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  • kavidi 2d

    She was pretty, a neoteric teen..
    Demure ,shy thus rarely seen..
    Pertaining to the girl's school..
    Her scope was limited ,
    Tangled in her own pool..
    One day she joined a summer camp..
    Far away from citylights into the
    forest damp...
    There She came across alot of creatures...
    To her gloomy life they added
    colourful features..
    She explored herself for the first time..
    She was greatful to the camp she had joined..
    It was fun playing hide n seek with her own being..
    It opened the horizons to her gorgeous
    Abruptly her story took a sudden twist..
    Her eyeballs freezed and beats skipped..
    At the very first glance she missed the chance...
    Someone special arrived into
    cluster she belonged..
    He was born free ,a versed rider..
    She was Bedlamite ,a secret admirer...
    Eachday she had his glimpse...
    Prettier much to add a soothing bliss..
    Her story turned up a fairytale...
    To the song of love she became the nightingale...
    Now it was prince charming's round..
    Somehow he came across that beautiful girl in town..
    But suddenly fairytale converted into a nightmare...
    Prince was a devil she wasn't aware..
    The day she knew was the last one of the camp..
    Before a start ; her story reached an end..
    Something that seemed beautiful
    Showed up an ugly face...
    She blamed her stars for that ,only case...
    She wiped her tears and packed her bag..
    It was Time to return ; to the life that has lagged..

    #fairytale #writersnetwok #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #diary

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    There was a Girl' ...behind those glasses


  • sblaze 5d


    Give me the quiet moments,
    The early morning hours,
    When we roll into each other,
    When my lips find your neck,
    Your hands find my thighs,
    And we begin the day as one ☝️

  • _palakjain 1w


    At the end
    Good memories make us cry
    Because they are over
    And bad memories make us smile
    Because we conquer them

  • anjana_78 2w


    Muskil kaho ya Kathinayi
    Zindagi ka ek hissa hai
    Muskil humein jeena sikhaati hai
    Muskil humein raahein dikhati hai
    Muskil humein ladne ki taakat deti hai

    Mushkilen khatam nahi hoti
    Zindagi khatam ho jati hai
    Mushkilon se na ghabrao
    Mushkilen toh hume zindagi ki
    Pehchan karwati hai.

  • dil_k_ahsaas 3w

    " मौन दुत्कार "

    मेरी ✍️ कलम से ......... दिल के एहसास

    अनगिनत बार कहा उससे
    बातें किया करों मुझ से
    तुम्हारा यूं खामोश रहना
    अक्सर मुझे उदास कर जाता हैं
    पर वो इक शख्स अपनी चुप्पी साधे रखता है

    जो दिन रात हर पल यही कहता था मुझे
    बेपनाह मोहब्बत हैं तुम से
    अब कोई अता-पता कोई खबर नहीं उसकी
    यूं तो सारी दुनियां से उसका वास्ता है
    सबसे हिल मिल कर रहता है
    बातें भी सबसे करता है

    कभी कभी यूं भी महसूस होता है
    जैसे बिन कुछ कहे ही दुत्कारता है
    कभी कभी लगता है
    अब मैं उस बंद दरवाजे पर दस्तक देती हूं
    जहां से दुत्कार के अलावा कुछ नहीं मिलेगा

    कभी कभी लगता है बस अब और नहीं
    अब और दस्तक ना दूं
    यही सोच लूं कि शायद सारा कसूर ही मेरा था
    हर समय मौन दुत्कार से तो दिल ना टूटेगा

    क्यूं इंसान इतना बदल जाता है

    जिसकी बातें दिन रात कभी खत्म नहीं होती थी
    आज दिन रात इक लम्बी खामोशी में ही बीत जाता हैं
    कभी दिन खत्म हो जाता था पर बातें खत्म नहीं होती थी
    अब दिन खत्म हो जाता है पर बातें ही नहीं होती

    शायद रास्ते में इक मोड़ आ गया है
    शायद अब वो हाथ छुड़ा
    किसी और रास्ते पर चल पड़ा है
    कशमकश में हूं दौड़ कर उसका हाथ पकड़ लूं
    और चल पडूं उसके साथ

    यां फिर उसकी खुशी की खातिर
    छोड़ दूं उसको आजाद
    उसी मोड़ पर करती रहूं इंतज़ार
    उसके लौट कर आने का
    यां फिर उसकी खुशी में हो जाऊं शामिल
    बिना कुछ कहे ठीक उसी के अंदाज में

    मुझे ख़बर है उसके हाव भाव से
    कि रास्ता बदल रहा है वो
    फिर भी चुप हूं मैं
    अब और कुछ नहीं कहना
    कहने पर भी फिर मिलेगी
    वही मौन दुत्कार
    अब क्यों ना मौन दुत्कार से
    टूट कर बिखरने से अच्छा है

    मैं ही मौन हो जाऊं।

    दिल के एहसास। रेखा खन्ना

  • pillow_talk_quotes 3w

    Evening tea is best had with
    someone's warm hands. ❤

  • pillow_talk_quotes 3w

    My silence roar much louder than my scream.

  • ray_madhusmita 3w

    They sacrificed..
    blood.. breathing..
    for ..
    and made..
    a glorious land..
    we just retrieve the day..
    rising flags in our hand..

  • varsha27 3w

    Friendship means everything to me..�� The most important and beautiful relationship for me... ������

    #friendship #respect #trust #bonding #family #mirakee #writersnetwok #hindiwriter @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli #friendship #thoughts

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    "दोस्ती का साथ"

    डोर दोस्ती का थामे ताउम्र चलना है,
    हमारी दोस्ती के लिए उपरवाले से दुआ करना है,
    बना रहे विश्वास और प्यार का अटूट बंधन,
    हर ग़म और खुशी में तुम्हारा साथ देना है।

  • chabala_vii 4w


    Will block you

    From reaching

    Your true potential


  • black_pink06 5w

    {How Abuse Can Change Them.••••••!!!}
    There was once a little girl
    Who was pretty and sweet
    She had blonde curly hair
    And cute little feet

    She always wore pink
    And smelt of baby soap
    I liked to watch her play
    With the purple skipping rope

    But I remembere when she grew
    She changed very much
    She started wearing black
    And she had her hair cut short

    She wasn't all chatty and nice
    Like I remember her to be
    She walk with her head to the floor
    Humming very sorrowfully

    Then on one strange day
    I saw her for the last time
    For I heard she died
    On the news that night

    She had cur her wrist open
    And taken lots of pills
    It was then I found out
    She was a victim of abuse

    So it just goes to show
    How abuse can change them
    From cute smily little girl
    To being dead , beaten and broken.....

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld #pod # mirakeereposters #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwok #writerstolli

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    How Abuse Can Change Them....


  • needhi 6w

    And in the end of the day...

    I want to be the air you breathe
    Sleek of the sheet you sleep on..
    Light of the moon that touches your face.
    I want to be the fragrance of your clothes
    I want to be the warmth of your skin
    I want to be rhythm that touches your soul.
    I want to be your soft blanket for this cozy night.

    In the end of the day
    I just want to be with you...

  • angels_halo_always_shines 6w


    I'm young at heart, worn out from games. The years go by faster and faster. My kids growing fast into adulthood. I did not fully think that through. As I haven't really thought much through before that either. I was always one to be in the moment. I do regret that now. A lot of bridges have been burned. And I suppose maybe I grew up before my time. I mean I had to. I was a woman before I was 15. Which through no fault of my own. Maybe that was why, to keep certain people away from me. I dk for sure. I just regret not having patience. That's all. We all live and learn, and so I did. I have tried to be as happy as I could be, that was really never very easy. Please live your life doing what makes you happy. No regrets. Just happiness. it's our there. Just need to have patience.

  • deepajoshidhawan 7w

    31 दिसम्बर

    वर्ष के सभी तीन सौ पैंसठ दिनों को चौबीस
    घंटों का एक समान समय मिला है।
    कुछ को बासंती बयार में मुस्कुराते फूल मिले,
    किसी की किस्मत में सूरज की तपिश आयी,
    कुछ को गरजते बादल और बरसती बारिश
    का साथ मिला
    और कुछ के हिस्से आयी हाड़ गला देने वाली
    चंद खुशकिस्मत दिनों के हिस्से आये रौनक भरे
    त्योहार और इन सबमें सबसे ऊपर का दर्ज़ा मिला
    पहली जनवरी को जब लगभग सारी दुनिया एक
    साथ नये साल का ज़श्न मनाती है।
    इन सबमें सबसे पीछे है बेचारा साल का आखिरी
    दिन इकत्तीस दिसम्बर। क्या किस्मत पायी है।
    एक लंबी काली रात और छोटा सा ठिठुरन भरा
    दिन, वो भी अक्सर कोहरे में छुपा हुआ।
    शुरू हुआ नहीं कि सबको इसके बीतने और नए
    साल के आने का इंतज़ार होता है। इसमें ज़श्न तो
    मनाया जाता है लेकिन अगले साल के आने की
    खुशी में।
    ठीक बारह बजे सब लोग इसके न रहने का गम
    नहीं , नए साल के आने की खुशियां बाँट रहे होते
    हैं और ये बड़ा दिल दिखाते हुए अपनी जगह नए
    साल को देकर , सबसे चुपचाप विदा लेकर चला
    जाता है।
    लेकिन खयाल रहे , सिर्फ इसमें ही साहस है, कुछ
    नया कर दिखाने का, राह की सारी बाधाएं पार कर ,
    सामान्य परिधि से बाहर छलांग लगा, इस साल को
    अगले साल में पहुंचा देने का।
    हे ईश्वर, मैं हर जन्म में इकत्तीस दिसम्बर सी ही
    बनना चाहती हूं।
    जाते जाते, नए साल की शुभकामनायें

  • 2chinmayee 7w

    Horizon faded over the Ocean
    Still I'm in dark solitude
    Waves touching the feet
    Breeze from jham forest
    Creating thrill in banished soul
    Birth of new solemn poigant thoughts.


  • silver_flakes 7w

    Hello guys, am trying my skills at narrative poetry
    Please let me know what you think in the comment section and please repost����

    The river reflects a clear blue tonight
    Its ripples form perfect swirls of circles
    The moon curves like a bent bow
    As the stars light up the earth's surface

    Silence lies heavily on the scattered huts
    Amidst the occasional croaks of frogs
    The magical cocoon of sleep encases all
    Melodical snores sing of tired bodies

    In the heart of the land lies a boy
    Dark short hair covers sleeping eyes
    Lanky frame enclosed by thick blankets
    Eyelids hide a thousand questions

    Son of a mighty warrior, chief of the land
    Expectations high and rising weigh down
    Young shoulders small, not mature
    Even in sleep drooping shoulders remain

    Questions about life, love family, tradition
    Scattered fragments of hidden reality
    How to hold it all,lead them all, his people
    How to be strong, yet show love

    As the moon stays high
    Follow me on this journey
    To realise that in strength lies love
    And in love strength resides
    All are perfectly connected

    Listen to my tales...


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    Love begets strength

  • pillow_talk_quotes 8w

    We can. We should. We must.

    Yesterday, I saw one of my friend celebrating Christmas with those children who are dumb and living in a "Kopal vani" (a charitable trust). I messaged her immediately and blessed her with so much love. Her these beautiful steps always fills my heart with warmth and joy. I feel blessed to have such people on my surroundings who are responsible as a human. I feel happy to see people helping others and putting smiles on those who really needs that. These peoples are like gem who are the needs of this generation.

    Okay! We are humans. We are humans who have two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears yet useless. We are humans who have a capacity to speak but yet speechless. We are the humans who can hear and see this beautiful world but yet deaf and disparately sightless. We always follow trends and fashion. We outlay on these things so very much that we forget to spent on needful people.

    It pinches my heart when somebody extremely spends on gifts and at parties just to show how they are rich and fashionable. It may sounds orthodox but things when goes off limit it becomes hazardous.

    Everyone needs attention. Every child have right to be happy, to be educated. Our parents educated us but what to them who don't have guardians? There are thousands of people who are aged and dont have anyone to help them, who are not even physically able to survive. What to them? We are humans. We can help others.
    We have this body to give hands to someone. We can help others. We can lit their life. We should and we must. All you need spare just few minutes of your life.

  • yashitaaaa 8w


    Everyone has a dark side
    That can be reflected in the scars they hide
    And people who know the story behind these scars are the ones who abide.

  • _palakjain 9w

    Worst or better?

    Oh no,
    Not again
    Why you keep falling
    Look, you are
    on the ground again
    Do you ever think
    Why you are behind everyone
    Why you are here again
    Do you really want to do this
    Is this what you really want
    What if
    you are not strong enough
    What if
    you are not smarter as you thought
    What if
    This is not meant for you
    What if
    You're again going to fall.
    I know these are the things
    we keep asking ourselves
    Again and again
    I not saying this is false or true
    I'm not going to tell you what to do
    The only thing I know is
    We are this far not just for nothing
    We are here
    I'm sure this means something
    We can't give up now
    We have to end this game
    Don't know if it's going to turn out
    To be worst or better
    The only thing I know is
    We are not the quitter.

  • meghnaaa_____ 10w

    Love and LIKE.

    You know"LIKE" is when u see a beautiful flower and u just want to pluck it.
    But,"LOVE " is different.
    "LOVE" is when u see the flower and u shelter it from the sun,water it everyday and feel the need to protect it.