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  • dragongoose 2d

    Scholarly Youth

    I felt hell where I stood
    So I pulled the heavens down to me
    Comprehended Greek philosophy as a child
    Acknowledged Buddha as a teenager
    Understood the magic of spelling
    And the power of what words mean
    Positive faith for the healing of my family
    Fantasies fuel my creative momentum
    Endless pages turn
    To tell the story that is
    The journey of my soul
    Elderly spirit within a vessel of youth
    I hold my pen as a student
    Of the greatest mysteries

    - Dean Gary


  • arjnssa 2d

    You're fully grown up when you know you don't have to.


  • manuhere 1w

    ,मैं दिल से जवां हूँ जवां रहने दो
    पल भर के लिए सही, बारिश को मेहरबां रहने दो.

    मनु मिश्रा

  • krishnajha 1w

    मुक्तखोरी नई रीत

    भेड़ो की झुंड की औकात देखो
    नया नुमाइन्दा लाया है
    लालच है बिना मेहनत के पाने की
    तृष्टिकरण को नई राह दिखाने की
    मिलाप कहां है शेरो में ..
    सदियां इसकी गवाह है
    खड़े है कई जयचंद राह में
    सुनहरा भविष्य ..
    सेक्युलर होने पर बलिदान है
    खड़े है राख़ की ढेर पर
    हैसियत बताने को !
    चिंगारी धुंआ है
    कल्पना इक रोशनजंहा है...

  • soulfisher 1w


    Sitting alone in the Seashore gives a lonely feeling. It's all about making Castles in the Air , It's all about recollection of the most happiest and most haunted memories of my life , It's all about thinking about some special persons who became part of life , who inspired me in my pathways , who became part of my Happiness and Sadness, Who Stand by my side always , Who makes me Happy all the time . Thank them all for being a compass or turning point in my Life , traveling through the past memories will end up in both happiness and tears in my eyes.

    Sitting Alone doesn't mean We are alone

  • krtrstate 2w

    We.....The Young India.

    INDIA lies before us,
    INDIA lies with in us,
    INDIA remains after us,
    INDIA glorifies and Flourish withus.

    The first breath with INDIA and the last for and with INDIA.The breath continues and will be continued by next generation.
    Because, we are future of India.
    We conclude........That,
    "Before us INDIA lies,
    Between us INDIA burns,
    After us and Behind us INDIA follows".

    We...."The youth of INDIA"
    We are"the vision of INDIA"
    We....."THE YOUNG INDIA"


  • shivambhallasb 2w

    और फिर कुछ यूं हुआ कि,
    जब बात उससे बिछड़ने की आयी
    मुझे उससे और मोहब्बत हो गई.

  • sanamy_kayani 2w

    Love Aj Kal

    Boy/Girl having crush :
    Tujh Mai Rab dekhta hai Yaara Mai Kiya karun

    Boy/Girl fall in love :
    Ager tum mil jao Zamana chor dein gay hum

    Boy/Girl Clash :
    Tere liyee saari Duniya bhula di Mai nai Tere liyee

    Breakup :
    Dil E Umeed Tora hai kissi nai
    Sahara dey Kay chora hai kissi nai

  • the_introvert_voice 2w

    मिलेगी परिंदो को कामयाबी एक दिन
    जिनके फैले हुए पर बोलते हैं...
    जवानी में अक्सर चुप वो लोग रहते हैं
    जिनके हुनर बोलते हैं।।


  • jeitendra_sharma 3w

    dead soul

    a beautiful opportunity
    to build, reconstruct
    rebuild, remission
    and submission to new ideas
    I see degeneration
    youth shutting doors
    ungrateful of sacrifices
    of our great men,

    corruption of material
    is less of a trouble
    the corruption of thoughts and ideas
    I see them
    indulge in destruction
    of society
    and the nation,

    no great ideas
    no philosophy of lives
    a conspiracy to corrupt Youth
    to stop the change
    to prevent the shift of power
    a narrative that will destroy this great nation
    values are faded
    and so the desires to become great,

    definitions are changed
    more towards the ends
    we are not thinking about means
    all paths are acceptable
    expect that contain pain
    detesting the great values
    ignorance of existence
    don't blame me
    I tried hard
    to wake these dead souls
    but the prize for being dead is high,


  • mmbftd 3w

    Fitting in

    No one talks about it
    When fitting in
    Doesn't fit
    Did you get in?
    Trick em so they didn't realize
    That you don't fit in
    To their group
    Of sunny smiles
    White teeth shining
    Colgate grins
    Like Cheshire cats
    And pussy on display
    Is this where you wanted to be?
    Is it everything you thought it would be
    To be seen?
    Collected and molded
    To shapes that hurt your tender body
    And bent
    Till you are on your knees
    Get up
    Get up
    You don't need what they are selling you
    Polished and manufactured
    Smooth lines
    Fresh wax
    Reflecting your pain
    Are you a car
    Meant to floss your worth?
    A woman is not a display of a man's power
    Don't fight so hard to get in there
    It's twisted and delirious
    The pain numbed over
    By powder up your nose
    And fire into your vein
    You sleep
    Wake up
    Do it all again
    And I'm only watching
    From the sideline
    An old voyeur in a world
    Turned mad
    Kids are not kids
    They aren't allowed to be
    They get processed
    Into someone else's
    And it makes me sad
    Because I do remember
    What it felt like
    To believe I was on the outside
    But you've got to find the right tribe
    Where it fits and feels like the family you never had
    Where they lift you up to be what your passions scream
    Listen to those
    Because nobody talks about
    How fitting in hurts
    Once you fake it to get there
    You can't remember who you were
    Don't fight so hard
    To exterminate
    Who you really are
    You are no one else's commodity
    Stand up
    Fight for your self
    You matter.

  • jibrilgoodwin 4w



    Holy water with a pen
    Ink in my blood
    Understanding the life around me
    Justified to no societal norm

    I am a sinner to the Antichrist
    Antivirus software 3.0
    Thanks for your sacrifice

    I'm a sinner to the Antichrist
    Anti black aren't we?
    Thanks for your sacrifice

    Fear him
    Rock like a baby and use your childhood memories as a way to overcome the religious energy
    I'm about the universe , faith , love , pain , Kings , queens , letting yourself go

    My Holy Spirit in this metaphorical light with these white walls , nothing nothing

    I'm a sinner
    Anti Purpose , I guess I'll find a purpose but it'll take a while for me to trust you again

    You're welcome , my son


  • azuraether 4w


    Have me in your arms,
    Tuck me in softly.
    Sing me those lullabies,
    As I giggle perfunctorily.
    As I hid in your embrace, peeking at the moon.
    A juvenile dream, and some inviting hot porridge smell.
    Broken letters with smiling ends.
    Were all I had to offer.

  • thelekhan 4w


    गुलाब की पंखुड़ियों को मैं अक्सर hate करता हुँ,
    मैं अभी उसका उसहि जगह पर उसका wait करता हूँ,
    मैं अपने लबजों से उसके हूसन को animate करता हूँ,
    यादों में मैं अपने संगम का आशियाँ create करता हुँ,
    उसके लिए बहे अशको को अब मैं secret रखता हुँ,
    मैं आइने में हर पल उसको date करता हूँ,
    वो होगी जनम-जनम तक मेरी मैं इस बात का जनमो से wait करता हूँ।
    By:- Aman

  • jmichaelschmidt 4w

    I deal with a lot of health issues and a lot of pain. I wrote this for all that I've lost.

    #youth #strength #poetry #thoughts #life

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    Soul So Young


    I remember when my soul was still young,

    And I ran with the wind under a summer sun.

    I remember when I could beat the rock for strength;

    I remember standing steadfast,

    I remember, at length,
    Out-staring the stone.

    I remember being free,
    Like the wild fire,

    And I burned to challenge the sun, king in his sky.

  • melancholy2243 5w

    You woke up to chants of "azaadi" on the streets. A galaxy of humans with raised placards, steel eyes and quiet mouths move on the streets. The scene baffles you. You wonder why they aren't in places they are supposed to be. You ask why they are out on the streets on this Monday, a Monday which to you was supposed to be busy with work. It burns you with anger at the leisurely stroll they seem to be taking. Their quiet confidence only makes you more indignant. They could not possibly be doing this for the entire day. The thought itself sparks series of hateful wild wrath deep inside your brain. Embeds you with the sudden violent onslaught of screams. It's unjustified. These protests. It wasn't that bad. Everything was okay. The newspapers did not say anything about a fascist country, the words written with fresh blood of youth. It was perfect. The morning tea wasn't bitter with oppression. It was just a bit of extra brewing. Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be. The old man across the shop wearing a once white skull cap had his legs crippled with an age old disease. It definitely wasn't communal hatred. It wasn't. The doctors never diagnosed that. Your wife's eyes have lost the shine now. It happens when people get old. It definitely wasn't patriarchy. Your daughter is a tad bit hesitant while wearing jeans now. It's all that anxiety about her appearance. All that dieting. It's not really about the scorching gazes that cling heavily on her body. Life wasn't that bad, that they needed to stop their daily work. We still have law after all. Law that provides justice while burning girls screams are accomodated in the constitution. Law would provide justice even if it meant painting the two year old with pellets. Pellets in eye. In arm. In voice.

    Life was just perfect. The mindless youth with wasted life were on the streets. You had freedom. Yet your tongue could never touch the top of your mouth top to morph out an "azaadi".

    #pod #poetry #resistance #youth #azaadi #freedom #mirakeeworld @mirakeeworld @mirakee #thoughts #poetry #life

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    Life was just perfect. The mindless youth with wasted life were on the streets. You had freedom. Yet your tongue could never touch the top of your mouth top to morph out an "azaadi".


  • awesomus11 5w

    Somewhere Along

    The times I barely remember
    Are the ones I miss the most;
    I reminisce contentment,
    When family was my whole world;
    Teeming with hysteria,
    I was a brat like no other;
    But somewhere along the lines,
    Time took its toll;
    My exultation elapsed,
    Slowly but consistently:
    The way I perceived the world
    Altered...and for the worse;
    The brat yet lives on inside,
    But far too deep
    To ever climb out again.

  • cjkar_ 5w

    The Youth Of Tommorow

    Oh what a hopeless horror
    My youth fleets from me like no tommorow
    They say this is the best time to be alive
    But all I experience is sorrow.

    Maybe, it's depression knocking on my door
    Letting a gust of reality brush upon my cheek
    Or mabye it's just me acting a bit bleak.

    I try, to look at the positives
    Maybe, to cancel out the negatives
    So I can be free to do what I seek.

    The postmodern era brought more than swipes and likes
    It brought never-ending anxiety along with endless sobriety.
    Cigarettes and Alcohol put past generations to rest while
    Xanax and Snaps keep our sanity intact.

    Maybe, I'm just oversimplifying it all,
    Just being a bit overdramatic at best
    But this generation doesn't seem to be like the rest
    It's like a failed experiment at its best.

    With climate change on our backs
    Inequality creating divisions among us
    Try to make the future a better place seems impossible at first
    I guess all we can do is make the best out of every moment given...

  • ambrose777 5w

    Let Them leave

    When loved ones left me I felt all alone...
    Started to use some sorts of drugs...
    but that doesn't have the power to hold my feelings...
    So decided to die..
    but failed...
    at the end an empty Scar left behind across my veins...
    It only cost me to loose some blood...
    No one came back....
    Don't be addicted to feelings it only hurts ourselves...

  • khwahishaan 5w

    नरेन्द्रनाथ दत्त जोकि दुनियाभर में स्वामी विवेकानंद नाम से विख्यात है का जन्म 12 जनवरी 1863 को कोलकाता में हुआ।
    दुनियाभर के युवा उनके विचारों,जीवनशैली और कार्यो को सीख के तौर पर लेते है और लगभग हर देश,हर भाषा,हर वर्ग उनसे प्रभावित है। यही वजह है भारत में उनके जन्म को राष्ट्रीय युवा दिवस के तौर पर मनाया जाता है। टीम ख़्वाहिशाँ स्वामी विवेकानंद जी की 157वी जन्मतिथि के मौके पर उन्हें श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित करती है। #youth #day #vivekananda #motivation #inspiration #india #tribute #morning #khwahishaan

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