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  • behindface 21w

    This is a journey or journey built on my imagination. #mirakee#whycheat#impossible#singlewriter#love#wishes#lies#SJlove

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    I wish

    don't read it, it's too long

    June 27th,2am something happened
    teardrops from my eyes reached a deadend

    So the night was really magical
    and my head was getting cynical

    you know, I've started hating the afternoon rain
    cause it ignites inside a cruel pain

    that pain brings a different side of myself
    there's all blood around me and noone to help

    Just ANSWER ME,
    How's her kiss that you indulge?
    will it be better if i just camouflage?

    heard you are planning for your bike
    pull her from the back,she might like

    There'll be rain and a windy cold
    teach her to put a hand on zip and be bold

    you look hotter with that faux leather
    just treat her right,there should be no other

    Answer me,
    will you tie her shoelaces too
    and write her loveletters maybe one or two?

    I wish she makes you wilder in your wildest dream
    and threesomes BDSMs wouldn't hinder her self-esteem

    Never asked,does she too love your broken teeth
    and shiver at your every single breath?

    Don't worry,cause
    I wish she loves you passionately
    handle your faults delicately
    Encourage you at your every lows
    and you make her soulclose
    she must fill heaven in your life
    happy to see her as your wife

    I wish you forget the past and other thing
    One day for her a lovesong you'd sing

    I wish time would stand very still
    her hands ,one thing in the world you'd feel

    I wish you feel the spark when she kiss
    your night get filled with heaven's bliss

    I wish you make big big dreams ,then shout and scream
    meet her to grandparents and like that you shall redeem.

    But then i wish she cheat
    baby like you did it on me
    hope she keep that on repeat
    and like me,you cry holding your knee
    rebel everyday to stand on your feet
    But that day i wouldn't be here to see.

  • syedtubagillani 88w

    Destiny is not an excuse to cheat
    Maybe in future is not an excuse to cheat
    Unemployment is not an excuse to cheat
    Mistake is not an excuse to cheat
    Distance is not an excuse to cheat
    Depression is not an excuse to cheat



  • iamharish 101w


    Relationship isn't an exam.

    Why to cheat then?

  • radhika_b 177w

    "Maybe he too misses me ," whispered the depressed mind .

    " shhhhh. Do not overthink," said the betrayed heart .♥