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    I'm entering this older piece for a challenge on my other account. ��‍♀️

    by Carolyn Glackin
    She had a mind for whimsical things
    Happy-go-lucky, carefree, with no strings
    A joie de vivre junkie, always after a fix
    With a whole lot of silly thrown into the mix
    She had nary a care, save but for a few
    Some minor pet peeves, but just one or two
    With an excess of nonsense
    She was quite prone to laughter
    She lived in the moment
    From now 'til hereafter
    Growing up was unheard of
    She just wouldn't dare!
    Though she gave the appearance
    Through her savoir faire
    With the heart of a child and the soul of a fairy
    She managed quite well and was rarely contrary
    Buoyant and bubbly, bouncily bright
    She thrived on elation, mirth, and delight
    Her mind like a playground where creativity soared
    Imagination ran wild and she never grew bored
    She had a penchant for goodies and sweets
    Chocolate confections and all sorts of treats
    Cookies and pies and baked goods galore
    Just a taste here and there
    She needn't much more
    She was rather thick skinned, not easily hurt
    When faced with unkindness she was civil and curt
    A practical sort, she was not one to dwell
    She moved on in peace, and wished one and all well
    Any hurts she might cause were never intended
    And she believed in the thought
    That all could be mended
    She wouldn't play favorites, take sides or lay blame
    A believer in fairness, regarding all just the same
    No more and no lesser, none better or worse
    Some thought it a blessing, some thought it a curse
    In her mind at all times
    This thought she would see:
    We are all branches, upon the same tree
    If we're hurting the one, we're hurting the other
    Thus we're hurting ourselves
    And each sister and brother
    Clearly, that's madness, and perhaps quite insane
    So she focused on peace, to minimize pain
    She cut no one out, even if they did part
    She carried them with her, for all time, in her heart
    Because life is so fleeting
    And it's precious and true
    Petty fights just aren't worth it
    And this, she well knew
    So she forged on ahead, with hope in her heart
    Each day a true blessing, and a brand new fresh start.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 12/20/2018

    *Art credit: One of my very favorite fairy paintings by Howard David Johnson. ��‍♀️

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