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  • preetpanchal 2d

    Jab koi Zindagi me aayega

    Jab koi zindagi me aayega to use sari khushi dena chahta hu,
    Chahe wo mange ya na mange use apni zindagi dena chahta hu.


  • pramilaprem 3d


    Every girl dreams for her prince charm,
    Whome she wants besides her in violent Strom!!

    She wants his love, care and sharing,
    For which she can sacrifice her everything!!

    Husband is a very important part of her life,
    Bec she feels so happy and proud to be his wife!!

    She starts seeing her life through his eyes,
    She loves him to the moon and back at any price!!

    Her world spins in and around his presence,
    He is the one whome she looks up after her parents!!

    At times she fights , argues and misjudges,
    But towards him she never carries any grudges!!

    The love for him grows in abundance with the years,
    In his arms she feels secured , and free from fear,

    She imagines all the quality of her daddy in her hubby,
    Smart , hardworking , loving , and at times funny!!

    She just loves to be his bride ,
    She just says *HE IS MY PRIDE*

  • i_fotsing 4d

    My Future Wife (Goosebumps)

    She's an apple of my eye , sweet at the sea
    She takes me in as slow as the morning sun sips dew from plants,
    She's as pretty as African lilies sprouting in July 
    I'm thrilled, I behold a beautiful and sweet soul
    That modifies my skin into bumps of love

    Comparing her to the sun in the middle of the night
    A reddish-brown addictive swimming in my veins .
    She's like a blissful yet bewildered dream to a mere boy
    Giving me a quick shiver down my bones .

    My heart beats and pours inside her symphony
    And my shadow dances under the rain shower
    Mimicking her smile and wide grin.


  • artist_star18 1w

    ।। माँ ।।

    पूछता है जब कोई दुनिया में मोहब्बत है कहाँ,

    मुस्करा देता हूँ और याद आ जाती है माँ।


  • omi2510 1w

    Of Love

    My heart's racing beat,
    whenever we meet,
    and breathlessness upon her sight,
    is love.

    Her felicity and priorities,
    her needs and her grieves,
    all being above mine,
    is love.

    Her bearing our child,
    spending sleepless nights wild,
    in nurturing them with care,
    is love.

    Our growing old together,
    be it a stormy or fairweather,
    pushing through, bonding stronger,
    is love.


  • shrutisinha 1w


    Like the old oak tree,
    she's grounded at the roots.
    Like the cool summer breeze,
    she follows no route.
    She holds the world of harsh reality.
    She even makes sure, nothing hurts her vanity.

    She has her own world, full of aspirations.
    To which she waters routinely,
    Turning them to fresh blossoms.
    She breaks the patterns, builds new matrix.
    She barely fears the outcomes.
    Be it contentment or anguish.

    She celebrates the pain
    of giving life to an unborn.
    She though described as fragile,
    Turns out to be firm.
    She engulfs her emotions
    With a million dollar smile.
    She knits a future
    With happiness in pile.

    She feels the pain of the unseen bruises.
    She balms the heart with laughter doses .
    She nurtures the sick to robust health.
    She makes the house, a home to dwell.

    She teaches the urchins to share and care.
    In the battle of life, to always be fair.
    She practices forgiveness, the art of letting go.
    Alike the winter sun, she bears that warming glow.

    She possesses the perseverance
    to face any obstacle.
    Leaves no stone unturned
    To make something possible.
    Call her a daughter, a sister, a mother or a wife
    She would lavishly adore you all her life.

    She loves being pampered.
    Knows well what's tampered.
    She neither fades nor weakens.
    She's the flavour of the wine
    That just grows and deepens.

    She brings out a gem.
    She makes a gem.
    She is a gem .
    For 'SHE'
    is a WOMAN.


  • deepak_verma_oo6 2w

    वो कहती हैं मुझे कभी छोडकर‍♀️ मत जाना

    पगली छोड़ने के लिए तोड़ी हाथ थामा हैं

  • bclark2681 2w


    She is both
    The rooted tree
    To keep her family
    Secure and grounded
    And the vicious wolf
    On guard to attack
    Whomever will threaten
    Her descendants

  • bhavanapotturi 2w

    Shades to portray her

    She is magical, she is natural
    She is robust, she is fragile
    She is stubborn, she is docile
    She is lively, she is moody
    She is bold, she is timid
    She can bring you out of chaos
    She can throw you into a deep-sea
    She can imbibe all your sorrows
    She can tear your heart apart
    She is a mother like earth
    She is a sister like shade
    She is a wife like conjugate
    She is a daughter like an angel
    She is a friend like a book
    She is a universe herself
    She is a start. She is an end
    She can lose to make you win
    If you challenge she will write your end
    One can not portray her with one shade...
    As she is a rainbow of existence.

  • sayan251 2w


    Your lips so soft and red,
    the thought of kissing you is stuck in my head.
    Your beauty so bright and warm,
    shining through the darkest storm.
    Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky.
    When I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high.
    My love for you is pure and true.
    I never stop thinking of you.
    The sound of your voice saying, “I love you,” makes my heart pound,
    because I know my one and only I’ve truly found.
    I promise to love you for every moment of forever,
    and when everything else crumbles, I will never.
    I am your armor to protect you from harm,
    like you are to me, a lucky charm.
    For you are my heart, my soul.
    Baby, you are my whole world.

  • r_anushree 2w

    #love #life #marraige #husband #wife
    #eternity #soul #tilldeathdouspart


    They both drowned in the deep waters
    but only one of them could be rescued, they said
    and he wished to save the one he had on the alter
    so he acted as if he were dead
    and no one knew how many tears she shed
    when she remembered his promise that he'd choose her to live at time of death

    But his corpse couldn't do much
    to stop him from loving her
    and "till death do us part"
    couldn't bring much suffering to incur
    for he meant his soul and not his beating heart
    There was nothing to make her life blur
    because she had his soul that still loved her.

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    Till Death Do Us Part

  • surabhi_awasthi 3w

    She chose house making over working. She never complains for what she don't have. She never demands.
    He is a loyal man. He works hard. For him, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
    They fight, they love but what always exists is an essence of loyalty which keeps them together. Both of them adjusted according to each other. She gave away her cute, little, stupid, girlish, after marriage fantasies. He quitted smoking and gave away his carefree behaviour.
    They live in a small house packed with love and furnished with adjustments. The hot boiling youthful magma has seized up against the cold real life situations.
    They are not boring. He is not less romantic and she is not a dead soul. All is that they are learning to adjust.
    Three years of marriage, yet she creates the same magic as she used to create before. Forehead kisses are still magical in so much stress and hectic living. Her tired, kitchen face is what he adores and his smell of sweat is what she is addicted to.
    In the desert of life they are planning for Cactus Love which could stay fresh and alive for a long long time.
    Love actually found its way among conflicting circumstances of an inter caste marriage.
    Love is not about just love. Love is about loyalty and adjustments.
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  • srikys 3w

    Hello mirakeeans plz do follow this page and support me
    #mirakee #mirakeewriters #bemine #girl #crazy #loveforever #kids #school #wife #wify

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    I Wanna Marry that girl ,where both spending time makes us to forget bringing our kids back from school


  • annrita 4w

    Loving you

    I barely know
    Yet i love every inch of your soul
    I hardly know
    Yet i can imagine you right before my very eyes
    I am complete knowing your my future
    I am loving you even before i know you
    Your very existence gives me chills
    Holding on to the hope that i will see
    You gives me so much Joy
    You are my prayer every single day and night
    You are my eternal love sent from above
    I cant wait for you to find me
    For he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the lord
    You are a part of my destiny
    And i will be right here working in my purpose till you find me
    I will be true and faithful to you
    Trusting that God will keep you safe
    I will focus on seeking the lord till he leads you my way
    For you and i are meant to be and nothing can come between the eternal love pre destined before us.

  • rajaastha_ 4w

    "What would you ask for before death?"- asked her wellwisher

    "To be his wife for next 7 births" -replied a widow


  • ashutosh_872 5w


    Bachpan me jab darta tha, Tab maa ko yaad karta tha,
    Aaj bhi chot lagti hai, Tab maa ko yaad mai karta hu,
    Payar mohhabat, Shona babu ki bate nahi karta mai,
    Bani mere sir ka chhaya jo, Mai us aurat ki baat karta hu,

    Wo bachapan se le, Jawani tak, TV ke remote ko ladna,
    Chhoti Chhoti nok jhok pe, Papa se shikayat karna,
    Jis bahan ki hiffajat ki khatir, Marne se nahi darta hu,
    Hatho pe rakhi bandhne wali, Mai us aurat ki baat karta hu,

    Ankho me mere ansu dekh, Khud roti najar wo aati hai,
    Koi kahde galat mujhe jo, To wo sun naa paati hai,
    Adhha hissa hai mera wo, Jise aksar pooja karta hi,
    Lambi umar ki meri karti duaa jo, Mai us aurat ki baat karta hu,

    Ladka ladki bak bak karte, Aiso pe thu mai karta hu,
    Khun nahi hai mera wo par, Apna use mai kahta hu,
    Sath bina jiske meri, Khushiya bhi lagti end hai,
    Meri best friend ek ladki hai jo, Mai us aurat ki baat karta hu,

    Mere ghar ki Lakshmi hai, Mera abhimaan hai wo,
    Auro ke liye hogi bojh, Meri muskaan hai wo,
    Har janam ghar utre pari aisi, Rab se baat karta hu,
    Meri bitiya rani hai wo, Mai us aurat ki baat karta hu.

    © Ashutosh Kumar

  • mahamantri_writes 5w

    Best Half

    If you are wrong , she will correct you.
    If you are right , she will fight for you.
    If you are in trouble ,she will help you.
    So in each and every condition she is always be with you.

  • quite_quill 5w

    It is some thing to my love

    I love the way you lied,
    I love the way you hide,
    your emotions for me
    I know you do, for me to smile.
    But, want to tell you that
    whatever you had,
    I will always live for you
    not some fake you.
    One part of my heart sings,
    no more seek to hide,
    another same time sings,
    I love the way you lied

    #love #affection #wife #husband #life #emotions #writeup #poem #poetry #new #content

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    To my love

    I love the way you lied,
    I love the way you hide,
    your emotions for me
    I know you do, for me to smile.
    But, want to tell you that
    whatever you had,
    I will always live for you
    not some fake you.
    One part of my heart sings,
    no more seek to hide,
    another same time sings,
    I love the way you lied

  • lifeistooochota 5w

    He make his mother sleep FIRST
    Then he sleep with his wife


  • lokeshdahiya 6w


    पुकारा करेगे रात दिन तुम्हे ,
    अगर तुम माँ जैसी निश्छल ममता दे दो।
    पिता जैसा प्रगाढ़ प्रेम दे दो
    बहन जैसी स्वभाविक खुशी दे दो
    भाई जैसा त्याग दे दो
    पत्नी जैसे गुण दे दो।