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    Only you

    There's one second I'm happy
    There's one second I'm not
    Somehow it's always you
    That it's all about

    You make me laugh
    Then you make me cry
    With expressionless face
    You pass me by

    There's one moment I feel
    like I've figured you out
    The very next moment
    You make me doubt

    I'm so confused by the way
    It's all going down
    To loosing you or loving you
    Have to make the choice now
    Don't wanna make the choice now.

    How do you do it?
    Tell me your secret
    How're you so unaffected
    After getting me so affected

    You seem to have mastered
    The art of indifference
    How can you not see
    That I'm haunted by your absence.

    I know you have
    Those other girls to talk to
    But how could you forget
    That I had only you
    That I had only you.

    In the high of a new love
    Guess you've forgotten the old one
    The bubbles of sweet friendship,
    You had them all burst up
    The Whispers of sweet nothings
    Our box full of memories
    You've locked them all up
    In the corner of the room. Dusty and old.
    How could you forget, that our friendship was gold.
    You forgot that our friendship was gold.

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    Loyalty is not a chore sweetheart :)

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    What makes you think that
    I am something that represents
    Negativity? Look at me more closely.
    To your surprise, you'll see. I'm more of
    Excitement, fun, and light. Not just
    Rusty old season full of plight. I'm the
    Season of love and delight.

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    What do I do?
    Where do I go?
    Does it really matter anymore?

    What do I say?
    Where do I stay?
    Will it change anything again?

    Can't you see me shattering?

    Trembling and drowning
    Can't help myself from suffocating

    Can't you see I'm fading?
    Away from existence
    Away from reality
    From all good things the world holds

    Listening in to your hatred
    Every word's like a stab
    Didn't let a single emotion out on show
    Like some robot made in a lab

    The only solution in front of me
    Is to really fade away in oblivion
    It's the second best option, right behind,
    Plunging in a deep sleep from which there's no return

    What do I do?
    Where do I go?
    Does it really matter anymore?

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    A New Doubt

    Some satanic spirits swirling around my soul ,
    as if I'm cursed like some Scottish play...
    Is it any fragment of the artefact I stole ,
    Or reminiscence of something gray?

    None but I shall fathom out the mystery,
    Behind the growl of the thunder...
    Coz it's meant to elucidate the journey,
    For which I was rended asunder...

    I too want to make my mind,
    The key to set me free...
    Before in thoughts I'm twined,
    Or under the hearth, my sound, they bury...

    River flowing beneath the land,
    Someday shall find its course out
    But who knows where its gonna bend?
    And its fate damn! a new doubt...

    My brain is the key that sets me free
    -- Houdini

    Houdini-Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-born American illusionist and stunt performer, noted for his escape acts.

    Scottish play - The Scottish play is euphemism for William Shakespeare's Macbeth.According to a theatrical superstition, called the Scottish curse, speaking the name Macbeth inside a theatre, other than as called for in the script while rehearsing or performing, will cause disaster.

    Asunder - into parts torn

    #prettypic318 #wordsandthoughts #mirakee @bluepuppy01 thanks for the picture��

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    And....with this, I'm back again on Mirakee....
    But only for a short time. I might have to halt again in a few days. But that's okay. I would try to keep bringing out my thoughts on this amazing platform and keep you all updated.


    About this post

    Please please please share this post!! I would like to have open discussion on this very topic. Let's go y'all!! It's something that I always wondered. I've heard and seen such disgusting thoughts of people on this very topic and I can't even begin to explain how sick all of this makes me. If you too share my sentiments then pleaseee let's have a discussion in the comments ��


    I've heard tons of interviews, done enough case studies and read about enough incidents to surely last me a lifetime. But everytime I come across something like this, the biggest question that always strikes my mind is that, no matter what I wear, what makes the other person think that he's allowed to do whatever he wants just because I'm showing some skin? Like, what gives you the right to harass me? Their control issues is their problem and not hers. Even if I'm running around naked, you still won't have the right to touch me. Just sayin.
    Don't make it her problem. Don't make her go through additional suffering by blaming her, after what she's faced. And please for god sake, point your fingers in the right direction, it might do the world some good��


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    To all the people with disastrous minds.

    To all those people with petty mindsets
    I hope you don't mind my questions
    But do feel free to answer.

    This won't be too long I promise.

    But I ask you, If there is a man,
    Outside his home late at night
    Would you still call it a mistake?
    A mistake, as people might take advantage of him and of the darkness outside.
    Afraid that if he doesn't change his stance
    He might get harassesd
    Just because he was wearing half pants?

    Huhhh.... Sounds odd... dose'nt it?
    Because the situation you just stated was stupid

    But I wonder? Would it still be as difficult a question to answer,
    If only, there was a "her" instead of "him"

    Because that is just obvious right? After all who told her to wear shorts? Why couldn't she just stay at home? Why did she have to go out at night? She is the one who invited those monsters to her and sadly, as a consequence it happened, what should not have happened.
    After all, "she was asking for it", right?

    Answer me!
    Answerr Mee!!

    I tried to not make it long. But I guess I can't help it at all.
    Because this is something that goes on and on and on.
    In this dirty game of monsters,
    she always becomes the pawn.

    No one ever knows the entire fact, but what they do know is, whom to blame, and that one thing always remains intact.

    To all the people with such disastrous mindsets. Please wake up.
    It's not her fault. No one ever asks for it for themselves. You might be stupid enough to think it actually to be true,
    but the victim is much more intelligent than you.




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    To run and fly
    To be want we want
    Would we ever be free?

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    Mind's Plea to the Heart

    My dear beloved,
    I love you and I am
    Just trying to protect you.

    I know you wish to be with him,
    Talk to him and be in his arms
    I also know, you loathe me,
    For not allowing you to fall for his charms.

    You see, I can't let that happen,
    Not because I can't see you happy,
    But because I can't see you hurt
    What's so serious and important to you
    For him, it's just a reason of mirth.

    His words are poisonous, wrecking you
    All the way to your core
    If you don't let me protect you
    He will break you into a thousand pieces. Or more.

    I cannot let that happen to you,
    You're too important to be broken
    Please let me keep you away from him
    Please understand, and stay away from this Mayhem.

    ~ Your beloved, and the one who would always be afraid, and too careful when it comes to you, my heart.

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    When life goes tough on you,
    Do yourselves a favour, and,
    Please go easy on yourself..

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    Dear Teachers,
    We students thank you.

    We thank you for
    Always showing us the right way

    Then teaching us to be determined to cross that path, no matter, how many obstacles there lay

    Standing with us, and helping us jump over every single hurdle,
    But also instructing us to enjoy these jumps as a game and not as a burden.

    If by chance, we fall off track, and hurt our knee in the process
    You're always there
    Ready to guide us back
    to the path, that leads to success.

    Thank you for being our friend and not just a teacher.
    For listening to all our problems, and telling us what's wrong and what's right.
    Helping us out every single time,
    Be it day or be it night.

    We apologise,
    For sometimes, taking you for granted
    For disturbing you and troubling you in between the classes,
    For not listening to you at times

    But we're so very grateful for everything that you do for us,
    And we won't be able to thank you enough
    Even in our entire lifetime.

    Apart from the academic education, you taught us the lessons of life
    Instilled in us the values, goodness, and manners
    Things, we'd never forget in our life.

    We students thank you,
    For without you,
    We are nothing.

    Dear Teachers,
    I wish you all a very Happy Teacher's Day! ����


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    गुरु गोविंद

    दोनों खड़े, काके लागूं पाय
    बलिहारी गुरु आपकी जिन
    गोविंद दियो बताए

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    Dull And Gray

    As I stood by the bay window
    And looked up at the sky,
    The dark clouds, mirrored my sorrow
    And so did the wind, passing by.

    Just as the rain started falling,
    I hung my arm out the window pane
    The rain drops wiped away my worries
    And numbed the searing pain
    The coolness seeped into my body,
    For once, Washing away all my banes

    And brought with it a soothing effect.
    Clearing my mind and my soul
    Of any dirt that flecked.
    Filling the gaps and holes
    I could almost hear the nature
    Saying it's all going to be okay.
    You just need to keep going
    And smile through the dull and gray.

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    (A mock to humans..)

    Look at those things, lying all around the place
    Each one of them have got a tale.
    They wish to speak and
    Tell us what they think.
    They wish to have listeners
    Who won't be hoodwinked,
    By their appearance,
    And think they are mere non living stuff
    With incoherence,
    Written all over their face.
    But this ain't no test you want to ace.
    This goes deeper than
    Your shallow minds
    All you think about is cash and kind.
    Try reaching out to the things in hand
    Try finding yourselves.
    Once you find what's within you,
    It won't be difficult to
    Connect with the souls around you.

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    Mystery And Coco
    (Part III)
    By Disha Jain

    I stripped the note off the door and read it. Once. Twice. Needless to say, it was neither a friendly note, nor a love letter. No. It was something else. The note read:

    Musehall Street

    1:30 pm.
    Come alone (there was a paw print here)

    Okay. I've heard about traffickers and kidnappers but, dognappers? Really? I'm not even sure if that's an actual word. And there wasn't any other information for me to make out the identification of the cruel dognappers. Slowly I made my way inside the door and rhythmically removed my shoes and went straight to bed. By that time I wasn't hungry or tired anymore.
    That night I did not sleep. I just couldn't. Not without Coco. Not without knowing if he was okay.

    The morning went by fast. I forced myself to nibble onto a bread to get whatever strength I might require. Then came the rough afternoon. It was Sunday, and I had planned to take small strolls with Coco in the nearby park. Oh Coco! I miss you.

    It was almost 1. Musehall Street was not very far away from where I lived. So I started on my way. Slowly, forcing one leg in front of the other. With blood running cold in my veins. Why? Not because I was afraid. Nope not at all. Me being afraid had nothing to do with it. It was probably because of some other reason. Yes, that must be it. In any case, I was walking. Walking straight ahead to someplace, where I did not know what awaited me. I reached there in the matter of half an hour.

    It was a two storeyed old building. The placing of the front door looked off. It looked somewhat smaller than an average size. There were trash bins in front, but the surroundings didn't look like it was some ragged place. All in all, the scene looked pretty odd. Well, who was I to know what such dark places were supposed to look like. I've never gotten an experience with one before in my life. I slowly made my way to the front door and opened it slightly. First, I peeped inside. It was completely dark. Not a single flash of light could be seen. Just one ray of light coming in from the open door. All I could make out from that, was some sort of corridor, leading to some place. I stepped inside. I turned on the flash light of my phone and held it in front of me as to not trip in the dark. "Hellloo? Is somebody in here?" I said. Then, slowly almost like a whisper, "Coco? Are you here?" There was no response. From the flash light, I could make out that the corridor had ended. It led to an opening. An opening that led into some sort of a.....hall? Hmm.. strange. What would be the purpose of a hall in a place where goons keep people (or in this case, dogs) imprisoned.I had hardly had time to ponder on that, when suddenly, light flashed into my eyes.

    The lights were blinding. After getting accustomed to the dark corridor, the light felt sharp to my eyes. There were lights everywhere. It's like someone had turned the current on or something. The whole place was shining. Then,

    "Surprise!!! Happy Birthday!!" All around me there were, Aimee, Rachel, Natasha, Rhea and few of my other colleagues, shouting and cheering for me. Then slowly, as if awaken from a dream, I took in my surroundings. In the events of last night, I had completely forgotten the date. Today's date! Wow! Wait....They remembered? They remembered that it was my birthday? And wait....I know this place. Once I got a good look around I remembered what this place was. It was Aimee's grandmother's warehouse for her boutique. A cleaned up and decorated version, but still, i recognised it. That's why the scene from earlier and the placing of the door seemed odd. Because it wasn't supposed to be the front door. It was the back door! They knew I have been here before, and I would have definitely known it, had I came in through the front door. And the area didn't look ragged beacuse in reality it wasn't! Holy Moly! They planned all this! They did this for me. Then came the sound. His sound. Even above all the shouting and cheering I heard it clearly and distinctly. "Wooof!!". Coco came running towards me, his tongue stuck out and tail wagging. I bent down but he was faster. He tackled me to the ground. "Aww! I missed you too buddy" and then I turned towards them, my friends, "I was practically dead from worrying. I hope you kept him well. By the way, who had him last night?".
    It was Natasha. She and Coco always did got along pretty good. They told me that while Natasha was at it, the others stuck the note to my door. Those sneaky people! Then they soon brought the cake and we celebrated. At that moment I realised something about a friendship between humans, and a friendship between humans and animals. Both of them are completely different and so very same. If you know, you know.

    Well sitting there looking up to the faces of these people, my friend, I thought "Some things in life ought to change for the better." Then I looked at my dog, snuggled my face against his body and smiled. "And some things should never change."


    Yayyy!!!! Finally the series is complete with this last part. I hope you all liked this story. This was it in the "Mystery and Coco" series. Do like share and comment ✌️✌️

    Disha ❤️
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    Mystery And Coco

    (Part 3)

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    Mystery And Coco
    (Part II)
    By Disha Jain

    I stood still. Trying to make out the meaning of this. It couldn't be. It just couldn't be. Where could he have gone?

    Aah! He must me hiding behind the bushes. I lunged for the bushes. But, all I caught, was a mouthful of leaves. This is too much. Where the hell are you hiding Coco! You are going to get a good one from me once I catch you. "Forget about leashes, I won't be taking you for walks for a week. Yes, that's it. You are grounded for a week!" I said out loud to an empty street. It was already getting dark, but Coco was nowhere in sight. There was a small voice mumbling in my mind

    What if he left you? What if he found some place better? Someone who can provide for him better than you?

    Shut up shut up! Coco loves me and he will never leave me. Not of his own wish. Never. He must be hiding somewhere and waiting for me to find him. Yes. That must be it. I searched and searched and searched some more. When I couldn't find him, I started knocking from door to door, asking about him, if anyone had perchance seen him. But to my utter disappointed I received all the negative answers.

    This just couldn't be happening. Especially not after the last week.

    It was just the last week, that I had an argument with my friends. On a petty subject, but still, an argument is an argument. We could not adhere to the actual subject of our argument for long, and soon, one thing led to another and it turned into something that none of us wanted. I was already so alone after that. Every time I went to work, and looked at my colleagues, my only friends here, I felt the sting. I hated this feeling of loneliness. My Coco was my only buffer to all of this for me. My only companion in a literal sense. And now....

    Dejectedly, I started walking back to my house. Slowly. Hoping against hope that any moment now, Coco would come jumping and running from behind me and with its tongue stuck out and head cocked he would look at me as if to ask "Did you give up so easily?" I smiled at the thought. Suddenly I had an idea. What if Coco had found his way back home? What if he was waiting there to suprise me when I returned? That sounded like something Coco would definitely do! I sped up and started to run. Despite of my tired feet screaming to do the contrary.

    I had not so much as reached the edge of the house, but I started loudly, "Coco! Coco come out here! I know you're here. No point in further making me wait." I started looking around my house for all possible hiding space.

    10 minutes later, completely exhausted and with shattered hope, I slowly started making my way up to my apartment. Nothing could upset me more.

    As soon as I reached to my door. I looked up and found a mysterious looking note sticked to the door with a double tape. And along with it was..............Coco's collar. Did I say Nothing could upset me more? Oh, I was so wrong!


    Hey guys���� Did you like the second part? I am enjoying writting this so much!! Do like, share and comment for part III ✌️✌️

    Disha ❤️
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    Mystery And Coco

    (Part 2)

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    Mystery And Coco
    By Disha Jain

    "Coco! Come back here!" I was running after the mischevious little boy. More like chasing the entire street after him. Okay. This is going to be difficult. "Where did you hide Coco. Come out now! We need to head back home!" I saw a soft fluffy brown endings of a tail, from behind the big garbage can next to the back door of the smithsons' house.

    Coco is my pet dog. My friend, My family and my only companion for now. When first I shifted to this town in search of a summer internship, I was completely alone. On the very first day of my arrival, I was out to get groceries to stock up the fridge of my temporarily new apartment (which was on rent). I remember it to be raining hard. On reaching there I found that the grocery store was closing for the day. I tried hard to negotiate with the grumpy old woman, who for some reason that I couldn't comprehend, was adamant to get me as far away from her as possible. Nevertheless, I tried arguing with her that I just wanted to buy a few stuff and then I will leave. Regardless to say, she did not let me enter. And shut the door, or more like, slammed the door on my face. The cab that dropped me there was already long on its way, and there were no other vehicles in sight. Sighing, I started walking back towards my apartment. It was not far away, if I kept walking straight at the same pace, I should reach there within 10-15 minutes max. I was almost at the last few metres from my house. One more corner and a small road, and I will be there. Just as I had turned the last corner I heard a whimper. At first I thought I just imagined it. Then suddenly, I heard it again. And again. This was not my imagination. Definitely not. I turned around and started looking for the source of the sound.

    There it was. A small dog. It was slightly bigger than a puppy. It had specks of brown near both it's eyes and the rest of its face and body was white. Except for its ears. They were brown too. It was shivering and alone, completely drenched from the rain. Just like me. I had to keep him, help him, but more than that, I had to help myself. And I couldn't do that all alone in this new place. So, that's it. I took him in. And, since that day, I and Coco have been together.
    It's almost a month and a half since my first day here. Everyday, I wake up, have my breakfast and feed Coco with whatever I can manage. Then I leave for work. On coming back home I always find him waiting for me at the door, happily wagging it's pretty tail. He knows that it's time for me to take him for a walk down the street. Then I have dinner with him and lastly, obviously, we sleep. Coco never liked the basket of a bed that I prepared for him and always ends up sleeping next to me, on the bed.

    "Coco! I can see you behind that garbage can. Come out immediately." I called out. Nowadays, I don't keep him tied with a leash on his collar. I let him run around the street. After all, who dose'nt like freedom? Although this game of hide and seek that he was playing, was turning out to be a little tiring now. And moreover, it was getting dark. "That's it Coco! I am coming. And then I will never open your leash during walks again. That's your punishment!"

    I was so accustomed to his always being around that, now, I cannot imagine a single day without him and his happy face, and wagging tail. So you know, that it was the biggest shock for me when I turned the last corner and found him no where in sight.


    Yayy...the first part of the story is here!! This is my first ever attempt at short story writting. Do like, share and comment for part II✌️✌️

    Disha ❤️
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    Mystery And Coco

    (Part I)

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    Life Of A Pencil ✏️

    I was a free little thing
    Until the monster got a hold of me
    Who grabbed me, and shoved my pretty face, inside a dark cave.
    Who held my body and rotated it twice,
    With all its might.
    Did I mention?
    There was some Steel on the wall and
    With every little twist and turn,
    A bit of my skin came off.
    My nose, which untill then, was pressed flat, grew to a sharp point. And then,
    For some reason I couldn't understand
    The monster without mercy, started,
    Scrubbing my nose on a paper.
    He rubbed and rubbed and rubbed
    Untill it was blunt like before.
    Not enough satisfied,
    The monster again put me in the cave of torture.
    Where the wood of my face, clashed with the steel and the steel seem to win again.
    Hmm. Curious. The monster seemed to enjoy scrubbing my pretty nose on a paper.
    It was like a game to him.
    Agonising me was his hobby, and it went on and on and on,
    Untill my size was mere a few centimetres.
    Then one day, he brought someone else,
    Someone who looked just like I had.
    The new comer was slender and beautiful but more like somewhat proud.
    He smiled his proud smile and looked at my form with disgust.
    I smiled back knowingly and told him smugly

    "Smile all you want now, mate,
    you are unaware of your fate.
    You don't know, for you,
    what tortures of hell awaits!"

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    A Doze Of Magic ✨

    Who says magic's not real
    I believe there is a little bit of magic
    In every good you see, do or feel

    When you walk down the road
    And smile at others,
    Their smiling back is magic

    When you hold the hand
    of a crumbling soul, your strength
    Passing on to them is magic

    When you see two people,
    Looking at each other with
    Love in their eyes, the warmth
    Spreading within you is magic

    Then one day when you're low and down
    And you look up at the brilliant night sky
    The fluttering of hope withing you,
    On watching the twinkling stars, is magic!

    Magic is not always about
    Magnificence and pixie dust
    It's about the beauty of simplicity
    And doing the things that you must

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
    Has been said and heard, but,
    Magic lies within everyone
    With a pure soul and heart ✨

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    A Sin

    I am way too deep in,
    Choking on my own breath
    My body lies,
    In a world of fire
    A fire that I set.
    Every muscle in my body hurts
    And my mouth cries in pain
    I find myself asking, when
    O When will it stop happening
    All over and over again.
    A tiny voice in my mind answers
    "You can make all of it go away,
    All the pain and misery
    Will never hurt you again"

    What was I to answer?
    What was I to think?
    What could I even do
    Other than to give in...

    All the strings keeping me
    together, had finally broken
    And that, was my cue to leave
    I walked towards the door,
    Away from the human world
    Where no pain could ever touch me.
    There was a godly figure
    standing at the door,
    Inviting me in with open arms
    And just as I was about to embrace it
    I woke up, in an alarm
    And realised what a mistake
    Was I about to commit
    For wanting to escape life
    Was purely sin

    I cannot afford to loose hope
    And with that I wake up everyday
    Thinking that today will be different
    And better than the previous day.

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    All Wounds Heal

    While walking down the path
    I stumbled upon my feet
    I tripped and fell down and
    I bruised my knee

    It hurt excruciatingly
    And I couldn't do anything about the pain
    I tried cleaning up my wound, but
    All my attempts were in vain

    So I got up and started walking
    And let the agony in
    At first it hurt for a while
    But I kept on walking
    Then soon, after some time
    The pain receded
    And in a matter of few days,
    The wound too faded..

    I looked at it again and smiled
    With any wound now, I could deal
    Given proper time, I realised
    All wounds would heal

  • _disha_jn_ 51w

    Because it's life!

    While walking down the road,
    Enjoy the streets,
    Love the colours of the flowers
    And love the surroundings.
    Just keep on focusing on the positive
    Because no matter how many stones
    You find lying on the ground
    And no matter how much you're hurt by it
    It's life , and you have to keep on moving forward. That's the only way!