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  • affable_writer 4d


    Marriage is an institution where learning never cease to end
    A journey where two people are compelled to reason as one
    A home standing upon the pillar of love; lived in with patience, renovated with great compassion
    Memories which are captured with in-depth happiness and sometimes in despair
    A life-changing environment where you have to fit in till death
    A promise land in thoughts, mirage of your desire in reality
    A cruise where fate acts like a bloody-fickle thing
    A ride on which the rider changes direction as they like and swerve aimlessly

    Marriage as it is; a world where you learn to be what you never were, compelled to do what you never wanted to.

    However, marriage is to be enjoyed and not endure


  • michael_writes 1w


    Her heart was buried in his
    And his in hers
    And when she seized to be
    He became no more
    This is the story of their love

    Ani Michael. C
    The Writers Hub


  • pratigyas 3w

    आशा है

    आशा है,
    तुम्हारे गीत में प्रेम हो, संवेदनशीलता हो, सदभावना हो
    आशा है,
    तुम शीश महल के निवासी न बनो
    आशा है,
    तुम्हारी लोरियों में ज़हर नहीं अमन गुनगुनाए
    आशा है,
    उस पत्थर दिल और मुख पर खुशी-गम-आंसू दिख जाए
    आशा है,
    तुम खुद को रोने का मौका दो‌; भावनाओं को बहने दो
    आशा है,
    जिसने दया न देखी हो, उसका दया पात्र भर जाए
    आशा है,
    तेरे ज़ख्मों पर मरहम लग जाए
    आशा है,
    भूत-ज़ख्म भर जाए
    आशा है,
    तुम्हारा पेट भरा हो
    आशा है,
    तुम मदद मांग सको; मदद बन सको
    आशा है,
    तुम्हारे गीतों में, सपनों में, दिल में–चैन हो
    आशा है,
    तुम सूर्य बनो, तेजस्वी रहो
    प्रातः उगो , सांझ में ढलो
    आशा है,
    यह पवन तेरे संदेशे ले जाए
    आशा है,
    ये जल तेरा मरहम बन, आज- सीख दे जाए
    आशा है,
    उस वट की भांति, तेरी जङें धरती में एक हो जाऐं –
    एक समान छांव देतीं जाए
    आशा है,
    तुम प्रेम करो— तुम प्रेम बनो!
    आशा है..

  • tracepain 3w

    Life Cancer

    The World Ballyhoo and conundrum is such a picayune exertion infecting Lollygag, Hmm ! What a jejune vicissitude.

  • damjekswish 3w

    For the Fear of the stormy seas,
    I anchored my mind to Fear itself
    Now set me free
    so I may truly face my demons
    and have my chance to conquer them


  • bene_dicta 3w


    Change is the new black


  • bene_dicta 3w


    Maybe solitude didnt bring the peace we wanted

    Maybe solitude brought in monsters
    ..more war ..more agony ..more torment
    ..misery ..nightmares ..unrealistic dreams and sullenness

    Maybe solitude only brought us self-hate


  • tife_james 4w

    Stop treating humans the same way
    Spread love and heal the world.


    Read More

    Fake Pet Lovers

    Love humans like they love their pets
    When they want,they let them come close.
    When They don't,they shoo them off
    What about their feelings?
    He's just a pet.
    They don't care about them
    Selfish and self-centered.
    Once their intentions are fulfilled
    They cast them out on the streets.

  • affable_writer 8w


    Words shatters the heart
    The heart can be broken
    The broken heart may have no repair

    Words can heal heart
    The heart can reach earth
    The heart can heal the earth

    The world is filled with words
    Words that can break walls
    Walls that are strong like rocks
    Becomes weaken by words

    My world is filled of words
    That stays close to my heart
    But they are not words
    That can stay too long

    I might be shattered by them
    I may be broken and unrepairable
    I will become weak; null and void
    Words are what can heal me
    Words are what I need now
    But not words that will kill me

    Words are powerful
    They are for the wise
    And not for demise

    Do not kill with your words


  • pratigyas 8w


    You see,
    After everything,
    Every hurt, cold shoulder, pain, tears and blood
    She grew , every step of the way
    There are some who are unkind and
    Some down right cruel
    To be bitter was a choice
    But there was something immensely beautiful
    About tenderness and vulnerability
    The world is beautiful and kind
    The witch in her implored her to see
    And on days when she couldn't
    Her spirits protected her , until she was ready.

    Stepping into waters and walking bear feet,
    Breathing in the jungle air
    Letting the nature's entirety caress her gently
    So she cried in her embrace,
    In the reassurance of today
    And the wisdom of tomorrow..
    Under the moon, on bear earth or in the waters
    She found her profoundness
    And a will to be
    Despite everything and after all this time
    There was her, sparkling eyes and a smile
    There was hurt and knowing too,
    But heavens,
    Everything was beautiful

  • anjalidubeyofficial 11w

    वह रावण भी क्या था
    जिसने सीता को हाथ न लगाया
    आज के राम ने
    न जाने क्या कर दिखाया।
    आज के राम ने मुझ यह बतलाया
    राम से तो थी बहतर रावण की छाया।
    तब का रावण तो पूजनीय था बहुत
    आज का राम तो लालत है दुनिया पर
    तब के रावण पर मुझे भरोसा था बहुत
    आज का राम ना जाने क्या कर दिखाए
    मैने माना रावण को तब को आज बहुत
    जव मैने यह जाना
    राम से तो बहतर थी
    तब के राम की माया।

  • anjalidubeyofficial 11w

    On top of the mountains
    With low lying grass
    I sat on a tree
    Which took me very far
    Far away from all the darkness of the world,
    I feel relaxed being away from such a material world.
    Just after minutes when I sat over there,
    With all the thoughts collapsing in the brain,
    For them I think I too need a magistrate!
    My kind like an insane thinking and thinking,
    My personality becoming more and more strange
    And I like a flotsam still survive
    Being the weirdest but generous and kind
    Thinking about the world being it a mystery,
    Finding logic behind the wars of history.
    Why does the whole world wants heaven
    But no one wants to die
    Why are we so unkind
    Is it the real mankind!
    Having non predictable thoughts
    Finding solutions to the questions
    Sitting there for hours each day in life,
    There was no answer that I could find.
    Now that the time has come,
    I have to pass the questions to the next one.
    The one who puts in enough of efforts
    Even after being called a lot bitter
    But I know there will be no one who finds the answer,
    It will remain a mystery ever after-
    I'll remain a mystery ever after.

  • anjalidubeyofficial 11w

    मृगतृष्णा सा मोह तेरा
    मेरा प्रेम गोपियों सा
    मै तो तेरी थी हमेशा से ही
    तू ना मेरा बन पाया
    राधा को चाहा तूने हमेशा
    मगर एक ना हो पाया
    रास लीला हमेशा रची तूने
    मगर जब हारा तो
    हमेशा लौटकर मेरे पास आया।

  • anjalidubeyofficial 11w

    Ever been too exhausted doing good?
    When you are spreading goodness all over, helping everyone, spreading positivity, doing all the good stuff but you end up being exhausted because all what you're getting back is nothing?

  • anjalidubeyofficial 11w

    If you ever realize your whole life was a lie,
    think of Thomas Alva Edison.


  • pratigyas 11w


    कलम में तेरी धार नहीं
    कलम से घिस-घिस, कागज़ भी धार है
    जलते-जलते शरीर, कागज़ राख है
    रात-दिन धुआँ उठता है
    रात-दिन आवाज़ें उठेंगी,
    गीतों में बात होगी, आवाज़ होगी
    सन्नाटों में गीत बने,
    गीत उठेंगी
    आज फिर सवाल बात होगी
    आंख में फरेब लिए चल,
    आंख-नज़र न मिलेगी
    कलम उठने में समय लग गया
    कलम समय है
    हाथ में कप-कपी है
    बातों में दब-दबी है
    और कलम तेरी?

  • anjalidubeyofficial 11w

    Let it go♡

    Is it too hard to let go?
    Then let it go.
    The day you let it go,
    That's the day you'll find yourself.

  • saint_sultan 12w


    We love cos he first loved us, despite our so many flaws and obvious weaknesses, despite all out shortcomings and betrayals, and inspite of our fears and doubts, yet, he still loves us.

    Am I deserving of his love, what could I have ever done to earn his love, I was foolish when I told friends at my conversion that I gave my life to Him, but did I? You see, he gave his life for me, that by his death, I might attain a righteous standing before the Father, not having spots or blemish, as a lamb, he was sent to the cross, his blood, a propitiation for my sins, a righteous Father sacrificing a righteous son for a sinful me.

    Through his death, burial, resurrection and ascention, I am able to see the divine in the orchestration of events of life, how what seems foolish and worthless could be priceless. My gifts, talents and abilities find more meaning and expression when I think of the great price for which I've been bought, and the birthing of purpose, and as a son and not a slave, I now enjoy the same privileges as the chosen one that was slain cos of my confession and submission that he's Lord, such childlike faith but eternal consequence.

    You see, works cannot compensate for what you've done for me and I am most grateful that you gave your life, knowing that you loved me without me ever doing anything to earn it makes loving you my soul's desire and serving you a show of love.

  • anjalidubeyofficial 12w

    आज दिल मे कुछ हारारत सी थी
    मन में कुछ आहट सी थी
    याद आ रहे थे वोह बचपन के दिन
    क्या दिन थे वोह क्या रातें थी
    क्या बातें थी क्या शामें थी।

  • anjalidubeyofficial 13w

    In your eyes lies your whole world.
    Love yourself and the world will love you.