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  • krystallos 12w

    The end of pride month got me thinking about love and how we have to fight for love. I've been struggling with this my entire life. The fear of being disowned by my family and friends because of who I am has hindered me from being close to anyone. I always kept my family and friends at a distance. I'm not sure if I'm ready to come out yet but this piece of writing is just a small step in the right direction for me.
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    Anyone going through something similar or need someone to talk to, I'm here for y'all. DM me on Instagram @krystal_kovathur or @queer_bih

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    Queer love

    Do I actually love everyone and everything or is it just pretence?
    Or do I try to find love in anything or anyone
    'cause I know the love I'm looking for can't exist in my world...

    Why is hatred considered righteous but love a sin?
    Isn't love what makes us human?
    Am I not worthy of love, if I don't love like them?
    Is my love just pretence...?


  • creative_logophile 46w

    Okk, okk, okk. This isn't a proper poem.

    I just came to Mirakee to talk about her™. Because what di we do when we have a huge crush on our friend? We listen to 'She' by dodie, cry, write bad poetry, and spam strangers on the internet talking about her.

    Ohk soooo she's an internet friend and also she's bisexual but I'm 105% sure she doesn't like me, not rn at least, so yeah ��������


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    I wish she knew how beautiful she is,
    How a single text from her
    Can make my heart do a somersault.
    Does she realise my mind keeps going back to her?
    Does she know I care, I care so much?
    I wish she would stop criticising herself,
    Just for a moment see herself like I do.
    And just for a moment, see 'us' like I do.
    I would talk about her in poetry,
    But she's poetry herself, that girl.
    She says no one likes her.
    Doesn't she realize I do?

    ©Manya Agarwal

  • _algos_ 51w


    I got the answer that I needed and I threw my walls back up. I've made myself numb and have accepted what I am. Temporary. Fleeting. Disposable.

    "Stop saying you're garbage, at the very least you're recyclable" a friend quipped...but even as I tell myself and everyone around me that I've turned off my feelings, the truth is I'm still waiting for you to recycle me.


  • _algos_ 51w


    My heart hurts in a way that is indescribable.

    I'm told it will pass and I'm told it will get better, but everyday I feel the hole get bigger.

    My friends try to fill it with jokes and drinks and other pretty girls. My therapist heaves self help books, coping mechanisms, and reparenting bullshit into it twice a week. The psych meds just keep me awake, and the hole becomes an abyss that won't stop growing.

    I long for your laugh. I long for the way you wrapped your arms around my neck with an innocent "hi" whenever I walked through your door. I long for your hands in my hair and your moans and the way you begged me "please."

    The look in your eyes when you first said "I love you" and the way you sang every lyric wrong. Your laugh, god your laugh. Sunday morning yahtzee and hammock naps. Canceled plans to be alone, and the way the sun came through your bedroom window lighting you up first so that I woke up in awe. The last night we spent together you danced into your building with a kick of your foot and your head thrown back, tossing me a kiss as you dissapeared.

    I can't get these images out of my head, they haunt me. I try to override them. I replay the pain you caused when you abruptly told me you just didn't care about me. My therapist tells me that this is how trauma works. It ignites all your triggers. It brings you to your lowest point.

    So I guess that's what love is. Love is trauma.


  • an_invisible_poet 61w

    you, my love,
    have a heart of stone.
    it looks impossible to break.
    you do not speak to me.
    you do not touch me.
    you do not seem to love me
    at all.
    have i done something to upset you?
    if nothing changes soon
    the relationship will end.
    yet i know it could be different
    i remember when things first began
    you were so lovely
    you touched me every day.
    i think somewhere
    your inner lover is still there
    waiting to be reborn

  • the_morning_cloud 62w

    ~ A Star ~

    The first time I met her
    Was under a mark of love
    She hugged me tightly
    And promised, to never let go

    Her lips as delicate as glass
    Her eyes twinkling as stars
    Her cheek as soft as velvet
    And her hand fit perfectly in mine

    Her happiness made me smile
    Her tear was a stab in my heart
    Her love was what kept me alive
    When I thought there was
    Nothing to live for

    Today, I looked up at the sky
    I know she's still watching me
    Too far for me to hold
    Too close for me to forget

    To have her forever
    Is a wish not come true
    To kiss her one last time
    Is a wish to be hidden
    - D.D


  • an_invisible_poet 67w

    hey y'all, i'm working on two different sets of prompts this month and i'm pretty behind lol. i'm gonna get caught up, i swear, but bear with me and my spam until then!!
    ~I have an Instagram! @an.invisible.poet~
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    a touch

    your fingers brush my skin, and
    just for a second
    i forget that you don't know.
    i forget that taking your hand
    would be a very, very bad move.
    i remember just in time to stop myself
    from grabbing your hand tightly,
    probably embarrassing you and
    definitely surprising you.
    we walk. you are oblivious.

  • an_invisible_poet 68w

    wearing gay shit to church is my favorite thing?? i look at all those people who have no idea and i feel like a spy sometimes
    #pridemonth #emmagraceprompts #pride #lesbian #wlw

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    silent protests

    i wear a flannel to church
    i put rainbow earrings in
    at a family party
    i listen to the jokes, and the
    "that just isn't normal"
    i wonder if they would say the same
    if they knew.
    i draw rainbow hearts in places
    that no one will see,
    then wash them off in the shower.
    rainbows are suddenly part of my life,
    along with beautiful shades of pink.
    it may not be loud
    but it's powerful.

  • an_invisible_poet 68w

    may poetry? done. pride month? tomorrow.
    i have an instagram! @an.invisible.poet
    #poetrymayhem #poetrymayhemday31 #emmagraceprompts #lovepoem #unrequited #wlw

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    i'll miss you

    loving you was wonderful
    but this will be over soon
    the only thing left to do
    is to say you're beautiful.

  • an_invisible_poet 69w

    i should be able to catch up with all these prompts in time for pride month!!
    #poetrymayhem #poetrymayhemday18 #emma.grace.prompts #wlw #lovepoem

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    (your eyes are so pretty in the moonlight)
    oh, nothing.
    i'm just thinking about what a night-
    you don't believe me?
    well. you'd be right,
    but i could never tell you that.
    i can't tell you how the idea of you
    is enough to speed up my heart
    and redden my face.
    i certainly can't tell you how your laugh
    haunts my most precious dreams
    or how your skin against mine
    is enough to stop the words
    falling from my mouth. no, i'll
    just assure you that it is the night
    stealing my control away
    i'll take your hand, boldly, and point to
    the star that reminds me most of you.

  • an_invisible_poet 71w


    this park used to be your favorite place.
    before the memories of me
    tainted it.
    i am sorry for ruining that for you,
    but do you know what you've ruined for me?
    red roses, kind smiles, the stuffed animal
    that i still keep in my room.
    when someone looks at me with love,
    they look at me like you.

  • an_invisible_poet 71w

    this poem went in a different direction than expected. let me know what you think.
    #poetrymayhem #poetrymayhemday5 #emma.grace.prompts #rainbow #lovepoem #wlw #lesbianpoetry #unrequited

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    i was walking through the trees
    when i saw the rainbow
    perhaps the last of its kind
    trapped in a puddle
    its colors were tinted with pain
    the red too much like blood
    yet it was the most beautiful thing i'd seen.
    i looked around for a moment
    and tried to pick it up
    but it wasn't strong enough-
    or maybe i wasn't-
    and it broke in my hands.
    i cried, thinking my rainbow was lost,
    but then she appeared.
    love of my life, owner of my heart
    good god why do you do this.
    she took out a small bag and collected
    each piece of my shattered rainbow.

  • mazisms 72w


    Her name on the screen,
    Her sweet words that she speaks,
    Her laughter that puts me at ease,
    Her words that touches me and makes my heart flutter, it gives me courage to imagine a time when we're not 5,820 miles apart,
    to think of a time when we will wake up next to each other, make memories that's just ours, to make the world ours with every kiss
    and to fall asleep in each other's arms, the sound of her heartbeat, as she plays with my hair,
    she makes me feel everything all at once,
    She's always on my mind,
    I love her and it's crazy to think to that she's mine.


  • mazisms 72w

    Paint pictures.

    Soft lines, water colours, no brushes, my mind is my canvas, she makes me imagine and hope.

    I paint pictures of us in my mind they are beautiful, and colourful just like everything else since I met you.
    I paint pictures of us in my mind and they are warm, just like the way you make me feel with each word you speak.
    I paint pictures of us in my mind, they are tender like the way I look at you with love, and the way you hold me in your arms.
    I paint pictures of us in my mind, they are lonely like the way I'm longing for you and your touch.
    I paint pictures of us in my mind, they are strong like how I'll imagine your grip would be holding my hand.
    I paint pictures of us in my mind, they are soft like your lips and the kisses we'll share.
    I paint pictures of us in my mind, they are bright like the smile I have on my lips thinking about how our future together will be.


  • an_invisible_poet 74w

    �� day 18 ��
    i think i'm discovering that somewhere like chicago may be the place for me, even though i've resisted it for so long.
    #escapril #escapril2019 #escaprilday18 #long #fantasy #wlw #lesbianpoetry #lesbian #pride #lgbt #future #love #lovepoem

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    my happy place exists in a small
    corner of my mind labeled "someday".
    it is usually
    a white-walled apartment with
    lots of windows, two plants, maybe a pet.
    however, maybe it's
    a passionate kiss
    with a woman that i met at pride
    or laughing with a friend
    while we are on a picnic in a big city.
    all that i know
    is when i close my eyes and visit "someday"
    it includes very little of my present.

  • an_invisible_poet 75w

    happiness scheme

    i haven't written about her in a while
    and this is my fatal flaw
    for you see, the feelings gather in a pile
    until they force themselves out. they claw.
    memories of her surround me
    and often there is nothing left to do
    but say i'm okay, smile and pretend to be,
    and go home to cry in my room.
    but miserable as i seem,
    you might be surprised,
    i am getting help for my happiness scheme
    and my sadness isn't always disguised.
    i work toward acceptance of my feelings,
    an everlasting process of healing.

  • an_invisible_poet 76w


    the hair on my head is too short
    but on my legs it's much too long
    curves too straight
    attraction not straight enough
    sometimes my womanhood isn't complete
    and that's okay
    because femininity itself is incomplete
    it rejects those who don't follow all the rules
    and those who follow them exactly
    womanhood is simple
    if you are a woman, you are.

  • an_invisible_poet 76w

    a love poem

    i write so many of these
    but they are all for her.
    in the midnight hours,
    i will write my love for myself.
    i do not, honestly, love myself yet.
    but soon.
    i wish to give myself the love i give others.
    i work hard,
    and build myself up when i tear myself down.
    soon. soon i can help myself heal.

  • an_invisible_poet 77w


    i'm so fucking angry
    things happen across the world
    that never should
    people are abused for who they are
    what kind of hell do we live in?
    the emotion eats me up
    i feel it in my chest
    it doesn't let me go
    i have so much to do
    and no time to do it in
    i cannot be president by the time
    irreversible damage is done to the planet
    i cannot fight for my sisters
    and brothers
    who cannot love who they want
    because the world will be
    too polarized by then
    the rage i feel has nowhere to go
    i can do nothing but watch

  • an_invisible_poet 77w

    too much

    I'm sorry darling, but
    I cannot count the ways I love you
    And I don't love you freely or purely.
    I love you behind closed doors
    And in empty hallways.
    I love you with a frantic heart
    And a "what if somebody sees".
    I love you like a love story for the ages
    But no one can know.
    Our love isn't pure either, is it?
    God is said to frown upon us
    And with the thoughts I have,
    I understand why.
    You are the most lovely thing I've seen
    And I do not know how to
    Be chaste around you.
    But if you wanted, love, I could.
    I could kiss you
    Letting each finger of both hands
    Feel my lips' love
    And I could
    Run my hands down your arms
    Or, I wouldn't even touch you
    The look in my eyes would be enough.
    I know I come on strong
    And that sometimes I shy away
    When you need me most,
    But we are perfect, darling.
    Even if our timeless love is hidden.
    Even if you do not yet exist.