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  • theycallmetreacle 84w

    requital not required

    I’ve got lots of secrets I’d love you to know
    I wonder what you’d have to say
    I’d tell you them all and you’d tell me yours too
    If you ever looked over this way

    You don’t know who I am but I love you despite that
    As I keep you like this in my mind
    Whilst you’re perfect like this you are all that I need
    We can keep it this way that’s just fine

    You smiled at me once you know, ages ago
    What a beautiful thing to behold
    I bathed in that moment and you’ll never know
    How the magic you weave took a hold

    When I see you the Jazz Divas sing in my head
    They croon at the beauty of you
    They sing things to me you’d have certainly said
    If this thing I pretend at was true

    But you’ll never know, I won’t make that mistake
    I will love you this way, just for me
    I’m a smart girl you see so my heart will not break
    I can love you forever, pain free