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  • sharmistade 1d

    Agape used here is in it's Greek form which means the highest form of love, sacrificial, selfless and unconditional love; persists no matter the circumstances.

    Love is universal and can't have negative traits of human behaviours like jealousy, possessiveness, hurting; anything that's pessimistic can be anything but Love. There's so many heart beaks and tears round the corner but have faith in love, it's not cause of love but your earthly expectations.
    Learn to Love and it'll take care of you.

    #learntolove #love #selflove #poembyme #young #perenial #pure #blissful #you @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    My you

    Be my Agape;
    In a world full of PDA.


  • panabee 1w



    The most beautiful kind of smile
    Is the one
    That struggle through tears.

    Your scars are reminders
    Of how your life failed
    Trying to break you.��



    I love people
    Who gossip
    Behind my back
    That's exactly
    Where they belong
    Behind my back.....

    Love your self....

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  • tathagatkaushik 1w

    I killed my own happiness in such a young age..........

    By loving someone more than myself �� #kill #own #happiness #young #age #loving #someone #myself

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    I killed my own happiness in such a young age..........

    By loving someone more than myself


  • friendzone 1w

    Petals on the graves

    All the coffins mourn their deads
    When they are brought before fate,
    They fall like tears on the graves
    Petals I no longer know.

    All coffins mourn their dead,
    The story-listening in the middle of the night
    Under a heavy cross, now forgotten
    That they keep on them shoulders.. and now straight.

    When they are brought before fate,
    The saints and thieves will be in one place.
    Caught in the same veil of fog
    Tie at the same finger with a thread.

    They fall like tears on the graves
    Words spoken by your father,
    What slips through his fingers
    Earth, kisses, one last time.

    Petals I no longer know,
    Too young to remember
    For a century, may have passed
    Since all the graves stand, they've been silent.

    Petals I no longer know,
    They fall like tears on the graves,
    When they are brought before fate,
    All the coffins mourn their dead.

  • _heart_wants_what_it_wants_ 2w

    Young Love

    "Young love" you said
    Was all it was -
    We were nothing but a leftover
    Of flesh and bone from
    Yesterday's hangover,
    An innocent mistake of the kind
    A three year old makes while spelling out his name,
    And we had exchanged love in a barter
    With no strings attached,
    In a place where we weren't allowed to hope against hope,
    In the hopes of getting a perfect summer escapade.
    And in an instant then you muttered
    With disgust filled words,
    And a mouth that tasted like regret -
    "It was nothing more than a lousy love"
    I nodded in agreement while wishing you knew
    You couldn't be more wrong.
    As it happens then,
    I heard the sound of the door closing shut; the one I've heard so many times that I now dread it.
    But as it turns out,
    Some things really are impossible to prevent -
    Like the sounds of unsaid goodbyes
    And whispers of unknown apologies -
    The ones we name "young love".


  • oyindasola 2w

    #childhood #young #poet #mirakee #writer #lost
    It's actually a song I wrote
    But it make a nice poem doesn't it! ❤

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    We were young

    Just like a bird
    Time has grown wings
    Those childhood dreams
    That seemed so real

    Bouncing on swings
    Dancing in rain
    Babbling out words
    Here we are again

    That innocence
    We struggle to retain
    All of those time
    We wanted to grow
    So badly

    Just like the dust
    Our thoughts scattered about
    Floating in a mist
    Of purity and innocence
    Still can't believe
    This much time has passed

    Seemed like yesterday
    When we loved to stray
    We were rebels
    Perpendicular to the laws they laid
    We were young
    Yes we were young

    We had no worries
    No stress
    Our mind was free
    Our hearts weightless
    Bearing no grudge at all
    Smiling real smiles for all

    We were young
    Sliding down swings
    Rolling in mud
    Playing with sand
    Yeah we had land

    We were young,
    Full of childhood dreams
    We were young
    Bouncing off walls

    We were living our dreams
    Those childhood dreams
    Indeed we were young
    No knowing right from wrong

    Oh those times
    When perfection didn't matter
    When we weren't called social outcasts for being odd
    Oh those times
    When friendship wasn't an illusion
    Oh those times
    When we were young❤


  • ___alxita 2w

    Beware!! This poem is severely littered with surreal words I've just recently known. ��‍♀️��‍♀️

    -- Knock Knock --

    The door's locked, stressing a mountain of thoughts
    Figuring out the elusiveness where truth stops
    As the door's transgressions deem a top secret
    Even the refulgent rays can't pass to where it gets

    Impatiently knocking the soullessly callous door
    Emitting a caliginous ambience haunting for more
    Not a single sweet redolence odorizes the air
    Expressing connotations from the darkness' glares

    Now, the briquettes' fire burns off in sight
    Leaving the oblivion's presence in place, lacking light
    The truth will not reveal upon the shadowed eyes
    An inane just filled with abysses of disguise

    Even the flamboyant polyptychs can't stand a chance
    Against the beclouded enigmas lacking exuberance
    Upon the fleur-de-lis wallpapers, the petals have died out
    In fear of the darkness that will invade them all out

    Now, a quadrillion thoughts will still rotate in sync
    Around the clueless mind, that can't properly think
    What lies beyond the door in such a murky darkness?
    Eupeptic moods were all lost in its madness

    The juvenescent mind can't comprehend brightly
    What lies inside the room that's so other-worldly
    Metacognition won't solve, as truth remains secluded
    Even panegyric persuasions will just lie, faded

    Pedagogues and experts baffled in a surreal mystery
    Knocking can't help, the truth remains queried
    "Knock, knock; who's there," it's still so puzzling
    Voracious thoughts led to a reticent ending

    #poetry #surreal #enigma #thoughts #young #youth #comprehend #understand #shrouded #darkness #invisible #obscure #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 85
    May 14, 2020, 9:31 PM (GMT+8)

    Fun fact (not really): There is a typhoon, namely "Ambo" that may affect our place by tomorrow or later evening. Hoping that this typhoon won't batter our place that much! ����

    Also, I really wanted to post this as this was in my mind for several hours already, so I can't help but write it down. ����❤

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    Knock Knock

    "The juvenescent mind can't comprehend brightly, what lies inside the room that's so other-worldly"

  • splendiferous 3w

    Young eyes so profoundly bright,
    Utter innocence nescient of the plight,
    A woeful destiny that lied before,
    Pervade of ubiquitous melancholy,
    That will make her heartsore.

    For now, tapestry of ingenue that is her reality
    She dances in a thread of a reticulated fantasy,
    Exuberant beatific, a mere evanescent dream
    Love for a world, that will destroy her in its whim.

    For now, sing along with the birds as they sang abjectly
    A song of a pure innocence that will be wronged,
    Like the blizzard destroys everything, so tragically,
    When all you wished for was the snow to come along.

    This is just - bruh - enjoy


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    A Tragical Future

    Young eyes so profoundly bright,
    Utter innocence nescient of the plight,
    A woeful destiny that lied before,
    Pervade of ubiquitous melancholy,
    That will make her heartsore.


  • shivtado 5w

    "I never sweared to whiskey, nor to fag,
    I kept it real, for the conversations ,
    that we once had."
    The boyhood of mine has almost seen the tragedies of manhood, but that's how you trade for happiness. Nothing comes for free.
    Almost touched the glory, or a perfect date,
    But neither you can predict time, nor you rely on fate. So what else? For this miniscule existence in this macro world.
    Yeah obviously, I am the ordinary , "the common" , with generalized dreams , and almost same struggles that everyone had been through. I could have wasted my youth for faking my truth , but I think rum hits you the other way. Yes, I never searched for what I am not. I think for that I have mirror in my room.
    And for all the unknown things that I have passed through, I captured them through lens in my hands.
    And for all the unanswered questions infront of me, I packed my bag and travelled , hiked , ride ..... Yeah , I mean who got those answers,
    Me , obviously not.
    Sip the cup, filled with ale,
    You the prisoner, this body jail.
    O maester ! Guide me to doggery,
    Let not wisdom punish me ,
    for its perjury.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #boyhood #young #old

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  • zaanmeer 5w

    �� || In A World Full Of Average ; I'm Savage || ☺️✌��

    #Existence #Savage #She #He #Young #Dumb #Broke

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    She Once Asked :- From Where These People Gather So Much Of Guts To Forget A Person In Just A Sec ?

    Me :- We Gather From Where People Like You Kill The Innocence In Us In Just A Second & Change Us Forever !

    & Honey If You Can End The Relationship In Just A Second ; Then Why Can't I Neglect Your Existence For My Whole Life In Just A Second !


  • mad_grandma 5w


    Dance for hours, walk miles, celebrate everyday, shout for no reason, enjoy sleepless nights, be joyful, dear human.
    Do this, just because you have the energy, the strength to do it. You'll be older, tomorrow, than you are, today.
    And the time will come, when you'll get really old, you'll have to ask for help, even for getting up from the bed.


  • jesutitomiwo 6w

    I love the thoughts of it
    The adventure that never seems to fail in enchanting the soul that finds it
    I heard it is worth a lifetime
    And you say you find yours
    With me.
    Maybe feelings aren't for me
    Though I wish to, even with tears
    But my fears I don't understand with reasons explainable
    But I don't desire to lose you a friend
    Just stay there for me till am convinced
    I want to try this

  • pavipappukutty 6w

    I need the young you
    With the same love
    It doesn't mean you have changed now
    But I liked the young you most of the time
    With that young face
    With that same love
    No matter how you look now
    But I like the Young in You

  • pallavsoni 6w


    The ones you love,
    The ones you spend time with,
    The ones you care for,
    The ones you'll spend life with,
    They'll support you whenever you feel alone,
    They'll always care when happiness from your face is gone,
    They love you to the moon and back,
    They grew you selflessly,
    Don't fight with them carelessly,
    In the end it's just you and them,
    If you're the leaf they're the stem.

  • mayurakshi18 8w

    Adapted from Jasmine Sokko's song FEVER.��

    #young #sad #childhood #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    We were so Young and innocent,
    Snatched each other's candies and created a huge mess!
    Yet, embraced and giggled the very next day,
    Brighter were the days; like the smiles our photographs sustained.
    Hate that we grew up so fast,
    Broke each other's hearts,
    Pelted cruel remarks,
    And Tagged the inferior ones as "Retards"
    Believe it or not,
    This generation hold lots of grudges,
    And pass every night in warm tears.
    They aspires to be someone else,
    who doesn't possess any fears.
    From bawling aloud as a baby,
    for someone to cuddle us in their arms,
    To sleeping on soaked pillow with muffled tears,
    Our generation hides myriads of secrets
    Those are secured with 3AM.
    Once we're so Young and innocent; Free & plain-spoken

  • janegrey 10w

    Seasonal Joy


    Summer: laughing, hiding, riding: young
    Winter: skating, gliding, sliding: fun


  • leena_afsha_ishrot 10w

    Without love life cannot sustain. At the age of twelve, she has been molested by her maternal uncle at her favorite place that is her maternal grandmother's home. She has been suffering from a acute trauma. She hardly talked with someone and then she met a tall black descent man, beginning of that year, after some years they became good friends with each other and sharing every silly things, she was enjoying his company. She has completed four years of her life with him and that was the best part in her life. The day has arrived, she decided to go in boarding school, although everything was running smoothly. By knowing that this relationship wouldn't be accepted neither by her family nor by the society. But she decided to develop a close and secret relationship with him. Yet there was vast difference between their lifestyle but they never judge each other. Seven years of togetherness broke in a nano second as a wild wind blows and symbolises incoming of monsoon and shattered two hearts. One rumor by opposition led them to separate two souls. They tried enough to break down. He never tried even for once to keep contact with her. He was in ego but she was in hope. By knowing each other's weakness and strength they fell apart. Though both tried to move on, leaving everything back. Both were in trauma for not less than a year.
    After many years of estrangement, they met again. They could sense the same ardour. Due to a small misunderstanding between them they lost their bond. Years passed, everything changed but one remain constant that is their love. Where two lovers are true with each other, but there fate ditched them. After this incident they both became practical about life and emotionally stable also. Not every story has an happy ending. Because it's my story. Do you really consider society's acceptance is more important than two souls happiness?
    #mirakee #writing #indian #poets #northeastindia #assam #young #artist #poetryisnotdead #poetryisanart

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    Love: who wins society or fate?

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  • bellemoon99 10w


    The body may grow old,
    one may get wrinkles and new aches.
    But if you don't let it, the viridity of your soul won't ever go away.
    Your spirit can stay forever young and once you're gone it will still roam.
    Not as a lonely ghost, but in your loved ones hearts and all those heart you touched.
    May the viridity of the garden inside your soul never fade! And may your always remember what it felt.

  • tazmanian_angel 11w


    I’m up and down
    I rage and clown
    Both child and mother
    Warrior and lover
    Feel young but old
    I cry and scold
    I’m strong though beat
    Both cold and heat
    So many things that one can be
    All wrapped in this warped one you see

  • faatiemah 11w

    My advise to every young mom to be.

    Dear my beloved moms to be.
    This is my advise to you please read it carefully. I know things are rough and can be uneasy. Make dua for soon your bundle of joy will arrive. Read down below Insha-Allah Ameen