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    The world doesnt need vaccines to cure people's diseases but needs vaccines to cure their hearts.

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    I'm late to finally write this, but still truly wanted to. Well done to those behind the passing on of this prompt ✌️����

    Photo credit: myself

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    Peace is possible, if we found our purpose to usurp a position of particular peace maker.
    To exist as though Prometheus personified...
    Empathetic. Benevolent whenevet in a better position in life.
    Always concerned for those less fortunate before himself.
    Capable of catalysing change to the Earth's entire civilization
    Through small and simple acts of care.
    To live as virtuously as this the world would surely flourish;
    We'd exist with a shared love not hate of any differences between us.
    We'd be more inclined to do goodwill with our freewill.
    We'd seek not do no harm. To always enrich not hurt.
    All might be possible were we to collectively find our purpose,
    To usurp a position
    Of Promethean makers of peace...


  • tcomics_and_lifestyle 13w

    ... 🌍 with tranquility,
    What’s that we could not succeed?
    ©tcomics & lifestyle

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    Please spend some time supporting one another by visiting the #poets_pen_for_peace hashtag and reading/reposting the submissions of your fellow participants.

    @nivi07 ��☮

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    every smile carries a whisk of contentment
    every sigh wards a bit of resentment
    every act of Love, is more infinite than wisdom
    a World reflecting in Peace, shines through the eyes of your vision

    - HalfPint

  • halfpint 13w

    Attention Participants: It's of utmost importance that your submission should impart harmonious sentiments of peace and positivity throughout; and it should bear NO political agenda or hate speech whatsoever. Thank you for being mindful of this.

    *Please spend some time supporting one another by visiting the #poets_pen_for_peace hashtag and reading/reposting the submissions of your fellow participants.

    @nivi07 ��☮

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #worldpeace #peacemovement #positivity #loveoneanother #oneworldonepeople

    Follow my writings on www.mirakee.com/halfpint #mirakee

    photo from Pixabay

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    The Love & Peace in this World is as Great as my own!
    - Half Pint

  • kuhelika 13w

    We're not bound by any religion or caste.
    Don't spread this mess, it's a total gast.
    Crimes are motivated by prejudice and hate.
    Sprinkle love, the world needs more mate.
    Don't discern by gradations of skin colour.
    Respect each, brighter or duller.
    Red, in which we all bleed.
    Don't be Caesar, my earnest plead.
    Halt this assortment of poor and rich.
    Weave a harmonious world by a serene stitch.
    Brick by brick, build a wall against this turmoil.
    Let's merge to cease wars and despoil
    We all are artists, let's paint a beautiful place.
    Sharing peace, no inhumanity against any race.

  • poetrydelivery 13w

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    I'm am tired world,
    and I can't take this no more.
    Someone has to say something
    but are we stupid or what..
    everyone wants peace

    I have never heard nobody
    say they want war

    Can we get this right for once please!


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    CAN ANyone hear me.....?

    I'm am tired world,
    And I can't take this no more.
    Someone has to say something
    but are we stupid or what..
    everyone wants peace,
    And I never heard nobody
    say they want war


    Can we get this right for once please!


  • anugraha_99 13w


    Blowing from north to south,
    The zephyr today, a harbinger of peace,
    Carrying with it a message of humanity,
    Everyone in the world it wanted to appease.

    Gender, religion, caste and creed,
    Of all differences, we must be above,
    Shun invective, let go of libel & slander,
    Why hate, when you can spread love?

    Borders might demarcate our lands,
    But we must all be together at heart,
    United, like a Pangaea, if we stand,
    We can set any adversity apart.

    Blowing from north to south,
    The zephyr today, a harbinger of peace,
    Urging us all to embark on a journey,
    From pieces to peace.


  • joxychella 13w

    connected, we are by each turn of phase, yet so further from one another, with words like dagger, trying to hurt each other,
    Lost in the mindless game that is played as we invite one for shambles in claims to make things better
    Like an override shout, we groove with little or no Patience,
    dare Touch my eye and your sight be gone....
    Does everyday have to be a run from circus of circles.
    You been like this for days. (MIRAKEE)
    Why not surrender now,
    Take me back to the beginning.

    Very Few may relate to this, but I tell you what the beginning felt like.
    It did felt like the beginning, our very first start with mirakee, fresh right ? That ever first post, God it felt like peace. If you can relate to what I mean.
    can we go back to that moment, when we knew why and what made us held pens, the freedom and peace within each words, when we had a reason to express ourselves without no man's agenda at heart, were ego, hatred, don't consume people, were people were made of green, less emulous, take me back a the time, when "I love you" really, really really, means We do.can we go back to that place were their was peace within each soul's, were understand was not quite far from the truth.

    A SOLEMN FOR PEACE: (Smiles )
    There's a place not far away, were the skies never goes Bleak
    A place enclosed by the crepuscular light that sets within range.
    An orange city not far from the sun...
    Where smiles, will warm your heart's and people think about everything that makes your dream come true.
    There's a place I long to be...
    An outspace of everything wide and free.
    It a little heaven just for me and you.
    A place that has a friend for everyone
    You be mine and I your's
    Thou it only takes a spark to being a fire In your heart's
    But always remember there is peace within soul, not quite far from your decision, your stand. from what you could be and give.... PEACE.

    Peace for the people who are here
    Peace for the people who are gone
    Peace for the people who are yet to come

    Yes, Peace, Peace Peace, for All......☮️
    And it all begin's with you and I.

    #Poets_Pen_for_Peace #Peacemovement#Unity #Worldpeace #loveoneanother#givepeaceachance#writersnetworks#mirakee

    @nivi07 @carolyns_challenges movement ��☮️

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  • _nainaaa_ 13w

    By _Naina_

    We all come into this world,
    As clueless beings totally Oblivious.
    Lil by lil,We grow,We adapt,We transform,
    So why at times do people make Fuss.

    We all preach for secularism,
    Vowing no section will be unfairly Treated.
    Though it's the belief we share,
    There are moments we feel completely Defeated.

    White or Black,did colour ever mattered?
    It's been always a dish of a narrow Mind.
    When stabbed we all bleed the very crimson red,
    So,Never let ugly thoughts turn you Blind.

    Men and Women sounds good together,
    A phrase that do garner prospect of Harmony .
    So let us build an atmosphere of Peace,
    For Earth never revolved on wishful Hegemony.

    Air,Water and Fire,maketh the earthly realms,
    That conspires in balancing out whole Universe.
    So when humanity doth question your resolve,
    Just say,We stay united despite being diverse.

    Equality has always been and will be,
    The one right of every creature.
    Respect that and move forward,
    Coz World goes by peaceful adventures.

    So My Dear friend,just remember,
    We are unique yet we are the same,
    So look out for each other,
    For we got a world to tame.


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    Let Every Smile Be A Portrait Of Peace.

  • illuminateink 13w

    Keep Believing

    Just let love in
    just begin
    With smile
    just stay strong
    For a little while
    I know where I belong
    Don't say with hate
    take a leap of Faith
    Start to trust within
    keep on believing
    If you can do that
    no matter what
    Then trust enough
    and hold on to love

    ● Love me

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    # Worldpeace

  • carolyns_challenges 13w

    Attention Participants: It's of utmost importance that your submission should impart harmonious sentiments of peace and positivity throughout; and it should bear NO political agenda or hate speech whatsoever. Thank you for being mindful of this.

    *Limit of one submission per participant.

    *Please spend some time supporting one another by visiting the #poets_pen_for_peace hashtag and reading/reposting the submissions of your fellow participants.

    @nivi07 ��☮

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #worldpeace #peacemovement #positivity #loveoneanother #oneworldonepeople

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    Poets Penning for Peace

    My young friend Nivi (of @nivi07) recently approached me with a humble request to assist in an effort to promote peace and positivity amongst all people.
    That's certainly something I'd want to be a part of, so I was more than happy to oblige that request by starting a movement which I've dubbed as the "Poets Penning for Peace" movement.
    Those who'd like to take part in this worthy effort can write a poetic rendering that promotes peace throughout the world, and tag it with #poets_pen_for_peace in your caption area. As this is a writing movement, rather than a challenge, it will remain open indefinitely with no closing date or deadline. Please submit one piece only.
    Be sure that your piece (and image, if used) adheres to the community guidelines and Terms of Use of Mirakee so that I can repost it.
    I've dedicated my piece to Nivi, for inspiring this noble movement. Those who are interested can view it on my main account (lovenotes_from_carolyn), or by going to the aforementioned hashtag.
    Now let's get out there and promote some peace!

    P.S. Please remember to use only the hashtag to submit your piece for this movement. No need to tag my main account.

  • _mirakee_is_love_ 13w

    The following piece is dedicated to @nivi07, who inspired me to start a movement I've named "Poets Penning for Peace." If you'd like to take part in this positive effort, please see the most recent post on my @carolyns_challenges account for further information. ♥️��♥️

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Let me keep this real simple
    Let me make myself clear
    It's time to put aside anger
    It's time to let go of fear

    In fact, it's time to embrace
    The whole human race
    Before hatred takes over
    And lays us to waste!

    I will not rest easy
    In the eye of the storm
    I'm here to discuss this
    I'm not here to conform

    It's ok to be proud
    Of your gender or creed
    But please bear in mind
    We're all red when we bleed

    Don't search for more reasons
    That set us apart
    Though we have different thoughts
    We're the same in our hearts

    Stand strong in yourself
    That's important, it's true
    But also remember
    None are lesser than you

    We come in all colors
    All shapes and all sizes
    So why do some feel that
    They must wear disguises?

    No one should ever
    Have to hide who they are
    You hail from above
    My dear, you're a star!

    You don't need to be darker
    Or lighter or thinner
    My friend, you're divine!
    You're already a winner!!

    Can we talk about skin tones
    For a moment, at least?
    After all I've been hearing
    I'm really not pleased!

    What gave you the notion
    You can judge based on skin?
    Never mind outer shells
    Seek the being within!

    See, we got this Creator
    Up above who's divine
    Who deems every color
    As lovely and fine

    And I'm sure it's offensive
    To see us this way
    Add odds with each other
    At war every day

    Our Earthly descriptors
    Should not cause discrimination
    It's time to realize
    We're ONE people! ONE nation!

    These matters of country
    And city and state
    Are very poor reasons
    To cause us to hate

    Those facts are just fiction
    Please believe me, please do!
    Let's not let false dividers
    Come between me and you!

    This world is in chaos
    It's alarming, it's scary
    Our minds are conflicted
    Our hearts are so weary

    Our souls long for home
    The heavens are calling
    The Creator awaits us
    So how come we're stalling?

    I'll tell you the reason!
    We're not done here yet!
    It's time to set this mess right
    Let's not leave with regret!

    Don't put this on others
    It's our job, and I mean it
    We ALL made this mess
    So we ALL need to clean it!

    So come on, let's get started
    Not a moment to waste
    Time to love one another
    Let's embrace our WHOLE race!
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 6/22/2020

    Art credit: The artwork is titled "Flower Child," by 'inthename' on DeviantArt.

    #poets_pen_for_peace #peacemovement #unity #worldpeace #loveoneanother #givepeaceachance #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • carolyns_challenges 14w

    How many people have to lose their lives before we realize that we all bleed red? No matter what our perceived differences may be, in the end, we are all one and the same. It's time to embrace the whole human race!
    ©Carolyn Glackin 6/18/2020

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #peace #unity #oneness #worldpeace #alliteration #oneworldonepeople

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    Woeful is the way
    In which we weave words
    As weapons of war
    Against one another
    Weary am I
    Of reading them.
    ©Carolyn Glackin

  • thewriterlady 15w

    It's never too soon to be kind because by the time you realise it it may be too late to do so

    Each one of us are fighting our own battles. We are unaware of the mental dilemmas that others may be struggling with. Often, at times we take the people around us for granted. We tend to judge and act inconsiderately towards strangers and even our close ones. Life is too short to spread hate. Cherish the people around you; spend time with them, listen to them, support them.
    Kindness doesn't come with a price so why not be kind to everyone? Maybe a single smile or some compassionate words may help a troubled someone to hold on a little longer,to be a little hopeful. Little gestures go a long way in spreading positivity. We have one life, why not spend it in spreading love and positivity!


  • henrycollen 15w


    Humanity cries for peace,
    Attainable with greater show of character and compassion.
    Humanity cries for justice,
    For untold vast suffering, prejudice and oppression.
    Which are the status quo.
    Humanity's tears couldn't be more apt in this cry for peace.
    There is a hierarchy in this cruelty, and it goes all the way to the top guns, those in power, state government, world government.
    As humans, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt, but we refuse to adapt to inhumanity, prejudice and oppression on all levels.
    We fight for a cause, willing to die for this cause,
    Two of arguably the greatest human strengths come into play; mind and perseverance.
    We go to great lengths to achieve success,
    This particular success we will and must persist for.
    World peace is not a lost cause, a herculean task if you may, but never a lost cause.
    And as long as humans never go extinct, we will remain fighting for this holy grail.

    This starts with YOU and I, nevertheless.

  • thewriterlady 16w

    Why not love?

    There is so much negativity going around the globe currently. There are pandemics, calamities, riots, atrocities; People are becoming homeless, unemployed and endless number of families are breaking apart. The endless despair, antagonism and gloominess is not veiled, we are scared of each other. Humans have lost faith in each other. Hate is laying it's shadows on humanity and has created a huge crevice across communities. While the world is at the brink of an apocalypse, the time has come where we must apply the lessons from history. Hate has always uprooted peace and destroyed lives. Now is the time when we humans should stand hand in hand firmly and support each other. We must replace agony with sympathy, jealousy with hopefulness and hate with love and help each other get through these difficult times. We all are in the same boat. Everyone is experiencing similar anxiety, fear and melancholy. Let's help the world heal by contributing a bit more love; a smile to each other. Through this we can raise the spirits of the frontline warriors, provide a tad more strength to the people who have had losses. Let's come together and make this world a better place to live in.

  • anugraha_99 17w

    F r a g m e n t s


  • robyn50 17w

    Friction across Our Nations

    To why is there such hatred
    As to why is there so much division
    The world is made up of such beautiful nations
    When you walk out the door such seperation and isolation
    Religion and Race to Politics and the economy
    Let's go back to love thy Neighbor
    Kindness, Love and Respect
    Could this be the simplistic of answers
    Of solving the Friction across our nations


  • the97_introvert 19w

    #illusion @writersnetwork @mirakee #writerstolli #worldpeace #history #thoughts #coronadays

    Thankyou so much @writersnetwork for the kind repost ����~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    We have always been in a conflict with the world,
    this pandemic is just a more treacherous one.
    But we all know that the battles we fought were more
    compared to its result to bring peace. I won't say
    peace is not what we wanted but that's what we never had. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Despondent trying to fix abberant intuitions,
    a queer mind looms in the darkness of
    daunting illusion, left alone in the ordeal
    of fallacious satire and surrealism.

    Betwixt the bourgeois yet effete contemporary
    life and the pathetic yet intrepid ancient life
    she empathises as a spooky mockingjay that
    teleports through time and reality sneering
    the society that slackly exploits the freedom
    bestowed by their ancestors.

    A mirage of valorous life entraps her wings
    in the past as she fraternize with the myths,
    drifting into the delusion that makes her fall
    in love with the Euphrates river and praise the
    glory and vigour of King Ninus's beloved wife,
    Semiramis, the only woman emperor of the Assyria.

    The doughty spirit in her is in rebellion trying to
    prove that she is much more than a mediocre
    woman fighting the schizophrenia.
    Those self inflicted wounds on her skin knows
    her efforts to escape her crafted illusion.

    At times she is among the marching troops
    of Adolf Hitler waging the eternal war, battling
    the enemy to stay alive to see the family again.
    She has fought thousands of war, killed
    millions of soldiers and died a zillion deaths
    in the battle field writing her own history.

    Even in the unhealthy milieu of current life,
    she is always in a combat with the society
    and those weird hallucinations. Deep in her
    fragile heart, she has nurtured an epiphany
    unknown to the world,
    she smells the scent of bloodshed,
    she hears the lament of the wives,
    she sees the dread of the orphans,
    now reflecting in her broken mirror.
    History will repeat, freedom will be seized
    but with prudence she knows that
    There is a war coming !!!


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