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  • moziescerlet 15w

    Afterlife thoughts

    I live between life and death.
    Time stopped flowing for how long.
    I don't remember anymore.
    Maybe my last thought of life was "Ah... that's all I can live. This is the end"

    Since then my world went completely silent. I couldn't hear people whisperings my back anymore.
    I couldn't feel their gaze anymore.
    I really become alone yet I can't feel loneliness.

    I watched people slowly forget me, the love and hate I got became a memory, the place I desperately tried to protect replaced by others. My name, my voice, my form all disappear to the point I starting to doubt my existence.
    Though this feeling ain't any different from when I lived, I am a little sad. Maybe?

    I wondered through the streets forgetting days or nights. I watched people's love, greed, grief, happiness, sadness. I watched they trying the best to live as if all the time were on their side. Their strugglings as if they are to live forever. The lives born and burnt I saw it all yet people are so alike wherever and whenever. Funny I was once part of this though I stopped surviving for who knows how long.

    Now, I am just a soul stuck between life and death.