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  • ahana_gill 11h

    Defination of beauty isn't about looks..��

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    You Are Beautiful

    Hey girl,
    Even if you are a paramour strolling around with alot of scars,
    You are still beautiful just the way you are.

    Don't worry if you are fat, if all you can see is being filled with lard,
    Your chubbiness still melts everyone's heart,
    your eyes can still transmit your inner words...

    Don't overthink of portentous words if they say you are thinner than needed,
    Look closely, that's their own facade which because of your cuteness has bleeded.
    Just don't be a vanguard, let them work with whatever they have to say,
    There words arn't scary enough, be ready with every part of your sarcasm to lay...

    Being single is not a crime, it happens only when it's real time,
    Don't give them the right to let you judge, to make you defined....

    Committed girls out there, everything is fine and fair,
    Nothing sad? It's ok .. see.. it's not a trend of wannabe,
    Be happy with how you are, not always things go as we thought,
    It's just not ok to loose yourself, learn to love what you got....

    Doesn't matters if you drink, if your eyes always shrinks,
    I know it isn't great , it isn't cool,
    But that's irrespective of gender.. you fool!!

    Just a point I have to make, living her life is not a piece of cake,
    So, who are you to judge her fairs, what things she do, what ways she takes
    Be single, committed, emotionally sparsed,
    Thin, fat, or whatever you are,
    How your attire should be, what'll you do, is your choice,
    Don't listen what they say, just have faith in your inner voice .
    Happiness is the only consistent you should always have ,
    Be chilled girl, be always naive .

    Just remember, your beauty is irrespective of night or day,
    You will always be beautiful in your own way..

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    How often does it happen that you fall in love with someone in such a fashion that you have your vocabulary failing in describing them even to your heart? They say there's a fine line between liking someone and loving them. And I believe that you have a choice in deciding who crosses that line straight to your heart. There's always this someone whom you love with all the poetry that's there within you. Someone you murmur those love songs for. Someone whose memories give you more pain than joy. This is the type of love I'm talking about. One that takes years to grow and tears to nourish.

    So I happened to fall in that kind of love once. It's not that I haven't loved or cared for someone before, but this one was different. It was more than 2 years of knowing her when I could muster the courage to text her, that too for some work related query. But for me it was huge. Imagine two long years of loving from a distance, being exulted in her presence, noticing her ways of talking, laughing, smiling and falling, just falling in love with everything about her every single day with every passing moment and now you just sent her a text, she saw that, replied and after a minute her DP appears. Yes! She saved your contact. It was like my WhatsApp has changed, you know like I've taken a premium subscription of it with her DP visible!

    Time passed, we became friends through work. I got to know her more, and with every tiny info, I just fell more in love with her. And I never stopped myself from loving her though I know my feelings weren't or will ever be replicated. I just let that happen to myself. Because how could I just not love her? She was made to be loved. In my 4 years at college, I never saw or met anyone who disliked her. Every person I met who knew her had only good stuff to tell you about her. Well that's how she was. Loved by everyone, even her boyfriend.

    Well, I never told her about my feelings. Simply because I was both afraid and sure. Afraid that there'll be this unnecessary awkwardness between us which will spoil the few days I have left with me to see ger in my entire life. Sure that there's nothing to gain but everything to lose. I normally could never have mustered the courage to tell her but then something happened. When almost 2 months were left, a pandemic spread across the globe that made our college shut down for an indefinite period, which I knew meant it was all over. Those 2 days were what we're left with.

    Drunk with all sorts of alcohol around midnight, I told her about everything I feel for her. I opened my heart in front of her and all she said was Shit!

    I never expected anything but this is something my love didn't deserve.
    We still talk, we're friends because she is mature. I still love her. Maybe even more than I ever did. Maybe this is how it will be. Maybe all love I could ever give was 'Shit' for her.


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    Shit !

    Drunk with all sorts of alcohol around midnight, I told her about everything I feel for her.
    I opened my heart in front of her and all she said was 'Shit!'

    (Full piece in caption)

  • sankalp__m 1d

    Mene hmesa teri khushi mangi hai apni dua mein...
    Syd isiliye aj mere sth nhi hai tu


  • inspirational_thoughts 2d

    Battle of Life & Time.

    The times' book light the night sky,
    Clouds move like light cotton,
    Soft breeze kisses the soul,
    I wonder if it's autumn.

    Tall structures all seem small,
    As the hero stands with hands on waist,
    Pages burning and lighting the sky,
    Thy hero is blest.

    Confused; is the soul,
    The world is up! To take,
    Yet what restraints him,
    Shackles unknown; ought to break.

    What maketh man, man?
    He knows some of it,
    "Merry heart maketh cheerful countenance",
    Suit lays ready, quite tightly knit.

    Ready? the soul is cold,
    It burns then exhausts,
    Like an old roaring engine,
    Times' book paying its cost.

    Cost being too heavy,
    Reluctant paying, burdening the mind,
    Asking why is waste of time,
    Wasting life is none other than a crime.


  • alpavlo_inc 3d


    A fool is full of funny fowl
    & someworth good...
    How do you tread?


  • weegirl 3d

    Happy Place

    The only place to lie on, for Permanent Happiness, is that on the Death Bed.
    Untill then, life is a journey, on a roller coaster ride, With different waves of winds, passing you, but nothing can permanently stay...


  • sayurisingh 3d


    I felt her vein engorging on her temple
    Her throat drying up while asking to breathe
    Her eyes looked like a rabbit as they pooped out,
    The breath was warm as it escaped her mouth
    Her limbs writhed like a snake,
    And her belly trembled for air,
    The fine masterpiece of art my fingers left,
    While choking her neck,
    It was a satisfactory play,
    That gave me another day,
    To keep a Slayer inside,
    ........to survive the wrath I brought on myself while discovering the truth of horror within me.

  • sayurisingh 3d

    Caged like a bird in a glorified dream,
    I witnessed my heart melt to him.

  • ahana_gill 4d

    गम़ कहां?

    तुने गवाहों के ढेर लगा दिए, मैने तो तेरे दिए हर झतचिन्ह अपने दामन में झुपाए थे ।
    आखिर कैसे करूं‌ मैं गमों कि तुलना, मैने तो तेरे हर सीतम हंसकर उठाए थे ।।

  • gpdoriya 4d

    सुख है तो बस इतना है
    की मेरे दोस्तो का दिल सच्चा सोना है
    बात करे या ना करे हो खफा या रुठ जाये
    पर मेरे अपने दोस्त तो मेरे अपने ही है
    मेरे दिल के करीब है मेरे सच्चे रिश्तेदार है

  • audenpilgrim666 4d

    There's no reason
    to promise you
    the world.
    Since my heart
    is prepared to
    give you forever.

  • pavanrose 5d

    You're playing my heart as a balloon
    But be careful ,
    you are inside of it !

  • ahana_gill 1w

    Best friend

    I finally got a best friend who literally loves me,
    She doesn't wants everyone's attention, she just trusts me.
    I can cry like an idiot in front of her, without making her weigh my emotions,
    She never hides anything from me, we have our love filled with devotion.
    Coming inbetween us is impossible babe, it's only her and just me,
    The only thing in this world whose existence is only for me,
    my bestie, my DAIRY


  • sayurisingh 1w

    जाने कितनो के झोपड़े, आशियाने बन गए
    बस ना बना तो......
    एक मेरा कब्र तेरे सिरहाने पे

  • ahana_gill 1w

    In the end,

    Naveity always gets exasperated into ashes.

  • ahana_gill 1w


    Jaroori thi rehni kuch kami bhi...
    Akhir kab tak status me sukhar para rhta..


  • ahana_gill 1w

    Ab khas nahi..

    तु मुझमें उसे कहां ढुंढ पाएगा, ये ख्याल तो तुझे जीवन भर सताएगा।।
    वो क्या है ना हम एक जैसे नहीं है, उसके पास तो कई किरदार हैं अपने पात्र निभाने को,
    मैं तो इतनी जुल्मी थी कि सारे किरदारों का बोझ तु ही मिला चढाने को।
    तुझसे ही बस रूठी, तुझसे ही मनाने कि उम्मिद कि,
    तुक्षसे ही बस दिल लगाया, तुझको ही बस मनाया,
    रोई तक नहीं किसी के सामने, बस तुझपे ही अपना सारा ह़क जताया।
    पर सिर्फ समझ लेने से किसी पे हमारा ह़क तो नहीं हो जाता, तुने तो अपने ह़क खु़द बांटे ना,
    ग़र है कुछ तेरे पास मेरे नाम का, तो बस है सारे बहाने ना।
    तुझपे ह़क तो उसका है,
    ह़क सारा जताने का, रूठने मनाने का, हुक्म चलाने का। आखिर बेवकूफ तो नहीं वो लोग जो बेवज़ह तेरा नाम उसके साथ जोड़ते है,
    दिन-रात जिसका नाम जपता है, कुछ तो होगा तेरे दिल में उसके नाम का?
    बहुत खा़स है ना वो तेरे लिए ,
    जि़गर का टूकरा, दिल कि धड़कन, आंखो का ख्वाब है ना वो तेरे लिए?
    मेरे लिए तो समय ना था तेरे पास, फिर उसके लिऐ समय कहां से लाता था?
    बस युंही सोचती थी बहुत खा़स हुं मैं, पर मुझे तो बस बहाने कि तरह बिच में घुसाया जाता था।
    बस अब ये मत बोल कि मेरा समय बचाने को छोड़ता था मुझे अकेला,
    कहीं ये सुन-सुनकर तुझसे नफ़रत हीं ना हो जाऐ।
    अब बरदास्त नहीं होता तेरे नाम का कोई ख्याल,
    ऐ खु़दा ! बस इतना कर, कि मेरे जज्बात सारे कहीं खो जाए।

    अब कसम खाती हूं, अब तुझपे ह़क कभी जताऊंगी नहीं ,
    रूठुंगी जरूर, पर मनाने कि आस तुझसे लगाऊंगी नही,
    जानती हूं तुझसे दुर नही जा सकती, तुझे खोना पन्नो मे उतार नही सकती,
    रो लूंगी मन हलका करने को, पर वज़ह तुझे बताऊंगी नही।

    तु चाहे तोल ले जज्बातो को मेरे, कितना भी कम आंक ले,
    भुला ना पाऊंगी हर वो दिन, मेरी सोच को तु ना भांप सके।
    उस साल में सपने बहुत थे मेरे, सारे चकनाचूर हुए ,
    बित गए वो प्यार भरे दिन, सब अपने दिल से दूर हुए।
    बस सच्चाई ये है कि अब भी साथ है हम दोनो, साथ ही हो शायद रहना ,
    कठोर यूं बन जाऊंगी, ना मुस्किल हो कुछ भी सहना।

    To be continued .. (part-3)

  • ahana_gill 1w

    Ab khas nahi...

    आंधियों के झड़ोखो में भड़के कई ख्वाब लाई हूं ,
    पलकों कि दामन में छुपाऐ कई सालों कि बरसात लाई हूं।
    ये ना सोचना कि सिवाए अपने गम के कुछ ना दे सकुंगी मैं तुझे,
    आज तेरे उन हर सवालों के जवाब लाईं हूं।।

    सम़ा तो यूं है कि ये विशाल समंदर भी छोटा सा लगता है,
    इनाम-ए-खास था जो, वो बेशकिमती सीक्का भी खोटा सा लगता है।
    आखिर क्या कहूं तेरे बारे मे मैं, तु तो वो कमजोर नस है मेरी जो गऱ दबे तो प्राण तक साथ छोड़ जाऐ,
    जो कभी धरकनो मे बसा था, अब आंखो से दूर होता दिखता है।।

    चल मान लिया , मान लिया कि मैं ही खुदगर्ज थी,
    तेरी ताकत बनना चाहती थी, ना जाने कैसे बनी तेरी मर्ज थी।
    रो ना सकी जो तेरे सामने, जानती थी मेरे आंसुओं को नाटक का नाम दे देगा तु,
    जिसे काटकर तुझे मिली खुशी, मैं तेरा वो फालतु खर्च थी।।

    मुझको खुदसे मुख्त करा, क्यों चुपके से तु रोता है?
    जब तेरे दिल मे है कोई और बसा तो मेरे दिल को क्यों ढोता है?
    जो झुठ बरदास्त कराके तैयार किया है मुझे, आ सच बताके आजमा मेरी तैयारी को,
    जा जाके फिर कहदे उससे तुझको कुछ-कुछ होता है।

    पर जानती हूं तु उसके पास जाएगा नहीं,
    अपने अच्छाई का मुखौटा हटाएगा नहीं,
    उसको भुलाया भी तुझसे जाएगा नहीं,
    दिल मे हलचल उठती है ना तेरे, पल भर भी दुरी उससे तु बरदास्त कर पाएगा नहीं,
    ना हीं दे पाएगा कोई आश्वासन, कि अब से मुझे सताएगा नहीं,
    जानती हूं किस बेइज्जती के डर कि बेड़ीयो ने बांघ रखा है तुझे, तु सहारे के अलावा उसका कुछ बन पाएगा नहीं।
    मेरी ही गलती थी ,जल्दबाज़ी की दिल लगाने में,
    थोड़ा ठहरती तो समझा पाती, मुझमें तु उसकी परछाईं ढूंढ पाएगा नहीं।......

    To Be continued In part 2

  • audenpilgrim666 1w

    it's not that
    I'm afraid to love.
    I'm simply terrified
    of old heartaches,
    coming back...

  • ahana_gill 1w

    The day I had a sight of you
    It attained the jiff, I knew
    You deserved to be the protagonist in every verse I do ..
    Cause I love you..