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    @_hessa_ Purple inspirations.. I tried your style, is it good����
    @_thewordplayer @veloc1ty_ @petrichor_tales Thank you "Interview Inspirations" ��

    I tried to write something good, is it a fail? ��
    Any favorite lines?

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    2. Purely Fiction ����

    ~Penned and Posted on July 24, 2020.

    *NO TITLE*
    (If you can suggest, I can add the title��)

    LETTER ✉
    The dear someone called 'MINE' in the drenched past,

    These mizzles by 7.52 in the evenings are something which always bring me to your doors of agapes, which are closed forcibly by you, forever..... After these senseless betrayals for three great years, the meaning of love I got was only this - "Choking PAIN in hearts and brains"

    Do you remember? We had seemingly built up our own universe- a serene one, filled with felicity. Our love was something which would sometimes be crushed roses- smashed by rough hands. Yet, the gentilesse stems of bonding always had place for new roses to bloom wide, attracting heartfelt souls. But now, things have seemingly changed, just as you moved yonders away from me. Over the days, being novaturient is what I want, but changes never swept my way.
    //Distances bring changes in the mind as well as the heart, for every garden has to lose yellowed grasses and drooped flowers as soon as time goes away from them//

    Days passed on and on, but our love never passed on to the next level. Our love just dusked as the sky does, but never appeared at its beauty; just faded out to vantablacks. 12 am had to gift me dark boxes though. The 6am  mornings and the sunshines just stopped embracing me; such a painful soul I was. Embracing me would perhaps make even sunshines darker; it had rays of glistening joy, and I had rays of excruciations and depressions. My perception that our saga would stay amaranthine also dusked; it was the same love which was iridescent- now became the darkest book, which none preferred to leaf into. I just learnt yearning to you over the years, but never got a step to move up. The susurrus zephyrs which seemed to caress me so gently have now become rageous storms for no reason, hitting my already fragile heart and shattering it to the tiniest smithereens. I am just left with just one question, "Why?"

    Now I understand- even an elfin chaos amidst the salt and sugar can hamper the taste of a delicacy made with utmost efforts. I'm still left with many questions though, which would perhaps never get cleared. My possessiveness, my emotions, my solicitude, what was the reason? Those initial days spent with you, a diary titled "Mine forever" filled with blank pages, a rose you gave me, now almost decomposed like my heart, and most importantly - PAIN, is what left with me now as mere memories. Maybe my unflappable nature was always misused by you, and many others too, who just left me barely nude with myriad agony all around.

    The blood in my arteries has stopped flowing, but still, this heart pumps a crimson- hued thing called BELIEF; an ethereal belief that you'll come back to me, realizing that I am a selcouth and a true soul. My heart has bore much pain than me myself, I wanted to transfer the pain to something else; how much can a 340gram weighing muscle bear? But, nobody can take this much, is the sad reality now .............

    They say, wine turns medicinal as it turns older. But why didn't our bonds strengthen and soothe as time flowed? The ineffable kalon in you is what my senses have already experienced, but this greedy soul wanted more, just a bit more. If not this, then what?
    I need answers, once and for all. If you can't get me out of the well, just don't. But don't let me drown into by digging it deeper.

    //I keep finding wrong ones,
    but I want love,
    Again and again//
    (lines from BOYFRIEND of Selena Gomez ❤️)

    Your betrayed one, Krish.

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S
    And yes, my favourite word is PAIN.
    (Experience and pain relate��)


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    Orchid - for me is embodiment of love. The pinkish-purple hue symbolising love that pushes you miles apart yet pulls you back to make you fall all over again.

    Daisy - symbolising innocence and purity

    #blue_colortranslate (Orchid) @bluepuppy01
    #bluechal #astray
    #yearnc #mizzlec

    Perhaps we were never meant to be;

    Similar magnets repelling each other
    Like parallel lines standing together
    As the sky yearning for the sea
    Or my heart aching for thee

    I craved for a bed of roses
    Yet thorns rained out the hoses
    Knocking down the ones I groomed
    Enamored orchids were all that bloomed

    I drown inside mizzle of warm
    Captivated by its unusual charm
    Never knowing when fever soared
    It's alluring spell takes you on board

    To an island in a paradise
    Inseparable by fire nor ice
    A promise to never be apart
    Yet into the sea, pull my heart

    Not wanting to be away
    Your love leading me astray
    Can feel my heart pounding
    Piercing out the mounding

    Scared at the thought in vain
    of you hurting me again
    I build walls creating a hideout
    So nothing in and nothing out

    Yet a mere murmur of you
    Melts my heart in seconds afew
    Breaking through the dam I made
    Again as a fool, I let you invade

    Perhaps it was all meant to be
    'Cause I met an orchid cloaked as a daisy
    Perhaps we can never reach the shore
    Being enticed by a siren's allure


    #smilyn_creates #ceesreposts
    #smilyn_love #smily_aina

    #perhapswewere �� follow this tag for part 2

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    Perhaps it was all meant to be
    'Cause I met an orchid cloaked as a daisy
    Perhaps we can never reach the shore
    Being enticed by a siren's allure


  • bluepuppy01 10w

    This is:
    "Lost the Words" Part 3
    "Perhaps Hope in a
    Poet’s Purgatory" Part 2
    (Through a different POV)

    Click this tag> #blue_block to find the other parts ��

    I was too lazy to see if there was a word that meant this, so I just made my own:
    Lavaic (adj.) - reminiscent of lava; related to lava in some way

    #blue_challusion #cyanentry #bluepup
    #yearnc #myriadc #aubic @writersbay

    P.S. I discovered that all synonyms of "sand" suck �� lol that's why in the part before this, I referred to it as "deathly static"

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    Perhaps Hope in a Poet's Purgatory Part 2

    Still reflecting on past experiences,
    I relive those harsh times in my imagination:
    We had to decide what was the best solution 
    To liberate the sentient concepts,
    Abducted by a beaver wearing human skin
    From behind the dam on a deserted, desert island,
    Across from a decaying city settled in lavaic sand.

    We scouted for days- ones we couldn’t spare,
    For a way to save us from the tragic end
    Of a dream yearning to be more.
    When we couldn’t last any longer 
    Without determining a decisive course of action,
    We ultimately decided, “To hell with it!”
    And planned to demolish our alleged enemy
    With the only way we knew how.
    Digging, digging, digging, digging,
    We dug into the concrete until, and after still,
    The flesh of our hands slipped off,
    As if we weren’t attempting to strip away
    A wall, piece by piece, with bare bones,
    But, instead, imagined gathering soft earth
    In preparation to construct a sand castle. 

    For years, we persisted in gravedigging,
    Not noticing how we were already living skeletons-
    Was there even a reason to hope for survival 
    When death had already overtaken us?
    No, not us- me
    I was the skeleton pointlessly burying myself
    In a hope I lost long ago
    But still pretended I believed in out of habit,
    And like how I realized too late
    The state of my mental and physical being,
    I didn’t comprehend the betrayal
    Of my one and only companion, Emma,
    For, at some point, when I paused to glance up
    From the task I’d repeated gazillions,
    Staring back at me with an evil smirk of triumph,
    Body unscathed- with flesh and all, was she
    Who was my travel buddy for almost a lifetime.

    Not two seconds later, 
    After her eyes and the sockets 
    Where mine used to be held met,
    The water blocked by the dam 
    Burst out of its prison-
    An eruption I should’ve been ready for,
    Washing me away with the tsunami.
    It happened too swiftly-
    I could barely perceive 
    My own lack of breath 
    And the dam’s debris storming at me
    As I was shoved, dragged this way and that,
    By the thoughts I never knew could drown me.

    The flow calmed eventually,
    Leaving me to rest on a bed of wet sand
    Like a seashell discarded on the beach.
    I couldn’t move what was left of my body,
    Only able to gape at the bleeding sky of purgatory:
    *Sigh* it finally rained brutal irony-
    Why did it have to rain at that moment?
    How fitting for life blood to fall down on a corpse
    When all it wished for
    Was the right timing for it to grant life.
    My final breath was whispered to the downpour
    Betwixt my jawbones peeking out 
    From underneath the desert island shore-
    Fortunate to breathe until then, I guess 
    (Imagine a skeleton who could live 
    Until the last of its flesh was rinsed off).
    The last sensation I felt was of the hot zephyr 
    Carrying over myriads of sand
    To bury the last of myself in oblivion.

    Apparently, however, death was not the end
    For when my body died- my soul remained.
    Now I haunt the traitorous poet 
    Who chose words over me, Writer’s block,
    Patiently waiting for the perfect moment
    To strike back into her living days
    Like Earth’s assassin, Lightning.
    I’ll dive into her head, erasing her everything
    Like she did to the me who believed 
    In the friendship we, perhaps, 
    Infinitely could have sailed along in 
    If never ever we found ourselves in Purgatory,
    And this time, I’ll construct a dam obstructing 
    Nothing but what I’ll make her believe is behind it,
    So that when she aims to kill me again 
    With hands still stained with my blood,
    What she’ll find after shoveling into obstruction
    Will be the realization she dug her own grave instead.


  • _musks 10w

    //When it feels like your WORLD is collapsed//

    A phase
    When peace dooms
    All dreams become worthless
    Fear of loosing someone
    Crumbles down to bones
    Heart stops yearning
    Anything else and drowns
    In despair looking
    Someone going away
    Crawl to find way
    Heart is crying to hold on
    A true act of kindness
    Will reverse the situation
    If you have courage
    To live up for your heart
    Facing all darkness and fear
    This is severe state of true love
    To be won else its worst loss
    End up in a tunnel of no light

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    Love is not something you have to choose. You automatically feels alive in its presence while feels dead(suffer) or no existence in its absence.

  • nescient_scarecrow 10w

    Amidst all those isolating deserts
    love and affection,
    they seem to be mirages
    certitudes of humiliation
    that bring in my diehard efforts
    to find some workshops or garages
    that'd be capable of repairing cohesion

    For ,
    I'm firm with going in
    with all of my dependence
    to wait for You and your acceptance
    of me and my very existence
    be it charm or sheer pretendence
    but , it's still worth a call
    if hope , it's going to be there
    in all of her attendance

    Though ,
    I know ,
    For me , being an outsider , a novice
    can't attract your attentions , precise
    and that I can't break all the prejudice
    I am not aquatinted with give and take ,
    concise , so I can't be equal or worth
    more or less , likewise

    Still , I hope that
    you rearrange me till I'm sane
    and that , you'd guide me through every dark lane
    and that , you'd forgive me , for all my deeds lame
    for , You're my pride , my name , and my fame

    That's why , my heart , it yearns for You
    my eyes wait , just for every single glimpse of You
    It's like
    This dark , it's some blessing in disguise
    and my heart , it's like the earth
    covered in dark , waiting for some love , sunrise


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writers_paradise @writersbay

    #cees_dsm_chall #worthc #yearnc

    You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane
    - original line credits Roger Waters

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  • preetkanwal 10w

    Yesterday moon descended
    on the terrace of my heart
    We embraced each other’s scars
    Now yearning for night
    forever to fall
    /To glow till eternity /
    with metaphors of light.........

    ©preetkanwal 07.07.2020

  • cynicalbeliever 10w

    #yearnc @writersbay

    Do not yearn for what is gone,
    The morrow will always bring a new dawn.
    Do not wish for those who left to return,
    Life is teaching you to let go, and you must learn.

    We've all been to hell and back,
    The echoes of those times dark as pitch black.
    But you mustn't let dolour turn you bitter and vile,
    Instead, let your soul shine through a smile.
    In your inherent goodness you must trust,
    And never let your ability for kindness rust.
    A few gentle words can bring incomparable joy to someone,
    If you make them smile...then today, you have won.

    So, don't just sit and yearn,
    For your life to take a favourable turn.
    Life gives you ample opportunities each day, every time,
    To rebuild it into something wonderful and sublime.

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    Something wonderful


  • mirakeewrites_ 10w

    I yearn to write,
    about the mornings and the nights,
    about all our wrongs and the rights.
    about the magic in the air,
    about your coffee-tainted wavy hair.

    I yearn to talk,
    about my every musing I ever had,
    about all things happy and sad.
    about the moon,the stars and the sun,
    about all those moments which I tell no one.

    I yearn to love,
    the old fashioned way,
    when you look at me , I smile away.
    no words are spoken yet all is said,
    the eyes would do the talking instead.

    I yearn to listen,
    to the sound of your voice,
    every detail of every moment you rejoice.
    to all the secrets of your heart,
    all your stories right from the start.

    I yearn to see,
    those dreams reflecting in your glittering eyes,
    that smile on your face where my whole world lies.
    the way you smile though the tears
    the way you roll your eyes when you talk about your fears.

    #writersbay @writersbay
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    I yearn to live,
    by your side,
    in your arms I wish to hide.
    Not just breathe, not just survive,
    I yearn to feel yet again alive.

  • fakiya 10w

    In skies so blue
    O'a rainbow so true
    For words that tune
    Wish that hits moon
    Sun gloom
    Only to make flower bloom
    Perennial growth is the goal
    For a loveless arid soul
    Proves to be an oasis
    To quench the painful memories
    That falters in poetry
    To lit up the harmony
    In skies so blue
    O'a rainbow so true
    Yearns for rain
    Of words
    That devoid pain
    Even if it's
    In the form of dew
    In skies so blue

    #yearnc #writersbay #ceesreposts @writersjoy @shaiz_fs @soulfulstirrings

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    In skies so blue....


  • niti_s_1 10w

    Now everyday I am yearning to talk to you leave the matter of glimpse even.
    It was spring at that time and you changed it into frozen winter by throwing the little bit yearn left for me inside your heart.

  • sproutedseeds 10w

    She aspired to become a scientist, but her financial background was a drawback. She was focused, brilliant and hardworking. She yearned to prove herself worth in the society and that family background shouldn't be a hindrance in her
    journey to reach up the ladder.

    Her maternal uncle financied her higher studies
    with a promise that this money financied shall be returned back once she starts earning.

    She not only returned back the financial help but also took care of him till his last breath.

    With proper guidance, encouragement and motivation such aspiring students who yearn to prove themselves can achieve success
    and on the other side depression,suicide
    etc..can be prevented/counselled.


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    Y ondering mind
    E fficacious to
    A chieve higher degree with
    R esilience and be
    N oteworthy in the society.

  • bliss__ 10w

    One last kiss

    He yearned for one last kiss
    Regretting all the times he miss
    Longing for that one last kiss
    For He had never known a love like this
    On seeing her from a distance he was filled with bliss
    But his face turned pale, as she was someone else missis
    Yet he still yearns for that one last kiss...

  • thoughtsprocess 10w

    I yearn to find
    the missing part
    of the puzzle
    of my destiny
    So that I can
    solve the equations
    of my life.

  • _nikithasharmabts_rare 10w

    #yearnc @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    Sometimes even those busy lights give the feeling of relaxation ..

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    Staring at those lights,
    I stand reverie
    Blurr my sight,
    Yearning to
    In the gleam
    Of those streets.
    _ Nikitha Sharma

  • mann_se_ 10w

    Even when the hope
    of meeting you is quite flimsy
    my heart yearns for it every moment
    Religiously following my
    flickering ray of hope connects
    me to the gleaming path where I can
    see you with me opposing
    the concept of blind faith my path
    is illuminated due to my Firm Faith


  • thoughtsprocess 10w

    I yearn to meet you
    between the valley
    of my verses
    and sing the song
    of my life with you

  • bclark2681 10w

    Yearn For Normalcy

    I yearn for normalcy in this world once
    Again, as opposed to the Covid circus we
    Now call home and our life, this shit show
    Of new routine is absolutely ludicrous

  • dark_spectrum 10w

    It wasn't a bright day. The sky was filled with clouds. It was a dull day. I was sitting on the bench and was waiting for someone.
    Many days and many nights I have spent here, just waiting for someone (or you can say something if you like).

    My days are not many. I know this but still I am waiting just like the bud waits on a cloudy day for a ray of sunlight to bloom.
    It was winter season, a season when all lie inside their cosy homes and wait for sun light.
    But I am not worried about the season cause my heart has turned into a stone which can bear so many pains. Yes !! It can bear so many pains and this cold weather is just nothing.
    What's the use of going inside and warming my outer skin when I am cold from inside ??

    Now I am not able to find a single sun ray even.
    The clouds have covered it.
    My life has also been covered. Completely covered by darkness. I remember how I used to paint beautiful pictures and now you see, my life itself is without any color !!! It's dull like the sky.

    Time is passing out, for it waits for none. And my time is also passing away. Yes I am happy that my time is also passing out. I don't want to live within the chaos of silence.

    It was time for sunset and now the sky is little bit clear. Oh!!! I can see something coming. Yes it's coming near me, my own self.
    Wow !! I am so happy to see my own self coming near me. The sun was setting and my life was also.
    My sun was setting too but I am happy for I am departing with myself.
    The setting sun gave me my last sun ray.
    And now I am with myself for whom I was yearning. I was yearning for my self, my own self and now it's here.

    The sun had already disappeared below the horizon and I am gone, never to be found again.

    #yearnc #wod #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwork @writersbay

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    I was yearning for my own self.......

    Vijeta Mohanty

  • tamanna3 10w

    I'm like a short story
    Broken into fragments
    You call as poetry.

    I'm trying in vain
    To revive my frozen heart
    Still in love with pain.

    / I stare at the raindrops gliding over the green leaves,
    Dribbling off like tears from your forlorn face /

    I'm standing in league with the shade
    Feeling my vision withering away soon
    While waiting forever for the lights to fade.

    I'm like a broken plafond
    Shattering pieces that pierce the mortal
    Betraying flesh and blood of their bond.

    / Naught seems to help me anymore,
    For my heart still bleeds in your proses yet it beats for life no more. /

    I seek love in your rhyme
    But you scribble lines only in free verse
    Abandoning me everytime.

    I still yearn for a little warmth
    For only love can thaw
    My frozen heart.

    © tamanna3
    Something told me to write less , but my sane wrote something insane :") #yearnc #mirakee #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    I seek love in your rhyme
    But you scribble lines only in free verse
    Abandoning me everytime.

  • ishiita 10w


    Intend to paint confidence not an ersatz face,
    Blush and lip colours enhance the beautiful inner me,
    And not to mesmerize others through my outer look,
    Yearn for mettle when I look at the glasses of stores I pass by.

    Balmy contours I layer under my eyes to whelve the signs,
    Of my sleepless nights I spent to create the best in my work,
    I protect myself through the powder from those May dates,
    Yearn for respect where I go, where I stand where I sit.

    I ornate my body as an architectural blue prints in the modle room,
    To hide my marks of stress I owned with wish to be independent,
    And not to give chances to bel-esprits of puckish thoughts,
    Yearn for chance to make my path to erict my own swevens.

    Cerise highlights awards me a names spelling whore and flirt,
    When I try not to look mediocre in this puissance macrosom,
    If I look dolt they call me sadist and poor if glowing then a fake,
    Still I yearn for a velliety that they will address me with my name.

    I put arched eyebrows to change my view of flimflam workplace
    I put smokyshades to hide my sauhuta eyes reflecting those words
    If an artist paints an art then why my makeup kit isn't an atelier,
    Still I yearn to always look good to appear confident & independent.


    Ersatz : artificial
    Balmy : mild and refreshing
    Mettle : determination
    Whelve : to bury
    May dates : difficult days
    Ornate : to decorate
    Puckish : mischievous
    Erict : to build
    Swevens : dreams
    Cerise : bright shade of pink
    Whore : abusive word for women
    Mediocre : ordinary
    Puissance : powerful
    Macrosom : universe
    Dolt : dull
    Velliety : wish
    Flimflam : tricks
    Sauhuta : giving off smoke
    Atelier : a studio or workplace

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writersbay #mirakee #yun_duo #makeup #maquillage #yearnc #ceesreposts

    I wanted to try write on this topic. Thanks my sister for being an eye opener to my. She actually thought me that not every person apply makeup to seduce others. Sometimes it's just a way to hide our scars to uplift our confidence. This is just an example of a workplace. Happy reading������

    Poem no. 21
    06/07/2020 9:50PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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