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  • archisman_dey 5w


    For me, winning is not about getting the first prize.
    For me, winning is not about the trophies and the certificates.
    For me, winning is all about giving your best shot.
    To be able to do better than the last time;
    To fight against yourself;
    To have a 'never give up' attitude;
    To accept the fact that you can't win all the time;
    And most importantly to learn from your mistakes.
    That is what winning is all about.

  • nocturnal_enigma 7w

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    Sparkle ~

    To spark romance, both persons need to show their sparkles.
    Let's say, one of them sparked, but then lost one's spark.
    To regain the sparkle, the other one needs to be the 'sparker':
    "Let's stay together" etc. Then, the relationship will be sparkling!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • kingjoodeeth 10w

    The mind

    My mind is like a blank canvas
    So full of potential
    Like a scientist's apparatus

  • zs1204_ 10w


    He left her in a sea of solitude
    People thought she was drowning
    But she was actually learning how to swim.✨


  • serene_essence 13w

    Silence is a silver ship,
    Traveling at the speed of the darkness,
    Black holes are the edifices,
    In which I build my thoughts.

    Word by word,
    Each and every syllable forms upon my lips,
    And then broadcasted, aloud-
    Thoughts are killers, thoughts can harm.

    My thoughts can't be heard from afar.
    Within this room I write my thoughts,
    With a pen that is void of ink, or a pencil
    That has no lead,
    Invisible they are, but somehow,
    These thoughts are broadcasted aloud.

    A silver ship with its sail to the wind,
    A wild horse that canters across vast terrain, or
    Pebbles that roll off of my fingertips,
    That splash into the creek, one by one,
    You can see, you can hear, as
    My thoughts, broadcasted aloud.

    My thoughts can't be heard from afar.
    My thoughts are a flame that only I can quench.
    I am in control of what comes into my mind,
    As my hands build the world from the brick of time,
    My thoughts control the world.
    My thinking destroys those, whom I abhor,
    My thoughts control the downtrodden.

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    A Caged Mind


  • edilchristian 14w


    wet kisses
    cascading down her neck

    sumptuous circles
    of seeping shapes

    my lips are lavender
    a hue darker than her eyes

    pausing the moon
    with its looming lights

    in this endless second
    of a melting melody


  • sommajumdar_ 17w

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    Wayfarer I have been since ages on this beautiful world
    daintiness and elegance of nature slowly unfurled
    growing with ages gradually acquiring wisdom
    wanderlust impels my craving for freedom.

    The country and its diversity enticed my heart.
    Beaches of southern region are a piece of art,
    Snow covered peaks and columns of pines and deodar
    propel my peripatetic mind to explore further.

    Trekking around the himalayan range
    life experienced a significant change,
    people with their unique custom and diverse culture
    enriches my knowledge and fulfill desires.

    Western part with vast sand desert
    miles of dunes and golden sandy extent,
    the land of kings forts and history of wars
    truly symbolises our past illustrious.

    Eastern provinces are rich in culture
    Sea,mountain, waterfalls and nature
    It is extremely cumbersome to make a choice
    While every part of this territory celebrates and rejoice.

    Frequentation through the land of varied dogma
    diverse mystries and abundant enigma
    not just satisfies one's intense wanderlust
    further developes the soul and matures fast.

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  • edilchristian 23w

    lights at the society gate

    before the lights
    at the society gate
    turn on,
    as i return
    from the evening service,
    my hands slip
    into the warm pockets
    of this sweater,
    your memory
    touches me again,
    how we bought it
    on our last trip,
    & how we walked
    through the town
    at late hours..


  • princedrizz24 24w

    Word of the Day: Down

    First of this is life we are speaking of! Ups and downs is all your going to have, sadness and happiness, good and bad. Being down is going to happen always, whether you are prepared or not and trying to understand why is like trying to figure out why there's 8 buns in a pack but 10 hot dogs. We will never know. It's so hard to rebound from whatever caused us to feel down but we have to rebound. Let that hurt do just that than come back with a vengeance. Of course learn your lesson and live but most importantly though regardless of what caused you to be down dont ever look down and focus on nothing. Keep your eyes open and head up it's the quickest way to up. #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #Headup #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 24w

    Word of the Day: Survive

    Death, Poverty, Hunger, Anger, Hurt, Broken, Fail....I am not afraid of these words! When and if they arise in my life I know how to defeat, prevent and survive them. See life is tricky, you will never know what's around the corner and at any given time one of these things may be there waiting on you. But you have to know that you can make it through. Cry and yell, grieve and be sad but continue to chase dreams, continue to live on. Fight for whatever the solution is to your problem. Listen to advice given, mold the issues you face into a lesson. Become someone better and survive! #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #SURVIVE #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 24w

    Word of the Day: SELF

    Self acknowledgement, leads to self love, and those lead to you finding yourself, power and living YOUR BEST LIFE!
    I was told that years ago. During the process of finding your self you have to know that rocks are going to be thrown at you. Words will be said and actions taken against you, for a lack of better words, be that rubber and let that all bounce off you! People will try to bring you down levels, sometimes they may succeed but if YOU LOVE YOU. If YOU have knowledge of who you are. Nothing can keep you down long. Once agian MANIFEST in you. Know your self, love your self, empower yourself and save the world! #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #SELFLOVE #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 25w

    Word of the Day: Relationships

    The human mind can be a dreadful and dark place. Mental health is something alot of folks do not want to speak about and frankly most are embarrassed by improper thoughts. That's understandable! But one thing that has helped me through alot is keeping those relationships with people. Having someone to speak to is so helpful, whether it's an actual conversation or just something to make you laugh and distract your mind. Meditating is wonderful when your in a healthy zone, but also being alone in your own mind can be treacherous. Open up, let someone in to help you defeat your demons and keep some type of relationship with someone! #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #FRIENDS #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 25w

    Word of the Day: Listen

    The best way to learn is to have open ears and a open mind...Whether that's in school or just in general. People give advice on everything. I mean people have gone through everything so the willingness to listen their stories and experiences will give you so much knowledge. Take something from every serious conversation you have, put your self in others shoes, hear every bit of information you can and apply that to YOUR life. Remember that to learn is to gain power! On a side note listening to each other can be a gateway to peace and we know the world needs that now. So don't discriminate, someone from somewhere could teach you something. #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #ImAllEars #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 25w

    Word of the Day: Fun

    IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that you have the free time, the opportunity to have fun! Whether that's listening to music, conversing with friends or even just working out. You have to laugh occasionally, you have to be loose and silly, fun keeps you sane and keeps you eager to experience more with life. Sit back and smile, giggle, join in on a roast whatever you have to do just have FUN! Keep in touch with your inner child it will save the adult you! #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #ImmaKidAgian
    #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 25w

    Word of the Day: Aware

    Having at least some knowledge of as much as possible is GREAT! You never know what lies ahead of you on your road in life so its better to be prepared for anything. You should learn how to change a tire or jump a car. You should learn how to rewire an electrical outlet or to place new P traps under a sink. Always know your surroundings, know the city your in, the people you'll be around and have knowledge of any activities happening wherever you are. Having awareness keeps out of trouble and keeps in the game all at the same time, keeps you prepared for any situation and knowledgeable of what can happen. Keep your eyes open, stay aware and be one step ahead. #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #StayFrosty #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 25w

    Word of the Day: Calm

    Calm is a word that some people confuse with being soft or being a punk so to speak, when in all reality keeping your cool is tough. Being calm in every situation can get you alot further than just loosing it, see by going off you lose your chance at figuring out what caused the problem and getting passed it. I mean every negative, every problem has a resolve and the easiest and quickest way is to be able to focus, listen, ask whatever questions need answering, devise a plan and follow through with it even if it's just walking away. Only way to do so is to not let your anger run a muck throughout your veins. Remain calm and defeat every issue that comes your way! #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #BeBreezy #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 26w

    Word of the Day: Life

    Life is and will always be the greatest teacher ever! There is something to learn in every choice that you make and in every mistake you make. Having actually gone through some struggles in your life and overcoming them, makes you stronger than others. The tests that occur and obstacles that you will have to hurdle throughout your journey give you a new peice to carry along. I said this to a friend once and he thought I was crazy but it's so real! I said "Life prepares you for life". Look at what you can take from your own situations and from others, keep a mental note of everything that has happened that you feel has changed you in some sort of way and learn......I'll finish with a saying of mine. If your not going thorough something your not growing and if your not growing than your not living, love the life you live and live the life you love! #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #ProfessorLife #NewLiving #WOTD

  • princedrizz24 26w

    Word of the Day: Can't

    This word is just a random one I wanted to throw in. We've probably all been told that this word should NOT be included in our vocabulary, or that we shouldn't use this word because its negative....Well...Can't is definitely in my vocabulary! I think the only time can't is poison is when you dont try first or someone is trying to put you down. When you try becomes a different situation than when you just I say I can't! Cant can basically be another way of saying no. Example: Let me borrow some money...I cant do that! Or if someone just asks a plain crazy question...Come lift this car, yeah I cant do that. Nothing wrong with it. See cant is a word that can provide a motivational service, I will use cant to tell you no! To remind you that I am a big guy and cant fit in those skinny Jean's. Or when you tell me I cant do something, I stand up and try it anyways! Cant has done nothing to you. #DontSleep #GiveThanksandGiveBack #TRYHARD #NewLiving #WOTD

  • livingdanna 27w

    Some cages are hard to get out of. Some cages we get in without notice. Cages without keys. Cages we made by our own hands. #love #memories #life #musings #potd #wotd @mirakee @mirakeeworld #love #life #thoughts

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    We've created memories that became cages. Heavy locks, missing keys. Metal surrounding me, making it hard to leave. Shackled hands and feet, unable to get near hope. These cages are going to rust. For now, they hold me, comfortably and gladly.

  • smile_dats_contagious 28w

    Life can be bitter than a Coffee but heck,
    Bring it on!