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  • swaying_letters 1d

    A winter revelation

    A stain and a tremor is woven into my breath. An unjust silence somersaults in the realms of lush stillness.

    Fumbling in the dark, I strive to beat the rush of thoughts wrestling with my soft parades in the hood of winter. Bearing the hassle on my shoulders, I thus attain the stride of a nervous traveller.

    Voices are raised elsewhere, the sounds maimed by distance. The domain of roars attract new noises. There’s a delight in those parts, which don’t abide with my heart.

    I try to revive the buried trance, and foray instead into the zone of stillness. The punctuated air stirs, cradling the hemisphere of trees which in turn reveals their sacred dance— the rhythmical swaying and the swift motion of leaves.

    Withholding the contradictions of  life, I welcome the scene around me that’s ripe with a single meaning of ‘aliveness.’ In every dream there should be a slice of its rhythm, for it speaks of the guarded presence that’s imbibed in every being.

    In dealing with many odds, there’s a venomous rebuilding of shadows that succeed in hypnotising the eyes of truth. Yet here, I unsee those lies, the ring of untruth washed away in the clasp of a fragrant winter.

    For a while, I thus regain my steady posture and beckon a dance, the wafting scents of an unsaid story in the midst. Here, on the cusp of a moonlit evening, I rest my forceful strides and let them evolve naturally under the guidance of nature’s symphony.


  • moodyshayar_04 2d

    ये ठंड का मौसम और कोहरे का नज़ारा,
    ये ठंड का मौसम और कोहरे का नज़ारा
    हाथ में चाय का कप और इंतेज़ार तुमहरा ।


  • porcupine 5d

    Feb 22nd

    Another winter storm
    This morning it shows
    The snow is now deep
    And the wind still blows

  • gaamir 6d

    Kya ye tum ho 2

    Is akelepan me Aahat,
    kya ye tum ho,
    Is udaasi bhare chehre pe Muskuraahat,
    kya ye tum ho,
    Iss sard mausam me hone waali,
    Baaton hi baaton me waqt Nikal gya ...
    Chai thandi hogyi...
    Par haathon me uss pyaale ki garmaahat,
    kya ye tum ho..!!!

  • ritermathai 1w

    Slefish Quest

    Waiting for the day when your shadow falls on me
    Waiting for the day when your lips talk to mine
    Awaiting the day your hands run through my hair
    Thinking of the day when your head rests near to my heart.
    Longing for the moment when i can close my eyes and relax by your side

    The days follow the nights that stretch into weeks on end
    These whims are partially cries of the ache your proximity casued in my heart
    Waking up realizing you don't love me is like waking up in winter knowing the sun won't shine on me
    I've asked no one else this, but why would you come into my life if not to love me..


  • s_riyansha 1w

    तुम किसी ऐसे गाने की तरह हो
    जिसके शब्द तो शायद याद नहीं
    पर यह धुन जो भुलाए नहीं भूलती
    जो बिना किसी सौदे के हमारे जेहन में घर कर बैठीं है
    जिस से पीछा छुड़ाने की कोशिश तो खूब कर रहे हैं
    पर कामयाब नहीं हो पा रहे हैं या यू कहिए कि होना नहीं चाहते हैं
    क्योंकि ये दिन काफी अच्छा कटने लगा है इसकी सोहबत मे
    तुम न किसी ऐसे गाने की तरह ही हो
    जो बस ईन लबों पर बस सा गया है
    जिसे गुनगुनाते हुए मेरी होठों की हँसी अब आँखों से झलक रही है
    तो बस इतनी सी बात है कि तुम चिपकू जरूर हो लेकिन हाँ बहुत प्यारे हो

  • sugandhswani_ 1w

    The Last Laugh...

    Did you leave something behind?
    I saw you turn your head there,
    Something that is left undone,
    You feel a missing piece somewhere?!

    The sun is closing the doors for you,
    And yet you swoosh in making your way,
    Through the windows back to our world,
    A bit longer I feel, you want to stay.

     Or is it your cold shadow we feel?
    On our backs when the dewy dusk dawns,
    And you have found your bed already?
    To find rest and sleep for your weary yawns.

     For you have worked really hard,
    To blanket the world in gloom,
    But now it’s time for the grey days to go,
    And for Spring to make some room.
    For the fresh flowers and crisp greens,
    And the birds to colour the skies blue,
    So, enjoy your last laugh O Winter,
    We are ready to bid farewell to you.

     21st February 2021

  • s_riyansha 1w

    A thought I just had, a thought I just thought
    A thought directly just came from my heart
    A thought that made me think deep questioning my own being
    Now I'm thinking why I ever had thought like that

  • s_riyansha 1w

    Sitting at the window, I gazed at those birds
    Chirping, jiggling
    Dancing, twirling
    As soon as I clap my hands to praise their performance
    Amazingly they fluttered away!

  • mehna_2006 1w

    The sudden rain surprised me.
    Everything was getting much colder than it should be.
    Even for the warm things I was hesitant.
    The cold water kept itself away from my hands.
    The rain was a trouble,
    Yet I enjoyed it .
    The first rain Before summer.
    The rain that provoked the leaving winter.
    The winter that left an imprint yesterday.
    The winter I hoped would stay.

    #life #winter #rain #me #cold #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee.


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    The sudden rain that provoked the leaving winter.


  • sheena 1w

    Adieu Winter

    Dear Winter,

    I know we never got along. We were those parts of the story which were apart in every definition. Your presence has been unwelcomed by me, for mere reasons that you leave me cold, while I freeze in your embrace. I was never cosy with you, even if I did everything to keep me warm. Here you are leaving again, leaving my hands warm once again. The cold wind feels gentler now, I feel the warmth is feeding my heart with love again. The season of parched skin and trembling lips will cease again as I know, I will be remade...

    Once all over again....


  • we_elude 1w

    To : Winter

    Hola winter !!!

    As you are about to adieu the Northern hemisphere.....I was being delighted for the fact that creatures living in that hemisphere must be relieved from 'extremist' like you.

    Ohhh!! Did I just raged another COLDwar with you ?
    No No No ..!!!...Don't worry I m just the 'FALL'
    Falling again and again just for you ......

    You know what's the most beautiful part of you ......its your Aerosol (fog) annilating afresh air ..... hiding and concealing my loss.
    At that moment I feel concealed to go through the loss and pain I was given during my attempt to be a mutable season.....Maybe that's why I boast of your Extremist nature (truly)

    I'm acting as the mutable season between summer and you ....trying to blend .....to be normal ....maybe to be liked by people ...of my beauty ....of my pale hues ....and people too.... love my fall..... actually they wait for my fall.... How strange !!

    But you......you winter
    You have a persona of being cold....being detached ...People often are 'burned' by your coldness. When they are out ...during your season ....they feel Numb....cold air of your entering their lungs making the most uncomfortable shift in body temperature .
    Still you love being you.....and you don't conform to people's standard of likeness.... people conform to your coldness with cozy blankets and warm fireplaces.....you don't conform to anyone .

    Hat's off to you winter ����

    Your are Extremist and the most coldest at the poles in form of icecaps and glaciers .... With lesser humans but maintaining temperature for all biomes on earth .

    So much said in your appreciation ....I guess now you must be little appreciative of me too .....I mean just a little...no big demands .... Just a little bit ��

    Also you are departing from Northern hemisphere ......now wait to be warmly welcomed by me in Southern hemisphere .

    Meet you soon in Southern Hemisphere now !!

    Hope you WINter as always ✨

    From :
    The one that always needs you after every fall......aka (Autumn)

    Thanks for reading !!!

    #Ltseasonc @writersbay #writersbay @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @fromwitchpen #letteread #season #fall #autumn #winter

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    Because after every FALL
    Everybody needs a COLD exterior
    Shielding their warm injury
    To get healed with SPRINGY breeze
    And to shine like the SUMMER sun
    Again and again .........

  • may_from_beyblade 1w

    #lame#spring#winter#writersbay#Ltseasonc#may1_week_of_letters�� all letters of the challenge will be here.

    Hope it makes sense...wrote it in a hurry��

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    A letter to a season from a season

    Dear magnifique spring,
    A season in which everyone is filled with joy, My mind remembers your name.
    After me you come, decorating the ground
    On which frost melted,
    With beautiful, fragnant, blooming flowers.
    You adorn the empty branches
    Of the sturdy trees, with lush green leaves. Butterflies dance in glee,
    Bees buzz with delight,
    Birds fly high in the azure sky,
    As the breeze carries the sweet smell of
    Grasses and florets; stimulating serenity in People living beyond the open windows,
    Of their houses.
    Once again, I see you approaching,
    As I slowly say goodbye to various creatures.

    I am telling you this, because I heard you crying, saying times have changed; people don't rejoice on your return as they used to, they have stopped appreciating you.
    Do not worry my dear friend, if it requires for me to knock some sense into them through a frigid gale, I will.
    Sending this letter to you through a sparrow, hope it gets delivered. Will write to you again till then, adios.

    Yours, bittersweet winter.


  • a_gentilischi 1w

    Since seven letters are going to be written, I decided to write them as a continuous series. So give your thoughts on this. ��
    And, it's best if the first two letters are read beforehand. You can find them under #wbltsagent
    Happy reading ��

    Much love out to @writersbay for this amazing challenge that pushes our limits. ������

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #Ltseasonc #letters
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #letter #wbltsagent #confessions
    #summer #spring #winter

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    -The third letter, left where spring meets summer-

    Treasured Summer,

    Can I call you Summer?
    You never told me your name, and well, this is what I've been calling you in my head. I hope you don't mind.

    At first it was because, when we met on that winter night, you looked so out of place. Only later did I realise that you weren't wearing any winter gear, even though it was freezing. I'm still not sure if you were a hallucination of an angel.

    Now I call you Summer, because you are MY summer.
    You're the inexorable force that drives my winter in to Spring, then, right in to your open arms.

    My dearest, you are the breeze that gave wings to my last letter.
    You are the sun that kisses the snow covered mountain tops, to make them lush and green.
    You chase away the barrenness that is the mistress of the dark cold.

    You, Summer, are the essence that I want to drown in, till every pore of my frostbitten body is suffused with the warmth of hope, till my body and soul are overflowing with it.

    But first I have to reach you.

    You reached out to me that first time. A child of summer, full of life, what were you doing crying on a winter night? Why did you taint yourself with the blizzards of vitriolic hatred?

    Was it for me?

    Winter has barely ended for me. But Spring is coming, I know it is. I can feel it in the way my heartbeat quickens, like the earth awakening from the slumber. My thoughts are stirring tentatively, like bulbs of daffodils, shivering in anticipation, exhilarated, and on the cusp of blooming.

    Darling, I know that summer doesn't last forever, but will you wait for me?

    Wait till the last traces of frost melt and I grow back sprigs of fresh leaves. Don't leave me until I'm heavy with blossom, a vision out of the riverbanks that Monet painted.

    Stay until my spring transcends in to the glorious summer of your embrace.

    My heart will meet yours at the place where Spring meets Summer.

    With love,
    Your Winter that is turning in to Spring


  • s_riyansha 1w

    चल फिर आज नया कल लिखते हैं


  • bclark2681 2w

    Dear Stranger;

    Upon further inspection, leaving this letter upon this park bench that you earned last night may seem strange, bit I needed to be sure you were feeling a bit more enchanted today after last evening.
    You see, upon noticing your tears cascading down your quivering cheeks in the freezing winters evening and me offering my counsel to you after gathering courage to offer my sympathy, I needed to be sure you would be okay enough to carry on. So, that is why I stayed with you.
    I never asked your name, just listened to your story, to your troubles and offered my best advise and comforting abilities. I have no regrets sitting with you in the chilly February air for those hours and am so glad I got to be blessed with your presence.
    Again, I hope your day has begun in much better spirits today and with any luck, your face will grace my eyes once again in the future.

    A good listener

    Credit for picture goes to original owner
    #pod #MirakeeNetwork #writersnetwork #writersbureau #mirakee #mirakeeworld #thewriterstribe #writerstolli #poetry #writersbay
    #letter #winter #tears #cry #sympathy

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    Winter Evening Tears

    Upon this chilly winter's evening, I
    Notice tears cascading down your
    Quivering cheeks as you occupy
    Your park bench and with sympathy,
    I ask and you chronicle your upsets
    Of this evening as I offer my counsel,
    Assisting you through your process

  • kmm_90 2w


    Slow is the pace
    That is set by the snow.
    There's nowhere to be;
    There's nowhere to go.

    It's as if time has stopped
    When the streets are all froze.
    There's nowhere to be;
    There's nowhere to go.

    Bright is the white
    As it glistens and glows.
    There's nowhere to be;
    There's nowhere to go.

    Inside, safe and warm,
    Flurries outside windows.
    There's nowhere to be;
    There's nowhere to go.


  • anvaya 2w


    Dear Stranger,

    I know not of you, nor the struggles you endure,
    The feelings in your mind, I can't tell for sure,
    The scars you wear, I know not how you got,
    I'm unaware of all the battles you've fought.

    But I glimpsed a glisten of your frozen tear,
    And although I'm not one you hold dear,
    I made the choice not to look away,
    Give some warmth this winter day.

    A shattered heart cannot be healed,
    Unless the shards are first revealed.
    Let them flow, tear after tear,
    Each orb releasing grief and fear.

    See them fall, but don't judge them yet,
    Don't pick up the shards in night's dark velvet
    Remind yourself not of the freezing snow,
    But of a distant, certain, Summer's glow.

    And when you're ready, I know you'll be
    For dawn follows dusk repeatedly,
    Rise up, move onwards, march ahead
    Don't look back at the tears you've shed.

    And I can promise next winter you wouldn't feel this cold,
    If today you strive to remain strong and bold,
    If tomorrow you pick up the shards and continue your way,
    You'll forget the frost of this winter day.

    A Stranger

    #Ltstrangerc #pod #writersnetwork #cold #winter #stranger @writersnetwork #sadness #grief

    Find my other letters at: #letters_anv

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    But I glimpsed a glisten of your frozen tear,
    And although I'm not one you hold dear,
    I made the choice not to look away,
    Give some warmth this winter day.

  • in_fragments 2w

    "Winter coats the night in splendor, exquisite-
    leaves behind diamond sheets
    that crack and glisten,
    spreads its sparkle to the land;
    divine and vivid snow wandering like a spirit,
    settles down for a visit,
    wakes us in the morning- on an entirely different planet;
    surrounded by spectres
    that paint the world in pearly, powdery white,
    reminding me there is some beauty waiting
    after the ending of life, bringing purity, much-awaited death,
    and sorely desired light
    to this weary, temporary punching bag
    I call a body.

    Snow on me. My bones long to feel the freeze,
    the winter has come to remind me that I
    am for better or worse, still alive.

    The ice is going melt away soon,
    then what will I do?"

    I love winter but I'm too depressed to enjoy it right now. I see danger instead of magic and I just want to sleep all the time. Hurts :/
    #pod #poem #winter #snow #ice @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Winter Splendor

    surrounded by winter specters
    that paint the world in pearly, powdery white,
    reminding me there is some beauty waiting
    after the ending of life...

  • spitfire_ 2w

    Purple pillow pot
    Paint a pink pearl
    Purple pillow pot
    Pick a pure preposition
    Purple pillow pot
    Peel a pale pear
    Purple pillow pot
    Pour pain in pint
    Purple pillow pot

    #purple #wod #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #global #pod #love #writer #winter
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

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    Pick Purple Paint

    Purple pillow pot
    Paint a pink pearl
    Purple pillow pot
    Pick a pure preposition
    Purple pillow pot
    Peel a pale pear
    Purple pillow pot
    Pour pain in pint
    Purple pillow pot