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  • gaamir 4d


    Hum wafa par kitaab likhne hi waale the ki,
    Uss naadaan ne ek Haa kehkar hume hi bewafa Bana Diya

  • iexist 1w

    Mornings are lazy
    Mornings are hazy
    And so....
    Mornings are crazy

  • mishkaa 1w


    A Mini Skirt
    Is Not Consent

    Is Not Consent

    A Forced "YES"
    Is Not Consent

    Is Not Consent

    Is Not Consent

    Is Not Consent

    Past Consent
    Is Not Consent

    Being Unconscious
    Is Not Consent

    "YES" And Only "YES"
    Is Consent

  • beaubearic 1w

    This is a few of my favorites mixed together

    Im wishing
                                  And hoping
    The responsible
                  Become logical
    And just take
    Why does it always
                                         fall on me]
    Why am I the first one to appologiz
    I know I'm usually the biggest guy
    But do I always gotta be the bigger man
    They Got me feelin giant,
                                                So I guess I am
    I'm always on the clock and this is my shift
    [  ]                  To just say shit♧
                                         How I see shit♧
    You'll be the first to know
                          if I have a problem with it
    I'm an addict whose addicted
    to beating his addictions
    I'm overdosing on chill pills and just over the hill can someone call up dr phil for a re fill
    Been the king Of fuck up since the day I was born/
    my dad lookin at me like a pain so I must be a thorn 
    trying to grow wings instead I got horns/
    And I'm stuck in my ways because
    1. Wicked ways has wicked pay which is just enough to make the wicked stay
    2. the addicts are stayin slaves cuz that's  addictions way
    3. Those Addicted in the addic gettin manic when they cant have it lettin in frantic so they panic causn havick
    Are you a skitzo like me
    You would be if you were in therapy they would say
    1. You have no purpose basic--allee/
    2. and it stings like a Bee
    3. for you to simply agree/
    4. cuz split personalities
    5.  dont always see equally
    6.  and we lose focus so quickly
    7.  cuz of that damned a-d-h-d/
    8.  so we sit here in therapy
    9. sessions
    10.  so they can fill prescriptions
    11.  that have no intentionz
    12.  to help me/
    13.  it only numbs me to sleep/
    14. waking up more crazy
    15.  than I was previously/
    16. so my symptoms are worsening
    17. / and they feed me
    18.  more but less carefully
    19. So the other side of me speaks
    20. And he says this to the beat
    21. We both want the same thang♧
    22.  But we too busy playing the blame game♧
    23.  even though you know where the shame came♧
    24.  from the one playing The Lame Games♧
    25.  you acting hard core but you just a plain Jane♧ callin beau an average Joe
    27.  talk shit  if you wanna go at it like a gangbang
    28. Or we can have a Wild West shootout you know its the same thing
    29. you aim for that come up but i
    30. Whip you like we were at a slave trade
    31. Before you get offended my reference is to the era of Irish slaves so dont be ignorant calm down smoke a blunt cuz
    32.  I can go villain like I was named Bane
    33.  My Aim is so High where the cranes hang♧
    34. Your loco motive just jumped off track you should probably change trains♧
    35. messing with the big dogs hello I'm a  lGreat Dane
    36. You lookin around trying to see if any fame came♧
    37. when it does you'll know cause you will see me taking off like a dang plane♧
    38. I wrote this song on my cell phone using notesSmoking and toking gotta check see if I'm broken
    39. ■ lookin were I started trippin my path was dipped in
    40. ■  I was missin☆ where the signs were flipped in
    41. ■ my addiction wants to mix in to make me start slippin from some friction and
    42.  being an addict as i predicted keeps me smokin with the wicked
    43. ■and kickin it with conflict I have my suspicion just ask my intuition
    44. Why is my stomach in knots from  internally twistin all of my thoughts until my head is spinnin■I wanna lose this despiration
    45. ■move away from devastation
    46. ■before I lose motivation  find my inspirations
    47. ■to be my transportation
    48. ■from a hell of my creation
    49. ■need proper  preparation so now I'm joining the participation
    50. ■to start this levitation
    51. ■ no more limitations
    52. ■up and away from these actions causing me strangulation
    53. ■of  my true intensions
    54. ■ I pray some
    55.  ■and I stray some
    56.  from a path  of mayhem
    57. ■and destruction
    58. ■before i hit my expiration
    59. ■ my expectation is to overcome Temptation
    ■ and defeat my addiction s
    No more chemical dependants

  • beaubearic 2w


    The weight we need to lose isnt on our bodies, but it's on our mental and spiritual selves.

  • sharmatanisha 3w


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    चलो मैं आज वादा करती हूं तुमसे,
    कि मैंने जितना भरोसा तुम पर किया था,
    उतना किसी पर नहीं करूंगी....
    जितना तेरे लिए लड़ी थी,
    उतना किसी के लिए नहीं लडूंगी..
    जितना खुद का आत्मसम्मान दाव पर लगाया था,
    उतना किसी के लिए नहीं लगाऊंगी...
    जितना गलत तुझसे सुना था,
    उतना किसी से नहीं सुनूंगी...
    और जितनी नफरत तुझसे करती हूं,
    उतनी किसी से नहीं करूंगी...

  • beaubearic 3w


    I waste time by sitting dow and writing rhymes
    And it passes time it works just fine
    Other times I like draw, blow glass, and find
    Any other possible art for a hobby its better than smoking sacks
    Of drugs like I use to in my past
    So as the clock tick tocks in the back
    I'm doin what I can to hip hop or switching to arts and crafts
    It distracts my mind from the silence of an empty home
    It's a change in climate and environment cuz I'm never alone
    But it's nice im just so use to my kids constant needin something and being home
    Hearing them fight and bickering in the background as a constant tone
    Its almost more torment when silent because I lose my purpose when my family is gone
    So I sit here writing song hoping they will safely make it home when they come
    I'll be here waiting when they show cuz without them in my life there would not be the man writing this there would be no beau.

  • allen2377 3w


    I usually do not write, but sometimes you need to say things or you might end up in a tragedy, understanding yourself and your purpose of life is a must.

    Nowadays, people just want to hear the word "yes" as they have total dominance over your actions, if you ever thought of rejecting by a simple "no" it might cause a disaster.


    Because we reached that a request should be handled with total "obedience" trying to reject means overpowering that request, which causes a tragedy in every possible field.

    Truly Madness!

    Where and how? Just reject your parents, it is obvious you are the bad guy in it, reject a word order, you are unfriendly to deal with, reject a drink, you are rude.

    Samples of madness which causes total obedience and self narcism deep in someone.

  • ssaumya 5w

    Thoughts without discriminating boys or girl men or women just for every person out their sharing some feeling with you all .
    #poem #power #yes #hellyes #job #work #words #worthy #boss #beingbossy #creation #creativity #motivation #feeling #gratitude #grateful

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    Yes I don't want to be mature,
    Yes I want to remain that crazy,
    Yes I want to remain that child,
    Yes I want to smile without,
    any reason.Or do dance in any season,
    To wear what I want to wear and
    eat without care being that old soul
    maybe grumpy or mad sometimes,
    and doing the job that is not 9 to 5.
    Yes I don't want to care about my
    Future or what kind of person am I.
    Because I am minding my business,
    and that's not a crime.

  • moodswingchild 5w

    For my ex

    I am not scared of you. I am afraid of what you'll do to ones I care for. I'm not emotionless nor mentally ill.. I AM SOMEONE WHO GIVES EVERYTHING TO OTHERS TO MAKE THEM SMILE. I'm nothing like you.. So stop.. Your not a dictator anymore.. You just a simple girl who needs help.

  • _truesayings_ 5w

    Faith is the tipping point ,
    That decides success or failure.


  • diannecajapay 7w

    Will be a year of unlimited possibilities an
    abundance of real love♥️, health, wealth✊and successrelease any doubts and you will achieve your dreams✨..



  • niharika_uh 7w

    Know when to say no

    Think twice before you say NO ...

    You might be doing it for the first time ,but it could also be one last opportunity .

  • another_hill_ahead 8w

    Soft music and fire burning
    In the forest and thoughts In my mind running
    You asked me for dance
    Came to me with a smile in face
    Saw the love in your eyes
    I see running butterflies
    With red roses and your hand
    Asking me to dance on this sand

    But now you are throwing stones in the water
    Cause I said no and not even 'later'
    You should be angry but you love me
    I was stupid you were brave to ask me
    And now I can see you shouting
    On the people who seems caring

    It's been 2 years and I guess you hate me
    I know I ruined but again can you ask me?
    You're with her and dancing happily
    Your and her moves blends smoothly
    Is it too late to answer that question with yes?
    Is it too late to feel guilty and jealous

    Cause I see myself getting older by your side
    And to answer yes to your every question after that scary night

    #scarynight #older #heart #fire #dance #answer #eyes #yes

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    Desperate to say yes

  • dil_se_dilshath 13w

    You are like
    an autumn season
    to me,
    with you
    and for you
    I'm always falling !!

  • dil_se_dilshath 13w

    I said, "yes"
    because I know
    I am going to
    need you to
    fix my heart
    for everytime
    as you are the
    ruler, healer
    and lover
    of my heart ❤️

  • lover_of_minne 14w

    That every click

    Made by that seconds hand In the clock

    Is saying "Yes"

    It's the time

    Go ahead


  • warriorofthenight 15w


    I'm expendable,
    We are plentiful,
    Another will take my fallen place.
    The game of life keeps moving;
    I'll bet that it's improving.
    I watch we pawns be directed,
    The age old hierarchy again erected
    The kings and queens shall stay protected
    Whilst we peasants get dissected.
    Why this brutal monotonous thing?
    Why can't we all be the king?
    No, silly you, there must be pawns.
    For who else shall earn the queen her bronze?
    It's not a choice,
    We have no voice.
    Centuries will come and go,
    Who but us shall ever know?
    Rooks and bishops are exalted,
    And any deaths forgotten, for the Ruler is faultless.
    Though through grading the king is highest,
    We pawns all know the queen gains triumph.
    We are the invisible force,
    Made to fight our fellow peasants,
    We must give acquiescence.
    We stay in shabby holes and hollows,
    Till the time of the game that shall bring us to the gallows.
    It's a torture, slow but sure
    We fear there is no cure.
    Glimpse into the life of a asset,
    See the neglect and threat?
    Never give in,
    Independence is no sin.


  • write2share 15w

    What "Y.E.S." Really Means



  • anthonyx10x 16w

    I want her than my own desires
    She's someone

    I want her to have a peace of mind
    She's deserves to feel calm

    I want her to feel open
    Her words matter

    If she's not just a number
    Treat her like the only one

    - Anthony D'Amico