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    I suppose only three things are enough,
    to keep a person alive in this world.
    Love, Dreams and Hopes.

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    Unnamed Blues

    I can't put a finger on these thoughts I'm feeling, and I can't put my thoughts in the matters I'm in.
    I don't know how to feel the joy in the youth that adults crave yet go out of their way to destroy.
    I feel this sadness, this grief for something that doesn't exist; like I need therapy for some trauma I've never had.
    I want to kiss a moving car or just go somewhere far far from here.
    I'm clueless about myself but knows that no one knows more about me than myself.
    I'm confused about my actions which seem to bring tension within the life I'm almost living though I'm still breathing, not caring.
    I have a hard time figuring out my own personality like it's an identity I'm supposed to find with a sense of clarity I don't have.
    I feel like I'm lying to myself though I don't even know what's true or not in this empty head full of nonsense and dramatic, negative poems.
    I need a break from life but I know that means not living, yet I want to live with no burdens, without dying cuz I know that dying gives no meaning to the life I've been living yet not dying means doing endless things knowing nothing, never resting.
    What is this sadness, this empty piece of burden on my shoulders ever since I noticed that I might be worthless?
    This feeling of wanting to die yet being afraid and wanting to change with no not enough courage?
    Like I'm frozen in time but losing my youth in my storm of a mind that thinks so much yet answered nothing.
    I have no idea how to call this numbness that I've felt for years but adults call it nothing.
    Maybe I think too much in a world full of mindless idiots.
    Or maybe people become mindless to live their lives in simple ways without trying to decode it like some giant puzzle for idiots like me.
    I'm so confused, so lost in my views and wonders when I'll be able to live life like the normal few.
    For now a name for what they call a depressive phase, I'll call it Unnamed Blues.

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    Kyar zindagi pareshan ho kar suicide karte hai,
    Aur Shayar zindagi ke pareshani ko le kar he,
    UPSC ki tayyari karte hai.

    Yakeen mano zindagi un logon ne successfully badal de
    Jin logon apne current zindagi se tang aa gaya tha,

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    If you are seeking inner peace
    And not willing to let go the past.
    Keep clinging to mistakes and failures,
    You will never have it

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    I think this is a real Voice of most of the youth now a Days .

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    एक घर हो अपना सा,
    ना सस्ता सा ना महंगा सा,
    जहाँ हर चेहरे का गहेना मुस्कुराहत हो,
    जहाँ जशन मनाने को त्यौहारों का इन्तजार न हो,
    और जो भी हो उस घर का हर इंसान अपना सा हो।

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    If you go back into my history

    Let me be very honest with you.
    Most of the times, more often than not,
    you may feel there is no way out.
    Sometimes, You have to make or break
    In order to find the way.

    In my case, when I feel like my career isn't going anywhere. But then when I sit down and relax, it's that moment when I find the way.

  • sanjib_9 5d

    Wafa karne liye wafadar chahiye
    Zindagi badal ne k liye,
    Zindagi ka hona chahiye.
    Galti bhoola ne k liye,
    Galti ka ehsaas hona chahiye.
    Gham baat ne k liye bhi chahiye yaar,
    Do ho ya chaar,
    Ki fark padta,

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    As I sink into the night..

    And holding my hand close to my heart,
    I used say to myself,
    Once you start something you must end it by yourself.
    Just like your UPSC preparation.

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    Meri Life mein itne adventures hai,
    Ki kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki,
    ye zindagi hai,
    ya Duck Tales.


  • sanjib_9 1w

    UPSC preparation and downloading a file from Internet are the same.
    Once started neither you can skip it,
    nor you can pause it for a longer period of time.
    Both your preparation and downloading must be uninterrupted.
    Otherwise, you have to start from the scratch again.

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    Har guzarte saal k saath,
    main ek behtar insan baan raha hoon.
    And it's quite satisfying.
    Zindagi jaise bhi ho.
    Zindagi se mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai.
    No doubt abhi aur bhi adventures baki hai,
    God, I don't you to tell me.
    I will find out what's in the store, by myself.
    Kyunki jeene ko toh zindagi abhi kafi hai. ©sanjib_9

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    I wanted to change my life.
    But life changed me.

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    Love ka concept shayad ek frictional concept hai.
    Kyunki mujh jaisa writer likhte toh bahut pyaar k baare mein.
    Magar sala kabhi, khud kabhi pyaar nahi kiye hai.
    But issh mein bhi.
    Meri galti nahi.
    Humare umar he hai asi.
    Pyaar mein padhne wali.
    Jo bhi ho... Sach bolu toh fairy tales kya asliyat mein hume jhootha wala pyaar nahi kiya kisi ne.
    Poems and articles toh ek escape route hai.
    Dev Annand yu hi nahi gaata tha
    "Pal bhar ke liye koi humein pyar kar le,
    Jootha hi sahi"

  • alxita 1w

    Beware!! This poem is severely littered with surreal words I've just recently known. ��‍♀️��‍♀️

    -- Knock Knock --

    The door's locked, stressing a mountain of thoughts
    Figuring out the elusiveness where truth stops
    As the door's transgressions deem a top secret
    Even the refulgent rays can't pass to where it gets

    Impatiently knocking the soullessly callous door
    Emitting a caliginous ambience haunting for more
    Not a single sweet redolence odorizes the air
    Expressing connotations from the darkness' glares

    Now, the briquettes' fire burns off in sight
    Leaving the oblivion's presence in place, lacking light
    The truth will not reveal upon the shadowed eyes
    An inane just filled with abysses of disguise

    Even the flamboyant polyptychs can't stand a chance
    Against the beclouded enigmas lacking exuberance
    Upon the fleur-de-lis wallpapers, the petals have died out
    In fear of the darkness that will invade them all out

    Now, a quadrillion thoughts will still rotate in sync
    Around the clueless mind, that can't properly think
    What lies beyond the door in such a murky darkness?
    Eupeptic moods were all lost in its madness

    The juvenescent mind can't comprehend brightly
    What lies inside the room that's so other-worldly
    Metacognition won't solve, as truth remains secluded
    Even panegyric persuasions will just lie, faded

    Pedagogues and experts baffled in a surreal mystery
    Knocking can't help, the truth remains queried
    "Knock, knock; who's there," it's still so puzzling
    Voracious thoughts led to a reticent ending

    #poetry #surreal #enigma #thoughts #young #youth #comprehend #understand #shrouded #darkness #invisible #obscure #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 85
    May 14, 2020, 9:31 PM (GMT+8)

    Fun fact (not really): There is a typhoon, namely "Ambo" that may affect our place by tomorrow or later evening. Hoping that this typhoon won't batter our place that much! ����

    Also, I really wanted to post this as this was in my mind for several hours already, so I can't help but write it down. ����❤

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    Knock Knock

    "The juvenescent mind can't comprehend brightly, what lies inside the room that's so other-worldly"

  • sanjib_9 1w

    Whole life we search for peace.
    Yet we agonise for love.

    Even though we accept it or not. But truth is that
    There is a corner of emptiness in our life.
    Often we tend to make ourselves more busy than we ought to be, in order to avoid this emptiness.
    Just in case we can't be busy enough then we opt for love.
    But is love the only solution to fill up this empty corner of life.
    Charity, caring, adoption etc are also viable options.
    Although every option is not feasible to explore.
    But ultimately the goal of each and every option is peace.
    Both inner and outer peace complete us in the end of our journey of life.

  • sanjib_9 1w


    Life is temporary.
    In this temporary life,
    We seek for permanent ones.
    It's basically like the added preservatives in diet coke.
    Which promises to be good for health.

  • sanjib_9 2w

    These days I am slightly getting detached from the world.
    A little self-love never hurt anyone.
    I guess, staying happy is also meaningful

  • a_hermit 2w

    Comeback my youth!

    When i walk into a coffee shop ,I see a couple grinning looking at eachother.

    It reminds me of her during those college days.

    When i walk into a club and see a group of people freakingout,

    It reminds me of my bhai-log on those crazy nights.

    When i go for jogging in the ground and see those launde playing cricket,

    It reminds me of those crazy summers playing cricket.


  • sanjib_9 2w

    Importance of growing mentally.
    This is the real essence.

    Outside growth of a teenager turning into an adult is apparently visible to our naked eyes.
    And he do not know what the hell these ongoing transformation of body are for.
    When he wants answers, parents won't share their experiences or information or anything of that sort to him just because society has termed sex is a taboo and talking about it is a heinous offence. But where do get the answers chapter 8 "Human Reproduction" of our school biology textbook. Which often skipped by the teacher and when these unanswered questions triggers the curiosity of the teenager he will seek the help of friends. Ideally nine out of ten they themselves don't know what the heck is going with their body. If our kids are going in the wrong direction, we are responsible for it. The teenager is developed into an adult with zero mental transformation. He is not aware of changes ongoing both physically and mentally. Its time that, parents should educate their children about puberty. If they transform mentally then there will be less number of misdeeds and crime on gender basis. Domestic violence, dowry, sexual harassment, and even college ragging all this are happening probably because we grow only physically not mentally. When we will sit down and put an end to the curiosity its only then our next generation will know how to respect elders and girls. We need to give direction to youth as today's youth seems directionless. The young youth energy is very raw energy gross energy, it should be harness properly with care. If guided well our Indian youths can do wonders.