फिक्र है,,
    किसी का भरोसा और उसकी ज़िक्र है,,,
    सच्ची इश्क़ मोहब्बत ईबादत सब वहीं है।।।।।

  • harithareddy 7w

    #kills me #when i think of it#

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    I don't want to accept the fact that....

    He don't love me

    @broken heart

  • kabirsrivas510 7w

    When someone loves you, you don't have to say it. You can tell by the way they treat you.

  • the_cerlac_baby 8w

    Its not about who you become or what you achieve.......
    I believe that life is not about having money, good job, and health...
    Its all about what you give others....
    The best thing you can give someone is your time, love and care ❤️
    For example an old granny in the oldage home will not be craving for fud, dress or anything like that she will be more happy if one sits by her side and talks or listens to her for awhile.... This is how you can give ur time, love and care for someone
    I don't say that money and job is not required
    Its necessary for a gud life but not the first thing
    These are the four things that cant be bought by money❤️