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  • vibha_bala 1w

    A woman in the making

    I feel fabulous,
    When I splurge,
    All that I have,
    Trinkets for a season,
    Coffee in the morning,
    Drapes that flow,
    In a messy fashion,
    A watch on my wrist,
    Crisp white shirt,
    Tailored cuisines,
    For none but myself.

    To make it my own,
    Not as somebody's wife,
    Or a daughter or sister,
    To reap what I sowed,
    Double the efforts,
    But that remains,
    Yet I cross the river,
    A tide of unfairness,
    Reach the other side,
    Tears hidden, no applause,
    Nevertheless, I stand.

    Pat myself on the back,
    Eat my tailored dinner,
    End of the long day,
    Stronger than yesterday,
    Mending my wounds,
    Wash my crisp shirt,
    Remove trinkets and watch,
    Retire for the night,
    Feeling fabulous once more,
    For tomorrow is a new battle,
    And I shall fight again.


  • queenofhearts1491 8w


    Her eyes gleamed with the light
    Of her inner strength,
    She had walked miles,
    Not worried about the length.

    Telling her she couldn't do it,
    She was a woman,
    She was weak,
    But who cares about gender,
    When she's determined to seek?

    She had always been a brave one,
    A fearless captain,
    Making up her mind,
    Though all she was expected
    Was being beautiful and kind.

    Her journey will continue,
    Not planning to stop,
    No matter what they tell her,
    She is never giving up!


  • sanjeedakalam 10w

    मैं कौन

    मैं कौन हूं मैं क्या हूं 
    शायद एक "चीख हूं"
    जो सुनाई नहीं देती
    भीड़ भरें बाज़ार में 
    अपने ही घर द्वार में
    अनसुना सा कहीं
    तुम्हारे जेहन में कौंधता
    नावाजिब सवालात हूं
    जाने दो शायद तुम्हारे
    "घर की इज्ज़त की बात हूं"
    मैं वो "आह" हूं
    बरसों से अधूरी एक चाह हूं
    तू मंज़िल ढूंढता है क्या
    वहीं जाती मैं एक राह हूं
    गीली फूलों की क्यारी में
    पीली पोती हुई चारदीवारी में
    रोकी हुई एक मुस्कान हूं
    इस आपा धापी की जिंदगी में
    एक खूबसूरत इमकान हूं
    मैं कौन हूं
    हां एक वजूद मेरा अपना है 
    मैं क्या हूं
    जैसे इस धरा पर एक सपना है
    मैं कौन हूं
    मैं बदलते वक़्त का प्रवाह हूं
    मैं क्या हूं
    मानव जीवन का निरंतर निर्वाह हूं
    मैं कौन हूं
    सदियों से लापता शायद
    मैं क्या हूं
    जीवन स्रोत का पता शायद
    मैं कौन हूं
    उभरती हुई आवाज़ हूं
    मैं क्या हूं
    मैं प्रकृति का साज हूं
    खुली सोच की परवाज़ हूं
    इस सृष्टि का नाज़ हूं
    इस सृष्टि का राज हूं
    इस सृष्टि का आज हूं 

  • pen_or_pain 12w


    पलट आ ओ मुसाफ़िर,
    ख्वाब सजाये है मैनें तेरे खातिर।
    तुझ बिन मैं अकेला,
    तेरे अलावा जिन्दगी में कोई नहीं फिर।।

  • samyukthan 12w

    You know, We do like
    CopyCat of each other...


  • the_drunken_poetess 12w

    A poem titled "Sinking Out" dedicated to all the women who are too shy to admit that they need help (Ofcourse I am one of you). I beg to you not to drown yourself in do much pain and learn to accept help.

    #yqbaba #poetry #womensday #help #anxiety #vaniagarwal #thedrunkenpoetess #poetry #inspiration #life #thoughts

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    Sinking Out

    She was filled with aspiration
    Kept fighting the waves strong
    Coming from opposite direction
    Swimming continuously for long

    She swam too hard to fast
    Exhausted all her energy
    Now could not move forward
    Her body was now losing synergy

    She had come too far inside
    In the ocean she was all alone
    All that fear she had to hide
    With pain she began to moan

    She spotted a small boat
    Who could take her back to land
    She just couldn't ask for help
    If only she had simply waved her hand

    -Vani Agarwal

  • angelicdemon 12w


    Where there is a women,
    There is family.
    Where there is a women,
    There is food.
    Where there is a women,
    There is peace.
    Where there is a women,
    There is a man.
    Where there is a women,
    Babies feel safe.
    Where there is a women,
    There is a home.
    Women is another form of God.
    Respect a women just how you worship God.

  • pen_or_pain 12w


    आओ मुझको रंग लगाओ,
    रंग नहीं तो गुलाल से नहाओ।
    ये होली का त्यौहार है,
    चहु और से खुशियां लाओ।।

  • sameerved 12w

    [ paper planes ]

    She travels the world in paper planes.

    She who knows not the colour of the ink she sells on the roads,
    She who gracefully hands three of 'em over to you at once and in haste
    As if the ink would soon spill over
    Casting imprints of 'dirt' on her hands
    That she'd struggle to wipe it off.
    She knows she is carrying something which isn't meant to be used against her hands
    [by her hands]
    Afraid, she keeps them clean for you
    Or you would not buy.
    But would you still buy?

    She who gracefully handed three of 'em over to you at once and in haste
    Keeps one back to herself.
    Perhaps she thought that it is a strange colour which may not buy you happiness
    For she knows that fortune looks like a bright skin dressed in glamour
    Speaking a few words of denial,
    And how foolish it would be of her to try and sell you a misfortune!
    But are you happy now?
    Would you still buy?

    She who gracefully handed three of 'em over to you at once and in haste
    Keeps another back to herself.
    "Not all colours can be strange and unhappy!"
    But she settles at a distant memory of dismissal.
    Perhaps someone from us has told her that the very colour is too joyful and she should save it instead!
    This is something she fails to connect to,
    But is convinced that most of them own it already,
    Even you said, "I have it!"
    She loses the crimson from her smile.
    She who offers her prayers to God,
    Knows not the difference between you and him
    And wants you to understand that she is your gifted child
    But would you get lost in wonders here?
    Would you still buy?

    She who gracefully handed three of 'em over to you at once and in haste
    Keeps the last one back to herself
    Because she did not get enough time to let this last colour speak to you.
    For you did not wish to speak to it at all
    and turned your back.
    She who understands the difference between fortune and misfortune
    Is tired of living with the latter
    And cracks open.
    She manages to smile in the same way how you still managed to walk away without buying her grief.

    But you left her with a piece of paper which was folded around your evening delight.

    She wipes the last bite off it.
    Her hands are now dirty enough
    And I do not know whether she has tasted anything from that dirt.
    But I reckon this colour of the paper spoke to her
    And she felt a little jovial.
    Her skilful hands folded the paper,
    Gave it a distinct shape,
    She then let the paper fly
    and travelled the world.
    She thinks that it was still you who made her happy.

    ~ कलम-é-समeeर

  • aradhana1308 12w

    Without You

    You took away her spark but not the fire in her eyes. And when you thought she will be broken, she lighted the fire again and made her world bright withou you

  • yashvibansal 12w

    She's a nerd, a geek
    What an awful freak!
    She doesn't like sports, prefers books
    Can you ever imagine someone curled up in a nook?
    Their voices yelled
    In her head
    Getting louder and louder
    They filled her with dread.
    But she had the dove
    Of self love.

    ''Ruining my mental peace?"
    Challenged she.
    "Try me!"
    There's change in the air
    She's no longer frail!

    She's black, she's dark
    She has curls all over her head
    She reminds me of the walking dead!
    Cried they
    Piercing her heart and her way
    They were adamant, but so was she.

    "My beauty is my mind
    Which no longer cares for thorns of this kind!"
    There's change in the air
    She no longer needs to be fair!

    She's never heard
    Not because she doesn't have a voice mingled with tears
    But because
    Society has turned a deaf ear.

    But that must change
    She's stronger by the day
    She paves her way
    Instead of letting thorns lead her bleeding feet astray.
    She'll listen, she'll tell
    She's not afraid to yell
    She's no longer a timid hare
    She is now a fearless mare

    She doesn't bear anymore
    She breaks down closed doors
    There's change in the air
    She does dare!

    There's a lot left still
    But there is also her iron will
    Which will make her fight
    With all her might
    Pushing away all the horrific frights
    She now knows her rights.
    There's change in the air
    In fame she now has a share!

    She's a shining star
    Breaking all bars
    She dances, she sings
    She flies with hard earned wings.

    She wears her wedding ring with pride
    But she also rides with strides
    There's change in the air
    There's change in the air!


    #women #she #empowerment #selflove #fearless #different #unique #daring #brave #womensday #womenlove #womenera #girlpower #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality

    I know International Women's Day was yesterday, but I wasn't at home then so couldn't post.
    Happy International Women's Day!!
    Let's make every day Equality Day!

    This poem is especially dear to me, because I composed it in an audition round for a slam poetry competition and was selected to go ahead.

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    There's Change In The Air!

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  • anna_grace 12w

    Women's Day 2020

    Yesterday was Women's Day
    Not today
    But I am breathing
    I claim my way.

    Yesterday it was an offence
    Today it's natural
    Women shying away from hands
    Entitled to smear colours
    On the blank canvas of innocence.

    Yesterday was Women's Day
    Females treated equal
    I wonder what men consider
    Equal to labour pains?

    Yesterday you remembered
    The tears and screams
    Of women violated
    A gender marginalised
    What about today?

    Yesterday was Women's Day
    You refused an open door
    Chivalry is worth dying.
    It dies a little every day.

    Yesterday you cried out
    In pride and in joy
    Today the tears continue
    In swallowed humiliation
    Because it's another day.

    Yesterday was Women's Day
    Today is another
    Every day every woman
    Every where lives.

    Death refuses to do away with
    The womb that engenders life
    Through murders and rapes
    Oppression and infanticide
    The woman survives.

    Yesterday was Women's Day
    Today is the day of survival
    Surviving the desert of desolation
    The spring reaches the ocean.

  • just_neil_2 12w

    Little late to the women's day wagon.. �� longer version
    Belated happy women's day to all women out there!

    #women #womensday #2020 #love #peace #pure #woman #girl #power #feminism #lady

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    She knows how to use her eyes
    She knows what she wants
    She knows that she will take it
    She knows when to give

    She is a woman.

  • geniuseene 12w

    Women are the whole meal
    And magic is a part of the dish
    If you don’t believe it’s real
    Find a woman and make a wish


  • lionelruff 12w

    A Woman's Place

    What is a "woman's place"?
    Is it the way she halts her pace
    Fixing a gaze while applying a face
    To bare all means bearing the shame
    Of a body in its natural state

    Until the end of her days she plays
    A hand with men who count the ways
    Advances made make them the slaves
    When in actuality she gave the lives
    They weigh in on while she's on display 

    Relegated to a day as her hips sway in movement
    Holding attention and children, if she chooses
    She follows the beat of her own music
    Threatening melodies by deaf men
    Sounding off on a "woman's place"
    But she's too busy moving


  • pawandubey_a_writer 12w


    नारी तुम गुणों की खान,
    आगे तुम्हारे कमतर सब बलवान..

    नारी तुम, अपनों की ढाल..
    मुसीबत में खुद को आगे करने का मान..

    नारी तुम, हर क्षेत्र में आगे..
    तुम न किसी चुनौती से भागे..

    नारी तुम शक्ति, माँ शक्ति स्वरूपा..
    तुम ही शीतल माँ गौरी..तुम ही चंडी माँ काली..

    तुमसे ही हर कण,
    तुम्ही से रण की मिट्टी भारी..

    तुम बिन अपूर्ण हर नर,
    तुम से ही पूर्ण यह दुनिया सारी..

  • pen_or_pain 12w


    क्यूँ इश्क़ में जुल्म सहते हो,
    तुम्हें प्यार तो है फिर भी नहीं नहीं कहते हो।

  • brokenwings_yetpowerfulbeing 12w

    A day to celebrate a women, their struggles, their patience, their sacrifices, their way of giving hopes, their continuous efforts, their strengths and what not. Each role she plays in life as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, as a mother. She is a multitasker and has an impeccable way of doing her tasks. Just a day to celebrate her and what she contributes to the world is not enough. It is not needed even if you give equal dignity, equal rights, equal value to her. If you give her the priority to take decisions, if you let her eat first as she works for you the whole day, if you stop ruling and leave patriarchy. Just a day to celebrate her is not necessary if you celebrate her everyday.


  • sweedle 12w

    For what would become of a man if he wasn't born from the womb of a woman.

    #sweedledsouza #womensday2020 #womensday
    #women @mirakee #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @black_pearl_

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    Where there is a woman,

    there is hope.

    © Sweedle

  • impressionhearts 12w


    Killed, aborted and sold.
    Bruised, battered and raped.
    Assaulted, harrassed and beaten.
    Disfigured, disrespected and burned.
    Uneducated, sex- trafficked and mutilated.

    That's the brutal reality of many women around the world.
    Some rise up against all odds while some struggle through this harshness on daily basis.
    "You all are the hero of your story, no one can take that away from you."