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  • ishiita 3w

    To all my lovelets, may you have an amazing years ahead. Let's celebrate it together even if virtually...a text won't take much of our time..right?

    Happy New Year Lovelets!❣️��❣️

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    Somewhere near a silver brook,
    Let's meet,
    Baltered along the notes of birds,
    And the beats of the cool breeze,
    Together been a part of an amazing journey,
    Where we created this universe of own,
    And maybe this be the eucatastrophe of this quite-not-so-good year.

  • ishiita 4w

    Spring Day

    Epochals feels like mere moments,
    And I still don't know how,
    Maybe when when your dulcet tunes,
    I play every then and now,

    Mellifluous spring dates evade,
    My harsh may days,
    Everytime the music player plays
    Your ear blessing verselets.

    Ten, fifty, hundred or maybe never counted times,
    Heard my ears those ditties of yours,
    But it's still feels like that very first time,
    In all these serene melodious years.

    That cordolium clysmic voice of yours,
    Paints my day as a rodomel drink,
    Not just a yunfen moiety but,
    A paramour penning my feels as ink.

    I'm just a blurred silhouette lost in,
    The baldachin of your fame,
    Separated by lands, drifted my languages,
    And pushed away by names.

    Still I'm always connected to you,
    Living together in this ersatz world,
    Ericted on your aubades,
    Always at which my heart moulds.

    Wishing the most sweetest B-Day to the man I ever had crush on.

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    Hey! Lovelets, how are you all? I'm sure you are doing fine. It has been so long....I missed you all.������

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  • ishiita 12w

    Hey Moonlighters!! I'm back for some time though. I missed u all..��

    Call this a random rant if this makes any sense...����

    Panache : confident/bright
    Plethora : superfluous
    Azure : Sky
    Oblivescence : process of forgetting
    Susrrous : full of whispering sounds
    Yeoubi : the sun shining through rain

    I will read you all very soon...

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    Verse No. 2
    5 Nov 2020

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  • ishiita 13w

    Canticle For Him

    The agape for the lands,
    Atrate he to mourn his own end,
    Empyrain jannock of Lord,
    Ready to conflate himself into the mare of Selene.

    Noctivangant walks in the weald grounds,
    Carnife of the adversaries,
    Valor son of the country,
    Are always at his work.

    Lorn behind the ernest celerity of cingulomania,
    Holding his children and beloved amigo,
    Hears he the brontide of battles and cannons,
    Fights he on the path of eleutheromania.

    People of the mother land,
    Owes countless euneirophrenia to him,
    Who greets his end of elation,
    And leaves behind an excruciating carrion being.

    Eccedentesiast he dies the death of valor,
    Then the reminiscent mind now sleeps at rest,
    Leaving behind the later talks of yestreen,
    And now his tacenda whispers to blue.

    Where the amranthine grows,
    Was made a grave for him,
    To enjoy the aubade of love,
    Sung by the friends resting beneath.

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    Poem no. 49
    23/Oct/2020 8:32PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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  • ishiita 13w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    Inspired by the book "The Thorn Birds"....

    Void is here the thorn which pierces the heart of the thorn bird.

    Verse no. 1
    22/Oct/2020 9:15 PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner...

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  • ishiita 14w

    * Hamartia : A fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero


    Don't remember me during your burgeon days,
    Nor in your triumphant epochals,
    Drink and dance with high delight to your fill,
    And never leave your tumbler empty in moonlight.

    When there will be no autumn moons & spring flowers,
    I will come with numerous memorable hours,
    If not I shall beseech zephyrs of Tisha,
    To ride back home and give you courage and hope.

    Hamartia must be the time when I derelicted,
    Your silent cries and quite painful screams,
    If you ask me how much my dolent increase,
    Just see the over brimming river in the east.

    Though drunk with my tears I will lit up the effulgent lamp,
    Of sophrosyne in the caligo guiding your way back,
    Though buried with my scars I will always,
    Will always draw the caim around you.

    Hamartia made me a tragic hero in this tale of yours,
    Neither can stay afar nor can breathe the wind of yours,
    I write this tristful letter with a great valour from my heart,
    A letter kept within my books, I wish you could have a read.

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    #poems #poetry #ishita #timepassstuffs

    Poem no. 48
    21/Oct/2020 10:47PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    Hey!! I hope you all are doing well...I apologize for being inactive lately but I will read your posts soon...till then Happy Reading❣️

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    1. A fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a
    tragic hero or heroine.

  • ishiita 15w

    Crapppppppp! I suck at writing Hindi poetry.

    Dedicated to one who once called my friend.....

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    Poem no. 47

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    Wo Bhi Ek Waqt Tha,
    Jab Tere Saath Chale Jate The,
    Bharose Ka Haat Thame,
    Yun He Besudh Ho Kar,

    Aur Waqt Ek Aaj Hai,
    Jab Lootna Pad Raha Hai Tujhe Sukoon,
    Yun Mere Aasoon Se,
    Mujhe Se Chup Chup Kar.

    Asmaan Ki Taraf Dekh Kar,
    Kabhi Sapne Bunte The,
    Pankh Pasare,
    Humare Saath Undne Ki,

    Aaj Mere Pankhon Ko Kaat Kar,
    Rasta Banana Pad Raha Hai Tujhe,
    Unhe Rahon Mein,
    Tere Akele Ke Udaan Ki.

    Aisa Karna Ki Jahan,
    Dafn Kiya Hai Tumne,
    Humare Dosti Ke Wo Din,
    Wahan Kuch Phool Laga Lena.

    Jahan Dafn Hai Humare Dosti Ke Wo Din,
    Wahan Kuch Phool laga lena,
    Aur Kehna Sabse Khubsurat Akhir Jitne Bhi Ho
    Tootna Ek Din Sab Ko Hai.

    Batan Unhe Dosti Ab Hote Kahan Hai,
    Iss Dil Se,
    Baas Hote Hai Sirf Ek Matlab Se,
    Galti Maan Liya Humne Kyunki Tu to dost hai.

  • ishiita 16w

    Peaches Bloom

    Peaches are in the full bloom,
    Light scents travelling with the dying leaves,
    Crossing towers and pavilions at corners,
    Ambiling along those memories painted corridors.

    You just extend your hand,
    To feel those rosy petals of ambrosial past falling,
    Sending the epochals of us wrapped under a veil,
    To remind you those dates also tying I a martingale.

    Tasting like the sunburnt honey on the mug of butterbeer,
    Every smile and laugh we inked after each fight we lived,
    Read this on those years when we are not together,
    Taking a pause to remember me from that crowd gather.

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    Poem no. 46
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    Last one maybe.��❣️��

    Thanks to mirakee that I met such wonderful and great friends here. U guys no less than a blessing. Love you all ��❣️��

    Will be back but after sometime tranches of time.����

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    Peaches Bloom

  • ishiita 17w

    Susurrus Saunter
    Under the velarium of dulcet buzz,
    My living cadaver elude from a leafy billet,
    Filtered rays sings the melody of whizz,
    Resuming my junket somewhere in the caespes.

    Feet globetrotting through the kreek of yellow,
    Mouth mumbling along the mellifluous Robin's chirp,
    Siir of the eastern winds builds a nesh mellow,
    Whistles the wild water rappling on the carg.

    Near to the stream is a field of barley scattering,
    Where the tied trombone white pony neighs while,
    Some little hands clapping and tiny tongues chattering,
    Wrabling magpies and chirring whitethroats in a tree beside.

    Pattered my feet on the bosom of palpitating air,
    Town in where crowd justling at pitching and hustling,
    Flags flutter, dogs bark, fowls coo and piglets oink,
    Women whispering and giggling at the men quarreling.

    Hisses the vessel on fire at the lady's mansion,
    Vendors scream and the church bells ding,
    The piped piper jingles and jangles for glittery coins,
    Which all together makes euphony noises gratifying my fill.

    Sauntering along the melodious susurrus with flavour of trifle,
    My superfluous mind now commands to resume our travel.

    Tried writing an onomatopoeia list poem. Wanted to stand out but could only produce this. Hope this justifies the challenge.

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    Poem no. 45

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    ENTRY NO. 60

  • ishiita 19w

    *Mnemonics is a learning technique that helps us organize, retain or remember information by making recalling easier.

    Ex : Today I used @BTS to learn VESPERS Theory...haha sometimes I doubt my mental stability.������

    Memories' Mnemonics

    Pellucid mnemonics I long for,
    Memories of you and I at shore,
    Engulfed by the space between clouds,
    Memories blurred with people's crowd.

    Our epochals are anodyne to today's wounds,
    Ugly and repugnant what seemed to be around,
    Now erects an visual vista in the baldachin,
    Of my mind again and again in every pain.

    Caches and moments we spend together,
    Like infinitesimal fireflies dancing when gather,
    Trailing a sojourn fulgent path that tarnishes in seconds,
    Hiding themselves somewhere in the dark end.

    That pellucid mnemonics to my memories,
    Shall be your orbs drizzling the sirmiri of reminiscences
    Or your voice imitating the brontide of our laughs,
    Or torso is the real visual my memories' holograph.

    Pellucid mnemonics that have been longing for,
    Not a part but you are inked in my heart's floor.

    Word Bank
    Pellucid : Clear
    Anodyne : Medicine
    Repugnant : Disgust
    Baldachin : wall
    Caches :(here) memories
    Infinitesimal : very small in size
    Sojourn : temporary
    Fulgent : Shinning
    Sirmiri : Light rain
    Brontide : light thundering sound
    Torso : (here) imperfect figure

    Explaintion : After some instances the memories of a person in our mind get blurs. Maybe that's why we tend to capture every good and bad moments in our life. But sometimes an only glance at that person is itself an mnemonics for those forgotten memories.

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    Poem no. 42
    14/Sep/2020 6:35 AM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    ° Memories' Mnemonics °

  • ishiita 19w


    The threads of silver with,
    Drops of small filigree designs,
    Was tied around my ankle,
    By my adored father, when was of two,

    Fourteen years later,
    When I asked him the reason,
    Of doing so,
    He stared with an alluring smile.

    Replied he still smiling at me,
    Those little tinkles announce,
    Your every step is essayed in grace,
    Leaving footmarks of your presence behind.

    Embellishing the curves and corners,
    Gracing the contours with ardor,
    Somatic beauty in splendour,
    Those twinkling anklets are valuable.

    Never was I tired of hearing,
    Those melancholic melody of them,
    Years since I have been wearing,
    Those beautiful gifts on my ankle.

    Years passed and I then understood,
    Not just are these the ornaments,
    He has gifted to his blood,
    Are the age old symbol of gracefulness.

    Was soon I enrolled into a college,
    Now a young lady with plethora of dreams,
    Nervous for the unseen dark light future,
    Yet I wore that lucky amulet around my feet.

    Not soon but on one of the other epochals,
    Lost I its moiety somewhere in the path to the class,
    And lost him somewhere in the journey of life,
    Vanished those charms which were always there.

    Time never stops and the life moves on,
    Dare how can we, the puppets of time,
    With that one lonely pair,
    Started I a new chapter again.

    Played moiety of mine a new game of life,
    When married I the one of fate's choice,
    And then five epochals later found,
    The lost piece laying in his closet.

    When I asked him the reason,
    With that same alluring smile he answer,
    Those little tinkles announce your steps plethora of grace,
    Leaving the footsteps of your presence behind.

    After eight long years,
    Heard I the same answer to my that query,
    Maybe it was my father's way of finding,
    A perfect match for me.

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    Poem no. 41
    13/Sep/2020 11:48 AM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    ° Anklets °

  • ishiita 19w

    Hello Army,
    ��Happy RM Day��
    ��Sweetest Cute Dimples Day��
    ��Amazing Joon Day��

    Ashes of love

    Till the ashes of exhausted flame,
    There was nothing left between us,
    But neither you nor me to blame,
    We left leaving behind our ashes of love.

    The night and the stars are still the same,
    Which we once enjoyed gazing together,
    But the heart of our pure love shall never reclaim,
    We left leaving behind our ashes of love.

    The guitar and our ditties remain unsung,
    Ones we loved singing every evening,
    Neither you nor me but our love hung,
    As we left leaving behind our ashes of love.

    The ladles, crucibles and forks laid untouched,
    As once we wished to cook together every then,
    Is only a milestone marked but never reached,
    And we left leaving behind our ashes of love.

    The travel enchiridion got buried under dust,
    Imitating our dream of travelling together,
    As we walked through the paths of repugnance and disgust,
    So we left leaving behind our ashes of love.

    These are just few things we never do,
    Maybe we knew but never cared,
    It's our negligence that made our love turned dew,
    As we left leaving behind our ashes of love.

    Explaintion : This poem is about regretting for not cherishing those beautiful moments with that someone after losing him/her.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 40
    12/Sep/2020 10:52AM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    ° Ashes
    love °

  • ishiita 18w

    I'm a Capricorn, same as @kim-taehyung(goofy smile)����
    Hey Army what's urs?

    Crown of Concerns

    Seems like talk show of yestreen,
    The cache when we loved basking under the sun,
    Once the weekends were superfluous of fun,
    Have turned into Somedays with apprehensive on.

    Woolagthering under the reminances of Childhood Utopia,
    Standing with the burdens of existence reminiscing that freedom,
    Lost somewhere between running to the park,
    To dodging in games that invisible returning map.

    Somewhere between let's plan and meet to meet and plan,
    Moved we from the golden past to the shiny present,
    Realized we as our height increased and shoulders drowned,
    Turning back is the only velliety inside we plant.

    Reciting the film songs together to singing those rhymes again,
    From the pin drop silence to how quietly we all grew,
    Maybe when the Crown of Concerns we were crowned,
    With whom shall share from shall hide this crown's pine?

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #lame #skip #old_one

    Poem no. 43
    18/Sep/2020 7:52PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    Crown of Concerns

  • ishiita 20w

    *Note Delinate dyad means painting couple.

    Delinate Dyad

    Once on a fine withering weather,
    Under the vista of falling plum blossoms,
    Where nothing could be much better,
    He painted our lasting love.

    Brush solidus of different shapes,
    Serenading every essence of limerance,
    With the dye of our eyesome agape,
    He thought of us under standing under a fall.

    Numerous halcyon passed since I met him last,
    Auctioned and procured were we legion times,
    Almost have I forget his brushes cast,
    Velliety of reunion is still I wait with.

    Us are a scant kore and jannok painted by him,
    But burgeon our kalon under the epochal of fall,
    With rodomel of love that he added in the ink,
    Waiting in the museum to thank my creator.

    Word Bank
    Vista : view
    Solidus : strokes
    Serenading : singing beautifully
    Limerance : attraction
    Agape : love
    Fall : autumn
    Halcyon : good times
    Procure : to buy
    Legion : in large number
    Velliety : wish
    Scant : mere
    Kore : maiden
    Jannock : young man
    Burgeon : bloom
    Kalon : love
    Rodomel : mixture of honey and rose jucies

    Explanation : This poem is about a female subject of a painting wishes to meet and thank her creator for painting a counterpart for her. Though she knows the painter would have died by now but she still hopes to meet him again in his other form....

    P.S. Here comes another shit from me...����

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 39
    9/Sep/2020 12:33 PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    Dyad °

  • ishiita 20w

    Globetrotter Memories

    Globetrotter travelling along the tranches of time,
    Inking numerous verselets and humming hymns,
    Living with the stipends by entering the locals,
    Who heir that time cascading for his vocal.

    Woolagthering in woods stops he at a lonley hamlet,
    Called the one who comes shall not split,
    Forcing him to breathe by the dictum of the locals,
    The traveller of time seemed finally at his domicile.

    Loved by the medians, and favorite of the fledglings,
    Earned quite a fame with the tales of his globetrottings,
    Soon stuck with sword of distress when the tales ended,
    The villagers where bored and the narrator was vexed.

    Felling the pain of him the villagers realised the amiss,
    Embargoing a traveller from journey is such a miss,
    Allowed was the traveller to leave the hamlet,
    Not with jewels but with the memories of the townlet.

    Word Bank
    Globetrotter : traveller
    Hymns: Prayer
    Cascading : falling
    Woolagthering : travelling alone
    Hamlet : village ; Townlet
    Dictum : rule
    Domicile : home
    Fledglings :(here) kids
    Globetrottings : journeys
    Amiss : wrong
    Embargoing : excluding

    Explaintion : Feeling of being caged with the memories of past, that's how writer's block feels like. This poem is based on that experience, though embargoing that, also erects an unique memory.

    P.S Forgive me this shit...i don't know what I wrote.
    #plzignorethis #sorryforthislame

    Poem no. 38
    7/Sep/2020 9:00 AM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #night #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    Globetrotter Memories

  • ishiita 22w

    Hello Moonlighters,
    I hope you all doing well, as I'm not doing well. Long time..around two weeks and finally my martyrs and me have manged to abolish that 5:30 am class...Independence feels like this..��

    We all come across a particular aunty in our life who actually nag at very possible things you do, and even when you actually dont do anything, irony. So it's a letter to her with some complaints and some love because I she says hurtful words as she knows it hurts...

    Dear Aunty,

    Hear can I still your stare,
    Each time I return home late,
    Doubt you every time as I use I as a bait,
    Dear aunty though you don't but I hear.

    Hide a bit, talk slowly a bit, be reserve a bit,
    Lingers your ridiculously delicious bite of advice,
    Don't befriend men speaks your voice,
    Dear aunty though you do but I still won't hear.

    Dear aunty chases your son the girl he adores,
    Why is it a orchestra of his manhood on street,
    Called shameless and not Juliet,
    Do when the same thing I.

    Talk all about the men who bite my skin,
    And not one feels your words rapes my fill,
    Soon the story of again continues like a reel,
    Dear aunty have you done the same if you were my mom.

    Back in the plethora of times,
    When you were a girl and when I never survived,
    Never you came across the queries now I have in my mind,
    Dear aunty though you don't but I still can feel.

    Every time I hear steps behind in a dark alley,
    Think I about the suggestions you made before,
    Get a rich man and get settle before you get a menopause,
    Dear aunty though you don't but I know you care,
    In your very own way.

    Poem no. 37
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    *Wanted to make it the simplest so my feelings conveyed could be the strongest. Still I think it's lame...maybe it's more worst than lame but I think this topic is just a part of growing up...maybe you think the same.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #yun_duo #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    Dear Aunty,

  • ishiita 24w

    Ever imagined, if suddenly all colors in the world emrge into one, BLACK? And that's must be how blind people defines colours....

    Pavonine Phantasm

    Coruscant giggles the human calf wear,
    Humming the nursery rhymes I could hear,
    Soon he stopped, maybe when his eyes laid,
    On me, a passenger sitting on the seat ahead.

    Came he running towards informed his footsteps,
    Visage inked with giggles must is his rep,
    Shook he my legs asking me to say,
    Answer the questions he said for which candies he will pay.

    Asked he why is the sky blue and why white is dew,
    Where do those lights in the stars brew?
    Do ever the rainbow runs out of its panoply paint tins?
    Why is the sky blue and why is the black is ink?

    The God spilled the aphotic black in the azure of mine,
    Black is the my star, dark is the dew I see,so is the grape vine,
    The seven coloured rainbows he sees reflects only one to me,
    Rose is black, violet is black, black is black, this is what I see.

    Answers where such which I wanted to reply,
    Soon a hand dragged him from me urged him to play,
    Must be the people with him who felt my conundrum,
    But I am still blindfolded with a limitless pavonine phantasm.

    Word Bank

    Pavonine : like peacock feathers in terms of color
    Phantasm : fantasy
    Coruscant : sparkling
    Visage : face
    Panoply : collection
    Aphotic : dark
    Azure : sky
    Conundrum : dilemma

    What had happened to me?? Writer's block!! No not at all. The sole reason is online classes. Good thing I'm back after one whole week of compliments from my teachers for skipping classes which are actually scheduled at 5:30 AM every day������
    OK its not funny though I know you all must be smiling/chuckling, as I'm doing the same....xD

    Poem no. 36
    13/Aug/2020 6:50PM
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    #yun_duo @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Pavonine Phantasm

  • ishiita 25w

    A mannequin I am

    Gridled inside a glass ball,
    An artist's piece of art I am,
    But a mere executant for every passers by,
    A mannequin I am.

    On each aphotic dates he comes,
    Sometimes cries while smiles on others,
    Hear I his deepest derns but still I can't reply,
    A mannequin I am.

    Wait I for an eternal catholicon,
    To walk past through the transparent baldachin,
    And talk to the regular on-looker I own,
    A mannequin I am.

    Together we gaze at the starry nights,
    He licks the ice-cream while I melt for his eyes,
    Still I can't help my unrequited love,
    A mannequin I am.

    Soon when the vogue will change,
    Either will replace or I will be a garbage,
    Will he ever miss me then?
    After all a mannequin I am.

    #Lame #nothingcanbemorelamethanthis #skip #temp #yun_duo #mirakee

    Poem no. 35
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

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    A mannequin I am

  • ishiita 26w


    Only a room enclosed within their hearts,
    Baldachin erected from the elysian memories,
    Of the eternal friendship dates,
    A mirror there reflecting their pure camaraderie.

    Since when the youth marks it's presence within them,
    Soon then the comradery is polished with the layer of flimflam
    Grows a bond of affinity for repugnance deeds,
    Curor the bond of togetherness rules an awkward awkwardness.

    Maybe one gains defeating the other but both lose the game,
    As kills their year long bond of elysian paramour affinity,
    Dies their friendship with the stench of spurn,
    Nor blooms smile nor breathes their camaraderie.

    Word Bank

    Baldachin : wall
    Elysian : beautiful
    Camaraderie : friendship
    Comradery : friendship
    Flimflam : To trick others
    Repugnance : disgust
    Curor(here) : kills
    Paramour(here) : friendship
    Stench : unpleasant smell
    Spurn : ignore

    Success that's what we are taught to always follow. Surpassing each and every player to reach the finishing line. A healthy competition among friends is always welcomed but not the tricks to surpass others. Bcoz enjoying ur success alone us no fun.
    Happy Reading ������

    Poem no. 34
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #yun_duo

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  • ishiita 27w

    Be my Anacampserote

    Exulansis the search of him in the vast greenlands,
    But still retards back to the promises of our kalon,
    Like a musk deer hunting for the nesh redolence,
    I'm searching the epitome of my kalon paramour.

    Adjure I to the anacampseros to be my anacampserote,
    And find my long lorn ephermeral platonic paramour,
    Solicit I to the caespes, to the azure, to the zephyrs birr,
    To reunite Venus with her almighty Mars as does the stars.

    Be my anacampserote I request to all the bel-esprits of time,
    Implore I to the beauteous Pegasus to again ooze,
    The springs of love from the love-dried draught lands,
    Recreate the ravishing vista where I shall meet my heart.

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