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  • eyeslove 13w

    Sache baat hai yeh

    Pyar hamesha yehi sikathe hai ki
    Sache bate karna
    Ache dil se kaam Karna
    Pyar bhatna
    Jo bhi Kare Sache dil se karna
    Aur khabhi bhi jhut na Kehna

    Sache pyar na hamesha zindagi ko ache Tarah se badalthe hai❤

  • eyeslove 13w

    The Truth❤

    He was a cool water,
    She was a hot fire,

    Everytime she raised he calmed her,
    Everytime he raised she made him warmer,

    Some said they are totally opposite,
    Some said they were just perfect the way they are,
    Only they knew that no matter what they will always be there for each other coz they were the world of each other,
    Coz Thats what love is all about❤

  • eyeslove 13w

    Take time....

    If you love something make sure you make some time to show your love and talk to them❤
    Cz time never comes back again.

  • eyeslove 16w

    Bas ek baar

    Bas ek baar Socho
    jab koi ladthe hai hamare sath
    Bas ek baar Socho
    Ki kyun karte hai wo aise
    Bas ek baar samjo usko
    Bas es ek baar se shaayadh wo pyar dek jayege apko

  • eyeslove 18w

    Just like....

    Just like the calm one hidden inside the angry hulk
    Just like the kind and selfless soul hidden inside iron man
    Good things stay hidden
    So sometimes only when you try to understand someone will you know what's inside them❤

  • eyeslove 18w

    Just a word....

    There might come situations where your loved ones might fight with you and you feel it annoying
    But then never tell any words that might hurt them deep

    Coz situation is temporary but the person is permanent❤

  • eyeslove 18w

    If you have your constant, let it be your constant forever.��❤

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    It's not just a math thing
    It's that one soul that never changes no matter what changes in life❤
    That's the life's constant.

  • eyeslove 18w

    That one special person who is there for you and understands you no matter what is the one that's gonna stay by you side at all times❤keep them safe in your heart❤

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    Everytime you treat everyone right
    But then everytime you feel low do they treat you soo....

    If you have atleast one then your luckiest of all in the world❤

  • eyeslove 18w

    Empty mind
    Heavy heart
    Filled eyes
    Laying low on bed
    Can ther be anything bad than this?

  • eyeslove 29w

    Music heals us somtimes

    Every heart that cries of pain needs a ear to listen and a heart to understand it..
    And sometimes a song can make it feel better❤